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That, and Kane was HOT! It was a cute little side romance of opposites. I recommend this book to anyone wanting a sweet, well-paced, drama-free romance. Now I plan to get Danny's romance in the next installment! View all 19 comments. Aug 03, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Originally posted at http: The more you have, the more you want. I must admit the cover alone grabbed me. I me Originally posted at http: I mean a hot shirtless man cooking up something scrumptious in a pan.

Edwards has captured the nostalgia as well as the current vibe of the city with a written a love letter to New York in this culinary series and I was more than ready to dig in with fork and knife in hand! Max, the oldest son of Gus Lunden is a progressive chef. The restaurant is a Manhattan institution that is known for grilling the best steaks in the city and has served some of the most famous Broadway stars and politicians for decades. Gus believes otherwise and is strong-minded in keeping tradition.

After a major blow-up with his dad, Max leaves New York to venture overseas to learn hands on skills from some of the best cultures abroad. What starts as one night results in a permanent arrangement both in the family business and the hearts of both Gus and his wife, Nina. Six years have passed and the restaurant is failing.

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The family and staff believe that the answer to their problems is winning the Rising Star Chef Challenge competition and in order to win, they need Max to come home and be a part of the challenge. Max reluctantly agrees to return home and help the staff through the qualifying round before embarking on his own adventure studying in Italy with the best Italian chef in the world. Jules has had a crush on Max since high school so naturally she is vulnerable to his charm and flirtatious nature, but she knows she cannot allow her feelings to flourish, because Max never stays in one place for anything or anyone.

Edwards has what it takes to pen an engaging, sexy contemporary romance that leaves your taste buds begging for more. There are a lot of characters in the story, but Ms. Edwards incorporates each one into the overall setting so that you are not overwhelmed. Each character has individuality, humor and an engaging presence in the storyline that is intriguing and vital to the overall outcome of the competition as well as the series.

Edwards also provides plenty of passionate encounters between Max and Jules. Edwards hits the issues that both Max and Jules need to face from their past. Relaying strong elements of forgiveness and acceptance in turn allows both characters to become free to love their family and each other. Too Hot To Touch provides a delicious dish to what I believe will be a savory series any food and romance lover will not want to pass up! Aug 11, Kathleen rated it really liked it.

I really liked this book. I really enjoyed the story line of the cooking competition too. Also thrown into the story was family issue's and family love. I loved reading how every character grew and dealt with their own problems. The sexual tension in the story was very high and the love scenes on the steamy side and just enough to make me happy: I have already marked to I really liked this book.

I have already marked to buy the next book in this series, Some Like It Hot. It continue's on with where it left off in the competition but giving the Hero's brother his shot at love. View all 11 comments. Jun 10, Dee rated it really liked it Shelves: This series revolves around the Rising Star Chef RSC competition and we get to follow one of the teams through that competition and read about their characters as well as others that are connected to the competition.

I had read Ms Edward's previous series Recipe For Love and had really enjoyed them and wanted to read more hence moving on to this series. I did enjoy this book and was debating on what rating to give it as there are aspects of the story that I really loved and there are some that irritated me. I did also get a little annoyed with Max in that I felt that despite leaving home and spending quite a few years out in the big wide world he still sometimes behaved in a childish manor that you would expect from a teenager.

Because of these reasons I dropped from 5 to 4 stars. We met Eva in the previous series and she came across as a spoilt rich bitch. Sep 27, Michelle [Helen Geek] rated it did not like it Shelves: Okay, so I spoke too soon. I was on a good book roll until this one… I read this book, or tried to read this book for the following reasons: So, the stars were aligned — NOT.

This book started off good. Gave a bit of bac Okay, so I spoke too soon. Gave a bit of backstory. Characters seemed to be pretty straightforward, so all good. But, then it started. The dialogue went to shit fast. The romantic scenes could have been better written by a high schooler — lack of intimacy and just boring. I got half way through the book. If this is as polished as she can make it — her best effort, too bad. Much, much better out there. Very little cooking in it.

Many kitchen scenes, but nothing meaty [pardon the pun]. The concept was really good. Who would like this book? Poorly developed primary characters. View all 3 comments. Feb 01, Hbeebti rated it liked it Shelves: How do I describe this book?? Hhmm, well for me it was fluff. But once Max came back home and met Jules it picked up. The problem for me was that Max through a lot of the book seemed selfish and almost immature. Max had the whole calm zen thing going on.

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No alpha male here at all. Then there was the way that he would loose his cool and then calm himself but only after he said something crappy to Jules. She just took it like she understood which I guess she did How do I describe this book?? She just took it like she understood which I guess she did, but come on, one more comment about taking his family and I would have smacked him. I guess the best things about Max was he seemed like he was playful and flirty. But that too seemed almost immature at times. The family drama was there and in fact I loved them more than Max.

Even Beck who by the way I have a small crush on and you have to love Win, that kid cracked me up. How sad is it that I enjoyed the side characters more the the hero.


It wasn't a bad book. Just he got on my nerves. Wasn't working for me. The secondary side story was kinda lame. I just didn't see the point in it. Maybe it was a filler. Ok so the good. I enjoyed Jules although her drama I was kinda hoping for more, but it was kinda light. Love Jule's attitude that she gave Max when he showed up. I like her playfulness and how eager she was to help the Lunden family.

I enjoyed that her emotions for certain situations seemed true. The cooking was pretty cool. I enjoy cooking so hearing about the competition and the dishes that they were making was cool. Will I continue with this series? Yes because the next book is Max's little brother Danny's book. And that poor guy is just to overwhelmed and stressed. Then book three is about Beck who I am looking forward to the most.

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Lets face it I feel like I need to know more about Papa Gus and how he doing as well. View all 16 comments. May 06, Erin rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I do so love when I come across a steamy romance novel that is actually more than just hot sex scenes! Too Hot was one of those, with a well thought-out plot, engaging characters, plenty of tugs at the heart, and of course some serious chemistry! I loved these characters, Jules with her saucy spunk and Max with his sexy cockiness that just made me melt.

I definitely prefer the romances where the characters have a past that comes into play Marriage Bargain and Tempting the Best Man were both GREAT examples of that , it just makes the emotions much more believable. With Max being Jules' long-time crush, it made his return that much more exciting.

I could have used 2 or 3 more sexy scenes between them Edwards did a phenomenal job working up the sexual tension and giving it her all with that one scene I even liked the subplot with the judges, there was definitely some steamy chemistry there, but I could have easily taken more Max instead!! He was just sizzzzzzlin'!!! View all 9 comments.

The cover is hot, hot, hot! Unfortunately, it's the only thing that is hot about Too Hot To Touch. Everything else was under-cooked in my opinion. I don't think I'm going to continue with the series for many reason. For starters, the characters are immature. There were parts where I wonder if I'm reading a YA novel or a contemporary romance with the way the characters were behaving.

It certainly doesn't help when the dialogues themselves were immature. Everything was just too much but the sizzlin The cover is hot, hot, hot! Everything was just too much but the sizzling chemistry between the main characters. Or in this case, lack of chemistry. Underneath all the cheesiness, there's a nice story lurking but it's too little too late. Let this be the first and only book by the author I'm reading.

View all 4 comments. Feb 16, Splage rated it liked it Shelves: Cover is definitely hot, I want a chef with biceps like that. Unfortunately I think I am bored with the Chef story line, they just aren't alpha enough for me. Jul 25, Tori rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this book a lot overall. As a foodie, I enjoyed the kitchen talk and thought the food challenge was a fun side story.

I like that this author uses metaphors that match the personality of her characters because it's a pet peeve of mine when they don't. However, I wish that she wasn't so enamored with them.

Too Hot To Touch

I would have enjoyed the story a lot more if she had used them maybe half as often as she did and maybe just showed us what was going on in the scene instead. Nina Lunden might look like a cream puff, but she was filled with sterner stuff than vanilla flavored pastry cream, for sure. Danny hunched over the board and sped up his knife cuts, turning a peeled apple into julienned strips so thin they looked like the translucent fringe on a Moulin Rouge dancer's costume. Jules jerked away from him, her blood going the temperature and consistency of boiling tomato paste Really!?

Come on, no one thinks like that. And every time I read these little gems, it took me right out of the story. Also, I have to admit that for a romance, that aspect of the story was sorely lacking. The initial attraction was good, and the love scenes were good, but, we kind of jumped from the cute meet to to love scenes with very little interactions outside of the kitchen in between. It made the story feel rushed and made me question the validity of their feelings and their possibility of that elusive HEA.

What saved this book however, was the characters. They were fun and well fleshed-out, and a pleasure to read about. It made me want to get a job working in a kitchen someplace. I hope to see the supporting characters all get their own books in the future, too. He was especially promising. May 29, Carrie rated it liked it Shelves: Overall this is a light, enjoyable way to spend some time.

Nothing deep but generally entertaining. Some people are going to love this book but while it was good, it's too much of the "same old, same old" to be memorable. When I read the first book by Edwards, I was impressed with the writing and the multi-layered plot. Can't Stand the Heat would have been a great novel if it wasn't for the unlikable heroine, Miranda. Due to the excellent writing in that book, I read the second in the series and Overall this is a light, enjoyable way to spend some time. Due to the excellent writing in that book, I read the second in the series and enjoyed it, giving it 4 stars.

But with each new book I've seen a trend away from complexity of characters and plotting, and toward more predictable romance. The only complex topics in Too Hot to Touch were about food and cooking. I don't mind food-themed books, but I admit I'm not a foodie. This book was heavily centered on cooking techniques which detracted from the enjoyment for me.

I'm more interested in character development and well-written secondary plot lines, which was the strength of Edwards's first two books, but was missing here. Max was a good character, but Jules was so underdeveloped emotionally that she seemed more like a place-holder than a full blown character. The family dynamics for both Jules and Max weren't explored thoroughly enough and came across as implausible.

The romance between Max and Jules was sweet, and I liked that it was the man this time trying to convince the girl they could make it work, so extra points for that. Detract points, however, for the overused "I love him but I'll force him to go for his own good" plot line. View all 7 comments. I mean, cocky to the point that I was cringing every time he opened his mouth. But then I started liking him and his knack of spouting Zen sayings and stories: I love that he got Jules to open up to him when she had a tendency to keep everything inside. Since the next book picks up where this one leaves off I hope we get to see more of Kane and Claire: Oct 02, Aly is so frigging bored rated it really liked it Shelves: Juliete 'Jules' Cavanaugh Rating: After I finished the book I started to look for some gourmet classes or something.

Whatever you think when you look at that cover, this is not erotica: Sep 01, Robin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like this one. The Author is one I've read in the past but a direction she seemed to be taking in her books is one I'm not comfortable reading about so I hadn't planned to read any more by her. I'm kind of waiting to see how in depth the details of the two of them goes because I don't have a problem with them as people both Winslow and Drew sound like great people to be friends with I'm just not comfortable reading about them in the bedroom in detail.

The book by this author I wasn't able to finish seemed to be focusing more on the main character's brother and his issues about coming out and meeting someone of like mind than it did the main characters and it just didn't engage me enough to keep reading. At this point I can see me not only finishing this one but reading the next one as well. Having finished the book I decided I like Winslow he's the comic relief and is a kid at heart still don't want to read about him in the bedroom though. In one scene after a tense situation cooking competition they're all finding way's to blow off steam one of the other Chef's Beck is described as being built like a tree, he doesn't talk much and at times just stands there looking rather stern, Winslow is making an attempt to climb him as if he actually is a tree.

I loved their story, Jules is best friends with Max's brother Danny and has been since Elementary in the Prologue they're 17 but the book itself takes place six years later. Jules has had a crush on Max for a long time but she doesn't think he even knows she exists. We learn late in the book that he did notice her but didn't do anything because she was Danny's friend and younger than him.

In the Prologue Jules leaves home we found out the detailed reason why later and goes to the Restaurant owned by Danny's family the family lives over it hoping he's there because she needs someone to talk to. Danny and his Mother are at his Grandmother's but his Dad is there and had Jules stay with them since its apparent she can't go home. To Jules knowledge there is no Guest Room but Gus comments that a room just came available.

I don't recall it actually saying but it seemed to be implied that Max left the same night Jules showed up. I kept waiting for the two of them to come to this revelation but they didn't although he did realize she had slept in his room for about 6 months. If you're into cooking it has some recipes in the back, versions of the ones created in the book.

At this point I'm glad I decided to give this Author another try. Jul 31, Cheryl rated it liked it. Max can not be tied down to one place, so he packs up and travels all over the world. Years later, the Lunden family restaurant has been slowly losing business. They must find a way to make money and fast. Jules comes up with an idea to have the family enter a cooking competition.

The competition has done wonders for past winners. There is just one catch. In order to ensure victory, they need Max. Max returns only to find Jules all grown up. Though, is there enough room for two cooks in the kitchen?

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I am a fan of this author. So when I heard she was starting a new cooking novel series I could not wait. Too Hot to Touch is book one in the Hot series. Sadly there was something missing that I really like about Mrs. Edwards and her books and that was…cooking. I was disappointed as the whole theme of this book was that Max, his family and Jules were entering a cooking competition and it felt like there was not a lot of it going on. The story seemed like it was more focused towards Jules and Max hooking up. While, I must admit Jules and Max are good together, I would have liked to seen the witty banter between them last a little longer before they fell into bed.

Dispute the lack of cooking, I still am a fan of Mrs.

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I can not wait to read his story. Too Hot to Touch is a nice tasty morsel to start off the Hot series! Nov 30, Tiffany rated it did not like it. Maybe sometime in the near future when I some how force myself to re-read this I never re-read books that I give one star to i'll enjoy it. For this time around it was a complete diaster for me. I felt like everything was fake. I seriously couldnt connect with any of the characters.

Now usually even when the plot and most of the characters suck I have the cute love story to fall back to, but with this book even that was not enough to make me give this book more than one star. The only think I Maybe sometime in the near future when I some how force myself to re-read this I never re-read books that I give one star to i'll enjoy it. The only think I enjoyed at all in this book and leave it to me for this to happen was the subplot with the story of the judge and the super hot rock star. Now THAT would have made for a more enjoyable story if you ask me and that story was probably about five out of the thirty three chapters IF that many.

For me, this was one of those books with a great cover and description that pulled me in an had me expecting amazing but instead I got disappointing, unexpected and something along the lines of 'had so much potential'. Sep 30, MountainKat rated it liked it Shelves: This should have worked better for me than it did. I liked the story, but I couldn't connect with the characters. It was well over halfway through the book that they became more than one dimensional and projected any emotions.

By the end, I did care what happened to them and wanted a happy ending, but it took almost that long to get there. This was my first book by this author and the first book in a series, maybe that had something to do with it. I am willing to try again because I am interested to see what happens with the other characters and to see if the author works better for me the second time around. I hope so because the covers sure are pretty! Apr 10, Bethany rated it really liked it Recommended to Bethany by: I really enjoyed Too Hot To Touch.

It was a little slow at first but picked up nicely. I loved the flirty playfulness between Max and Jules. They definitely had hot and steamy chemistry between them. The side story with Claire bugged me at first. I would really get into the story between Max and Jules, and then the story would just switch to Claire. Overall, I really enjoy this book. Yummy food and yummy man, makes for a good combination!

May 26, Holly rated it really liked it. Ok, I bought this book strictly for the cover, don't laugh, you know you all would have too!! Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. Not being a big fan of books about cooking, as I loath the activity myself, this was a wonderfully fun contemporary romance!! This is my first Louisa Edwards book and I will definitely be reading the others in this series!!

Aug 03, Stephanie rated it it was ok Recommends it for: People who love too watch cooking shows. It just didnt work for me.

Too Hot to Touch

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