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The House Hag is quite different — she lives quietly in her house and rarely shows herself to people.

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Legend says that hags are most often the souls of people who have drowned, or of children who died before they were baptized. Yet somehow he always blunders through thanks to some miraculous assistance, and ends up achieving feats that not even heroes can manage. Despite his chaotic nature, Ivan the Fool fulfills a very important role: There is, however, one drawback. On the orders of her powerful father, she has been changed into a frog for three years, and is compelled to appear in that form to her betrothed — Tsarevitch Crown Prince Ivan.

Vasilisa the Beautiful

Her fairy tale has the whole gamut of fantastic elements. He stalks the road from Chernigov to Kiev — no matter whether travelers go on horseback or on foot, the Nightingale whistles at them with his deathly call and frightens them to death. People have seen the Nightingale in different ways, sometimes as a man, sometimes as a winged avian half-man.

He personifies the kind of fear that might strike travelers along their way. He is not completely immune to death — he can be killed, but to do so you need to break a magical needle, which is hidden in an egg, which is in a duck, which is in a hare, which is in a chest in an oak tree. After many long years, he was able to break out of his rusting chain armor and started to take his revenge.

Several versions of the Koschei story have him imprisoning women, usually the betrothed of the young heroes of the tale.

Usually, the bird is a lure for brave young men who seek fame and fortune. Having been given a feather that shines more brightly than many candles, the Tsar usually wants the whole bird and sends the hero off on a perilous quest.

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In Slavic mythology, the Water Spirit is often an unattractive old man covered in silt and algae , and sometimes with a fishy tail. But he can change form. The Slavs of old assigned terrifying abilities to this fish — people thought it could swallow a man and that the Water Spirit rode it in the watery kingdoms. In Russian fairy tales, the pike assumes more reasonable proportions and a more harmless nature. In fact, a meeting with a pike fish brings good luck, as the fish can even grant wishes.

But you have to catch it first, as Yemelya the Fool or Ivan in some versions does in the fairy tale of the same name, and then release it back into the water. There is no limit to the wishes you may ask. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Phantasmagoria View Profile View Posts. From the John Wick it started, and continues so on These two are complete different characters in Russian tales.

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Baba Yaga -- is an old witch, living in a dark forest. Word "baba" here derives from "babushka" or "babka", means an old elderly woman.

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Just using "baba" solely is an unpolite slang for women overall. The reason it was misinterpreted is Baba Yaga sounds similar to Babayka, which in turn is an analog of western character Boogeyman, in a way you use his name to scarry children. So, when you want something to be called cool and tough, you should really refrain from saying he is a Baba Yaga, because that would mean he is an old witch-woman. Last edited by Phantasmagoria ; 23 Jun, 5: Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments.

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Not sure this got into the game via John Wick, there's a lot of stuff related to russian folk for whatever reason. Can agree on "babayka" being more suitable but on the other hand the dev is russian, how would he know. Originally posted by JAG:. Last edited by Phantasmagoria ; 27 Jun, 8: I am russian so I did know about it like ever since I was born, lel. What's the big deal anyway?