Mystery Man (The Dream Man Series Book 1)

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He had said like 3 words to her at a restaurant, I think they were"Are you coming? Gwen struggled with her conscience and this pattern, but in the end gave in to it even though this submissive behavior was so far from Gwen's spunky personality. Then Gwen is threatened and dragged into a big mess because of her trashy sister's illegal actions.

Gwen marches into a biker shop that houses a very dangerous biker gang to find out where her sister is. She catches the eye of the gang leader who is HOT! Once Hawk opens his mouth to tell her she has just created a big mess she decides she doesn't like his high handedness and they are over Hawk laughs at her, loves the attitude that she gives him and realizes how much he has missed out of over the pass year and a half with not getting to know her.

Such parody, it was hysterical. Hawk was killer, beyond arrogant, I mean if there was a scale from 1 to 10 he would be like and I mean arrogant not just confident. Enter Gwen, Hawk's perfect match, she didn't take his crap except for the the first year and a half when he didn't open his mouth, at least for talking At the beginning because Gwen had many other potential leading men, I wasn't even sure I wanted her with Hawk, but as the story progressed there was no questions.

I actually think of all of KA alpha men that I have met so far Hawk would be their leader. Mystery Man also had so many other lovable characters from family to friends, a couple a different climaxes, some heart pounders, some heartbreakers--loved them all. I can't wait to read my next Kristen Ashley book! View all 22 comments. Jun 17, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

So begins a new series with yet more hot alpha-males to swoon over and dream about. I thought KA outdid herself with the hotties portrayed in the Rock Chick series. It goes without saying, but, yes It was simply fan-freaking-tastic! If you are debating whether you should jump on this bandwagon and give this book a whirl, here are my reasons why you should definitely read this book now: He i So begins a new series with yet more hot alpha-males to swoon over and dream about. She drinks cosmos and eats lots of cookie dough.

She has not only one, but two other supremely yummalicious men after her. Oh, and she has a kick-ass name. Hawk and Gwen together. Sparks and butterflies people! I know lots of people here on GRs have quoted this; but, I just have to do the same. I think I fell in love with Tack at this precise moment.

Mystery Man

I like kissing and if you're a good kisser that'll definitely muddle my head. And, honest to God, I don't need that right now. She is just pure awesome but the moment she had with Gwen at the anniversary party was one of the many moments in this book where my heart simply burst. KA needs to write Elvira her own book. Mystery Man is yet another reason why I love KA. Could her books do with some editing It is not about that for me. She is one amazing storyteller and she excels at drawing the reader in. Plus, no one writes an alpha-male like she does.

View all 21 comments. Jan 25, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Now pack your bags up! Initially, I was far more fascinated and smitten with Detective Mitch Lawson and biker badass Tack two of the aforementioned yummy Dream Men who will have leading roles in Law Man and Motorcycle Man respectively.

Hawk is a growly, bossy, arrogant, brooding, domineering, and possessive uber alpha commando who could teach Tate from Sweet Dreams a thing or two about being a badass, including the correct, standard rumbling response to anything and everything Kristen Ashley is a master when it comes to dreamy, gratifying epilogues, and this time was certainly no exception View all 27 comments. Jan 12, Zeek rated it did not like it. I tried to stick it out because so many adore the series- but between the god awful dialog, "umm Umm" , and the wince worthy 1st person narrative, "then i walked in the front door.

Then i walked to the kitchen. Then i pulled out a chair. Then i sat down. And to say nothing of the fact the main character is an obvious Mary Sue for the author. And last but certainly not least, I can usually handle the uber-alpha hero, love me some Barrons who alot of people can't handle, but t I tried to stick it out because so many adore the series- but between the god awful dialog, "umm Honestly, it was the appalling lack of finesse in the writing that did me in.

Detective Mitch Lawson ; "Mitch". He stared at me some more. Hawk is the definition of a beautiful nightmare. After maintaining a strict friends with benefit relationship for over a year with his girl 'Gwen',he's finally decided to come out in the broad daylight and claim her as his own This tall ,blue-eyed biker has got it all. Tack's decided to take her as a challenge. Well that's exactly what he lives and breathes for.. Mystery man was surprisingly a fun read, that kept me laughing while swinging through the chapters from the beginning to its the end..

Loved watching all 3 Alpha-Hot males fighting to win over our heroine, Miss Gwendoline Kidd aka 'Queen crash and burn' in all possible ways.. I absolutely loved every secondary character, starting from the family members to her best friends,all who I felt came along and added their added personal touches to the final plot.

Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) by Kristen Ashley

Being a fun but long read. This ones absolutely recommended as an late evening read,for all HEA lovers. View all 48 comments. Dec 05, Baba rated it really liked it. Rating edited September 21, From 5 stars downgraded to 4 stars. But I darkened your door, baby, and you lit up my life again, so I'm not lettin' that go. Mystery Man is another great story and hilariously penned by Kristen Ashley!

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Kristen swept me right off my feet and directed me straight to reader's heaven. She does it all the time! I can't help it but I just have to gush all the time. Cabe "Hawk" Delgado comes straight from Badass World. Hawk is another great alpha male and very bossy. On top of that, he is hot as all get out! And badass Hawk is locking horns with smartass Gwen!

Mystery Man (Dream Man #1)

She is feisty, determined and can hold her own. Gwen, you kick ass! You will meet quite a few super hot guys in Mystery Man. Yeesh, the hot-o-meter was extremely busy and wheezing! If there were any doubts yet then… "Clue in, babe! Next time get your head outta your ass and stake your claim.

When Gwen thinks about Cabe's job then she's got that on her mind um, maybe she was joking, I'm not all that sure, though: There were so many laughing-out-loud moments that I had to wipe my eyes. The dialogs were… hilarious. As always, Kristen does a fine job in developing and portraying all those wonderful characters.

The plot got somewhat more serious throughout the second half of the book. Gwen had to unravel Cabe's secret. He is the Mystery Man after all. Hawk is protecting himself from pain and Gwen helped him to find his way back into the light. There's quite a bit of drama weaved into the plot - especially towards the end of the story.

Kristen, you were born under a lucky star! Keep the good stories coming! I totally enjoyed Mystery Man and if you want a good laugh then I highly recommend you to give this story a go! On a personal note: Gwen loves shoes; I am so there, babe! View all 44 comments. Mar 01, Jill rated it it was ok Recommended to Jill by: Ordinarily Kristen Ashley's books would not be the type of romances I'd read. Gwen is an annoying heroine at times with really slutty behaviour. She sleeps with the hero for eighteen months and doesn't know his name. Then drools over not one but two other guys.

The hero is a bit of a controlling alpha. The plot is OTT and pretty unbelievable. And I am seriously beginning to think that all Kristen Ashley's heroes went to the same sc 2. And I am seriously beginning to think that all Kristen Ashley's heroes went to the same school - "Babe".

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And all her heroines swam in the same gene pool - tall, long legs, big hair and all tits and ass. Entertaining as her books are, others may take issue with her writing style that often reads like an unedited draft with typos, rambling sentences and lack of punctuation. Be prepared for an enjoyable read, albeit at times frustrating and wordy. View all 49 comments. I kept seeing all over Good Reads all the rave reviews on so many of her books and more than a few of my friends told me to get on the KA band wagon and quick.

Sounds pretty amazing right? Except, the only time they spend together is when Hawk shows up in her bed at night. How he gets in, is a mystery to her. She doesn't even know what it is!!! Sign me right up for that deal!! Gwen met Hawk at a bar one night and took him home and to her bed, never thinking this thing would last over a year and that she'd still not know his name.

I loved this chick!! She was a DOLL!!! She knew this situation sounded totally f'd up and that it made her look like a whore and she owned up to it. Her inner monologues were pretty funny. This is one book heroine that I could get behind. Never did she get on my nerves. I found myself relating to her on so many things! The girl loved her some cookie dough!!

LOL So things get pretty out of control for Gwen when her little sister gets herself in big trouble with some pretty shady characters. She has pissed off a lot of unsavory characters who seem to think that going after Gwen is the key to getting to the kid sister. Now Hawk comes to Gwen's rescue!! She finally finds out his name and learns this guy is ex military and runs his own type of security company. He's been keeping close tabs on her this whole time!!! Gwen has got to be the luckiest gal alive!!

It seems that she has an effect on almost every man she meets. We have Hawk, bad ass Commando. And Mitch Lawson, Gorgeous law man!!! Let's throw in an undercover DEA hottie and some private investigators from the "Rock Chick" series, and all the gorgeous ex military men working for Hawk!! I want a one way ticket to wherever this town is!!! Gwen and Hawk grow closer during all the craziness as Hawk makes it his main mission to keep her safe, and he also makes it quite clear to all the other men who are in love with her, that she belongs to him alone.

This guy has suffered great loss and it explains why he was only the mystery man in Gwen's life for the past year and a half. Gwen's had her heart broken and has been living inside her head for quite a while. It explains why she was always "ok" with the relationship she had with Hawk.

But Hawk is seeing now that he "Missed Out" for the past year and a half, when he gets to know this feisty woman, who also can make him laugh like no other. I can't say enough about this one!! I didn't even know his name. The hot-o-meter started ringing like crazy as hot guys descended on me, my car and Tack from two directions. Boy was I glad I curled my hair. Totally fuckin' missed out.

You can't live your life in your head. Trust me babe, I know. I've been doin' near the same thing for awhile now, so long I forgot what it feels like to be alive. You got in my face that day you got back from Ride and reminded me what it feels like to be alive. Feels good, Sweet Pea, so I'm not goin' back now. I've never been this happy. Not ever, baby, not in my whole life. View all 37 comments.

There was so much going on, ups and downs and people getting kidnapped and shot at and so many characters. I just LOLed all the time. If you follow my review you might know that I started my Kristen Ashley experience with the Unfinished Hero series and those books are essentially a two people character s 3. If you follow my review you might know that I started my Kristen Ashley experience with the Unfinished Hero series and those books are essentially a two people character study.

That's why Mystery Man was such a complete surprise with all the side characters Completely new experience and pretty interesting. Cue in super hot night of sex and the next morning mister mystery is gone. Oh well, it happens, right? Not with this one He comes back a lot! For a year and a half a few times a week the nameless man comes to Gwen at night She doesn't even know how he gets into her house. Well, long story short And everything that happens next is just nuts.

I'm giving this book 3. Of course the writing is excellent and I like the characters, but wow All in all a nice read, with lots of alpha-male hotness, naughty shenanigans, drama and action and so many hot guys I couldn't keep count.

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I think they call it a golden vagina I have ten thousand things to do and I had too much of my friend caffeine and I'm a bit loopy right now View all 51 comments. Jan 13, Karla rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mystery Man is a mystery no more and he is definitely a superhero!! Even his name makes me swoon!

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Gwen is the object of his fascination and he was the object of mine. She is the consummate fashion plate, funny and as enamored with Cabe as he is with her. These two slipped between the sheets every chance they got, and once again, major seat squirming on my part. When she sets her sights on something there is no stopping her, and of course she does it in style, right down to her shoes.

The girl is shoe-ho! At times I was laughing so hard that I thought I was going to choke. Warning, read this book in the privacy of your own home and not in public, or you might be at the receiving end of the Heimlich maneuver! Kristen Ashley writes such, that you read yourself right into the book. Her books are spot on when it comes to feelings, emotions, and circumstances.

She always throws in that curve ball of unexpected, when revealing what came to pass in the history of her characters, this book being no exception. There was a whole troupe of secondary characters that I would love to see featured in future books. Have a box of Kleenex ready for the epilogue, another thing that KA does so well.

I had to read it twice, the first time it was blurred and after I wiped the wet away I read it again. I had a hard time putting this one away. I did have two issues wondering if I had missed something, view spoiler [what happened with Brett? Tack seemed to drop out of the story! Kristen Ashley fans, contemporary romance fans. February , Let me first state that the audio version is a 3 star rating and the printed version is still a 5 star rating. There are two reasons why I did this: Don't get me wrong, she did a great job of narrating the story, but in m Fourth read: Don't get me wrong, she did a great job of narrating the story, but in my mind how she was reading the characters was not how I heard them in my head.

This is one of my favorite books by Kristen Ashley, and I didn't want another interpretation of the story other than the one my imagination and mind created while reading the story. Still a favorite, but I think I'll stick to the printed version. March 1, I really don't think Ms. Ashley can write a 'bad' book! This was fricken Amazing! In that year I haven't thought of them, but when I started to re-read their story it didn't take long for me to get caught up in them.

I LOVE their characters! As wild and sweet mix, they face challenge after challenge of family struggling with history and terminal illness. But Brock Lucas has wild in him and in his past on the trail of vengeance he let that wild loose, making a mistake that he would have no idea years later will put his sweet Tess in the position to pay his penance.

Being a good guy, Mitch offers to help then he invites himself over for pizza. But Mara knows who she is and where she came from and she knows Detective Mitch Lawson is better than her. Hot law man Mitch disagrees and his challenge is to convince Mara to let go of her past. He sets about building a family at the same time he finds he also needs to protect them all against known and unknown adversaries that would tear them apart.

Just scroll down to the bottom of this page to get more goodness from the Lawsons! A huge honor for Tack, Tyra and moi! A big thank you to all who voted! Stuck in a colorless world, Tyra Masters decides to chuck her old life and starts searching for something. The goateed, tattooed, muscled, gravelly-voiced motorcycle man who plies her with tequila and gives her the best sex of her life. Tyra slinks away from his bed, humiliated.

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If you are at all a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, the guys in this series are very much like the human versions of them. You are kind of thrown right into the story. And after an entire evening what trying to get his attention but being ignored, he gets up to leave and…. That was his pickup line.

The writing style is very real. Its almost written exactly as someone would speak or think. It flows quite nicely and ends up reading almost as if you are hearing the main character think out loud. There is something just so possessive, and sweet and swoony about it. But Hawk takes it to a whole new level.

That one word can mean so many different complete sentences. And Hawk is not the only Alpha in this story by far.