The Strangeness of Columbine: An Interpretation

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Strangeness of Columbine

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Haunted Graveyards of the Ozarks. Just finished the whole book ''The Strangeness of Columbine''.

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The book itself IS strange! It makes all kinds of connections between apparently unrelated events, but put together, the symbolism and the surreal nature of Columbine facts are uncanny.

Yep, he goes very far and sometimes you don't know exactly where he's going but he gets places. If your thinking is more mechanistic, more scientific, the book could be unpalatable, far-fetched. But if you enjoy symbolism, surrealism, magic k al thinking, you'll like this.

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The author of the book doesn't make any definitive conclusion but let's you draw yours as to the interconnection of everything. The implications of it all are troubling and metaphysical in scope. Rather The strangeness of Columbine follows threads introduced by some of Columbine's anomalies that have not been examined previously, including a few that surfaced in the July 6, release of documents by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

In particular, The strangeness of Columbine explores a dimension of the event that has been neglected by both journalists and authors: The exploration of Columbine's strangeness in terms of place also includes, as integral to its method, both a selection of the author's photographs of related sites in Jefferson County, Colorado, and reference to works by several earlier authors. Three of these figure prominently enough to justify a chapter heading, one for each of the e-book's three parts: The point of these comparisons is to recognize, in the context of a record that includes the writings of Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, and Rachel Scott, as well as the suicide and attempted suicide of two young Australian women on November 15, near Columbine High School, what appear to be gateways into patterns worth considering.

Among these gateways is a time tunnel, opened initially via Ludlow's meticulous description of a visit to the future area of Columbine on June 10, , into an earlier vortex of Colorado history, that culminated most indelibly on November 29, in the Sand Creek Massacre. Documentation of the lead-up to and aftermath of this massacre, as well as of the massacre itself, suggests a manifold texture of similarity and reversal between it and Columbine, as two events of utmost violence and brutality whose vortices developed over time in the same region; whose culminating horror was peculiarly theatrical; and whose repercussions were profound.