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Platvoet and van der Toorn. Contexts, Concepts and Contests. Platvoet and Arie Molendijk. Bianchi , Bleeker and Bausani. Widengren , Bleeker and Sharpe. A Collection of Studies in the Science of Religion. Idinopulos and Brian C.

Proceedings of the Conference at Yale March A Festschrift in Honor of E. Timothy Light and Brian C. The Emergence of the Sciences of Religion. Molendijk and Peter Pels. Essays in Memory of Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough. Interfaith and Intercultural Communication. Studies in Honor of Moshe Barasch. Jan Assmann and Albert I. Researches into the nature and structure of religion. Christian and Buddhist symbols of evil. With a Foreword by A. An Essay on Religious Epistemology. Hans Kippenberg and Guy Stroumsa.

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A Collection of Articles. Histories and Religious Traditions. Jacobsen and Pratap Kumar. Essays in Honour of G.

Johannes Smit and Pratap Kumar. Jens Kreinath , J. Snoek and Michael Stausberg. Essays in Honour of Gerald James Larson. Messianic Expectations from the Bible to Waco. Jan Assmann and Guy Stroumsa. Essays in Honor of Joseph M. Studies in the Pagan and Christian Roots of Mariology. Anton Antweiler zu seinem Origins, Definitions, and Explanations.

Urbild des Vaters, des Gatten und der Frau. Thank you so much for all your support throughout the years at Intrepid Entrepreneur.

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I want to make you aware of my latest project, Channel Mastery. Check it out at: Thank you, and I will see you How many people are able to quit their day jobs and jump right into a successful entrepreneurial career? Hardly anyone that I know has been so lucky.

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  • No matter how passionate you are about your work, it takes time to build a business. Happy Intrepid Nation! How much have you accomplished this year? Maybe has been a big year for you and your company-I know it has been full of surprises for me. How many of you are working in a small town? Maybe some of you, like me, sometimes work out of your house and love it. Well this episode is for you! Clean Athlete and Entrepreneur with Sonya Looney. So much has changed in how we market and sell products over the past few years.

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    Who do you go to for business advice? Outside of the people in your life who support you emotionally, who do you rely on for experienced advice about where your company is going? Freelancing can be a tough market. Clean Intrepid Hot Seat: How to Share Your Authenticity and Passion. Have you started a business or venture in the past few years, and are not sure where to go next? How often have you quit something, only to come back to it? And how do you know which one, if either, is right for your company? We talk a lot about bootstrapping and starting up a brand-new business on this podcast.

    How to Grow your Following and Create Traction. How many times have you planned an event and not known how approach getting the word out? Marketing and community building can be overwhelming, there are so many different strategies and mediums to work with! There are a lot of pieces that go into building a strong company. Name recognition, brand identity, consumer support, marketing plans, you name it, we need it! Being a passion driven entrepreneur is one thing, but incorporating that passion into everything that you do is another, even more challenging endeavor.

    Clean The value of supporting and trusting your team from George Hincapie. Running a business is a lot of work. At some point in time, everyone has gotten stuck. Stuck in the mud, stuck in the snow, stuck in a situation we want out of. Clean Using stories to build engagement: You might have even seen some of the events during the Rio Olympics, I can say that I almost wore myself hoarse shouting at the screen! Clean Financing your business without putting yourself on the line: How many times have you filled out business credit applications, and had to use your personal credit to get approval?

    Did you know that business have a credit report all of their own? Clean What went wrong: Learn from the mistakes of others before you start your own business, with Andre Shoumatoff. In passion driven entrepreneurship, one of the biggest and most rewarding challenges is overcoming negative thinking. But for creative entrepreneurs like my gues. Clean The Psychology of Endurance: What entrepreneurs can learn from athletes about passion, overcoming mental obstacles, and the courage to get started. What is it that first drew you to the outdoor sports markets? Where did that first spark of passion for entrepreneurship in the outdoor markets come from?

    For so many of us, the answer is simple: Dear audience, this is a very special solocast from me, speaking raw and honest to you the night after presenting at Pitchfest. Ben Rifkin on how you have to know what your company is growing up to be before you start looking for investors. Clean Refuse to believe limiting ideas! Kristin Carpenter-Ogden on writing a pitch deck, and how she gets destructive beliefs out of her head. As you may know, I reserve my solocasts for topics which have been nothing short of monumental in my journey as an outdoor founder.

    Clean Startups supporting startups: As many of you know only too well, starting a business can take a long time! Clean Learning to Pivot: Al Tabor on what entrepreneurs in the outdoor market can learn from flexibility in tech start-ups. What are you passionate about?

    The Intrepid Entrepreneur by Kristin Carpenter-Ogden on Apple Podcasts

    In the outdoor markets, and especially as entrepreneurs, passion is such an important asset. Clean Online to In Print: How technology helped Steve Casmiro build up the community of readers for his new magazine, the quarterly Adventure Journal. The internet has done some great things for us. Especially as entrepreneurs, being involved in the digital community of outdoor sports aficionados and companies is an amazing way to build contacts and stay connected.

    Clean What climbing can teach about leadership and teamwork in business: A conversation on climbing and business with Chris Warner of Earth Treks. How many people in the climbing industry can say they got started climbing at an early age? Either by attending a birthday party, or getting sent on a camping trip to shape up bad behavior, or some other way that teens find themselves in the woods or at. How this multi-faceted business is changing the way developers think about building for the outdoor market.

    For those of us who love getting outside and biking, hiking, skiing, surfing—anything active under the sun—something we often take for granted is development. Korte and Lucien van Liere. Race, Sexuality, and Gender in British Buddhism. James Baskind and Richard Bowring. Ceremonial buildings and religious strategies for rulership in Late Iron Age Scandinavia. Scientific Naturalism and Esoteric Discourse - With an Appendix of Documents. A History of a Secular Fascination with Religion. Theory, Agency, and Experience. Religion, Spirituality and Place in the South of the Netherlands.

    Essays in Honour of Professors Harold G. Coward and Ronald W.

    Numen Book Series

    Pashaura Singh and Michael Hawley. Perspectives from Asian Religions. Phyllis Granoff and Koichi Shinohara. Modern Science and the Construction of Religious Meaning. David Cave and Rebecca Sachs Norris. An Intrepid English Autodidact in Iraq. Buddhism, Paganism, and Christianity.

    Gagauz Folk Religion in Discourse and Practice. The Hartford Sermon Notebook Transcribed, Vishwa Adluri and Joydeep Bagchee. Essays in Honour of Professor Garry W. Carole Cusack and Christopher Hartney. The Appropriation of Buddhism in the Contemporary West. A Cognitive Study of Religious Charisma. A Close Reading of Sippurey Ma'asiyot.

    Thomas Athanasius Idinopulos , Brian C. Wilson and James Constantine Hanges. Karin Finsterbusch and Armin Lange. Essays in Honour of Gerald James Larson. Essays in Honour of G. Johannes Smit and Pratap Kumar. Rituals around Sacred Trees in India. Proceedings of Congress Slavica Jakelic and Lori Pearson. Histories and Religious Traditions. Jacobsen and Pratap Kumar. A Festschrift in Honor of E.