The Knitting Niche Designer Baby Blankets Volume 1

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Six patterns show off the subtle shine and texture of a silk-wool blend yarn. Berroco , Berroco Noble. Berroco , Berroco Tuscan Tweed. Berroco , Berroco Suede Berroco , Berroco Summer Silk. Berroco , Berroco Pima Berroco , Berroco Remix Light. Berroco , Berroco Mykonos Vol. Berroco , Berroco Corsica Vol. Sophisticated yet casual, these six knitted garments and accessories perfect for summer days. Berroco , Berroco Quechua.

Berroco , Berroco Bento. Berroco , Berroco Catena. Berroco , Berroco Millefiori Light. Show off this lightweight thick-and-think yarn with any of these six knitting patterns. Berroco , Berroco Pixel. Berroco - Netherfield. Berroco , Berroco Skye. Berroco , Berroco Brielle. Berroco , Berroco Mercado. Berroco , Berroco Aero. Quickly knit or crochet lightweight and colorful projects with Berroco Aero. Berroco Folio Color Collection. Berroco Portfolio Vol 1. Berroco Portfolio, Vol 2.

Norah Gaughan Men's Scarf Collection. Norah Gaughan Vol Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads. Berroco Ultra Alpaca Natural - Lucienne. Quechua Fall Collection - Hallie. Knit these luxurious gloves for winter in Berroco Quechua! Quechua Fall Collection - Ida. Body of this cardigan is knit in one piece to the underarm, then divided for back and fronts. Sleeves are worked in the round to the underarm, then raglan cap is knit in rows.

Quechua Fall Collection - Marian. Cables twine their way up this knitted hat pattern while showing off the gorgeous stitch definition of Berroco Quechua. Quechua Fall Collection - Nella. This asymmetrical shawl knitting pattern begins at the narrowest edge then widens to form a long quadrilateral. The edging is worked as you knit. Berroco Comfort Collection - Kinglet. This baby blanket knitting patttern features a fun geometric design in an easy-to-knit construction. Garter stitch squares begin with one color, change to another then end with a third.

Completed squares are sewn together to create the full blanket. Berroco Comfort Fall Collection - Tanager. Just a little bit of colorwork knitting adds flair to this cute little baby bonnet. Knitting begins at the frong edge and works back. A tassel and I-cord ties are added in finishing. Berroco Comfort Fall Collection - Towhee. These adorable knitted baby pants are worked in Berroco Comfort for machine-washable coziness! Knit from the waistband down, these little pants are a perfect gift to knit.

Berroco Comfort Fall Collection - Veery. This sweet little baby dress begins with the bodice, knit in garter stitch. Stitches are picked up along the edges to form the sides, and picked up and worked down in stockinette stitch for the skirt. Berrco - Fairfax. A simple rib and slipped stitch pattern makes for a super cozy scarf in Berroco Mercado. Berroco - Fern. Two colors of Berroco Pixel are combined to give color depth to this swingy hexagon poncho knitting pattern, though you could just as easily knit it in one color.

Fringe is added in finishing. Berroco - Granger. An easy-to-knit and easy-to-wear cardigan is knit in one piece from the top down, with raglan sleeves and pockets set into the bottom ribbing. Superwash Berroco Pixel makes this cardigan easy to care for as well! Berroco - Matilda. Raglan construction and easy garter stitch make this a breeze to knit. Berroco - Meg. Mitered squares and two colors of Berroco Pixel create a bright and bold scarf knitting pattern.

Berroco - Miss Honey. A simple stitch pattern shows off the sometimes subtle colors of Berroco Pixel. This triangular shawl pattern is knit from the center-top outward in an easy to memorize eyelet stitch pattern. Berroco - Ramona and Beezus. This easy ribbed hat knitting pattern comes in three sizes, so you can make one for yourself and give others as gifts!

Two colors of Berroco Pixel are used in each hat, so the customization options are endless. Berroco - Longbourn. Combine four colors of Berroco Skye and a series of simple stitch patterns to knit this scarf. Knit lengthwise first, the edge blocks are picked up and worked down. Berroco - Meryton. Berroco - Oakham. Year-round coziness can be yours with this luscious poncho knitting pattern. Knit from the top down in the round, the body is made up of an easy-to-work granite stitch, with a stunning cable-and-eyelet column set into the front and back. Berroco - Pemberly. This crocheted scarf pattern shows off how beautifully Berroco Skye works in crochet stitches.

Worked lengthwise, the main portion of this scarf is worked in a double-crochet mesh pattern, then scalloped edges are worked on either side. Berroco - Rosings. Two balls of Berroco Skye are all you need to knit this gorgeous cowl. A unique stitch pattern, worked from a chart or written instructions, is knit flat to the desired length, then joined end to end to form the loop, making the length of this cowl easy to customize.

Berroco - Arroux. Berroco - Charente. Two colors of Berroco Brielle are worked in a charted colorwork pattern that resembles a plaid stitch. The deep brim can be folded or worn back on the head for extra slouchiness. Berroco - Gardon. A unique cable pattern adorns this triangular shawl knitting pattern, knit from the center point up and out. Berroco - Marne. The classic jacket for a modern world—three colors of Berroco Brielle are used with easy linen stitch to knit this structured open-front cardigan. Inset pockets and bracelet-length sleeves complete the tailored look. Berroco - Mayenne.

Slipped stitches, garter stitch, and three shades of Berroco Brielle create this plaid-inspired wrap. Berroco - Yonne. A simple raglan sweater construction takes on a new depth with an easy lace pattern repeat and Berroco Brielle. This garment is knit in pieces from the bottom up. Berroco - Catherine. A charming bonnet keeps your head warm without bunching around the forehead. A fun-to-knit cable stitch is worked in the band and back-of-head.

For another variation on this cable, see Heathcliff. Berroco - Earnshaw. This cute and colorful hat is knit with two colors of Berroco Mercado and topped with a pompom. Berroco - Gateshead. The pieces of this sweater are full of cable and texture with a Henley-style collar.

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Berroco - Heathcliff. A unisex hat knitting pattern with twisty cables, Heathcliff knits up quickly in Berroco Mercado. For another variation on this cable, see Catherine. Berroco - Linton. A classic colorwork motif adorns these mittens knit in two colors of Berroco Mercado. Berroco - Morton. Cozy up in this oversized coat knit with bold cables and deep pockets. This jacket is knit in pieces and seamed for stability. Berroco - Pilot. Berroco - Adda. A simple silhouette shows how the colors of Berroco Aero behave when worked in the round.

Knit in one piece to the armholes, this easy sweater lets the colorful yarn do all the work. Berroco - Brenta. This super simple one-cake hat knitting pattern is a great way to play with Berroco Aero! Berroco - Mera. This easy popover knitting pattern is worked flat to get broad stripes in Berroco Aero. A cozy turtleneck adds extra warmth to this layering piece. Berroco - Piave. Whip up this easy cardigan knitting pattern in no time for a lightweight layer!

Knit in pieces to show off the colors of Berroco Aero, this long cardigan features gentle waist shaping and pockets. Berroco - Savio. An easy crocheted cowl, this piece is worked lengthwise in Berroco Aero and seamed in finishing. Berroco - Tirso. A simple one-row repeat and the cheerful colors of Berroco Aero do all the work in this easy knitted scarf pattern. Berroco Catena Collection - Atria. One ball of Berroco Catena is all you need to knit these mittens. Knitting begins with a length of I-cord, then stitches are picked up to form the hand and cuff.

Berroco Catena Collection - Cephei. Two color-shifting shades of Berroco Catena are worked from the bottom to the crown of this brioche knitting hat pattern. This knitted hat is a great way to learn basic brioche stitches, including decreases! Berroco Catena Collection - Chara. The body of this long, open-front cardigan is worked in a color-shifting shade of Berroco Catena, while the sleeves and edges are worked in a solid color.

This cozy layering piece knits up quickly! Berroco Catena Collection - Garnet Star. Easy intarsia and a few balls of Berroco Catena in a graduated shade create an eye-catching cropped sweater knitting pattern. Berroco Portfolio Vol 6 - Arcata Pullover. Let your imagination fly with six shades of Berroco Ultra Wool and this cheerful cowl knitting pattern. Classic bayadere stripes are worked in the round for easy knitting. Berroco Portfolio Vol 6 - Bishop Cardigan.

Diagonal-leaning cables and raglan sleeves create the bold lines of this open-front cardigan. Knit in Berroco Ultra Wool, this cozy cardi features extra-long sleeve ribbing and sleek lines. Berroco Portfolio Vol 6 - Bongo Scarf. An open-stitch pattern makes the knitting go fast in this simple scarf knitting pattern. Easy elongated stitches are worked back and forth in rows to form the length of the scarf, with a contrast color row. Berroco Portfolio Vol 6 - Breachway Scarf.

Berroco Portfolio Vol 6 - Chrysocolla Shawl. This wide rectangular shawl, made with two colors of Berroco Ultra Wool DK, is knit modularly, with a center panel worked in the textured stripe pattern first. Stitches are then picked up on either side to form the side panels. Berroco Portfolio Vol 6 - Deauville Shawl. Three colors of Berroco Ultra Wool play together in texture and color in a uniquely shaped knitted shawl pattern. Easy garter stitch panels separated by a classic houndstooth pattern start at the top of the shawl and work down in stepped increments. A boxy shape and ribbed pockets create a casual, contemporary feel.

Ravelry: Store: Berroco, Inc.

Berroco Portfolio Vol 6 - Lindgren Socks. Berroco Portfolio Vol 6 - Marzen Cardigan. Two strands of Berroco Ultra Wool DK are held doubled to achieve an aran-weight gauge for this cozy knitted cardigan. A textured stripe pattern makes up the fabric of the body, while the sleeves are simple stockinette. Berroco Portfolio Vol 6 - Napatree Cowl. Easy mosaic stitch and garter stitch stripes form a long, looping cowl with two colors of Berroco Ultra Wool DK. Mosaic knitting is a great way to create bold graphical elements without stranded colorwork.

Berroco Portfolio Vol 6 - Retro Pullover. Play with stripes and colors of Berroco Ultra Wool in this large triangular shawl. Knitting begins with the bias stripe border, then stitches are picked up and worked toward the center to form the shape. Set sail for adventure with this uniquely knit shawl knitting pattern! First, work the I-cord edge and bobbles that form the outer edge. Then, beginning at the bottom point, work an open stitch pattern up and out as you pick up stitches.

Finally, wrap around your shoulders and wear all summer long. A cropped cardigan with a simple eyelet pattern, Mainstay is the perfect little cover up for summer days. The body is knit from the bottom up in one piece, and sleeves are knit separately and seamed for extra stability. Worked in pieces and seamed at the sides, the back of this knitted tank is worked in an allover stitch pattern from a simple chart, while the eyelet cross on the front panel mirrors the back. An easy-to-memorize stitch pattern forms an open mesh stitch in this poncho knitting pattern. Knit flat, the fabric is then folded and seamed to drape over the shoulders.

Summer Silk Spring Collection - Alleine. Summer Silk Spring Collection - Chatwyn. This knitted tee begins with the yoke pattern, knit horizontally, and then is worked from the top down for an easy finish. Summer Silk Spring Collection - Evrenden. This shawl knitting pattern is worked from side to side, with short rows to create the curved shape. Summer Silk Spring Collection - Gavell. Berroco Pima creates a gorgeous throw knit modularly with four colors. Squares are knit from the outside in using simple decrease stitches, and instructions are given for individual squares or join-as-you-go knitting.

Berroco Pima Home Collection - Hampton. Three colors of Berroco Pima make for a lovely crocheted throw. This crochet blanket pattern is worked from the middle out in two colors, and a third color creates a pretty picot edge. Berroco Pima Home Collection - Shoreham. A trio of dishcloth patterns, made with Berroco Pima , in both knit and crochet make a lovely gift set.

Berroco Pima Home Collection - Tisbury. Two strands of Berroco Pima are held doubled to create a simple, stunning crocheted rug pattern. A combination of single, half-single, and double crochet stitches are used to form the oval. Two colors of Berroco Millefiori Light are combined with an easy slipped stitch pattern in an asymmetrical knitted shawl. Begin at the widest end and decrease for a fast, fun knitting project. A simple chevron stitch pattern and two different shades of Berroco Millefiori Light are all it takes to create a fun knitted scarf.

This cropped knitted sweater is worked with two colors of Berroco Millefiori Light to maximize the stripes. Split hems and dropped shoulders make for a casual sweater. This knitted V-neck cardigan is worked in pieces to allow the colorful stripes of Berroco Millefiori Light to stack up and create an eye-catching fabric. Knit this simple shawl pattern with just two balls of Berroco Millefiori Light!

Easy eyelets and decrease stitches in a charted pattern show off the brilliant colors of the yarn. Perfect for beginners, this knitted scarf pattern pairs Berroco Medina with an easy zig zag stitch pattern for a simple and fun scarf to knit. This simple knitted tunic combines garter stitch and the cool variegated colors of Berroco Medina for the perfect spring top. Directional knitting lets the yarn shine while adding stability to the finished tee. Berroco Medina is great for crocheting, and this simple crocheted bag pattern is a great combination of yarn and stitches. Beginning with a slightly oval-shaped base, this small bag is worked in single crochet stitches and finished with two handles.

Two balls of Berroco Medina are all you need to work up this knitted shawl. Knit side-to-side in garter stitch with a loopy fringe worked as you go, this shawl can easily be adjusted to a larger size. Berroco Medina shines in simple patterns that show of the color variances, such as this knitted tee pattern.

The front and back are worked separately, beginning with a horizontal waistband in garter stitch, then knit vertically with the cap sleeves worked as you go.

Variations on slipped-stitch patterns create a stunning fabric for Berroco Medina. This knitted cardigan pattern is worked in pieces to change the direction of the knitting for a simple yet stunning effect. A simple capelet knitting pattern is perfect for those days between the seasons, when you want to ensure your shoulders stay warm on chilly evenings.

The lace section at the top is knit flat, then sewn together before picking up stitches to work the bottom section in the round. Elegant in its simplicity, this short-sleeve pullover knitting pattern lets the unique fabric of the yarn shine. The fabric of Berroco Quinoa in reverse stockinette stitch is framed with simple eyelet columns at the shoulders. Beginning from the bottom point and working up and out, this triangular shawl knitting pattern mixes lace and textured stitches in Berroco Quinoa.

Knit from the center-top down to the wide curving edge, this knitted shawl combines an easy charted lace stitch with stockinette for a sweet summertime wrap. The simple front of this knitted pullover belies the surprise feature in the back—two pieces that are crossed for an elegant wrap effect. The body is knit from the top down, showing off the lovely fabric of Beroco Quinoa, before the shoulder pieces and bottom edges are sewn together.

Easy cap sleeves are picked up and knit down. This relaxed knitted cardigan demonstrates how lovely a little bit of lace can be in Berroco Quinoa. The body is knit in one piece to the armholes, then sleeves are knit and joined before working the raglan yoke. Easily knit up this cute cardi with minimal seaming! The sleeves and upper body are knit from sleeve to sleeve, then stitches are picked up and worked down to form the lower part of the body.

A few balls of Berroco Regatta are all you need to make this summer wardrobe staple!

An open, airy stitch pattern combined with large needles and Berroco Regatta is a recipe for a fast pullover knitting pattern. Front and back are worked separately and seamed for stability. Knit this market bag with just a few balls of Berroco Regatta and take it everywhere! The sides are worked separately and seamed to help stabilize the bag, then stitches are picked up and knit to form the top band. Straps are knit separately and sewn on. Grab a ball of Berroco Regatta and quickly knit up this simple skinny scarf. An open stitch pattern, large needles, and simple fringe make for a fun, fast knitting project.

Quickly work up this shawl knitting pattern with two balls of Berroco Regatta and large needles! Knit from side to side, this shawl is worked in garter stitch and finished with easy fringe. This gorgeous cowl knitting pattern knits up quicky with just one ball of Berroco Regatta for an easy, breezy summer accessory. A cleverly designed triangular shawl knitting pattern, this beauty begins at one tip and is worked sideways with an traveling charted stitch pattern to mimic waves of wheat on the plains.

The finished shawl blocks out to more than 7 feet long, but only requires two balls of Berroco Remix Light. Berroco Portfolio Vol 5 - Atwells Cardigan. The classic cardigan gets a little extra shine with a simple eyelet pattern worked at the shoulders of this cardigan knitting pattern. Best of all, this cardigan features minimal seaming, with the body worked in one piece to the armholes and the sleeve stitches picked up and worked down.

Berroco Portfolio Vol 5 - Balsam Scarf. A simple crochet stitch and a couple of balls of Berroco Remix are all you need for this crochet accessory pattern. Worked from the bottom up, this triangular neck accessory features fun tassels that are added in finishing. Berroco Portfolio Vol 5 - Beachrock Cardigan. The tweedy flecks of Berroco Remix are perfect for a simple stitch pattern such as broken rib, as seen in this open-front cardigan knitting pattern. Knit in one piece from the bottom up, this jacket is mostly seamless, with sleeves picked up from the body and worked down.

Berroco Portfolio Vol 5 - Cohansey Cowl.

A traveling slip-stitch pattern creates a sideways herringbone-like texture for this cowl knitting pattern, made with Berroco Remix. Berroco Portfolio Vol 5 - Dreamaway Vest. A simple open-front vest knitting pattern is worked from the bottom up in one piece, with the shoulders finished in a three-needle bind off. Knit this great layering piece for any season!

Berroco Portfolio Vol 5 - Evora Shawl. Combining Berroco Remix Light with brioche stitch results in a super squishy but remarkably lightweight crescent shawl knitting pattern. A lace edging is worked as you knit. Berroco Portfolio Vol 5 - Fragaria Tee. Quickly knit this simple cropped tee knitting pattern with just a few balls of Berroco Remix Light!

The body is knit in the round with a mesh panel at the sides, that carries up and over to form the yoke. Berroco Portfolio Vol 5 - Juniper Top. A basic raglan pullover knitting pattern is elevated with a simple lace panel added at the top of the sleeves. Knit in the round from the bottom up, this tee features minimal seaming and only requires a few balls of Berroco Remix Light. An allover charted lace stitch pattern forms the body of this simple pullover knitting pattern.

Work begins at the bottom with split hems, then the pieces are joined to work in the round to the armholes. This stunning crocheted blanket pattern is worked in a combination of treble, double, half-double, and single crochet to create an soothing, undulating effect. Berroco Portfolio Vol 5 - Rockport Shawl. Lovely and light, this shawl knitting pattern begins at a short end and is worked to the wider end for an asymmetrical triangle shape.

Two colors of Berroco Remix Light are paired together in a slipped-stitch pattern to create horizontal and vertical stripes in a large stole knitting pattern. Berroco Portfolio Vol 5 - Skagen Shawl. Garter stitch and simple eyelets combine to create an eye-catching asymmetrical triangle shawl. Mykonos Stonewash Collection - Grenada.

Bunch it up around your neck for a soft cowl, or pull it down around your shoulders for an extra little bit of warmth. Mykonos Stonewash Collection - Pamplona.

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Three colors of Mykonos Stonewash create a gradient effect in this open-front cardigan knitting pattern. A light and airy stitch pattern and short sleeves worked from dropped shoulders make this the perfect spring and summer layering piece. Mykonos Stonewash Collection - Sevilla. Meet your new go-to sweater! This chic sweater knitting pattern, made with Berroco Mykonos Stonewash, is the perfect blend of casual and dressy for your day-to-day needs. Knit in pieces for stability, this knit sweater features a hi-lo hem, dropped shoulders, and sleeves that are knit from the body down to the cuffs.

Mykonos Stonewash Collection - Toledo. A simple striped scarf knitting pattern looks elegant when combined with three colors of Berroco Mykonos Stonewash and knitting-on-the-bias. Tuscan Tweed Fall Collection - Esme. Esme is a long-sleeved sweater knit mostly with shade Columbine with a pop of new shade Wild Ginger at the sleeves and neckline. Knitting begins with the bottom body, working the front and back hems separately before joining to work in the round with an all-over textured stitch pattern.

The sleeves are knit with the same stitch patt Tuscan Tweed Fall Collection - Hazel. Hazel, a knitted ruana, is worked in geometrical shapes and garter stitch to create a cozy layering piece. Four triangles of shade Oak are worked and joined by a strip of Carnations. Then the inside edges are knit in new color Aster.

Tuscan Tweed Fall Collection - Lily. Just one ball each of color Cherries and new shade Poppy are needed to work Lily, a colorful hat. One color is worked in the deep folded brim, before changing to the second color to work the slip-stitch pattern for the top of the hat. A fluffy pompom is also colorblocked, with the darker color on the bottom and the lighter color on Tuscan Tweed Fall Collection - Valentina. Valentina is a pair of comfy socks worked in one ball each of Nightshade and new color Cosmos. The legs are worked flat using intarsia to create the colorblock effect; then the heels are worked in one color.

Stitches for the instep are picked up with the other color, and the foot of the sock is worked in the round to the toes.

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Ginkgo Fall Collection - Carolee. Double yarnovers are used to create an open, airy eyelet stitch in the Carolee shawl. This asymmetrical shawl begins at the narrowest edge and widens, before stitches are bound off in sections to create the scalloped edge. Ginkgo Fall Collection - Lygia. Lygia uses two colors of Berroco Ginkgo in a two-color brioche stitch to form a stunning reversible cowl. Ginkgo Fall Collection - Rosalba. The Rosalba cardigan is knit from the cuffs to the center of the body before being joined in the back with a three-needle bind off.

A simple eyelet stitch pattern is worked at the cuffs and front edges of this open-front cardigan. Ginkgo Fall Collection - Zinaida. A simple cable motif is framed by eyelets to create the top half of Zinaida. The yoke is knit from the sleeve cuffs to the middle of the body, then the pieces are joined with a three-needle bind off.

Stitches are picked up and knit down to form the rest of the body, making this an easy sweater. Cotolana Fall Collection - Carly. Cotolana Fall Collection - Ellery. Ellery is a simple sweater with artful elements. A deep funnel neck and curved, split hems flow with an easy-to-work texture pattern for a pullover that will surely become your go-to garment.

Cotolana Fall Collection - Mavis. Easy garter stitch and purl-knit stitches work together to create a cozy cowl with architectural details. Cotolana Fall Collection - Pippa. The main fabric is worked in one direction, before stitches are picked and worked the opposite direction for a modular, woven appearance.

Nebula Collection - Anika. Nebula Collection - Jiya. For you crochet fans out there, Jiya uses one cake of Berroco Nebula to whip up a long, loopy cowl. Nebula Collection - Pari. Pari is worked side-to-side in garter stitch with shaped stitches edging out to form a flowing shape. Nebula Collection - Sana. Sana is a simple lacy cowl that highlights the long-color changes of Berroco Nebula. Take advantage of the drape provided by Berroco Quechua with this long knitted cardigan pattern. An iconic stitch pattern flows up the back and front edges of this duster, knit in pieces from the bottom up and seamed.

A simple feather-and-fan stitch pattern is worked in this long rectangular stole knitting pattern, giving center stage to the beautiful blend of fibers. Knit from the center out in a semi-circle, this shawl knitting pattern calls for two colors of Berroco Quechua and a variety of classic stitch patterns. This timeless sweater knitting pattern is set off with a small cable repeat along the V-neck. This pullover is knit in the round from the bottom up, then sleeve stitches are picked up from the dropped shoulders and worked down.

A simple open vest knitting pattern is worked in pieces to lend stability to the incredible drape of Berroco Quechua. Knit in easy garter stitch, this is sure to become a staple piece of your fall wardrobe. An eye-catching stitch pattern is worked in the round in this long cowl knitting pattern. The blend of merino, alpaca, and yak in the yarn provides gorgeous stitch definition for lace patterns. Knit flat with a simple cable and eyelet stitch pattern, this cowl knitting pattern shows off the beautiful stitch definition and drape of Berroco Bento.

This simple sweater is knit from the bottom up in the round, after asymmetrical hems are worked, then joined together. The sleeves are knit separately in the round and sewn to the body before knitting the collar. Three colors of Berroco Bento are used to knit this easy, colorful scarf. Fringe is easily created by dropping stitches at either end. An Icelandic-inspired colorwork yoke tops this seamless sweater knit with four shades of Berroco Bento. Sleeves and body are knit separately before joining to work the colorwork chart.

Whip up this simple cardigan in no time with seamless knitting from the top down. The open fronts are finished with a ribbed edging for a cozy, casual look. Knit these simple fingerless mitts in no time. Knit in the round from the cuff to the palm, these armwarmers would make perfect gifts to knit. A simple popover is an ideal layering piece for chilly days. After joining the bottom hems, this knitted poncho is worked in the round to the arms. An easy texture pattern is worked in the round to make the ultimate cozy cowl. This button-down V-neck cardigan has a simple silhouette for layering over everything.

Knit seamlessly from the bottom up, the sleeves of this cardigan are joined to the body with raglan decreases. Two colors of Berroco Catena are used to knit this stylish hat. An easy-to-work colorwork pattern blends the two colors, while a supersized pompom tops the crown. A lofty yarn equals lofty cables, and the intertwining stitches of this sweater are fun to knit and have a giant impact. Knit from the bottom up, the body is worked seamlessly after joining the asymmetrical hems; sleeves are knit separately and seamed.

This large triangular shawl is worked end-to-end in garter stitch, with a knitted on edging. Only three balls of Berroco Catena are required to make this cozy wrap. Ribbing keeps the fabric snug against your wrists to help keep your hands warm. This fun poncho will be your go-to layering piece for fall and winter! Knit in the round from the bottom up with simple eyelet accents, this poncho can be finished with oversized pompoms. A dramatic shawl is knit from the bottom up with an easy eyelet pattern to let the yarn do all the colorful work.

This sweater is great for beginners—the body is knit flat in one piece and seamed, allowing the colorful yarn to make big, bold stripes. A garter-stitch neckband is worked in the round in finishing. Knit this long scarf with only 3 balls of Berroco Millefiori! A variation on rib stitch adds a bit of texture to the fabric, and fringe is added in finishing.

This tee takes advantage of the gorgeous color changes of Berroco Millefiori in a beautiful way. Worked side-to side with minimal finishing, this oversized tee can be knit quickly and easily by knitters of any skill level. Crochet squares are worked on a large hook before being joined together to make this show-stopper of a scarf. Crocheted with Berroco Millefiori Big, this extra-long and dramatic scarf is sure to accent any outfit. A free-flowing vest shows off the gorgeous colors of Berroco Millefiori Big. Knit from one front edge to the other, this piece is easy to knit and great for layering.

Fun, easy legwarmers are knit in the round quickly, thanks to Berroco Millefiori Big. Avaialble in three sizes, these legwarmers would make fun, fast gifts. These fingerless mitts are great projects for beginner knitters! Knit flat and then seamed, they require just one ball of Berroco Millefiori Big. Thea Colman used three shades of Berroco Ultra Wool to knit this gorgeous colorwork hat.

A large pompom completes the look. Berroco Portfolio Vol 4 - Glacial Pullover. Gansey-inspired stitch patterns traverse this knitted sweater from designer Jesie Ostermiller. Knit in the round from the bottom up, this sweater features asymmetrical bottom hems and raglan sleeve shaping. Berroco Portfolio Vol 4 - Hanover Shawl. Connie Chang Chinchio used small textured stitch patterns to form this generous shawl, knit from the center to the tips.

Sweet, simple ankle socks are knit from the toe up. Designer Amy Christoffers added a small lace motif and afterthought heels to these colorblocked socks. Berroco Portfolio Vol 4 - Isthmus Pullover. A wide panel of traveling twisted stitches forms both the stand-up collar and main body of this sweater from designer Allison Jane.

The stitch pattern is mirrored in the sleeves, which are shaped with raglan increases. Berroco Portfolio Vol 4 - Macaba Pullover. Berroco Portfolio Vol 4 - Millington Cardigan. The generous pockets of this cardigan are knit as you go, making for a unique knitting experience. Designer Designed by Emily Ringleman, this open-front cardigan is knit from the bottom up and features a simple cable panel along with an allover textured stitch pattern. Berroco Portfolio Vol 4 - Nightingale Cardigan. This slim-fitting cardigan from designer Noriko Ho is a perfect wardrobe staple. Knit from the top down, both the body and sleeves feature a simple textured stitch pattern.

Pockets are added before finishing. Berroco Portfolio Vol 4 - Owinja Pullover. Traditional Gansey construction inspired designer Courtney Spainhower to create this spectacular sweater knitting pattern. Knit in one piece from the bottom up, the bottom hems are curved with short-row shaping, and sleeve stitches are picked up and worked down.

Berroco Portfolio Vol 4 - Stanza Coat. Designer Julia Farwell-Clay used four shades of Berroco Ultra Wool in varying-width stripes to create a stunning knitted coat. The fronts and back of this garment are knit separately, while stitches are picked up for the sleeves and knit down from dropped shoulders. This dramatic shawl knitting pattern is knit from end to end with an unusual elongated stitch pattern.

Long fringe is added in finishing. This drawstring bag begins with a crocheted base, before stitches are knit in the round in a ribbed pattern. A textured stitch is used for the bag strap to add visual interest and stability. A cropped, open-front cardigan shows off the brushed suede look to the yarn.

The reverse stockinette stitch collar adds a bit of visual interest. Berroco Pend Oreille. An oversized poncho is ideal for wearing over any outfit. Knit in the round from the top down, this garment features a simple textured stitch panel on the front and back. Inspired by old-fashioned medicine bags, this wide-based bag features a tubular frame that will stay open, making it a great choice for carrying your knitting or crochet project. A unique construction gives this crescent shawl knitting pattern incredible drape and shape. Designed to sit perfectly on your shoulders, this ethereal shrug is simple to knit and delightful to wear.

Sweatshirt details combine with a Henley texture in this casual, comfortable knitted pullover. This sweater begins at the bottom hem and is worked in the round to the armholes; front and back are worked flat. This romantic summer cardigan is knit seamlessly from start to finish. Beginning at the back neck, the cardigan flows into the simple lace panels at the fronts. The sleeves are picked up from the armholes and worked to the cuffs, before the edging bands are picked up to form the buttonhole and button bands.

Wrap yourself in a little luxury! This oversized triangular shawl knitting pattern features an easy to memorize lace knitting pattern. This simple oversized tee is worked first side to side, forming the sleeves and yoke in a lovely cable and lace pattern. Stitches are then picked up for the body and knit down, making the length easily adjustable. A cable and eyelet stitch pattern is worked all over this simple knitted hat. This open-front cardigan knitting pattern features a deep-ribbed edge, perfect for wrapping up in on chilly summer evenings. Knit in the round from the top down with raglan sleeves, this is sure to become your go-to summer cardigan.

The classic tee, updated: Just the kind of modern take on a traditional garment to carry you through the warm days of summer. Knitting for a capsule wardrobe? This tee is perfect for anyone wanting to get multiple looks out of projects. The button-down back features a simple textured stitch pattern, while the front is plain with a classic scoop neck. Turn the project around and wear back to front for another stylish look. A simple tee gets a lift from an eye-catching stitch pattern.

The boxy shape is flattering to every figure. A modern take on the striped pullover, this simple sweater adds a pop of color at the shoulders and upper sleeves. This perfect little shawl is a great accessory knitting pattern. Knit side to side in garter stitch with simple increases and a little bit of eyelets. This seamless tee knitting pattern begins at the neck and is worked down. Easy eyelet stitches shape the yoke and add decoration to the neckline at the same time.

This scoop neck sweater knitting pattern features a wavy lace column pattern. The boxy shape, topped with cap sleeves, is incredibly flattering. Simple lace adorns the edges of this crescent shawl knitting pattern. Short rows are used to ease the edging around the curve of the shawl. This triangular shawl knitting pattern is knit from the center-top down.

A knitted-on edging is added in finishing. An allover lace rib pattern forms a classic cardigan. Knit in pieces and seamed, this cardigan knitting pattern is sure to become a wardrobe staple. Cozy and comfortable, this ruana knitting pattern begins at the back edge and is knit to the shoulders, where the knitting divides into the front pieces. A simple textured stitch pattern shows off the yarn. Knit separately in two pieces, this easy knitted tee features a graceful column of stockinette stitch that splits to form the neckline and back neck band.

Textured stitch columns form the body of this little capelet knitting pattern. This versatile piece can be worn to hug your shoulders, or looped around your neck as a cowl. An eye-catching yet easy to work lace pattern forms a trellis up the back of this simple knitted sleeveless tee. The front is knit solid. This rectangular stole demonstrates how beautiful Berroco Mykonos works up in crochet. Worked asymmetrically, this shawl alternates mesh and cluster crochet stitch patterns.

This breezy open-front cardigan is knit with a clever construction. Knit from the sleeves into the center of the body, this cardigan knitting pattern features overlapping fronts and I-cord finishing. A simple cowl is crocheted in the round with an easy to work crochet stitch pattern. Texture and color-play combine to form a cozy wrap for summer evenings.

Garter stitch, check patterns, and stripes are used in this stole knitting pattern. Elegantly simple, this oversized tee shows off the drape of this yarn. Knit in pieces and seamed, this pullover knitting pattern features small cap sleeves and a ribbed hem. This sleeveless A-line tee has a subtle striping pattern to elevate a boring knit to something extraordinary. The ultimate in classic, wearable style, this knitted cardigan pattern is knit in pieces and seamed to add structure. Set-in pockets make it fashionable and functional.

This easy poncho knitting pattern features subtle stripes in a ribbing pattern for a classic look. Garter stitch and eyelets combine to form the allover stitch pattern in this triangular shawl pattern. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Anniu Top. Dropped stitches add an elegant look to this tee. Work both body pieces individually on the bias, then seam after blocking and dropping stitches. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Baltica Cardigan. A classic Swiss dot pattern is knit allover this shaped drop-shoulder cardigan. Pockets are added in finishing. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Caverly Shawl.

This crochet shawl pattern begins at the bottom point and fans out to the edges to form an elegant triangular shawl. This generous stole is knit flat with small sections of intarsia to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind shawl knitting pattern. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Delphin Shawl.

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A long, shallow crescent shawl can double as a scarf, gently shaped to curve around your neck and shoulders. Easy garter stitch knitting gets a lift with a simple lace rib stitch pattern. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Island Wrap. This stunning wrap is knit from one edge to the other in classic lace pattern stitches. Pattern is worked from simple charts. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Landscape Pullover.

This unique sweater uses simple stitch patterns to paint a landscape effect on both the front and the back. The long length and split hem give this tunic a fresh, modern silhouette. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Leisl Pullover. Paired traveling cables at the sides create a flattering silhouette for this raglan v-neck sweater knitting pattern. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Malaga Tank. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Marca Ruana. Knit flat in pieces and joined with a three-needle bind off, the fabric features an easy-to-work stitch pattern.

Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Rodinia Shawl. Geometric shapes made using short rows make up this asymmetrical triangular shawl. Knit in sections and seamed. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Sweetgrass Shrug. An allover stitch pattern is set into a cropped shrug with three-quarter length sleeves. The body is worked in one piece from front to back, with sleeves picked up and knit down. An I-cord edging flows into braided ties used to close the front.

Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Triteia Cowl. A simple cowl shows off the great stitch definition of cotton blend yarn. Berroco Portfolio Vol 3 - Vinalhaven Wrap. Knit flat, this sumptuous stole features a simple texture pattern inspired by bamboo shoots, combined with a lace pattern at the edges. Berroco Folio Color Collection - Coquina. Dedicated sock knitters know the charm of knitting socks as a pair simultaneously. With this method, orphan socks not only don't happen but true reversibility can be achieved - useful for the occasional pattern where on-line reversibility is required.

The German-born author, and yarn shop owner, includes many helpful diagrams and a particularly useful chart for knitting socks for just about any size. A good little book to complete any knitter's repertoire in sock knitting. In the first of a promised series of three volumes exploring varying methods for knitting socks - in the author's word, sockitecture - Cat is at it again: The major innovation pre-sented here is various styles for handling the increases or decreases which normally form the heel gussets - transforming those necessary stitches into what the author describes as eight different sock architectures but which she admits are really what they are, just variations on a theme among the most creative: A very intriguing book if not over-worked with too much self-created gizmo and gadget nomenclature and typographical signals - meant to be helpful but somewhat distracting and bothersome.

The felting storm, which first washed the yarn market in , continues to shower us with alluring ways to use this "first fabric". Here, felted handbags after knitting them-oversized of course is elevated to an art form. Written by a California yarn shop owner, and Finnish ex-partiate who learned to knit at an early age, this book presents tested designs for a variety of novelty purse styles-all to be knitted then felted.

Scarves , Vogue Knitting on the Go! Scarves Two ; Trisha Malcolm, ed. The Author's second book promoting the interesting joys of moebius knitting has a number of sheer fun projects for a knitter to master the moebius technique-some for felting and some not. Mobeius knitting is a perspective derived from twisting circular knitting, possibly revealing never-before-seen things. Cat's designs for both a cat's bed and a jester's hat are laughable to look at and can be fun to use!

The poncho continues to captivate knitters, and here are 20 fun, fresh designs for captivatingly unusual poncho shapes to fit every season and any dressing style and all knitting skills. In addition to warmth, ponchos-including a hooded poncho-there are designs for accessory ponchos to be worn for flair and color. Most of the capelets are, but, disappointingly, easily dismissed diminutive ponchos.

Two Bucks County Illustrators collaborate in what is very much a basic book for beginners where the focus hardly strays from the yumminess of the yarns. Superb for illustrating to non-knitters how novelty yarns knit. If the boundaries of your knitting have been set at scarves, this little book will help you explore new knitting horizons using the novelty yarns you love! Knit and Crochet with Beads , Lily M. The first book by a former editor of Vogue Knitting, and whose previous designs have been included in such best sellers as Scarfstyle and Vogue's On the Go Series, shows Teva's uncommon versatility with both edgy and exsquisite garments and accessories.

These designs envoke-and celebrate-both tension and comfort through the use of non-traditional approaches to traditional garments. Teva is a designer whose abilities will resonate for a number of years, if not decades, to come. A lavish, " oh, take me there"artbook illustrating the the topography of Maggie's native land and her designing mind. Includes fully illustrated and diagramed patterns using native Irish yarns Donegal tweeds and linens or spun from Maggie's imagination Maggie now has her own line of yarns, some of which are available in the shop.

Winter Knits , Jenny Kee; , St. Celebrating Qiviut, spun of the down of the arctic musk ox see , Fibre Facts on page 3 for more information about Qiviut , the author shares her journey in discovering this fibre and the Alaskan Oomimgmak Musk Ox Cooperative. The butterfly shape of Faroese shawls have a fit and fall drape appreciated by the wearer. The editor's assembly of plus garments, ranging in size and use from four-months to four years, for kids with or expected to have atti-TUDE. The designers' whimsy and creativity are both abundantly appar- ent - perhaps nowhere ore so than the Poet's Coat an Einstein adaptation or the Mobile Menagerie.

Directed to the new knitter, who both has accomplished all that scarf knitting and teach and is ready to move on in her knitting, the admittedly self-taught author uses knitting baby hats as the medium for a surprisingly comprehensive exploration of basic knitting techniques and forays into the creative construction and embellishment of the simple stockinette cap.

The basics of stitch architecture are well explained and adequately illustrated. A good book for those who must learn on their own. When you buy this book, buy it for the mom sweaters. Zoe brings us yet another collection of irresistible designs for wee ones: With the closing of her London stores, Debbie has put to good use her slightly more abundant time to produce an abundance of fresh designs for infants through toddler and appropriately titled Special Knits. Many moms know that babies and toddlers hate hats. These whimsical designs, as fun to wear as to make, are ideal for little personalities who know what they like, either on dress-up day or everyday.

This first book by these Ontario sisters is in a vein with their pattern leaflets: Here you find a set of patterns for knitting basic, wearable garments sized for ages 1 through 6 worked in the round: Most designs are basic enough for new knitter moms although a few will expose sophisticated knitters to funky styles that the little ones desire to wear.

The yarn girls, known for using fabulous yarns and larger needles, have directed their signature style for quick knits, to a kid-sized scale. Here, the yarn girls present a complete knitted wardrobe for the younger set written to use yarns which are a joy to knit and kids will enjoy wearing. An ideal book for relatively new knitters: While more sophisticated and experienced knitters may want to pass over the yarn girls homegrown techniques, knitters of all skill levels will revel in the reception received with these garments.

Rarely is there a title about knitting for men which merits the praise we have for this book. Martin Storey and Wendy Baker collaborate in presenting wearable designs for men which even the fussiest man will wear. Among the 27 designs are several stand-outs: This book is directed to over-coming the frustration so many knitters experience when men show reluctance to wear hand- knitted garments. The designs have wearable masculine appeal, include elements which men look for in handknitted garments and show handknitting design at its apex. Many garments are interesting enough to knit again - for all the men in each knitter's life.

Knitting in the Old Way ; by: Re-print of the independent knitter's favorite text for understanding how garments are shaped and how any knitter can knit those shapes. Gain independence from pattern writers and their error's!