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Pirates often made extra money running rum to heavily taxed colonies. There were times when the sale of alcohol was limited for other purposes, such as laws against sales to American Indians in the Old West , Canada West , or local prohibitions like the one on Prince Edward Island between and Industrial-scale smuggling flowed both ways across the Canada—US border at different points in the early twentieth century.

Though Canada never had true nationwide prohibition, the federal government gave the provinces an easy means to ban alcohol under the War Measures Act and most provinces and the Yukon Territory already had enacted prohibition locally by when a regulation issued by the federal cabinet banned the interprovincial trade and importation of liquor. National prohibition in the United States did not begin until though many states had statewide prohibition before that. For the two-year interval, enough American liquor entered Canada illegally to help undermine support for prohibition in Canada such that it was slowly lifted, beginning with Quebec and Yukon in , and including all of the provinces but Prince Edward Island by As well, Canada's version of prohibition had never included a ban on the manufacture of liquor for export.

Soon the black-market trade was reversed with Canadian whisky and beer flowing in large quantities to the United States. Again, this illegal international trade undermined the support for prohibition in the receiving country, and the American version ended at the national level in One of the most famous periods of rum-running began in the United States when Prohibition began on January 16, , when the Eighteenth Amendment went into effect. This period lasted until the Eighteenth Amendment was repealed with ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment , on December 5, At first, there was much action on the seas, but after several months the Coast Guard began reporting decreasing smuggling activity.

The Coast Guard soon caught up with him, so he began to bring the illegal goods to just outside U.

The rum-running business was very good, and McCoy soon bought a Gloucester knockabout schooner named Arethusa at auction and renamed her Tomoka. He installed a larger auxiliary, mounted a concealed machine gun on her deck and refitted the fish pens below to accommodate as much contraband as she could hold. She became one of the most famous of the rum-runners, along with his two other ships hauling mostly Irish and Canadian whiskey, as well as other fine liquors and wines, to ports from Maine to Florida.

In the days of rum running, it was common for captains to add water to the bottles to stretch their profits, or to re-label it as better goods.

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Any cheap sparkling wine became French champagne or Italian Spumante ; unbranded liquor became top-of-the-line name brands. McCoy became famous for never watering his booze , and selling only top brands. Although the phrase appears in print in , this is one of several folk etymologies for the origin of the term " The real McCoy.

Coast Guard Cutter Seneca , just outside U. A boarding party attempted to board , but McCoy chased them off with the machine gun. Tomoka tried to run, but the Seneca placed a shell just off her hull, and William McCoy surrendered his ship and cargo.

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McCoy is credited with the idea of bringing large boats just to the edge of the three-mile 4. The small, quick boats could more easily outrun Coast Guard ships and could dock in any small river or eddy and transfer their cargo to a waiting truck. They were also known to load float planes and flying boats. Soon others were following suit; the three-mile 4. The Rum Line was extended to a mile Rum Row was not the only front for the Coast Guard.

Rum-running from Canada was also an issue, especially throughout prohibition in the early s. There was a high number of distilleries in Canada, one of the most famous being Hiram Walker who developed Canadian Club Whisky. One of the most notable New Jersey rum runners was Habana Joe , [ citation needed ] who could be seen at night running into remote areas in Raritan Bay with his flat-bottom skiff for running up on the beach, making his delivery, and speeding away.

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The crew were professional and insistent with procedure being followed yet friendly and fun!! Hey Dennis, Thanks for the photo! Thanks for the review, and I'll let Capt. JP and the crew know of your 5 star review. I got terribly seasick for the first time in my life on this shabby lil boat and the seas were crazy calm. I've ridden all types of boats all over the world for 2 decades and have never gotten seasick. The A-hole owner forces you to get drinking water from the grimy bathroom sink rather than the kitchen sink which is nearby. Most of the wetsuits have holes in them and were for skinny ppl only.

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First of all i would like to apologize, if i came across as condescending. I have had a couple off horrible events in my life over the last months, with two very close friends passing away in the space off one week.

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I do apologize that there were no wet suits in your size. The water from the tap in the bathroom is the same as the kitchen, we drink from it all the time. It was real unfortunate that you were seasick, may I suggest motion sick tablets next boat trip.

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Once again i do apologize for any inconvenience the trip may have caused you. Absolutely loved the tour! Jase, Tegan and the girls were amazing, friendly, knowledgeable and had great energy. They love what they do and it shows! I can't thank them enough for the great experience and I will be booking again with them. Thanks Sarah, I really do rely on the crew to help us make this trip what it is.

The girls have been great.

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