The Wizards Second Foolish Kiss

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Soaking in the tub after a grueling day of practices or snuggled up in the warm bubbles with her boyfriend on one of the rare nights they found themselves able to spend time with each other, Ginny would stare up at those twinkling stars and feel such a wave of contentment wash over her, she would sometimes feel a shiver course through her body.

In those instances her life was perfect. Now the shiver she felt was fear. Fear of telling the man she loved what she had let happen, what her carelessness had caused, and what it meant for the future. Look what she had done to them, to him. And after all Lionel Dresden had done for her life.

She could just see his handsome face now. The shock and disbelief. The uncertainty and the panic. But most importantly, the disappointment in the fact that their relationship was about to become much more public than he wanted it to be. Not that she begrudged him his privacy.

He had so little of it. Lionel Dresden was a wizard of great power and influence, known through much of the world for his development of the most innovative potions in the world; one drop of any number of his creations could bring a person up to the highest of high joys and another could mire someone into the darkest depths of despair.

Aurors, wizarding royals, Quidditch stars, and every Merlin and Mary on the street waited with bated breath to try his latest concoction for the last five years now. And the potions wunderkind that was Lionel Dresden never disappointed the public with his offerings. Or his flashy lifestyle. Or his devilish charm. Or his hypnotic Southern accent.

Or his knee knocking, skirt dropping smile. They had met by pure chance two years ago, when Ginny had played a series of exhibition matches in the States in an attempt to raise their rather meager Quidditch profile before the World Cup. Lionel was attending a banquet held in honor of her and other stars from Wimborne, Kenmare, and Portree. After they were briefly introduced by their host, the spark between them when they shook hands nearly caused Ginny to combust on the spot; the two of them found a secluded a corner and spent much of the night talking and arguing the global popularity of Quidditch compared to the rabid devotion Yanks like Lionel himself had for something called Bockling.

It was similar to Quidditch but the players in Bockling wore much more protective gear and took much longer time outs. The dark room was low lit and Ginny could just make out every fleck of gold in his shoulder length blonde hair. Lionel had chuckled good naturedly, the deep throated laughter rolling past his full lips and straight down to Ginny's toes.

It's just who I am. His brown eyes darkened into pools of liquid chocolate. He took a sip from his tumbler before he asked, "So tell me this: The one that most men in this world would give up a few limbs to be? He didn't have to give much; Ginny had gone up with him to his room only an hour later. Words were few and far between them for the rest of the night. When they woke the next morning, splayed among the satin sheets, he traced a pattern of freckles on her stomach before he leaned down to brush his lips against hers.

Just as I suspected," he murmured, his mouth a hairs breadth away from her. Ginny simply grinned and ran her fingers through his silky locks before she pulled him down and crushed their lips together. It felt wonderful to be so open and carefree around a man again. The only other person she had ever felt this way with…. Harry is the past , she thought distractedly around the tiny ache in her chest that always blossomed whenever his name or his face came to her mind. Leave him there and enjoy what you have now.

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She clutched Lionel even tighter to her. There weren't many words between them that morning either. Their relationship was delightfully fun and deliciously passionate. They laughed and loved with the ease of breathing, even with the wizarding press constantly on Lionel's trail.

There was no wizard in the world the public craved more than Lionel Dresden. He was adored by all but their adoration could become a dangerous frenzy at the drop of the hat. Mobs could swell around him if he left a restaurant or he could be chased through the sky as he left an event.

It could be suffocating.

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Because of this, Lionel insisted that their relationship be kept as secret as possible. Her friends and family knew about them but had only seen them together a handful of times. Their approval of Lionel and his jet set, lavish lifestyle was grudging, at the very best. Ginny had never even been photographed with him, always leaving or arriving places separately from him.

Whenever the press asked either of them about the state of their relationship, they always denied there was one. The strict parameters gave them privacy but with their hectic schedules, it was hard to find time for one another. Lionel traveled the globe to research materials for his potions and promote his growing and profitable empire. He didn't have a permanent address, just a revolving door of hotel rooms and rented houses; Ginny's career was based in Ireland and she wasn't even able to afford a flat of her own on the small stipend of pay that was her Harpies salary. Quidditch players may make millions of Galleons for the teams' owners but they themselves were not entitled to a slice of that lucrative pie.

She'd lived in the team dormitory in Holyhead with three teammates. Until last fall when Lionel had offered to rent her an apartment in London. She resisted with every fiber of her being. Despite how far gone she was for him, it wasn't in her nature to be coddled and taken care of. But Lionel battled back against her stubbornness with sweet words and soft caresses in the night: Instead, Lionel took her to the posh two bedroom apartment. The flat had high ceilings and huge picture windows, a marble fireplace, and an enormous walk-in closet in the master bedroom that Lionel had already filled with garment bags, stacks of shoeboxes, and a brightly wrapped package in the shape of a broom nestled in the corner.

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The building was a stone's throw away from the Leaky Cauldron so she wouldn't be cut off from the magical world but right in the heart of London so she could enjoy all the city had to offer. A person could swim laps in it. I'm doing more work in Europe than I am in America nowadays. With Voldermort done and gone, people want to enjoy life again. My potions can help them do that.

So I'll need a base here; London's as good as Paris or Madrid and it'll mean you and I have more time for each other. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she melted back into him even further. What power he had over her! He could make her give up her deepest held beliefs and principles with just a smile and a few words.

If she didn't love him so much, it might frighten her.

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She felt him grin against the back of her neck at her acquiesce. She didn't know how long she lay there; the window she could see from the corner of her eye showed the sky had darkened considerably but she suddenly jolted upright when she heard the familiar crack of Apparition from the front hallway. Give me a moment.

Just go out there and tell him as soon as you can. Get it over and done with and move on from there. Gripping the bronze doorknob tightly, Ginny sucked in another deep breath and wrenched the door open. Lionel was standing in the kitchen with his back to her, his robe tossed on a chair.

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He looked as if was pouring a drink. He turned his head slightly when he heard her approach. For a moment, all the tension left her body until she took in her first breath. Then her muscles tightened unbearably as she waited for him to respond. He didn't speak at first but he put down whatever he was pouring. She wanted so badly for him to turn around and look at her, to make a sound of some sort recognition but all he did was stare at the black chrome cabinet in front of him.

Please, please, please don't hate me , she thought desperately as a fresh batch of tears tingled behind her eyes. Finally, he turned around and seeing the trembling, on-the-brink state she was in, he walked over to her. Instead of any of the range of reactions she had imagined from him, his actual one was a shock to her. Lionel smiled gently and pulled her into his arms. He reached up to stroke her long, messy hair and it was wonderful.

Like coming up for air after being underwater. She shut her eyes and sagged against him in relief as he rocked them slowly back and forth. He's very good and very discreet. We'll have this all taken care of by the end of tomorrow. She stared at him in shock as he pulled back and brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes. One vial of it down the hatch and a few days later, it's like nothing ever happened. The words couldn't come out, couldn't even form in her mind.

Why would you want to give up your career right now? Normally, the look turned Ginny into something akin to a schoolgirl but now the almost smile hit her like ice cold water as the words that went with it processed in her brain. You're in line to be on the World Cup team in a couple of years. Can't do that if you're getting up five times a night to change diapers and offer nourishment, now can you. Darling, I'm a lot of things in this world but the one thing I am not now nor will I ever be is someone's Daddy.

That just ain't gonna happen.

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He cupped his hands behind her neck and stared deep into her eyes. Ginny had the most violent urge to pull away from him but she was shocked to the point of numbness. The Wizengamot is in control of criminal matters, and you are not a member of this body at this time. I must kindly ask you to refrain from undermining my authority in this matter. Turning to the toad of a woman he asked, "Madam Umbridge, do you require the services of a solicitor? Hiding a small smile, Albus then asked, "Very well, as Senior Under-Secretary to the Minister of Magic you do have access to dementors, correct?

I will be labeling this as prosecution exhibit A," waiting a beat to calm the murmurs, the headmaster then continued, "This file proves without a shadow of a doubt, that at 8: Standing from his seat minister Fudge then bellowed, "I order this session of the Wizengamot to a close! Stand down, or you will be removed," said the headmaster in a firm voice. Tallying the votes he then said, "And the nay's? Auror's, administer the veritaserum.

At that moment the toad attempted to flee, and was brought down with a stunner. The aurors made quick work, and in less then a minute she was disarmed, bound and administered the proper dosage. She was then re-enervated. At this moment a loud scuffle was heard as the Minister attempted, and failed, to escape the chamber. It didn't take much more than that. The minister was removed from office, and ironically enough both he and his little pink friend were sentenced to the dementor's kiss as punishment. If she had chosen practically any other method of murder, she may have continued a nice long ministry career.

Fun to write, and I hope you all enjoyed reading. This will be only one of many one-shots exploring the stupidity of Wizardingkind. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. A series of one-shots, two-shots, and drabbles chronicling the stupidity of the Wizarding World and all its inhabitants. Some are funny, others not so much. Grabbing his cousin he did the only thing he could do: Needing a second to draw air into his lungs, Dudley then asked, "Die?! What are those things--" Tripping on his big feet, Dudley fell like a brick -- dragging Harry along with him.

Looking at the scene before her she let out a sigh. They'd been too late. She knelt down to look at the two bodies. The first boy was rather Blond hair and a round belly. A couple rogue dementors was the official ministry stance, but that just couldn't be right. A terrifying thought crossed her mind and she could barely stomach it. Grabbing the folder, she left the corridor and floo-called the only person she could think of to help Dozens of grumpy wizards and witches stumbled into the Wizengamot, complaining as they went. Dear old Albus knew this and was hoping for a witch-hunt, and he had just the witch.

Fudge and his entourage. These are utter lies! The minister then sat rather grudgingly. Given Delores' appearance, it was likely the very first and very last kiss she'd ever had. But then again, Wizards are stupid. A Bad Foundation 3. Incest is bad 4. Harry in Azkaban 8. Drinking and Apparating Worth it's weight in gold Conjuring up some grub The statute of secrecy Two can play this game Time Traveling Pedophile Of trains and kisses Running Away, Part 1 Running Away, Part 2 A lead sandwich The belly of the beast The pitfalls of being a rat Twenty thousand leagues