The American Jew as patriot, soldier and citizen

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A remarkably comprehensive book, The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen lists the names of thousands of Jewish soldiers and patriots who served in the American armies as officers and regular soldiers, with accompanying historical sketches of the periods and wars in which they served. The central feature of the book is a nearly page listing of Jewish soldiers in the Union and Confederate armies classified according to states and alphabetically arranged. The book also includes chapters on Jews in the armies of Europe, and a series of chapters on the crimes of Russia against the Jews, and the Russian Jewish refugees in America.

Pin holes at top, else very good. Levy, trading as Levytype Co. That the said Simon Wolf, as author and compiler of a certain literary work, by him entitled "The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen", and with a view to the publication of the same in book form, engages the said L. Payment of the above amount to be made to the said Levy by the said Wolf as follows: For the due and proper performance of our several respective covenants as above stated, we, the above named contracting parties, hereto under signed, do bind ourselves, our heirs and assigns.

Done in the City of Washington, D. Babcock Signed Louis E. Simon Wolf Simon Wolf, E-mail Password Can't remember OR.

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This statement the publishers of the magazine declined to print on the ground that they had received so many articles on the subject that they could not undertake to discriminate in favor of any one of them, and that they would therefore publish none. My cursorily compiled citations were, however, published at the time in the Washington Post, and as germane to my present subject I reprint them in the main, as follows:. Rogers, ever heard of General Edward S.

Salomon, who enlisted as Lieutenant Colonel of the 82nd Illinois? He became Colonel of the regiment after Colonel Frederick Hecker's retirement, was made Brigadier General, was subsequently appointed by General Grant governor of Washington Territory, and, at present residing in San Francisco, has been Department Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, and is recognized as one of the bravest and most gallant officers that ever sat in saddle.

The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen

This encomium I have from the lips of General Grant himself, and it will be cheerfully endorsed by General O. Howard, or by any of the officers yet living who served with him. In the same regiment, as I have learned from General Salomon, were more than one hundred private soldiers and subalterns of Jewish faith. Newman, of the city of New York, who was fatally wounded in the first battle of the Rebellion, died in the city of Washington, while President Lincoln, who had brought Newman's commission as Brevet Brigadier General, was with him at his bedside.

General Leopold Blumenberg, of Baltimore, who, as Major of his regiment, was severely wounded at the battle of Antietam, and crippled for life and who was subsequently brevetted for his meritorious services, was one of the most loyal and brave of officers. Spiegel, of the th Ohio, who was severely wounded before Vicksburg, was entreated to retire from the army, but continued in the service and was killed in the campaign of General Banks, in Louisiana.

Lieutenant Sachs, of the 32nd Indiana, in command of a company of his regiment at Green River, in , stood single-handed and alone against a company of Texas Rangers, and after killing and wounding eight of his assailants, fell riddled to death. His heroism and bravery had meanwhile given the command time to rally, and they thereupon dispersed the enemy. Hart, of the 73rd Pennsylvania, now of this city, who was Adjutant of his regiment, was severely wounded in the early part of the war, and is now a pensioner of the United States.

Lieutenant Henry Franc, of the Kansas Volunteers, living in this city today, did splendid service. Gross, of the 2nd Maryland, and I. Feldstein, now a member of Koltes Post, New York, acquitted themselves with ample credit in their respective spheres.

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The 11th New York was more than half composed of men of Jewish faith. In the 2nd Pennsylvania Artillery, serving under Captain R. Goundy, who lives in this city, there were three Jewish soldiers; Lieutenant Liebschutz, who served throughout the war and was promoted for gallantry on the field, now living in this city today; Leo Karpeles, who is now a clerk in the Post Office Department, to whom a special medal was awarded by Congress for bravery and for the capture with his own hands of rebel flags on the field of battle, and Simon Stern, who died lately in this city and whose widow has been granted a pension.

George Stern, who died from disease contracted in the service, also left a widow, now pensioned. Behrend, of this city, who served in our army with great ability, not only as a hospital steward, but as an officer in the field, tells me that in a general order was issued permitting Jews to be furloughed over their Holy Days, and that at Fairfax Seminary he furloughed eleven on that occasion. Herman Bendall, of Albany, a prominent citizen of that city, was promoted to the grade of Lieutenant-Colonel in recognition of his meritorious services and was subsequently appointed by General Grant superintendent of Indian affairs of Arizona.

Jacob Hirsch, of this city, died from disease contracted in the service and his orphan children are now receiving a pension for their father's sacrifice; Captain Cohn, of New York City, now connected with the Baron de Hirsch Trust Fund, was as brave an officer as ever did duty. Peixotto, of the rd Ohio a brother of the well-known Benjamin F.

Peixotto , died last year in consequence of wounds received and disease contracted in the service. Bruckheimer, now a practicing physician in this city, Charles Raum, one of our leading merchants, Mr.

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    Captain Morris Lewis, of the 18th New York Cavalry, now living in this city, served on General Kearney's staff ; he receives a special pension, having been shot through the body and paralyzed in his lower limbs. August Bruckner was killed at the second battle of Bull Run. Einstein and Colonel M. Friedman, both of Philadelphia, commanded regiments; Uriah P. Levy was Commodore of the United States Navy. Jacob Hayes, of the city of New York, Mr.

    Phillips, son of the sexton of the Portuguese congregation of that city, E. Russell, of the 19th Indiana, a resident of this city, and so severely wounded as to render him almost incapable of work; L. General William Meyer, editor of several New York papers, served with credit and distinction during the draft riots in the city of New York, and has in his possession an autograph letter from President Lincoln thanking him for his eminent services during those hours of darkness.

    William Durst, of Philadelphia, is one of the few survivors of the memorable fight between the Monitor and the Merrimac; when volunteers were called for he went to his duty with death staring him in the face, and Admiral Worden himself told me some months ago that Durst was a man of distinguished bravery, whose services should be specially recognized by Congress.

    Rosengarten, of Philadelphia, is a soldier of national reputation and an author of ability, whose brother Adolph G. Rosengarten was killed at Stone River while acting as staff officer. Quartermaster Rosenfield, of the 13th Kansas, not only discharged the duties of that office with ability, but served also in the ranks.

    May 22, 1895

    Lieutenant Rosenberg, of this city, is now dead, and his widow is pensioned. Seligson, who died some two months ago, led a Vermont regiment during the war, and achieved a high reputation as a soldier. Sergeant Elias Leon Hyneman , of the 5th Pennsylvania Cavalry, was one of the heroes of the war, in which he served from the beginning. In June, , during a cavalry sortie about Petersburg, while his command was retreating before the main body of the enemy, he hurried to the relief of a dismounted and wounded comrade.

    He lifted him into his own saddle and enabled him to escape, and started to make his own way on foot. On his way he met another comrade, barefooted and bleeding; he took off his own boots and gave them to the sufferer. But he himself was captured, and after months of agony in Andersonville, he died. Frederick Kneffler , a resident of Indianapolis, attained the rank of Major General; he commanded the 79th Indiana, and was conspicuous for bravery at the battle of Chickamauga. Goldman, 17th Maine; Lieutenant A. It must be taken into account that when the War of the Rebellion broke out the number of Jews in the United States was quite limited; according to the census taken in by Mr.

    Hackenburg, of Philadelphia, and myself, in behalf of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, there were then in the United States, fifteen years after the war commenced, only , Jews. It is altogether doubtful whether there were more than ,, if that many, when hostilities commenced. The proportion of Jewish soldiers is, therefore, only large, but is perhaps larger than that of any other faith in the United States. I have been told by one of the Jewish soldiers in this city, one who bears the scars of the war, that there were at least, as far as he could judge--and he had experience during the whole conflict--from 6, to 8, soldiers of the Jewish faith in the Union Army alone.

    I am not prepared to assert this number, but would not be surprised if it were found to be correct. No one for a moment would charge a particular class of Christians with want of honesty because one or more of their number had violated law. The War Department records and the Treasury files will furnish ample evidence of the fact that many of the sins that were committed by others were heaped upon the shoulders of the Jews.

    It has always been an easy thing to strike at the minority and from time immemorial the prejudice against the Jew has been made a convenient vehicle for furthering malignant purposes and selfish ends. Having enjoyed the friendship of President Grant and of General Sherman I was for eight years officially connected with the former, and for a time on intimate social terms with the latter , I call state that I had repeated conversations with them regarding "Order No. This fact I proved conclusively during the presidential campaign of , when political capital was being made against General Grant among the Jews.