The Nevada Mystery

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Another nine Bs were sent out to locate the bomber, only to result in another vanishing.

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The two bombers would eventually be found, one in when a reservoir was drained and the other in by surveyors from the United States Geological Survey USGS. Fossett was a billionaire who was the first person to fly around the world non-stop in a balloon. He held over world records at one time or another, including 60 at the time of his declared death in February of , five months after his plane went missing September 3, A little over a year later in September , a hiker would find Fossett's identification cards in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California which later resulted in the discovery of the wreckage and two large bones, presumably scattered by wild animals, that matched Fossett's DNA.

The suspected cause of Fossett's, as well as numerous other, crashes.

The Mystery Of The Nevada Triangle Will Baffle And Terrify You

The phenomenon is caused by warm air cooling as it rises over the Sierra Nevadas, resulting in a strong downward draft into the valley that may result in a microburst. Once there, the air warms up again and causes a strong upward force as it rises. Fuller, who works for the voluntary Aviation Archaeological Investigation and Research group, cannot say how many aircraft have gone missing while flying over the area. One of the stories regarding the Triangle dates back to when a B bomber crashed in the mountains.

Clinton died without having found any trace. But in , a year later, a survey team found the bomber in a remote lake. Fuller cited another example, that of Lt Leonard C Lydon who parachuted to safety in after his Army fighter squadron got lost over the mountains.

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He saw his P fall within a mile of where he landed in the remote Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks. But speculation is that the total is more than 2, The Sierra Nevada mountains run perpendicular to the Jet Stream, or high Pacific winds, which conspire with the sheer, high altitude peaks and wedge-shaped range to create volatile, unpredictable winds and downdrafts that can wreak havoc on smaller aircraft. Another factor could be simple pilot error, with inexperienced pilots not quite knowing how to handle the turbulence or the disorienting mountainous terrain of the area, with its sharp canyons and soaring cliffs.

Indeed many pilots who have nearly crashed in the Nevada Triangle near the Sierra Nevada have reported experiencing a deep sense of confusion and profound disorientation during their flights. In the end, no one is quite sure of why so many planes have gone down here, some of them quite large planes rather than light aircraft and with experienced crews under ideal conditions, nor even how many planes have actually gone down here, and the area has managed to create an air of mystique around itself.

Many still insist that there are forces beyond our understanding at work here pulling in planes to their doom.

Talk of the Nevada Triangle is often punctuated with mentions of Area 51, aliens, or top secret tests of experimental aircraft, as well as the possibility of some form of magnetic anomaly or a vortex of some type. Adding to the mysterious quality of the region is that many of the crashed planes have never been found. This is most likely due to the inaccessibility of the remote area, but sometimes things are stranger.

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  • The Mystery Of The Nevada Triangle Will Terrify You.

One Army fighter pilot Lt. Leonard C Lydon said he parachuted from his plane when his squadron got hopelessly lost in the mountains here. He claimed to have clearly seen the P fighter go down about a mile from his position, near the Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, and was sure that he knew where it had crashed. However, when a search team returned to the area he specified, no sign of any wreckage or the plane could be found.

Mystery of the Nevada Triangle

So what is going on here? Is it aliens, the government covering its top-secret Area 51, magnetic anomalies, or something even stranger? Or are we just dealing with freaky weather that has a penchant for crushing smaller aircraft, coupled with the remote, unforgiving wastelands?