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A very simple example is the front page rule: First of all as far as promoting an individuals ethics in their personal life, this is beyond an employers reach. Of course while they can hope that an employees work ethic is also applied to their personal life, it is really not within their right to even give thought to this. The ladder crosses the line of their professional relationship. This has an easy solution; employees are required to show up on time.

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If they cant do this find another job. Unreliable and unstable employees cost money. In what regard do you speak of? An employee is responsible for their share of the workload. If you find that employees are holding their share of the workload during the first few months of employment, but that it tapers off after this hold a review of employee performance every few months. Remind employees why they are there. Praise their strong points but let them know that their dwindling performance levels have been noticed and that they need to step it up. Teamwork is necessary in every working environment to promote good work ethics in all involved and to ensure that work is being done in a timely and organized manner.

If you find that your team is not working well together find out why. Speak individually with employees.

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There is likely to be a common factor in why this area is lacking. If you know teamwork is being affected by an individual employee speak with them. Perhaps they are just shy, perhaps there was a workplace conflict that you are unaware of. There are multitudes of reasons why someone is not interested in being a team player.

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If you have spoken to all sides and feel that an individual is entirely responsible which is rarely the case put them up for review. If you feel this is a harsh step to take try organizing team building activities. There are many companies out there that cater specifically to this area who will come in and have a day or week of programs based on promoting a team environment. Speak with them, find out if its their own problem or if there was an incident that caused the individual to feel they need to emotionally protect themselves by acting out.

If an employee has an attitude problem but has a great work record that is simply too beneficial to your company to let go then find a way around it. Give them tasks that require little inter-office communication. If they have a problem with that tell them why you have made these decisions and see if they can turn it around. I think the main thing for promoting good work ethics is communication.

When you hire an employee you should have a handbook of what is required of them, how they must behave and what they must accomplish in order to continue working for you. Have them read the book and sign off on it. Let them know that if they are having a problem they can talk to you about it. Everyone needs validation that they are doing a good job.

Ignore this aspect and you will have a lot of unhappy people on your hands. They will resent you in the end and work levels will drop. And a big one, set an example. If you show up to work late why cant they? If your rude to co-workers they will be too. Make sure you have someone in charge who is reliable, easygoing but strong and who can relate to the other employees. If your sitting in your office all day doing nothing employees will notice. And it will affect them. The mortgage, banking and wall street come to mind as potential industries that practice a management culture that is devoid of ethics and integrity in many instances.

Ethics underscore our values and are therefore an essential basis for the way we choose to go about achieving our dreams. For some, ethics overrides any profit or political motive, and therefore should be honoured. For others, who have loose morals or weak ethics, and hence poor values, can be blinded by their own arrogance, ignorance or power.

The toughest individual journey we must all be on is the journey towards perfection.

As humans, we fall foul of the end justifying the means, but this has no value if the end in itself is simply cash. Cashflow and money is a fairly recent phenomenon, in a geological, let alone a modern era, timeline. We used to use shells. Money is a means of exchange, not an end itself. Our goals are what drive us, money helps, but much can be done without spending a penny….

It is there within, perhaps needing to be strengthened and enforced. A comprehensive written document that clearly outlines both expected and unacceptable behavior covering areas of loyalty, honesty, confidentiality, respect, security, integrity, customer service, employee interactions. Even business etiquette and protocol guidelines and time management! Repercussions of non adherence must be elaborated. This Code of Ethical Conduct must be adopted and reinforced through corporate culture, leadership style, business planning etc.

Involvement of Top management is critical. Roles must be allocated. An ethics management committee and ethics officer perhaps? Once this is in place, periodic sessions may be held where dilemmas, concerns and case studies are discussed and the Code re-visited. Weather we believe it or not that the Sun rises in the east, Sun rises in the east only.

Ethics In The Workplace Can Solve Empolyee Motivation Issues

What ever you give out to others, will eventually come back to you. Arriving the office on time, fine, what about leaving office? Should it be on time or not? We can understand the project requirements, staying late night when something really urgent to be delivered to client or coming office on weekends etc.. But if the company culture itself is working in hurry burry all the time in stressful conditions and staying late nights every day, then we can not expect the employees to be on time at office.

Motivating the employees by giving awards, salary benefits and hikes works. But motivation works temporarily.

Managing Ethics in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for Managers

After few months or a year again the staff expects the benefits to get motivated. Inspiration works in the long run than motivation. By adopting the ethics and values, employer or the top management can inspire the staff. And also meditation and relaxation techniques at work place help foster ethics at personal level. A peaceful mind hardly tries to violate the rules. Clarity, calmness in mind and dynamism in action make the work place secured and productive.

Then ethics will become a part of our nature and not as a separate thing to be followed. First, many people have the misconception that everyone on the team must be buddies. All teams need different types of personalities and skill sets on a team. Many times these personalities do not get along; however, that does not mean that they cannot work together. Good business ethics dictate that you be an adult. The following list describes various types of benefits from managing ethics in the workplace. A matter of decades ago, children in our country worked hour days.

Trusts controlled some markets to the extent that prices were fixed and small businesses choked out. Price fixing crippled normal market forces. Employees were terminated based on personalities. Influence was applied through intimidation and harassment. Then society reacted and demanded that businesses place high value on fairness and equal rights. Anti-trust laws were instituted. Government agencies were established.

Laws and regulations were established. Attention to business ethics is critical during times of fundamental change — times much like those faced now by businesses, both nonprofit or for-profit. During times of change, there is often no clear moral compass to guide leaders through complex conflicts about what is right or wrong.

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Continuing attention to ethics in the workplace sensitizes leaders and staff to how they want to act — consistently. Ethics programs align employee behaviors with those top priority ethical values preferred by leaders of the organization. Usually, an organization finds surprising disparity between its preferred values and the values actually reflected by behaviors in the workplace.

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Ongoing attention and dialogue regarding values in the workplace builds openness, integrity and community — critical ingredients of strong teams in the workplace. Employees feel strong alignment between their values and those of the organization. They react with strong motivation and performance. Attention to ethics in the workplace helps employees face reality, both good and bad — in the organization and themselves.

Employees feel full confidence they can admit and deal with whatever comes their way. B1 , explained that a consulting company tested a range of executives and managers. Their most striking finding: As mentioned earlier in this document, ethical principles are often state-of-the-art legal matters. These principles are often applied to current, major ethical issues to become legislation. Attention to ethics ensures highly ethical policies and procedures in the workplace.

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A major intent of well-designed personnel policies is to ensure ethical treatment of employees, e. Ethics programs tend to detect ethical issues and violations early on so they can be reported or addressed. In some cases, when an organization is aware of an actual or potential violation and does not report it to the appropriate authorities, this can be considered a criminal act, e. The recent Federal Sentencing Guidelines specify major penalties for various types of major ethics violations.

However, the guidelines potentially lowers fines if an organization has clearly made an effort to operate ethically.