Writing to the Beat of Gods Heart: A book of Prayers for Writers

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I thought suggesting some elements to help you pray would be appropriate. No one is sure. I suspect either of them could eat my lunch in a debate. Especially if it were in Latin with Augustine or Spanish with Ignatius. The Writing Life , Theology. Prayer , The Writing Life. Jesus you are the word. Fill these pages with your spirit so this book will touch the hearts of readers in ways my human self never could.

Let God be glorified. I am going to print these out and place them in my prayer journal.

How God Shocked Me While I Was Writing Adamant

They go along with what I pray. Holy Spirit fill my heart today with the words You want my readers to have to lift their spirits, encourage, and give hope as well as pleasant reading. May Your words flow through my heart to my fingers on the keyboard. Wow Dan, you hit some nails dead-center today no offense Auggie! Yes, we sometimes treat prayer as a last resort.

I have way too often had horrible things occur right around the release of a novel. It ended about two weeks after the book came out. Before the release of another novel, which featured a boy, inspired by my son, who is gifted in bringing peace to troubled souls around him, my son had sudden violent outbursts. They were very scary! And eventually, he went back to being sweet. These occurrences have only made me realize how much our challenges really ARE spiritual in nature.

Your elusive creative genius

He alone can guide us. He alone can wage against evil. He alone can change the circumstances for the better. We also need to avoid namby-pamby prayers. Thank you for this post! We need it today! I sing this to myself almost every day as a morning prayer. Dan, This was of far greater worth to me as a writer than anything I have come across to date. While I appreciate and glean help from writings of writers to those of us engaged in the craft … nothing beats going to the Author of life. I so agree with the above comments. Can someone be heavenly minded without doing a world of good?

Thanks for the perspective this morning. I need to go pray. This post will be printed and kept by my computer. I pray every time I write, sometimes along the same lines of some of these. God does answer with inspiration and fresh ideas. The Lord reminded me just this morning that such prayers are exactly what He wants from me as I sit down to write.

Jesus, help me tell the story You want me to tell. Thank you for bringing up this subject. It helps when I ask God to show me the way and to guide my thoughts. Another helpful tool is to meditate on His name for a few minutes. It refocuses our thoughts and calms and energizes. But best of all is loving God, this will overflow into your writing. Dan, I cannot think of anything more spot on for what I needed to read today than this post. The prayers about multiplying my feeble work and using my work to draw people to Jesus so beautifully phrase what my prayers need to be going forward.

I have an off-normal marketing plan riding on a Roman history website aimed at teachers, homeschoolers, and people interested in Latin or ancient history. Will it generate many sales? I hope so since we want to use the book income for missions. Sharing how following Jesus can transform everything was the main reason God called me into this fiction-writing world three years and nine days ago.

Thank you for sharing them with us. I so needed this today. Hello, it is the best thing you can do!

We have such a work driven society, it seems hard for people to just quiet themselves and trust. My prayers tend to be simple. While reading this, my heart was nodding. May God bless you abundantly as you encourage those who are living to write alongside of and for Him. Lord accept this sacrifice of time. Living below my financial abilities to do this writing limits my church giving. You know that sometimes it bothers me yet I tithe my time hoping that it is an acceptable gift. It was unnerving and created a new prayer.

All ended up OK eventually. That time brought a new seriousness to working effectively and efficiently with a joy of being useful in my whole publishing experience with the need of being strong in the Lord for myself and others. The end will be interesting. Dan, I loved what you wrote today so much that I copied and pasted it, so that I can look at some of those prayers every time I sit down to write.

Thanks so much for the posting! Also, please accept my condolences on the recent death of your father. Mine is still around. He would definitely be surprised by the rumor!

10 Recommended Christian Books on Prayer

Dan, Before I speak, I usually pray aloud: Can anyone give me feedback on this company — Christian Faith Publishing? My brother who has already wrote and published four books has added several chapters in my book as well. I have searched the internet and looked at numerous publishers. From her shooting and her death, heaven, her recovery. The domestic violence and abuse that she and her children endured for years from her husband and our Father. Along with my manuscript I have newpaper articles, police reports, FBI reports, and court documents. Want to honor my Mother in getting this book published.

As it turns out, the very demons and passions that seek to drive a wedge between us and God, if we will fight against them with prayer in our hearts, can be the means of teaching us effective prayer. The demons that the writer is speaking of are fear-generating demons. In the text he talks about how demons will suggest fearsome thoughts to us about what could or might happen if we proceed in our righteous intention. These thoughts quickly stimulate our bodily responses so that we begin to sweat or shake or feel our hearts beating quickly.

It is specifically these fear-generating demons that the writer is speaking of when he says that demons can teach us to pray. When our minds are attacked by a flood of fearsome thoughts, we can, as the monk did, begin to force our hearts to say the prayer: If we will do this, then we will discover that even the demons, manifested to us in thoughts creating in us crippling fear, even these demons can be the fuel that generates the beginnings of pure prayer in our hearts.

And then there is the example of the temptation of beardless youths. Although this is a specific reference to homosexual passion, any driving passion can produce the same effect in anyone who wants to respond to the passion with prayer. When I was a young university student striving to be holy as best as I understood it in those days, I used to hate the month of May because the warmer weather was the signal to all of the young women to take off most of their clothes.

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I can tell you from experience, that the Jesus prayer works much better than walking down the hallway staring at the ceiling and you also bump into fewer people and things. All of the passions can teach us to pray if we really want to be free from the passion and we really want to pray. A metaphor I ran across once that really captures one of the ways that I have learned to use the Jesus prayer is that of using the Jesus Prayer as a stick to beat away unwanted thoughts, to beat away the demons.

When I find myself under attack, when unwanted thoughts bombard me or when sinful images invade my mind and I cannot get rid of them easily, then the only weapon I seem to have is the Jesus prayer said forcefully in my heart and even loudly with my mouth. I know from what I have read and from what I have heard from a few holy people I have met over the years that there are heights of prayer and nearness to God that are way beyond anything I am likely to ever experience, largely because I am not a monastic and because I am not a very diligent person.

Nonetheless, there are crumbs that fall from the table of very holy men and women, nuggets of spiritual insight and techniques and experiences of prayer that even we in the world can eat up and profit from. Using the Jesus Prayer as a stick to beat away the unwanted thoughts of demons and the passions that can overpower us is one of these crumbs from the table. And if we will do it—not just think about it, but do it—if we will pray when we are attacked by fears or passions, then we will discover that this little crumb of insight may be all we need to begin to overcome the passions and to grow in virtue and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It may just be for us the beginning of the Prayer of the Heart. Learning the Prayer of The Heart. It is a book that I cannot recommend for most people because, like much classic Orthodox spiritual writing the Philokalia, The If I do not strive to be kind, I will not notice kindness in others. If I do not…. Anger blinds and deafens. Anger keeps us from thinking clearly and from paying attention to and loving the….

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The Skete of Sts. Anthony and Theodosius of the Kiev Caves in…. Is God's grace received only by members of the Church or can…. Developed by Hamburg Church Studio. Learning the Prayer of The Heart Source: Praying in the Rain. Archpriest Michael Gillis 03 September Archbishop Anastasios on Prayer Brain on Power. Do you see a mistake in the text?