The Kitchen Table Genealogist: How To Research and Build Your Own Family Tree

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It explains the whole Pajama Genealogy Research System. Contains several exercises for you to do and examples of things for you to see as you learn how the system works. How to Organize Your Internet Favorites. I feel very strongly about Pajama students having this second course in particular.

It is the perfect companion for the Pajama Genealogy course because after you learned the methods in the Pajama research system, you can use the free online genealogy databases and really go to town - finding your ancestors and actually be able to manage tons of and sometimes overwhelming amounts of information that you can find on the Internet.

Shows you how-to easily find the smaller, personal, surname databases that people are putting on the Internet, targeting the surnames and individuals that you are looking for. H ere's a Secret Don't tell anyone, but I like to add additional surprises to the Pajama Genealogy orders. The over 5 hours of step-by-step video instructions, and all these reference materials, contain a lot of unique training for any on-line genealogy researcher.

The "Pajama Genealogy System" alone has well-over a thousand research hours put into it I know, I put in those hours as I developed, tested and refined the course over the years. These videos and materials have helped many people, just like you. I hope you give these courses a chance to help you as well.

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Order them now - two great courses for the price of one. You can search it and it will answer any question. But do you know how to ask the question? Is there someone you would like to see finally learn to surf the Net using the most effective means while perusing the most ideal sites? I am sure all of us have such a person who is barely computer literate, and who would benefit greatly from this research system.

Maybe that someone is you. The three guides and the two bonus booklets will have even the most helpless user become an Internet research star. The great thing is that the reading and the lessons can be done at home in comfy clothes by using the computer, the Internet, and the kitchen table. Researching libraries and major genealogical sites are included in the lessons. The system developed by Robert Ragan of Jacksonville, Fla. A few weeks ago I read the advertising related to Mr. If it was all that good I reasoned, I could learn something too. And you know what? I am a user, not a computer tech, but there is always room for improvement.

I found that he explained the use of a computer in terms that anyone could understand. His approach is exactly right on for the amateur, but not exclusively. I mean by this that he tells exactly how the computer tricks work such as transferring your genealogy into a GEDCOM file; sharing data between computers or different genealogy software programs or individuals; gathering and storing information; and understanding basic computer file management. No longer will you spend valuable time hunting and trying to decipher what needs to be done.

He explains it all for you. Before long you will be checking sites and pulling out necessary research data in minutes rather than hours. Hunting and procrastination will no longer be a part of your behavior. You must visit the website for more on it at pajamagenealogy. This is a strong system with many educational benefits for just about everyone. With the package come four bonuses and to make it easy to order, the Pajama Genealogy site has a secure server for ordering by credit card. I saw it advertised; I got it; and I really do enjoy using it because of the easy teaching style and information packed system.

You will love it too. These CDs have the many video segments in the Pajama system that are created with a special program called "Camtasia", which lets me capture, or "film" my computer screen in action as I talk to you. After you get the CDs, you will put them in your CD drive on you computer and be able to watch all of the lessons on your computer screen as you follow along, step-by-step. Note that nothing gets installed on your computer - the video lessons are on the CDs.

You do need to be on your computer to watch them so you can easily follow along. Yes , you do. And I hope you understand why You already know what is going on and how good the information is. However, since it is in video format and you can actually watch it happen before your eyes. Now, I am able to show you something in five minutes that would take me 25 pages to explain in print You can understand everything much easier. Also, I will show you updated stuff and new things that you have not seen before. Take my word for it, you don't want to miss this.

I have a slow connection and couldn't even view the video lessons that you showed us in the past few issues of Treasure Maps newsletter. Will it work for me? The videos WILL work on your computer no matter what connection speed to the Internet you have, because the videos are on the CDs themselves, not the Internet. I had to set these video lessons up on CDs like this because there is so much good information that is covered.

There is no way that many of you could ever watch it on-line because it would take so long for you to download. These video CDs are pretty long and loaded with different lessons. The total time in all four CDs runs over 3 hours. You can use the course in small segments or as long as you'd like. All this time is broken down into many different segments and covers many methods and parts of the system. It will keep you going for a long time, because you will watch as much as you want, follow along and try the examples for yourself, and continue through all four CDs.

Everyone's situation is different, of course. But this method will work with whatever surnames you are researching--wherever they came from. If there is information about your ancestors on the Internet you will be able to find it usually in three minutes or less and use it to get even MORE information.

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This pajama genealogy method system will empower you and give you independence with your research for the rest of your life. There is tons of good genealogy information on-line for free this system will show you how to get to the very best of it however I made up a "special package" that consisted of a half-dozen pages of information and mailed it to them. Two weeks later I sent a follow up mailing. Here's what Daniel J. Robert Ragan Tuesday, Here is what Gwen Skelton said: And WHY do I need this I can just get whatever I need off the Internet, right?

Year ago, I tried to video tape the computer screen so that I could teach you important genealogy research tips and stuff And Not Just With Genealogy Thank you for writing such easy to understand info. You have touched on some things that have always puzzled me In any event, thanks, thanks, thanks. I plan to get more of your books when you write them! Can't wait to find time later today to go to some of the sites. This morning I again cheated and read, cover to cover, "Little-known Computer Tips" and highlighted my way happily through the book. I still have a lot to learn but this sure helps!

I would recommend it to anyone. Your books are wonderful! I'm having a ball learning more about genealogy searches and my computer! Thank you so much for sharing the wealth of your knowledge and experience through these books.

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I am most grateful. It was so plainly written that as of right now, I don't have a single question to ask you. So again thanks for a lot of good ol genealogical info well worth the cost. Galer "Robert, Your Pajama system is a life saver. I received it about a month ago and really am just getting started but have answered two of my problems already. I printed the whole thing and put in a 3 ring notebook and put the CDs in my safe deposit box in the bank. I have purchased and read all of your productions, I believe. At least, I have all that you advertise. Your materials have been easily the very best sources I have found.

Thank you for all the excellent products you offer. You are the only author I know who writes at a level I can absorb. Jeffs Note to Skeptical Genealogy Researchers: You will also get: What a delight it was. The detailed screen shots and pointers were very welcome and easy to use. Even though I'm a computer veteran since , I appreciated clear way you distinguished the sites' free features from the "pay" ones and explained all the available options.

It was a pleasure to explore these websites with your book in hand. Not only that, but I found ancestors who'd eluded me for years. The most satisfying find was a genealogy that linked my paternal grandfather with his ancestors for several generations. There were several more such finds, all in a couple of hours. I have already found "gobs"!!!! I found about 33 generations on one side of my family!!! I stayed up late last night and got it all entered into my Family Tree Maker!!

Do you know where the best FREE genealogy databases are? You may be surprised where some of the best ones are. Do you know how to USE them? I've learned first-hand from my students and in seminars that most on-line genealogy researchers do not. I had something like names in my database and since I have had the book I have added more than names and am still finding them.

This is on both sides of the family, my wife and mine. We are finding names that we never thought ever existed. Robert we want to thank you for being such a great Professor of Genealogy I'm not a professor, I am self-taught with a lot of help along the way. But it thrills me when I hear stories like this. Like you, I have found many names for my database as well. Now comes the task of double checking and verifying the information--starting with the ancestors that are the most important to us.

There are bound to be mistakes in the data, but there is also tons of valuable information that we would spend a lifetime trying to gather in the 'old days' before we had the Internet. You can send a check , or pay through PayPal Send your check or money order , made payable to Robert Ragan, to: Warmly, Robert Ragan P. You've got to admit that there has to be something to the Pajama Genealogy System: Here's more of what people who are using it are saying I must admit I was very skeptical of it at first and I even e-mailed you before I ordered the program to see if I wasn't fully satisfied could I return the entire program.

I must admit that I am fully satisfied. You mentioned when I wrote you that you write exact step by step instructions using examples that anyone can follow. Not step by step instructions leaving out a step here and there making it hard for people like myself to follow. I was so pleased with the first set of books that I purchased your latest book.

Thank you so much. It is so full of information. Every time I pick it up I learn something new. Your instructions are so easy to follow that I have learned more about my computer and my research is more productive than it was before the Pajama System. I appreciate your dedication to helping us all find our families.

My friends can't figure out how I find so much information on the Net. I can hardly wait to put on my pajamas and try it out! From what I've read so far, it's full of great tips and time savers. I've been doing genealogy for many years, but this actually gives you a step-by-step plan to get more out of research. Was leafing through Guide 3 and my eyes stopped on Viruses. Decided to try out the "free scan"' and my gosh! I have always been a 'nut' for Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts so that's what I decided to look through first and most likely the best is yet to come!!

Thanks so very much I know you hear it everyday, but you really do write in such a way that anyone can follow your directions and instructions and make a computer work for them. I am delighted - I have found more than I had hoped for. It is the best thing, so far, that I have found to help me out with my genealogy research.

Look at Everything You Get...

Your material is the best I've ordered yet! Kathy Breidigan "Dear Robert, I want you to know a most exciting outcome of following your method of doing computer research. I began to follow one line of my family and they were close to CT.

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I began to wonder if they had come from Cape Cod where my wife's family had been long established. I soon found that they had indeed come from that area and one had been born on the Little James, a ship that made a voyage to Plymouth in I avidly followed these people and they were in the area at the same time. I thought this was most remarkable considering how large is our country and how many people from all parts move about.

After over years we came together once more. A lot of the thanks for this was due to your fine method for finding relatives. Lee "You can add my name to your list of satisfied customers. The course was well worth the money. I've learned lots already. I've found your material to be more understandable and more helpful to me that than any other found.

Hattaway "I want to thank you for the wonderful and useful tool the Pajama Genealogy System has been for me. I had never had any training on how to use a computer nor how to do genealogy before I received your system. I was so surprised that you can teach old dogs new tricks if you take the time to use plain English or as the sayings go "put the oats down where even the old goats can reach them or the cookies on the bottom shelf where the younger ones can get them.

How to Make Your Own Genealogy Book

Your method of teaching is wonderful and so easy to understand for those of us who are just now getting into cyberspace. I have been in classes where I was lost after the Amen was said. I felt as if I was in the twilight zone with an alien that spoke a language unknown to me.

He was trying to impress us with his knowledge but only left me thinking what a lousy teacher he was I appreciate your plain talk it shows me what a wonderful, caring teacher you are. Thanks for all the time you spent in helping others like me who can understand the way you teach from your heart. You are a very special person and I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you, thank you it has helped me so much. I will keep your dear wife in my prayers and pray all goes well with her and the baby that is to come. I help people in our Stake as I am on the family history board here in Pueblo Stake. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. And a deep and sincere appreciation for all you know and share. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have a gold mine in my computer room. I am going to be spending a lot of time on the computer now that I have such good teacher. I use to spend about 10 to 15 hours on the week-ends trying to find some names to put in my Family Tree Maker but all you need is a special way to put key words in your searches.

Robert thanks again for being a special person. I had told my brother about this and he said that is a lot of money for that bunch of books, but after I showed him what I got out of them he agreed that there had to be a special way to get things off the Internet. Robert, I want to thank you again for such powerful bunch of books. Thanks for putting them together.

And by darn, it is just as you say it will be. Not only have they helped with genealogy search's but also with all other projects that I have undertaken. Even MORE of what real people, just like you, are saying I receive countless letters and e-mails from happy people about my easy to understand, plain English teaching style. This is one of the most satisfying things about being a teacher and writer.

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  5. Here are just a few. I have purchased many instruction books and most of them were not much help at all, and are just taking up space. I think the authors assume we already know more than we do. Coryell " My husband is enjoying the books as much as I am. We appreciate your clear and detailed approach. We have learned the computer by using it. Now we know how to achieve results! Many heartfelt thanks" Penelope Reed "Using the Internet search techniques you proposed also yielded several good results that I had not previously found.

    Use your imagination and be honest with yourself… It would be a safe bet to say that you would become known as "Mr. But seriously, my question for you is this: What would you do differently than you are doing now? Because your approach to genealogy research would certainly change. The most important change would be in your mind. A change of attitude, along with a firmer resolve to just go out and do it take action.

    Depending on who you ask, your family history is worth much MORE than a million dollars. In reality, it is priceless. Because of your research efforts, your name will be revered over the years in your family. What you do now will spark the interests and touch the hearts of future generations if you preserve your work within your family.

    Sure, there are things to learn, frustrations, and brick walls. But it is not impossible and can be lots of fun - and a very satisfying endeavor. I encourage you to take the time from your busy life to become a "history student. What country, state, township did they come from? What was happening in those areas during the known span of time that they dwelt there? I also encourage you to take the time and look at the " Research Outlines " from the Family History Library that I have mentioned time and time again in the Treasure Maps Genealogy newsletter about your states or countries of interest.

    There you will find many facts, dates, and shortcuts that will help you put it all together. And finally, inquire as much as you possibly can with other family members. The clock is ticking and valuable word of mouth history and clues to your research are fading away. Make the call, write the letter - and doors will start to open for you. Remember, the more you know, and the more clues that you have - the more valuable the Internet will become to your personal research. I love this question.

    One of my greatest regrets is that I realized too late how much my parents knew about our extended family … and how little I knew. But by then it was too late. I have very little knowledge of our extended family, and nor does my brother. According to an uncle of mine, our family name Angel dates back to Middle English. Seems that I either had an ancestor who looked angelic or, possibly, played an angel in a religious pageant. But I do have a treasure trove of family history waiting to be shared with my grandchildren.

    Your grandchildren may be more interested in your family history than you think! I would ask for a down-payment on the million dollars, and use it to travel to places my ancestors lived! They come from all over, so it would be quite expensive: