The Jungle Plant

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We are now bracing ourselves to hold the Biggest Plant Sale the world has ever seen!

Instantly jazz up your abode with a range of indoor plants, courtesy of The Jungle Collective.

As we get close to Jungle Day we will be sharing with you what plants we get our hot little hands on! Previously we had over different species including Fiddle Leaf, Giant Birds of Paradise, Mothers in Law Tongue, lots of ferns, Hanging plants, String of Pearls, Bangalow palms, Kentia palms, as well as many rare plants and obscure species and lots more. Please note we will have a limited number of boxes and you may want to bring your own to be on the safe side.

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  • Rumble In The Jungle Indoor Plant Warehouse Sale.
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Tickets — Due to popular demand we will launch tickets to the plant sale on the Monday before the event at 12noon. Tickets are free and available in 2 hour timeslots. We do this so that you can have the full Jungle experience. Get plugged into NYC exclusives featuring music, art, fashion, beauty, food and drink and more!

Growing a jungle in my New York apartment

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The Jungle Collective Plant Warehouse Sale at Plant 4 | Adelady

They look fantastic - well done! Gracilis is Australia's most popular bamboo and grows so well in Adelaide Ever been curious about how to grow Water Plants? Water or Aquatic Plants are perfect for courtyards and small gardens where you can create a peaceful, beautiful feature Plants have come inside in the last few years and it's easy to see why.

Making plants for a jungle diorama in 1/35.

Beauty and ambiance is usually the first reason, but health benefits are enormous. If you suffer from any form of allergy, low lung function, are highly sensitive etc, many plants such as An instant green screen, block out neighbours, fences etc and create beauty and tranquility easily TODAY.

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Our Jungle was created over 25 years ago and is now a tropical paradise. Come and see what your place will look like in the future.

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  8. Local expertise and the best range of tropical plants in Adelaide: Begin the transformation today. Adelaide Bamboo and Tropical Plant Experts. Create a Living Green Screen: Transform your Backyard into an Oasis. News from Jungle in Willunga. Jungle in Willunga on Facebook. Have your fruit and eat it too!