Trafalgar. Versión completa. (Spanish Edition)

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Jan 05, A. Bakalar rated it really liked it. A curious blend of science fiction and magical realism.

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Very different, refreshing collection. Beautifully translated into English. Oct 24, Shatterlings rated it really liked it. Such a strange read, but enjoyable. I do sometimes like to read these weird books which don't make much sense. Oct 06, John Mendez rated it it was amazing. Do you have a friend who has the most exciting job ever?

Apartment 2, Trafalgar Square (Second Floor)

Trafalgar is an interstellar adventurer, a seller of comic books and light bulbs. He gallivants around the universe, buying silver bells on one planet and selling them on another. Between mercantilist jobs he returns home to Argentina where he gossips with his friends in a coffee shop.

For the rest of the review, click here: Mar 24, Jocelyn Veevers rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 15, Leif rated it liked it. It must be said off the bat: Nevertheless, and that's a big nevertheless, Trafalgar 's collection of short stories revolving around the titular character, Trafalgar Medrano, is an adventurous and at times thrilling read, employing classic science fiction tropes and themes perhaps most familiar from Keith Laumer 's many books about the interstellar diplomatic agent Jame Retief. While Gorodischer's Trafa It must be said off the bat: While Gorodischer's Trafalgar maintains a similar focus on a strongly heteronormative masculine figure, he has traded Retief's action-oriented diplomacy for a more cosmopolitan mercantilism.

As one of the many narrators Trafalger tells his stories to reports, I have never known if it is true or not that Trafalgar travels to the stars but I have no reason not to believe him. What I do know is that he is fabulously rich. And that it doesn't seem to matter a bit to him.

Navíos de Línea: La batalla de Trafalgar

By the same token, Trafalgar is less fun, if perhaps more urbane, than Retief. What Gorodischer gains in comparison to Laumer is in her sophisticated narrative presentation. This should be no surprise to a reader of the delightfully subtle fabric of history created in Kalpa Imperial.

Each story is related by a third party, an Earthly intermediary between Trafalger's wild tales and the reader's own contemporary frame of reference. This provides another level of complexity to the story in a manner similar to that Conrad uses in Heart of Darkness , whether ambiguity over the stories' veracitynot of their having happened, which is a moot point, but over the way in which they are conveyedbecomes another tool in the fantastical narrative engine.

If you're familiar with the Laumer tales, or if the adventures of an Argentine merchant across time and space as written by a sophisticated literary talent sounds appealing, I'd say this is probably for you. Sep 21, Althea Ann rated it liked it. Picked this up shortly after reading Gorodischer's Kalpa Imperial, yes, because it was translated by Ursula K. This book had a different translator, but the 'voice' is very much the same confirming, I guess, that both translators did a good job! I didn't like this one as much; but it was still enjoyable, and it did have quite a few similarities, both in format and theme.

Both books are very concerned with the narrative voice, with storytelling as a human phenomenon. Both are sort-of co Picked this up shortly after reading Gorodischer's Kalpa Imperial, yes, because it was translated by Ursula K. Both are sort-of collections of short stories which are intended to form a cohesive whole this one even exhorts the reader to please read them in the given order. The narrator of this book has a friend, named Trafalgar, who likes to tell stories. His stories may or may not be tall tales; they all relate his adventures as an interstellar merchant, which are very reminiscent of Golden-Age science fiction adventures.

It remains intentionally unclear if space travel is a given in the narrator's world. But only a little bit. Your mileage may vary. Oct 11, Ryan Mishap rated it did not like it Shelves: The original publication date of should have scared me away but the translator is a local and my armizare instructor said it was a great book. The potential is there: The science fiction elements are inventive and there, but these little tales are really bawdy adventure stories filled with jokes and lighthearted banter.

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I could The original publication date of should have scared me away but the translator is a local and my armizare instructor said it was a great book. I couldn't stand it. Our hero is, of course, always encountering sexy ladies, getting into scrapes, and delighting in dragging his tales out before his friends. Jul 17, Timothy Pecoraro rated it liked it. This was book, I picked up virtually at random from my local library. It was VERY short book of short stories all concerning the main character who's name is the title of the book.

It wasn't the least bit bad in the sense that the stories were entertaining. But it was a very strange work in that there were many inconsistencies of time and place that were never really explained in the work at all. But I did enjoy reading it and the translator did an amazing job. I would probably recommend this b This was book, I picked up virtually at random from my local library.

I would probably recommend this book to someone looking for something different. Because warts and all that's what this book is, different. If you think about memorable raconteurs in literature, there's some names that immediately come to mind The Oldest Member in Wodehouse, Zaphod Beeblebrox in Adams. Add Trafalgar to that list. This was a charming set of vignettes, part science fiction, part magical realism.

Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I remember back in the late 80's, we had to read this book for Spanish class. For some reason, I didn't read it; maybe it was because I wasn't into books. Anyways, I didn't read it when I had to in 8th grade, but now that I'm an adult and an avid book reader, last week I remembered about it, and decided to downloaded to my Kindle Fire.

I'm half way in the book, and I love it. There's some funny stuff written into it, and I just love it. My question is now, why I didn't read this sooner? This is classic Spanish Literature. I liked the characters and general theme- a romance involving a young blind man, physical beauty v. Although its possible some subtleties were lost on me due to my limitations on the Spanish language, I thought the writing was often too literal. However, the ending was unremarkable and I thought there were other choices available to the author that would have made it a better book.

One person found this helpful. I definitely recommend this book, especially to whoever doesn't have beauty on the outside. It is very inspiring, and easy to read.

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When I saw it again in Amazon. I read this novel when I was in school back in and it left my heart with beautiful emotions. When I saw it again in Amazon, it gave me great joy because I read it again and the same feelings came back. Its a clean, wonderful novel that you hardly find nowadays.

Fue como si el escritor estaba desesperado por terminar el libro. Very sweet, interesting and sad, but I enjoy reading it a lot. Being a native of Spanish language, this is the first one I have seen in Spanish, I will look for more, and thank you very much. See all 49 reviews. Most recent customer reviews.

Cliente de Amazon Ricardo Lawrence. La Batalla de Trafalgar. Esperamos que sean de vuestro agrado. Algunos me preguntan por el libro de Trafalgar. Pues bien, tuvimos la suerte de estar cerca de nuestro amigo Luis Draco Ideas y en la zona destinada a las minis. Hoy tenemos una nueva buena noticia: Estaremos en la zona de miniaturas. Todos los mecenas que lo deseen pueden recoger su juego este domingo 11 de La Batalla de Trafalgar como de Waterloo Ya hemos enviado los formularios para recabar vuestros datos.

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Trafalgar by Angélica Gorodischer

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