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Buckle up for adventure in these action-packed tales that appeared in the pages of the most popular pulp fiction magazines. Featuring award-winning Hollywood actors and unprecedented cinematic sound, each audiobook provides the listener with a true "theater of the mind" experience. Triumphant tales of heroes, honor and impossible odds.

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Launch into the action with these gripping and gritty tales that appeared in the pages of the most popular pulp fiction magazines. Featuring award-winning Hollywood actors and unprecedented cinematic sound. Each audiobook provides the listener with a true "theater of the mind" experience. The Japanese military has turned the once-thriving Chinese city of Nencheng into a reeking pile of blood and ash. Can the Chinese survive the onslaught? Do they have a prayer? The answer is about to fall out of the sky. A charming rogue cut from the same cloth as Robert Mitchum, American engineer Dan Courtney is learning fast that it takes more than a little charm to lay the groundwork for a railroad.

Particularly when the plan is to build it across some of the roughest and most dangerous territory on earth. Running through desert, jungle and mountains, this is one line—and story—with more twists and turns than the New York City subway system. A fearsome native tribe. A beautiful young American woman. A rollicking and unpredictable adventure through the world of spies and double agents, lovers and enemies often one and same. It has been said that somewhere in the world you have an exact double. This rocket-ride of a novel ignites with the sudden cry of "Ai!

Inspired by a real incident in the life of L. Running off to join the French Foreign Legion used to be every boy's dream of action and adventure. And it all begins with the gruesome delivery of a severed hand…. Who is behind the slaughter? Are the killings tied to the drug traffic? Or is a deeper, darker, and even more sinister conspiracy unfolding in the carnival? Wrongfully accused, Spar has been condemned to suffer the brutality of the guards and the conditions on Devil's Island. But they haven't broken his will, and now, escaping, he has one mission in life: Spar's out to kill the man who put him into the devil's hands.

But he'll have to take on a gallery of rogues who are as treacherous as the waters of the Caribbean. Boldly go to times where no one has gone before. While transporting a contraband Russian time machine and developmental weaponry, Private Everett Dumphee finds himself cast into new settings when the device suddenly activates. What follows are fantastic high-tech experiences that might be called the ultimate off-road adventure. For the determined Dumphee - narrowly escaping with his life and three beautiful women - it is not necessarily a matter of will he make his destination, but when.

These four vivid characters trek through this fun and fast-moving journey like there's no tomorrow. Wherever that may be. Showing results by narrator "Christina Huntington". Whispersync for Voice All Categories 19 results. The Real Romance Collection: No Shades Needed By: Ron Hubbard Narrated by: Add to basket failed.

Please try again later. Add to Wish List failed. Free with day Trial. Adventures in Romance Collection: Romance from the Heart Collection: Daley, Joey Naber, Josh R. Thompson, and others Length: Daley , Joey Naber , Josh R. Thrilling Adventures Collection By: Spring has come to White Bear Landing--and so has the law, in the firm hands More than once Dixon has meted out his own brand of rough justice with hard fists and hot lead, but now the tables have turned.

Out on the icy tundra, on the edge of the world, revenge can be cold--and brutal. Hubbard never wrote a word, conceived a character, or described a setting without first finding out all he could about the people and places that drove his stories.

Series: Stories From the Golden Age

I wanted information and nothing else. Cast Spencer Tracy as Speed Kyle, master-builder of the hottest, fastest planes Then give the role of Cal Bradley, daredevil test pilot who pushes those planes to the limit, to a young hotshot like Tony Curtis. And as far as Speed and Cal are concerned, winning is everything.

If you love fast planes, fast action and unforgettable women, grab onto Hurtling Wings and hold on for dear life. As a barnstorming pilot in the early days of aviation, Hubbard was dubbed "Flash" Hubbard by the aviation magazines of the day. He covered air meets and the latest developments in aviation, advising pilots on flying in adverse conditions.

His unique and pioneering insight of flight streaks across the page in novels like Hurtling Wings. The Toughest Ranger Publisher: Petey needs a job quick, before he drops dead in the dust. But the only way to get one is to act cool and talk tough—in other words, become the exact opposite of Petey McGuire. Putting on a performance worthy of a Shakespearean actor, he succeeds all too well—landing in the saddle with the Arizona Rangers.

Talking tough is one thing, but backing it up is another.


Ron Hubbard grew up in the company of real cowboys and rugged frontiersmen, even becoming a blood brother to a Blackfoot medicine man. His firsthand knowledge allowed him to instill a grit and authenticity into his stories that made him one of the leading writers of Westerns, publishing a total of 34 of them by the s.

Launch into the action. In a tale played out during the last days of pre-World In a tale played out during the last days of pre-World War II China and the rise of Communism, Jim Dahlgren, representative of the Amalgamated Aeronautical Company, has had enough of the fatalistic brand of diplomacy from other nations that claim to want a united China, one that can resist invasion from without and treason within— but which refuses to intervene and prevent it's demise..

And the damage is just too costly when lives are at stake, especially when a villain known as "The Butcher" is allowed to rise up with fire and sword carving the way on his warpath for complete control of the nation.

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Step back in time with this riveting tale of daredevils, pilots and brutal madmen. Ace glider pilot Breeze Callaghan is trying to demonstrate to the Navy the value of gliders and gliding techniques in war. There are two ways Breeze believes they can be used to aid the war effort: Callahan's ruthless competitor, Badger O'Dowell, has other ideas. Badger's determined to get the Navy to buy his training ships instead. When testing gets underway to prove the mettle of their designs, sabotage and betrayal threaten to destroy not only Callahan's dream of glider flight in war, but also his life.

Stories from the Golden Age. Parts of buildings, parts of people, parts of the Old Shellback--a character as crazy-smart as Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future--thinks he needs glasses. But all he really has to do is open his eyes. Add to Wish List. As a young man Monte Calhoun was as wild as they come, thinking the measure of a man was how hard he could drink and how straight he can shoot.

Loot of the Shanung. King of the Gunmen. The Bold Dare All. As brash and bold and daring as Steve McQueen, Lieutenant Lee Briscoe will never back away from a good cause or good fight. Black Towers to Danger. Cast Spencer Tracy as Speed Kyle, master-builder of the hottest, fastest planes around. When Dahlgren disappears— purportedly to find a mysterious aviator, the man called "Wind-Gone-Mad" who has always fought against the province warlords— he ignites a series of actions which just may spell disaster.

Ron Hubbard Tah …. Step back in time with this riveting tale of daredevils, pilots and brutal Bent on revenge, McKenna sets out to find the madman himself—a monster who goes by the name Itauk. But whose side is Raja on? Can McKenna win her over?

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Or will he too end up dead meat? The bait has been cast, the scent has been taken, and the trap has been set. The only question is, who is the predator and who is the prey? I began to read exhaustively. Also includes the adventures The Cossack, which takes place in revolutionary Russia and explores the high price one man pays for refusing to kiss a Duchess, and The Small Boss of Nunaloha, the exotic story of a man who may be short, but who stands tall when it comes to defending his turf—an island in the Pacific.

Under the Diehard Brand.

In the classic western movie The Searchers Jeffrey Hunter plays a young man In the classic western movie The Searchers Jeffrey Hunter plays a young man with a mission in his heart and a chip on his shoulder. The character might well have been modeled on eighteen-year-old Lee Thompson, a trail-hand on a mission of his own—to save his dad, Diehard Thompson, the aging sheriff of Wolf River, Montana.

But sometimes, the only way to restore the rule of law is to break it. Most of the Westerns published in the all-fiction magazines of the first half of the twentieth century were written by authors more familiar with the streets of New York than the cattle trails of Texas. Hubbard bucked the trend, and in the process changed the face of the Western adventure.

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He grew up in a time and a place where the Old West, though fading, still lived. His unique knowledge of the frontier, of its ways and its people, made him an authentic voice of this unique American experience. Also includes the Western adventures, Hoss Tamer, in which a circus horse trainer turned bronco buster has to figure a way to tame a gang of outlaws, and The Ghost Town Gun Ghost, the story of an old prospector who seems to have lost his wits; but is he crazy. As daring and defiant as Kirk Douglas journeying 20, Leagues Under the Fighting off ruthless competitors is nothing new to Hawk…but fighting off a beautiful woman is a different story.

Is she an innocent stowaway or a seductive saboteur? When it came to research, Hubbard was not one to head for the library.

He always went to the source—in this case a U. Hubbard admits it was daunting—even frightening—but he returned from the experience with all the first-hand knowledge he needed to fathom the true nature of life and death underwater. The Chinese city of Shunkien is under siege, the Japanese military laying The Chinese city of Shunkien is under siege, the Japanese military laying it to waste. In the middle of the city sits the American consulate, a fragile sanctuary packed with refugees, threatened not only by artillery, but by the ravages of starvation and cholera. But the Japanese are the least of his problems.

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Hubbard gained a unique insight into the hostile political climate between China and Japan—a knowledge that informs stories like Orders Is Orders. In addition, he served as a First Sergeant with the 20th United States Marine Corps Reserve—giving him first-hand knowledge of what it means to be a Marine. The Professor Was a Thief. Boldly go to worlds where no one has gone before Primed for promotion to the World-Journal city editor, grizzled senior reporter Pop is stunned when it's announced that young Leonard Caulborn, the publisher's son-in-law, will get the post.

Worse, the lad wants him out.