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You will be climbing near waves beneath you or deep inside the Sintra forrest with breathtaking views over the ocean. You will get to know this trendy sport and improve your climbing skills. Our climbing coaches are fully qualified, highly skilled and very passionate about climbing.

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They are keen on sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for climbing, therefore making your stay a special fun holiday experience for you. Daily Yoga will support your start of the day, get you in tune for the climbing session to come and in the afternoon regenerate your body from the unknown climbing-exercise. With the two different Yoga styles offered you will have a lasting Yoga experience and enjoy new inspiration for your daily Yoga training at home.

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  • Rock Climbing, Surfing, and Yoga Holidays Portugal for Children;

You will be accommodated in a comfortable villa with a pool and sea view in a picturesque mountain village called Malveira da Serra — nested in a paradise-like garden on the slopes of the Serra de Sintra with a breath-taking view over the Atlantic coastal region. The food consists of an organic breakfast, healthy lunch package, welcome BBQ and a Portuguese Seafood lunch , including soft drinks and fruit for free. The fully equipped kitchen is always at your disposal for preparing your favourite dishes with fresh ingredients from the nearby supermarket. There are also many possibilities of eating out in the nearby area.

Those who need even more activities, will find numerous possibilities of distraction or challenge in the nearby area and natural reserve. Surfing, golf, surfing, mountain biking, horseback riding, kitesurfing or sightseeing in Sintra or Lisbon, just to name a few things you can do. Praia do Guincho, one of the most adorable beaches in Portugal is just 5min. In the morning we serve you a healthy organic breakfast buffet , consisting of cereal, organic fruit, bread, rolls, homemade jam, milk, yogurt, typical sausages and cheeses of the region and other Portuguese delicacies.

8 Days Surf, Climb, and Yoga Holiday in Sintra, Portugal

We will also serve freshly juiced juices and green smoothies made from fruit and veggies of the season. Moreover, coffee, various teas, water and fruit are at your disposal during your stay at the Karma Surf Retreat. At noon we arrange a delicious healthy packed lunch to enjoy during or after your activities. You can have it at the beach or back home in the villa.

At all other times there is a fully equipped kitchen in the villa at your disposal, so you can prepare your favorite dishes and dine together, for example, on the terrace overlooking the sea watching the sunset. In case you would like to eat out, there are several restaurants nearby , including typical Portuguese, seafood, grilled chicken, snacks, pizza and also a gourmet restaurant.

For sure you will find something you like.

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You have an even bigger variety of restaurants in Cascais 15 mins. With the climbing and yoga package you will enjoy learn how to our improving your climbing skills and have yoga lessons on 5 days. Saturday is changeover day. There will be time to meet other participants and in the evening there will be a Brazilian Welcome-BBQ altogether.

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Monday to Friday you will climb in the natural reserve Serra de Sintra or at the Atlantic coastline in various climbing spots. During this week we show you the most beautiful and breathtaking climbing rocks of Portugal and climb together routes from level 3 easy to 7 dificult according to your climbing skills. Moreover, you will get detailed introduction into back up and leading climbing at the rocks. In order to start your climbing adventure relaxed and also to calm your muscles down there will be yoga classes in the morning and in the afternoon. For example, the half-day of climbing and theory may take place either in the morning or afternoon.

For the surf lessons, the surf instructor will take the kids to the surf spots in the best conditions and with top of the range equipment. Each surf session is adapted to the personal needs of each and every kid. The surf session also goes hand in hand with daily theory lessons that cover wave anatomy, beach safety currents and rips , reading the waves, forecasting and board design. The children will surf in small groups of six so as to keep the teaching personal, the vibe intimate, and not overcrowd the surf spots.

The instructors will always choose conditions to suit their level and comfort zone, they never throw people in at the deep end.

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Throughout the holiday, the little ones will visit some climbing and surfing spots with beautiful views. This surf, climb, and yoga holiday will take place in Portugal.

Portugal Yoga Retreat, Rock Climbing, and Surfing

The area of Sintra is a very special and unique place to climb. You can find a variety of climbing disciplines sport, trad, bouldering, and crack climbing , grades and rock types granite, limestone, and basalt set in the beautiful forested mountains or by the turquoise blue sea of Portugal. Whatever your level or experience, there is certainly something for everyone.

There is a good climbing guide book for you in the camp. The enchanting Peninha forest and its majestic moss covered granite boulders look like something out of The Lord of the Rings, and like the movie, they have a truly magical feel about them. With so many boulders and grades ranging from 4a easy to 8a difficult , there is something for everyone. It is not only a joy to climb, but also a great spot to do some slack lining and relax with a picnic.

A top tip if you are there around sundown, head to the nearby Peninha convent to take in a mind blowing panoramic sunset. Dramatically situated below the walls of this ancient mountain top castle, Castelo dos Mouros offers incredible views of the Sintra hills and the surrounding places. It is a granite slab climbing spot with more than 50 routes ranging from grades 4a easy to 8b difficult.

The approach to the crag is a short minute walk through the mystical woods of Sintra. About minute drive from the house is Guia, the birthplace of sports climbing in Portugal. Guia is meters of vertical or overhanging limestone cliffs, offering 50 or more routes ranging from grades 3c easy to 7c difficult. You climb just meters from the glistening blue sea of Cascais bay. Not far from the sector is the seaside town of Cascais that offers great restaurants, artisan street markets, and cultural exhibitions.

For the more experienced climbers or eager novices keen to push their limits, SaltyWay is lucky enough to have a unique basalt crack climbing spot just 20 minutes from the house. The location is truly awe-inspiring with a prehistoric feeling about the place; you can imagine dinosaurs roaming here millions of years ago. There are around 30 trad climbing routes ranging from grades 5b intermediate to 7b difficult. This small, semi-secret sector is hidden deep within the Sintra forest, and the adventurous walk through the trees is well worth the effort.

There are no more than 10 routes ranging from 4a easy to 5b intermediate. Sintra also has amazing surf spots.

This corner of Portugal is littered with a variety of breaks suitable for riders of all abilities. From super fun beachies to endless point breaks and rippable reef breaks, you can find every type of wave here. Since SaltyWay is committed to taking you to the best waves, they on occasions, take road trips north and south in the hunt of optimum conditions. On previous SaltyWay surf holidays when the waves on the doorstep have not been ideal, they have traveled to Costa de Caparica, Ericiera, Peniche, and even Nazare!

It is a good option when the wind is northerly and the west coast is too big. When this place is good, it is so much fun to surf whatever your level. Guincho is a stunning meter beach located at the foot of the Sintra mountains and surrounded by rolling sand dunes and the turquoise blue of the Atlantic. The waves predominantly break to the left at the southern end of the beach, while in the middle of the bay produces bowly rights and lefts. On the northern end, you will find more relaxed rights. It is named the apple beach because every autumn the beach gets covered in apples that have fallen from the nearby orchards and bobbed their way down the Colares River.

This is a consistent sand-bottomed beachie just a short distance from the SaltyWay house and famed for its crystal blue water. There are fun rights and lefts throughout the tides and on occasions a point break style wave can form off the rocks making for long rides across the bay. Fortunately for you, the surf house is set back in the hills overlooking these impressive beaches. Praia Grande is a one-kilometer long sandy beach that produces super fun lefts and rights all along the beach, a perfect surf spot beginners in the summer.

In contrast, Praia Pequena has a completely different set up and mellower vibe. It is a small cove with restricted access and a crowd that rarely exceeds ten guys. At the SaltyWay you will be cooking together and go shopping at the markets close by. There are many good restaurants near by to dine and wine.

Nice Way Sintra | Nice Way Hostels and Surf Camp

During your stay in Portugal, you may try several fun activities such as going sightseeing in Sintra, Lisbon or Cascais and playing beach volleyball. You may also spend your day chilling out on your own with your favorite book. Either way, there is no pressure and the decision is all yours. This idyllic craggy cove is also home to an excellent seafood restaurant. The fish soup is a must! The sun shines approximately days a year in Lisbon, making it the sunniest capital in Europe.

Situated on seven hills, Lisbon is renowned for its Miradouros strategically built look out points that give breath taking views across the cities pastel-colored buildings, iconic 25 de Abril suspension bridge, and the river Tejo. You're going to be blown away and captivated by the golden sands, the crystal clear Atlantic waters, the towering cliffs, and night time silence that Praia Grande has to offer.

It is also famed for its 18th century red tram that takes you on a scenic minute journey to the historical and culturally rich town of Sintra. A long time sanctuary for the nobility and elite of Portugal, its mountainous and forested terrain is dotted with exquisite palaces, extravagant villas, and decorative gardens. Just a short journey from the SaltyWay house, this enchanting town proves popular among culture vultures and foodies.