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One sometimes adds et balai de crin, the additional sentence being merely intensifying, but without any definite meaning. Raide comme balle, without hesitation, roughly, sharply. Je lui rdpondrai ga raide comme balle, I'll answer that to him straight off. Faire la balle, to be convenient. Qa fait ma balle, it's just the thing, the ticket for me.

Envoyer bailer quelqu'im, to send some- body to the right about, to tell someone to go to Jericho. Tu te feras j ali- ment enlever le ballon, you'll get your bum properly kicked. II a fait du ballon, he's done time. II sort du ballon, he's just out from prison. Fool, dufier, awkward fellow, fathead. Au bout du quai les ballots I inter jectory stock phrase expressing contempt. One who has a waddling gait, hence without energy, lazy, careless. To go about aimlessly, especially with a waddling gait. J'ai fait un vrai bal- thazar, I had no end of a spread, a slap-up dinner, a regular tuck in, a blow out.

Faire son baluchon, to pack up, to get ready. Fast Ufe, lively froUc, spree. To lead a fast life, to run wild, to be on the spree. II aime bien bambocher, he's fond of a bit of a spree. One who leads a fast hfe. For instance, one will exclaim " ga n'est pas banal! Bande d'idiots, bande de salauds! May be addressed to one person, merely to emphasize the insult. Allusion to this garment flowing free like a banner. Faire de la banque, to puff up one's goods. Baptiser son vin, to put water into one's wine.

Baragouiner I'anglais, to murder the King's English. Un travail barbant, a boring job. C'est une barbe, quelle barbe! C'etait la barbe et les cheveux! Les vieilles barbes de 48, the old fogies of Ce qu'il est barbe le pauvre vieux! Crisp and entangled beard. To rob, pinch, scrounge, bone. On m'a barbote ma pipe, they've scrounged my pipe.

To muddle about, to footle, to make a mess of it. A cadger, a scrounger. Young and inexperienced person. Qa n'est pas un travail d conjier d un barbouille de cet dge-ld, this is not a job to be trusted to a fledg- ling of that age. Bundle of things necessary to a soldier, hence luggage of any kind. Qa a barde la semaine dernidre, we had a hard time of it last week. Maintenanl il faut que ga barde! II a fait du barou hier soir, he made a great noise last night.

To make off, escape. Obscene gesture expressing contempt. Tailler una basane, to make such gesture. Exceedingly short fellow, rump end. Ce qu'il est bassin avec ses his- toires! To bore, importunate, buttonhole. Boring thing or person. Bastoche, la, proper name. The Bastille district of Paris.

Faire du bastringue, to make a row. Noisy and inferior music. Any collection of things. II a emporte ses meubles, ses livres, et tout le bataclan, he took away his furniture, his books and all the paraphernalia, all the rest of it. Monter un bateau d quelqu'un, to tell somebody lies, fictitious stories. II m'a monte un bateau, he's been pulling my leg.

Good, well, tip-top, Ai. Un bath type, a topping chap. On a fait un bath diner, we had a slap-up dinner. II a ete bath comme tout, he was as pleasant as you like. In a bath manner. Mener une vie de bdton de chaise, to lead a fast life. Tour de bdton, illicit gain, graft. C'est du battage, it's exaggerated, affected, that's all bluff, show. To talk, chatter, gossip. In the stock phrase: Same meaning as before, perhaps sUghtly more emphatic. Tailler une bavette, talk, gossip.

Les vieille femmes aiment bien tailler des bavettes, old women are fond of talking, gossiping. Any collection of things esp. J'enverrai sauter tout le bazar! I'll chuck up, smash up, the whole bally show! To get rid of by selling esp. Elle est belle femme, she is tall and strong. C'est un beau voyou I a regular cad he is 1 BEC 25 b6nef bee, sb. Laisser quelqu'un le bee dans I'eau, to leave some one in the lurch.

Avoir le bee sale, to be always thirsty. Une prise de bee, a quarrel, set-to, slanging match. Tenir quelqu'un le bee dans I'eau, to put off some- body with fine words, to keep some one on a string. Tomber sur un bee de gaz, to meet with any kind of unforeseen obstacle. De gaz is often understood. To criticize, run down. Tu paries d'une bedaine! To become pot-bellied, to develop a corporation. Touch-me-not sort of person! Elle fait la begueule, she is prudish.

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II a un le be'guin pour elle, he is in love with her, he is gone sweet, on her. Sometimes said of a thing, to have a lancy for. Profit, pecuniary gain, advantage. Battre la berloque, to rave, to be crazy, to talk nonsense. Ma montre bat la berloque, my watch is quite crazy, goes anyhow. Je comptais sur lui, bernique! I relied upon him, but he failed me ; what a sell!

Heavy shell 42 cm. La grosse Bertha, the big gun that bombarded Paris. Faire son beurre, to make profits, to make one's fortune, to feather one's nest, to make one's pile, fa mettra du beurre dans les epinards, that will make our Ufe more comfortable. Qa fait mon beurre, it is to my advantage, it is the very thing for me. C'etait un vrai beurre, there was nothing hard about it, it wasn't a tough job, it was as easy as can be. Avoir un ceil au beurre noir, to have a black eye from a blow. J'ai cherchS ce livre, mais pas plus de livre que de beurre en broche I I looked for this book, but I could not lay hold of it, it was not to be found.

II n'y en a pas bezef, there isn't much of it. Bono bezef I very good! Qa c'est pour hibi, this is for number one. Public-house of low order, 2. Beer of inferior quality, any tasteless drink, slops. Qa biche, les affaires! Qa ne biche pas avec sa femme, he does not get on well with his wife. Ilaitne d se bichonner, he is fond of adonizing himself. C'est un veinard de bidard! Infantry instructor on board a man-of- war.

Quite comical, screaming, killing. Une histoire bidonnante, a simply killing story. Passe-moi le vin, je vais bidonner un coup, pass the wine, I'll have a gargle. To laugh uproariously, to be convulsed with laughter. Ticket theatre, railway, etc. Mild form of bougre. Bigre, vous y allez fort I by Jove, by Gad, great Scott, you come it a bit strong! Mild form of bougrement. To worry, to fret one's self. II ne se bile jamais, he never frets himself, he takes things easy!

From people who fret themselves being supposed to increase their secretion of bile. Devisser son billard, to die, to kick the bucket, to peg out. Passer sur le billard, to be operated upon. Une sale bille, an ugly-looking customer. Je vous fiche mon billet que, I swear, I take my davy that. Prendre un billet de parterre, to come a cropper. Trick, cunning device, stratagem. Je ne connais pas ce vieux birbe-ld, I don't know that old crock. Penal regiments in Africa.

Alter d biribi, to be sent to one of these. En bisbille, at loggerheads. Cartes biseauUes, cards faked up so as to make cheating possible, briefs. Faire son bisness, to ply one's trade. To be vexed, fa me fait bisquer de le voir si veinard! Mixture of spirits and coffee, bad spirits. Tout ga c'est de la bistouille, this is all nonsense, rubbish, bosh.

Prendre une biture, to get drunk, to booze. S'en donner une biture, to have one's fill of anything. A great quantity of anything. II y en avait une biture, there were pots, bags of them. Freshman at Polytechnique school. To pluck at an exam. Not to elect a candidate.

Lie, false story, bung, humbug, flam. Raconter des blagues, to tell lies. Quelle blague I bosh! Allans, blague dans le coin! II m'a fait une blague, he fooled me. J'ai fait une blague, I have made a blunder, blaguer. On ne peut pas le croire, il blague toujours, you can't believe him, he's humbugging all the time. II aime bien blaguer, he is fond of chattering. One who is fond of blague, wag, waggish. Je lui jambonnerai le blair, I'll smash his mug for him. To have a bad smell. S'il est jugS je ne le vois pas blanc, if he is tried, he's in for it.

Un verre de blanc, un petit blanc, a glass of white wine. Ugly, bad of its kind sometimes untoward. Prendre la bleue, to drink an absinthe. Young soldier, collec- tion of such. Drunk, tight, well sprung. Proof against danger, disease, etc. Fourrer au bloc, to put in the clink. C'est mon blot, it's my business, I'll see to that. C'est pas ton blot, mind your own business. Je me suis blouse, I was wrong, I made a blunder. Blouser quelqu'un, to mislead somebody. Tout ga c'est des bobards, on nous I'a trop fait! C'est des bobards, it is all bosh, tommy rot. On lui a montd le bobe'chon!

Faire bobo, to be aching. Un bobo, a sore. Hence bocherie, bochie, bochisme. Un succds bceuf, an enormous success. Avoir la gueule debois, to IgqI out oisoxta, seedy, after a spree. Casser du bois, of an airman to break some part of the aeroplane, to crash. Any place good or bad where one is employed. One may say une bonne boUe, but the word is always taken in a bad sense when unqualified. Coucher d la botte, boulotier de la botie, to be confined in the guardroom.

Botte d dominos, coffin. Very comical, exceedingly funny, screaming. To amuse oneself enormously, to laugh to one's heart's content. Ce qu'on s'est bole! II a ete bombarde goiiverneur, he has been appointed governor. Faire la bombe, to live fast, to go on the razzle. Etre en bombe, to be on the spree, in for a buster. Hard felt hat, billycock.

To have to do without, to be deprived of. Tu peux te bomber! II est bon pour 4 jours de boite, he's sure to get four days in clink. Quel bondieu de temps! Anything material or not con- nected with worship. Envoyez de suite trois bonhommes not bonshommes de corvee, send three fellows on fatigue duty at once. Faire son petit bonhomme de chemin, to toddle along. Deceitful' talk or reasoning. II m'a racontd ,des boniments, he told me all sorts of lies, he's kidded me. Faire du boniment a quelqu'un, to try to coax some one by cajoling talk.

Faire du boniment d une femme, to make love to a woman. Avoir quelqu'un d la bonne, to be well disposed towards somebody. C'est bonnet blanc et blanc bonnet, it's six of one and half a dozen of the other. Expresses impatience, ad- miration, etc. Bon sang que c'etait beau! Tirer une bordee, to go on the spree. Rouler sa bosse, to wander about the world, J'ai roule ma bosse un peu par lout, I've knocked about a great deal, all over the world.

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S'en payer un bosse. Ce que j'ai bossd hier! Rigoler, se tordre, comme un bossit, to have plenty of fun, to laugh uproariously. Un bossu en civet, a jugged rabbit. Proposer la hotte, to make amorous overtures. A propos de bottes, with refer nee to nothing in particular unseasonably. Botter le derriere, to toe the backside.

II se fera botter le derriere, he'll get his bottom kicked. He'll get properly talked to. Qa me botte, it suits me all right, that's the very thing for me. Porter le bouc, to wear a goatee. Bouc de regiment, sapper. Because formerly sappers wore such shaped beards. Faire le boucan, to be noisy, riotous, to kick up a row. Qa fera du boucan si fa se sait, that'll be no end of a scandal if it comes to be known.

Ce qu'il est bouche! Bouche d I'emeri, same meaning. En boucher un coin, une surface, to astound, to make a successful retort to. Qa lui en a bouche un coin, he was flabbergasted, struck all of a heap, crushed, he was choked off. I can't get over that! Mettre un bouchon d quelqu'un, to make somebody shut up. C'est plus fort que de jotter au bouchon! Ramasser un bouchon, to come a cropper, to experience a failure. Si on me repince, c'est la boucle, if I get nabbed again, it's the clink, I am in for it. Se faire boucler, to be put in clink, in the stone jug, to get run in.

Se boucler la ceinture, se la boucler, to tighten one's belt for want of food. Boucler la lourde, to shut the door. Tourner, s'en alter, en eau de boudin, to come to nothing, to fizzle out. To eat, to feed. Va le voir il ne te bouffera pas, go and see him, he won't eat you. Bouffer de la tete de cochon, to get hit with the head in the stomach. Bouffer de la case, to be in prison, to do time.

Bouffer le blair, le nez, les foies, to quarrel, fight. Only used in the stock phrase, tu I'as dit, bouffi, just so, right you are, you talk like a book. Avoir la bougeotte, not to be able to stay in the same place, to have the fidgets. II a une sale bougie, he has a villainous lace. So called on account of thick smoke emitted when bursting. Un pauvre bougre, a poor devil. Un sale bougre, a bad egg. Un bon bougre, a good chap. II est epatant, ce bougre-ld, he is a caution, he takes the cake.

By Jove, this is quite another matter!

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Though bougre has the same derivation as "bugger,' the original acceptation has completely disappeared in French, and the word belongs not to foul but to very colloquial language. Bougrement beau, bon, mauvais, etc. J'ai bougrement travaille, I've worked jolly hard.

Fern, of bougre i. Music-hall, penny gafif, coffee-house of low order, coal-hole. Faire du bouif, to swank. Boire, prendre un bouillon, to experience a failure. Donner un bouillon de onze heures a quelqu'un, to murder some one by giving poison. Tomber dans le bouillon, to fall into the water, get a ducking. Tu paries d'une houillotte I talk of a mug! Remercier son boulanger, to kick the bucket. Boule de son, miUtary loaf. Envoy er bouler quelqu'un, to send some one to the right-about, send some one sprawling. Boulevard Saint-Michel, in the Latin quarter. Faire une boulette, to make a blunder. To work, to toil.

Ily a du boulot, there is plenty of work. Qa n'est pas ton boulot, that is not your business. Short, thick, or fat person, a podger. II a boulofte francs dans sajournSe, he blued, got through twenty pounds in one day. Comment fa va t-il? Qa boulotte, how are you getting on? Qa m'est tombe bourn sur la tete, it fell down, bang on to my head.

Bourn, voild I said by a waiter to mean that he has heard customer's call. II est toujours a bouquiner, I. Confer des bourdes, to talk nonsense. Faire une bourde, to make a blunder. La bonrgeoise, my wife, the missus. Lies, false statement, balder- dash, fake. Tout ga je n'en crois rien, c'est du bourrage de crdne. I don't believe that, it's all tosh, they're codding us. Bourrer le crdne d quelqu'un, to tell some- body lies, especially to hoax.

To deceive by filling up or cramming with false stories, empty talk. Les journaux nous bourrent le crdne, the papers are kidding us. One says also bourrer le mou. One who bourre le crdne. Monter le bourrichon d quelqu'un, to rouse, to work upon, somebody. On lui a monte le bourrichon contre moi, they have excited him against me. II se monte facilement le bourrichon, he easily works himself up into a state, he kids himself easily. Kif-kif bourricot, quite the same, six of one and half a dozen of the other, much of a muchness.

Old or bad horse, jade. Faire tourner quelqu'un en bourrique, to drive somebody mad, off his nut. Bousculer lepot de fleurs, to exaggerate, to come it strong. To spoil, do badly. Bousiller un travail, to bungle, mess up a job. II s' est fait bousiller, he's been done in. Faire du bousin, to be riotous.

From old cant bowsing, bowsing ken, low tavern. Perdre la boussole, to lose one's head. II a perdu la boussole, he is crazy, daft, off his chump. To eat, feed esp. House, institution, establishment esp. What a beastly hole! J'enverrai sauter toufe la boutique. I'll chuck up the whole concern. Et toute la boutique, and all the paraphernalia. II a eu la croix de guerre, la Legion d' Honneur et toute la boutique, he's got the croix de guerre, the Legion of Honour, and all the rest of it.

Mettre les bouts de bois, to decamp, to cut and run, hop it. Very comical, side-splitting, killing, screaming. To laugh heartily, to split one's sides with laughter. Ma vieille branche, old bean. J'e'iais dans les brancos, I was a stretcher- bearer. Avoir les bras retournes, to be lazy.

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Des bras cassis, loafers, weary- Willies. Manier les brSmes, to play cards. Maquiller les brSmes, to be a sharper. To do odd jobs. Faire la bringue, to lead a fast life, to be out for a spree. Une grande bringue, a tall, gawky girl. To sway to and fro, to dangle. Faire une brioche, to make a blunder. Manger, bouffer des briques, to have nothing to eat.

Foil de brique, nickname of a red-haired person, ginger. Pas une brogue, not a mite. To beat, give a dressing down to. To have to do without. Txi peux te brosser, don't you wish you may get it. Una tSte brulee, a devil-may-care fellow. To be very near finding it hidden thing, etc.

Quelle buche I what a fathead! Ramasser une buche, to fall down, come a mucker. To work hard, to swot. II buche son latin, he is swotting at his Latin. Ce que ga m'a fait bucher! Je buche mon examen, I am grinding for my exam. Je le biXcherai, I'll baste him. Studious or hard- working person. C'est un bucheur, il sera regu, he is a sap, he'll pass his exam. Rien A se mettre dans le buffet, nothing to put into one's gullet. Rough unmannerly person, bear. A ttiger la cabane, see attiger. Quelle caboche dure il a, how obstinate he is. Un chapeau cabossd, a battered hat.

Little public -house or restaurant. Faire caca, to do one's jobs. C'est caca child's expression , it's dirty, danger- ous you must not touch it. Candidate received with number one at the ficole Normale Superieure. Wine-bottle emptied of its contents. J'ai le cafard, I've got the hump, I am down in the dumps. C'est un cafard, he is a sneak. To peach, to be a sneak. Small room or hut, placvj where one stores up things. Avoir a la caille, to dislike. Je les ai a la caille, they get on my nerves, they get my back up. Usher at the ficole Normale Superieure.

Grosse caisse, military prison. Je n'ai rien au fond de la caisse, I have not eaten anything. Head, only used in the expression sefaire sauter le caisson, to blow out one's brains. Rich, substantial, well off. Ce sont des gens cales, they are people of substance. Envoyer des calembours, to slang, to- call names. Se caler les joues, se les caler, to eat heartily. II est en train de se les caler, he is doing himself well. To show the white feather, not to be game, to funk. To go, to make off.

Je suis presse, je calete pron. Caletez, et en vitesse! Ribouler des calots, to roll one's eyes. A bas la calotte! Box on the ear. Je vais te donner une calotte, I am going to slap your face. Faire camarade, to give oneself up, to surrender. Les camaros, the pals, chums. Royal cambouis, train des equipages.

Army Service Corps, soldier belonging to this corps. C'est une cambuse, it is a beastly hole. Le mot de Cambronne, the word supposed to have been said by General Cam- o bronne at Waterloo when summoned to surrender, i. C'est de la camelote, it's regular trash. Any stuff good or bad. Fais voir ta canielote! One may even hear c'est de la bonne camelote.

Candle, lamp, light, glim. Affront, rap over the knuckles. Ficher, fiche, foutre, foute la camp, to de- camp, to make off, to hop it, make tracks. Emmener quelqu'un a la campagne, not to care at all for somebody, for what he may say. Le patron, je I'emmine d la campagne! Donner campos aux eleves, to give the pupils a holiday.

J'ai campos aujourd'hui, to-day I am free, it's my day off. From the old school expression primarius dabit hodie ad campos, the headmaster will give a holiday to-day, to play about the fields. N'en croyez rien, c'est un canard, don't you believe that, it's only a rumour, a hoax. Je ne lis pas ce canard-Id, I don't read that rag. Lump of sugar dipped in brandy or coffee.

Trempe comme un canard, as wet as a drowned cat. To pelt with missiles, to pepper, canasson, sb. One who lacks pluck, coward. Le train A ete mis en capilotade, the train was smashed to atoms. J'ai le dos en capilotade, my back is sore all over, black and blue. Le capiston, the old man. To show the white feather, to have cold feet. Fairs capout, to kill. Medical practitioner or student, medico. Carabin de la comdte.

Violent, intense of its kind. Un toupet carabind, no end of a cheek. To decamp, to make tracks. Nasty, ill-tempered man or woman. C'est une came, he is a rotter. Tirer une carotte d quelqu'un, to coax money out of somebody, and generally to humbug. To do, to humbug. To get by fraud. Carotter une permission, to wangle a leave.

One who carotte, impostor, humbug, shirker, also malingerer. As de carreau, see as de carreau. To put oneself somewhere. To lead a fast life. Bouffer de la case, to be a prisoner, to do time. Avoir, prendre son casque, to be, to get drunk. Je le ferai casquer, I'll make him fork out. Denotes a milder form of intoxication. Disturbance, trouble, loss, etc. II y aura de la sasse si le patron apprend cela, there will be a row if the boss hears of that. Casser la croute, to have a snack. Qu'est-ce qu'il va te casser quand tu renireras! Casser sa pipe, to die, kick the bucket, peg out.

Casser des cailloux, to be in a penal colony. Casser du Sucre sur la tete de quelqu'un, to criticize, run down some one, to speak maliciously of somebody. Informer, sneak, police spy. To run, to make off. II nous cavale sur le ciboulot a variant of il nous court sur le ciboulot , he is boring us. To get off, to make tracks. Avoir la cerise, to have bad luck. Faire du chahut, to be noisy, to make, kick up a row. Allons, pas de chahut! To indulge in horse-play with, to ballyrag. Hen a fait un chambard, he made a fine to-do about it. La revolution russe a ete un chambardement general, the Russian revolution has been a general earthquake.

On a tout chambarde chez moi, everything has been upset in my house. Si vous ne venez pas Qa chambarde tous mes plans, if you don't come it upsets all my plans, it upsets my apple-cart. To be shaky of gait, to be dotty on one's pins. Qa m'a chamboule, it gave me quite a turn. Vague term of often playful abuse. Un vieux chameau, an old, ugly, peevish woman or man , an old rotter. Us en ont une veine! Coffee mixed with brandy.

Devoir une chandelle d quclqu'un, to have a debt of gratitude to somebody. Je vous dois une rude, fiere, chandelle! I am awfully obliged to you 1 2. Faire des economies de bouts de chandelle, to be penny wise. Tenir la chandelle, to be a mere spectator kept off the game. To shout, bawl, protest. Qu'est- ce qu'il va chanter si vous Stes en retard! Je le ferai si ga me chante, I'll do it if I choose, if it suits me. Introduction to an article.

To rob, pinch, scrounge. To perform a surgical operation esp. On I' a charcute troisfois, he's been operated upon three times. Faire Charlemagne at cards , to leave the game when winning without giving the others a chance of getting their money back. To humbug, fool, pull the leg of. Ne me charrie pas, don't you cod me. Sans charrier, without joking, honest injun! II charrie, he is codding us. Soldier belonging to the chasseurs d'Afrique, light cavalry for African service. Offrir un vevre de chdteau-la-pompe, to offer a glass of water. Allusion to vintage wines being often known under such names as ChS.

Qa ne luifait ni chaud nifroid, he does not care a bit.

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On m'a chauffe mon tabac, they've bagged my tobacco. Chaussette d clous, shoe. Malade comme un cheval, as sick as a dog. Un remede de cheval, a kill-or-cure remedy. Travailler comme un cheval, to work like a nigger. Se faire des cheveux, to fret oneself, 2. Avoir mal aux cheveux, to feel out of sorts after a spree. Tire par les cheveux, iar-ietcYied. Comme des cheveux sur la soupe, out of place, unseasonably. Cette remarque est venue comme des cheveux sur la soupe, this remark was quite uncalled for.

Te preter ma montre? Non, mais chez qui? To blub, blubber, whine. Inclined to blubber, cry-baby. Des gens chics, stylish, distinguished people. Un chic vitement, a fashionable dress. Un chic diner, a fine dinner. II y avait de la musique d I'enterrement, c'dtait chic, there was music at the funeral, it was a swagger affair! Qa n'est pas chic de sa part, it's mean of him. Un chic type, a good pal, a brick. Avoir du chic, to be stylish.

Faire du chic, to swank. Fanciful derivation from chic, same meaning. Je te parie que je le lui dirai. I bet I'll tell him. Affected looks and manners. Faire des chichis, to make a fuss, to be snobbish, to give one- self airs. Je ne les frequente pas, ils font des chichis, ce sont des gens d chichis, I don't have anything to do with them, they are too affected, formal, snobbish. Je n'ai pu avoir la permission, il y a eu toutes sortes de chichis, I could not get the permission, there were all sorts of difficulties.

Short curls of false hair. Avoir du chien, to have winning, alluring ways. File boite, mais elle a tout de mime du chien, she is lame, but she is fascinating all the same. Un verre de chien tout pur, a glass of neat brandy. Mon chien, mon chien- chien, ducky. This word is used in quite a number of low expressions denoting dislike, disgust, etc. To be in opposition to wish. Qa me chiffonne de le faire, mais je sais que je le dois, it goes against the grain to do it, but I know I must.

Du tabac de chine, cadged tobacco. To be a rag-picker.

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A note about pronunciation: The upper-case letters in brackets at the beginning of some entries are meant to serve as a rough guide to the pronunciation of words using an English-based spelling system. We are using an English-based system since most of our students are native English speakers, but you should keep in mind that French pronunciation has traits that make such a comparison only approximative. Also, keep in mind that regional variants in pronunciation abound in CF Cajun French.

The pronunciation given here will be typical but not necessarily the "only way" the term is pronounced in Louisiana. Marie et Jacques s'adonnent bien avec leurs voisins. Marie and Jacques get along well with their neighbors. It so happened that Philippe and I were in the same class. They don't like the boy their daughter is going out with. These two forms more accurately represent the pronunciation of the pronoun in context, but many Louisiana French writers prefer to use the SF elle in general to represent the subject pronoun.

She didn't want to talk to you because she was really angry. Form of aller to go. Let's go to the festival! Allons dire que t'es dans un accident. Let's suppose you're in an accident. He doesn't listen to anyone because he's in love. Cet homme est beaucoup amoureux. That man is a womanizer. The store belonged to Gilbert Trahan. After the dance, we went to eat at Cecile's house. We were sleeping when he called. Get down from there right now! Je peux pas t'attendre. I can't hear you.

I went fishing yesterday morning, but I didn't catch anything but a cold. Attrape la gazette sus le comptoir. Grab the newspaper on the counter. I want to see who won the race. The two guys were running neck and neck up until the end of the race. We're going to move next to my father-in-law's place. On va se revoir au ras de cinq heures. We'll see each other again around 5 o'clock. Variant to reflect pronunciation: Avant le souper, on a besoin de se laver. Before supper, we have to wash up. He bought his car from Howard Fontenot. Do you want to go to the dance with me tonight?

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. Look at the beautiful baby! That's quite a big melon! Donne-moi un petit bec doux, cher! Give me a sweet little kiss, dear! Do you prefer fresh or smoked sausage? When you see buds on the pecan trees, it's a sign that there will be no more freezes. Il a mis un petit brin de piment dans la sauce. He put a little bit of pepper in the gravy. They drink and they smoke and they stay out all night. That man there never worked a day in his life!

The CF usage cited here is also common in the Antilles. Si c'est pas les maringouins, c'est les chaboulures. If it's not one thing, it's another. In plantation-style homes, the shutters opened sideways. In Lafourche, cigale is a mosquito hawk]. My brother worked for twelve years in the oil fields. See also the Lafourche Parish variant: Tu parles d'un drole de coco! You talk about a strange bird! Someone is knocking at the door. Variant spelling to reflect pronunciation: She feels guilty because she didn't want to give money to her brother.

By extension, the wreath and veil ensemble worn by a bride. In LaFourche area, toit usually refers to the roof of a lean-to or other primitive shelter. My father cannot eat gumbo without crackers. Figurative low class person or people. Tu vas pas te marier avec lui!

C'est de la crasse pure! You're not going to marry him! It's filthy behind the refrigerator. How do you like that? What do you think of that? Quoi c'est la date aujourd'hui? What's the date today? Somewhat similar to the English term of respect for the dead "the late That's where poor old Uncle Pierre worked before the war. Where are you from? On dirait une femme de vingt-cinq ans! Look at Henry's daughter!

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She looks like a 25 year old woman! Jacques learns well at school, but his brother is rather slow. Elle mange p'us dedouceur depuis qu'elle a la maladie de sucre. She doesn't eat sweets anymore since she has diabetes. You mustn't go there! Nothing but trashy people hang out in that place. Turn to the right after the church. I found it just in front of the house. Variant spelling to reflect pronunciation variants: The Cajun drole is rather pejorative. No wonder; it's not surpising that. He dropped his drink on the ground. Il est parti avec elle.

He left with her. It's she who told me that. Marie took on the responsibility of finding us a place to stay. La petite fille s'ennuie de ses parents. The little girl misses her parents. I've almost finished wrapping the presents. Les oiseaux s'envolent dans le sud en hiver. Birds fly south in the winter. The children wait for the bus in front of the store. On est parent avec Monsieur Babineaux. We are related to Mr.

I went to the dance last night. I don't like to be late. Pierre worked with them for 20 years. They can't understand French. Both the 3rd person singular and 3rd person plural forms are heard. I smelled the egg to see if it was rotten. The weather is hot. The weather is nice. Dans le vieux temps le monde avait l'habitude de faire maigre tous les vendredis.

I think they're going to get engaged at Christmas. He fell three times from his horse, but each time he got on again. I was already out of babyhood, of the age of reason, when my mother died. How old was he [in speaking of a young child]? Les contes de loup-garou me donnent des frissons. Werewolf tales give me the chills. My son lives not far from here. Ils se ressemblent comme deux gouttes d'eau. They resemble each other like two drops of water.

The crust in the rice pot is the best part. They painted his wagon dark green. We ate grits for breakfast this morning.