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So thankyou to the person who told me these words, I hope they do not disappear for too long though. Formant — Hemp 3. Volunteer — Float On Forever. Drift Deeper Recordings www.

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We are giving you the option to remix any of the 3 […]. The Story Dub Dub Techno, Dub Ambient.

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Dub C Dub Version One Six Zero Through The Fog Liquid Delay — am5-UN Liquid Delay — FH78i Dub Like Air Vol. We started the project by deciding on a key and tempo bpm and Dm , then each artist created a set of loops and sounds drums, synths, bass, pads etc […]. Drift Deeper Recordings is here, and things have changed a bit since our last release. You now will have to buy our music. BMinor — Deep […]. I think it's important to get lost sometimes.

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The roads we travel every day are the ones that we see the least clearly--and if those are the only roads we travel, then the habit of not looking sets in. Sometimes all it takes to jolt us back into the practice of observation is a new place, whether it's a new continent, a different state, or just a park you never thought to explore.

When it comes to journeys like these, losing one's bearings isn't a flaw--it's a step in the right direction. That time I got disoriented in my own backyard I found a little stream I'd never seen before. When I got turned around in Brooklyn I met a gallant mailman who pointed me in the right direction, bowed like a nobleman, and gave me a smile I'll never forget.

When I don't know where I am, I start looking at things in a different way--and I begin to see myself from a whole new angle.

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Because we live with ourselves, day in, day out, for an entire lifetime, it's hardly shocking that things can get pretty stale. When you see the same face while you brush your teeth, and hear the same inner monologue as you drift off to sleep, it gets easy to stop seeing, to stop listening. All those desires and fears are still there, somewhere, but sometimes it's easier to stop noticing them.

Goals get fuzzy, gratitude gets washed out, even love starts to leak.

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It's not that any of this is wrong--far from it, it happens to everyone. It's easy to stop seeing what makes us special and whole and vibrant.


What's hard is to rediscover those things. That's where getting lost comes in. It gives us a fresh set of eyes to cast over a brand new scene. I remember the first time I really, truly traveled. I went to Ireland with nothing but a backpack and an intention to drift for a while, and man, did I succeed.

Being lost at that point in my life didn't feel awesome, let's be real, but it did open me up. I looked in the mirror one night during those first few weeks and I saw someone I'd never seen before. I saw someone tough and angry and resourceful and sad.

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