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The film begins with Will Henry Jemaine Clement , a graphic novelist and art instructor, adjusting decorations for the birthday party of his five-year-old twin daughters, Clio Aundrea Gadsby and Colette Gia Gadsby. As he searches for his longtime partner, Charlie Stephanie Allynne , he ends up walking in on her and Gary Michael Chernus , a monologist she's having an affair with. Charlie tells him that she's not happy with their relationship and is leaving him for Gary.

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A year later, Will lives in a smaller house and sees his daughters on the weekend. Though he has a good relationship with the girls and wants to spend more time with them, Charlie has doubts that he would be able to handle all parental duties.

People, Places and Things review – a vivid tale of acting and addiction

Charlie also tells him that she is marrying Gary and is having his child. Will finds that Diane is attractive and likable, though she does not respect Kat's studies or, in turn, Will's career. Diane informs Will that she is already seeing someone, though Kat has tried to set her up with men before, and Will leaves after dinner.

One night, Charlie abruptly drops the girls off at Will's house and asks if he could take care of them full-time; their nanny has quit and she can't take care of them on her own. Though Will initially struggles, he soon becomes more organized. However, a bomb threat cancels their school day, and needing a baby sitter while he teaches class, he promises money to Kat if she watches them.

People Places Things

When he goes to pick them up after class, Diane admonishes him, telling him that it was wrong for him to pass his daughters off on Kat when the latter needs her education, and that it's not good for the girls to be bounced around between parents. The twins are asleep, so Will is forced to spend the night at Kat's apartment.

Will notices that Diane is reading a book on graphic novels and she tells him that she has gained a new respect for Kat's passion. Diane admits that she broke up with the man she was seeing; she and Will kiss and are about to have sex, but one of the twins comes looking for Will and he leaves to go keep the girls company.

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In the morning, Kat asks Will to read a graphic novel that she wrote. Will and Diane begin a sexual relationship, and things become tense between Charlie and Will; both believe that the others' behavior is causing confusion for the children. A recurring gag of the film is Will's haphazard parenting style — the pizza for breakfast, the late arrivals at school, the ill-equipped camping trip.

His former partner Charlie Stephanie Allynne is the organised parent, who schedules the girls within an inch of their lives. Will is the fun parent, who plays with them.

In real life, Clement reckons he also gets to play the role of fun parent to six-year-old son Sophocles while his wife Miranda Manasiadis is the more disciplined one. But we both try to be fun, we try to instil some sort of structure.

Jemaine Clement and Regina Hall on "People Places Things"

Kids like structure, it makes them feel comfortable. He also had to study by correspondence. So you know, he learned a lot.

He knows a lot more about geography than I did when I was Reviewed at Sundance Film Festival competing , Jan. Produced by Michael B. Executive producers, Tim Foley, Summer Shelton.

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