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I'm not even joking, everyone. Specific evidence of Zoey's stupidity: One could only hope. I mean, I feel dumb for thinking about whether I left a lasting legacy. I should be thinking about miniscule matters such as school tests. This is a serious matter, you fucking dumbass. I wanted to shoot myself with the stupid parenthetical overkill they put throughout the whole damn book as well.

I seriously adore cereal, and have an I heart Cereal shirt somewhere to prove it. It's kinda personal," Erik said. And I've seen you turn down a blow job. I think I can manage to answer a kinda personal question. I really hate it when girls do that. I mean, yes, she's older, but I have boobs, too. I'm not sure if they deliberately created Zoey for the sole reason that we should all hate her. They have no idea how teenagers act and talk. Zoey is the special, one-of-a-kind, "chosen one.

Her mentor is the best. She has all the powers. She is the one and only. I was just sad I was stuck inside her head for the entire book. Zoey's friends are all pathetic excuses for friends. The "twins" are annoying little brats. Damon is just a moron. And oh yeah, the country girl. Stevie Rae is just fucking annoying. I couldn't stop laughing every time I read about them. Or am I really that naive when it comes to horny high school children?

Gabriella (Alpha Marked, #2) by Celia Kyle

He follows Zoey around. He's just very romantic, am I right. The Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality! Another character whose name defines her personality. I guess editing just lost its meaning in the midst of horrible books. Where are you, my love?! I'm not even going to talk about the plot because there was no plot. I only read half the book painfully , but I'm certain there was no plot for the parts I didn't read as well. Overall, this is what I came to know: I found a book worse than Twilight. I found a protagonist worse than Bella Swan.

So far, this is the worst book I have ever read. How in the world did this get published? I'm sure the publishers were drunk. They had to be. I'm ashamed to give this even one star. It's not worthy of anything! The Casts could kill the main character and it still would never amount to anything. I just want to say one last, important thing to the Casts: Just in case I am called a rotten bitch for trash talking this book.

View all comments. May 30, Clair rated it did not like it Shelves: Yet the moment I started posting that I was reading it on GoodReads? Or something akin to that. And were my friends right? This book is absolutely atrocious. I haven't come across something this bad since I struggled through the first one hundred pages of Fallen by Lauren Kate. I may be twenty years old, and this is a teen vampire novel, but that's no excuse in my book. Teen media, just like children's media, can be enjoyed by adults so long as you mix in the right ingredients: That has been a rule I have known for years.

In the first two pages, we are introduced to Zoey and Kayla, these girls who rival puddles for shallowness. So far, so teen drama. After nattering incessantly about how hot this stupid jock is, Zoey gasps in horror as a vampire comes up to her. And she can tell he's a vampire, not by his pale skin, but by the exotic-looking tattoo around his skull.

So vampires in this universe are just extras from A Midsummer Night's Dream? Anyway, this vampire then delivers the mother of all cheesy speeches. Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; hearken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night! It sounds like something Harold Zidler from Moulin Rouge would say!

This vampire then points a finger at her and Zoey feels an explosion of pain in her forehead. She then mentally berates a 'dork' for gawping at what just happened, and realises she has been Marked. And she will become a vampire. Or die in the process. I really, really hoped it would be the latter. But no, the gods are indeed cruel and fickle beings. Hold up here a moment.

Just hold up one bloody moment. So, Zoey is just chatting outside her locker at high school, when a vampire comes up, goes: I've gleaned from the first few pages that vampires do indeed exist in this world, and like in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, they've 'come out of the coffin'. Someone please tell me why this high school doesn't just keep vampires away from the human populace, if vampires can just come in and pick somebody out like that.

It's the sensible thing to do! So oh no, this completely unlikeable, whiny, judgmental little moron has been turned into a monster against her own will and is going to have to move to an exclusive academy for vampires. Remind me why I'm supposed to feel for her plight? When I first heard she didn't exactly enjoy her life at home, I thought: That in no way justifies her actions, and of course, not everybody from that background goes on to be a horrible person like Zoey, but still.

Let's see what the Casts have here. Married a man who is extremely rich and a religious nut. Tries to reason with Zoey, but ends up getting bellowed at like she's the worst person in the world. A religious nut who, gasp, tries to exert some authority in his new household. Upon learning that Zoey has been marked to become a vampire, he just calls the family psychiatrist and some members of his church to pray for her.

It isn't like he dragged her, kicking and screaming, to be exorcised or thrown in an institution. A proud Cherokee woman who is the only person who understands and loves Zoey. Okay, so the two main heads of the family are into religion. That hardly destroys the stability of the family unit. Call me back if your name is Anneliese Michel, or something. But other than that, Zoey, just what the heck are your problems?

You rant and bitch and moan at your mother when she tries to talk to you, and you refuse to even give your stepfather a chance. Your brother is a dork and your sister is too pretty and perfect. Oh, woe betide you! You're the middle child, caught between the perfectionism of your older sibling and the example you have to set for your younger sibling! This isn't exactly a deep character analysis. Your main character is shallower than an empty children's paddling pool! It's around about here where I should mention that Zoey almost never shuts up about having Cherokee features. On page 10 she looks at her new ridiculous forehead tattoo and says that it blends perfectly with her Cherokee features and makes her look fierce.

And on the same page, the 'blood of her grandmother's people' rejoices within her when she gives herself over to the early signs of her vampirism. Now, I've never learned very much about Native American culture. I know some tribe names, but that's about it. But let's see what we can learn about Cherokee culture through our completely vapid main character and the emotional rock that is her Cherokee grandmother!

So what will we learn? The Cherokee tribe are very wise medicine-people who are mystical and magical and connected with the land. Ah, the good old 'mystical native' trope. You will never go away, will you? Zoey then has a spiritual experience and winds up at the House of Night, a large vampire boarding school Why the High Priestess? Because she senses something special in Zoey. The Goddess even says so.

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Oh, by the way, did I mention that the vampires in this world all follow a pseudo-Wiccan religion? They worship a goddess, use pentagrams in their worship, call upon air, water, fire, earth, and spirit to cast their circles with athames ceremonial knives , burn sage and other herbs and oils for their spiritual properties, and the whole religion is very matrifocal.

A Wiccan friend of mine said that it wasn't a bad interpretation of her religion, and certain aspects have been embellished for entertainment purposes, the way they are in Buffy or Charmed. Zoey Redbird, thy middle name is Mary Sue. She failed every Mary Sue litmus test online I logged her into. She's also a really judgmental, horrible person, which becomes really hard to read after a while.

She's one of those narrators who adds in very snarky asides as she's describing a situation. In fact, during a scene in which marijuana incense is being burned for ritual, Zoey cries that it's illegal it isn't , and that she doesn't understand pot smokers — after all, why would you want to take a drug that makes you scarf down junk food and get fat?

They were talking quietly and acting like the totally illegal marijuana incense was no big deal. This made me laugh like crazy. It's incense, you stupid girl! Not the actual drug! I also wanted to snap Zoey's neck around page Her body was, well, perfect. She wasn't thin like the freak girls who puked and starved themselves into what they thought was Paris Hilton chic. Yes, if you have any kind of eating disorder, it's because you want to look like Paris Hilton. As much as I am not a fan of Paris', I don't think she ever promoted eating disorders.

Having more money than sense, and being completely vapid, perhaps. But never eating disorders. This extract was so hideously offensive I remember punching the page. Eating disorders are complex conditions that, contrary to what the media tells you, are not always controlled by girls looking at celebrities and desperately wanting to have their figure. Let's look away from eating disorders and come to another moment where I wanted to punch Zoey You know that police officer in Canada who got into a lot of trouble for saying that he couldn't exactly sympathise with women who went out in very little clothing and ended up getting assaulted?

Which triggered the first Slut-Walk? Yeah, Zoey is just like that officer. Actually, instead of being afraid, it was more like I was an observer, as if none of this could really touch me. Kinda like those girls who have sex with everyone and think that they're not going to get pregnant or get a really nasty STD that eats your brains and stuff. Well, we'll see in ten years, won't we? I doubt there's a teenager alive today who isn't aware that most of the adult public think we're giving guys blow jobs like they used to give guys gum. That's bullshit, and it's always made me mad. There are girls who think it's 'cool' to give guys head.

Those of us with functioning brains know that it's not cool to be used like that. A woman is more than her body, family Cast. A woman is more than her body. If a woman has a lot of sex, it's her own damn business. She's not being 'used'. If a woman chooses to go out with very little clothing, she shouldn't have to worry about getting raped.

What is shameful is that two women wrote this. And here's the final example of Zoey being judgmental Zoey meets a rag tag group of fledgling vampires at the House of Night. We're going to focus on a gay guy called Damien, and a black girl called Shaunee. First things first, in almost every scene featuring Shaunee, or any other black person for that matter, they are described as 'coffee-coloured' , or that they look like 'African princesses'.

But let's get on to Damien, since he's featured a bit more. But he's gay, so I don't think he really counts as a guy. I mean, with me you get the male point of view AND you don't have to worry about me wanting to touch your boobies. Actually, Damien was cute.

Hilarious Gender Differences ⚤ Men VS Women #1 (Funny Pictures)

Damien wasn't a swishy girly-guy; just a cute kid with a likeable smile. Okay, so Damien functions a bit like the Sassy Gay Friend of the group. The guy you can take clothes shopping and talk about girls with, and he'll dispense sassy advice. Did you know that if you tried that with any of my gay friends, they wouldn't exactly be very happy with you?

What I also love about Zoey is that she's perfectly fine with gay people Also, for a vampire novel, there is very little in the way of blood-drinking. This didn't really need to be a vampire novel. That vampire who points at Zoey and 'turns' her in the first five pages of the book could have easily been, say, an acolyte of the vampire goddess.

It may have taken a few more pages to convince Zoey to come to the school, but the entire turning into a vampire thing was treated awfully. So, after Zoey makes her friends, she discovers she has power over all of the elements, and stages a coup to get rid of Aphrodite, the current leader of the Dark Daughters — a clique whose current leader is the favourite of High Priestess Neferet to take over her position.

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Zoey also has run-ins with the mysterious Erik Night sorry, but I can't help but imagine him as a really bad Phantom of the Opera fan-fic OC , a male vampire who's caught between her and Aphrodite. Also, Zoey's human friends show up but are quickly taken care of after Zoey refers to them as alcoholics, potheads and sluts, simply because they came to the House of Night from a party. God, can you imagine partying with the Casts? If they write Zoey like that, I imagine that pouring a mere glass of wine or lighting a cigarette at their house results in a lecture about how bad alcohol is for you.

And how only losers smoke. Zoey takes classes she just so happens to be very good at and Neferet just so happens to teach Vampire Sociology. In this class, you learn about the vampires through history and their impact on the humans. That's not the sociology I swotted up on for my college exams. Where's the vampire equivalent of Durkheim? It's a little nitpick, I know, but all the same, it was stupid.

I particularly liked all the mention of vampire celebrities throughout history. Did you know, for example, that Shakespeare was a bloodsucker? And country music stars such as Shania Twain, Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney are vampires because they're so pretty and talented? Depending on what you think about country music, this may slide all the puzzle pieces into place I'm of the latter opinion.

So, if vampires dominate the entertainment sectors and the upper echelons of society because they're just 'better' than humans, shouldn't this society be expanded upon a bit more? Instead, all we get is that humans sit in their cosy little enclaves, mostly preaching religious diatribe against vampires. Or being bitchy, stupid high school kids. There's this great moment where Neferet tells Zoey that Bram Stoker did nothing but cause bad blood pardon the pun between vampires and humans when he wrote Dracula.

A Victorian horror novel which is pretty much about seduction and sexual liberation in a time of repression? What about those Eastern European folktales where vampires actually came from? This novel's world makes no sense. It's as if the Casts wanted to get into writing about the vampire world as fast as possible. Okay, so the vampires don't drink human blood, but they do feed off each other, they practice a kind of Wiccan religion, and apparently all the greatest people the world has ever known were vampires.

More about the humans, please? Other than the fact that most of them are resentful, religious types? And no, I am not reading the next books in the series to find out. The novel ends with all the panache of a children's cartoon. The big bad villain is defeated, our main character is congratulated and she walks off arm in arm with her friends.

There was nothing that made me want to read the second book, and I was so glad to get out of the head of someone as vapid, judgmental and stupid as Zoey. To hell with this book, and the series. The writing is awful, I could not stand the main character in the least, the human society is not expanded upon properly, and the drama between the characters that the Casts used to create their plot was paper thin.

In all, this really was one of the worst books I have read this year. This review is also available on my blog: View all 46 comments. Oct 13, Tiffany rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Read about half of it. I'm returning the rest to the library. The authors tried to make so many references to pop culture, they sounded ridiculous, and then were even proud of themselves for "sounding like teenagers," as they stated in the preface. They tried to make moral lessons out of the life of this "fledgling," and had her reject things like Paris Hilton's weight, oral sex amongst teenagers, and Ashton Kutcher unfortunately liking older women.

Oh, and the world was separated Read about half of it. Oh, and the world was separated into the "vampyres" and the religious right. Could they be more obviously parading their own moral agenda in young adult fiction? Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the values they project in this book, they make it so plain that they are trying to jam-pack the book with certain ideals that it turns out like literary crap.

If you want an awesome, captivating fantasy fiction series that gets teenage girls thinking about our over-sexualized and beautified culture, try Scott Westerfield. He's a little more subtle, and thus requires some intelligent thought on what you're reading. View all 47 comments. Jun 05, Mel rated it did not like it Recommends it for: This was how the book started.

The first two pages literally went like this: I have been chosen. Worse than Twilight, worse than Hush, hush, and worse than Evermore almost. This book was just one big melodramatic teen angsty bitch fit. And a sexy hunk. And a Queen Bee arch rival. And of course the main character is a complete Mary sue, once again.

I first read this just as a laugh, because sometimes I want to read bad books for the lolz. But what was at first fun to make fun of then turned horrifically bad, and eventually so intolerable that I had to close it halfway. As soon as Zoey was in love with Shakespeare vampire hunk, sorry, vampYre I just couldn't handle further stupidity. I could not believe this was written by two adults. This was like fanfiction. I have seen fanfiction which went along pretty much the same basis as this book.

Zoey was absolutely frustrating and so easy to hate. That's horridly inconvenient since she's the main character, and we're being told this 'story' from her perspective. A pin would fall to the ground and immediately her life is oooooverrrrrr. Also according to Zoey, if you don't nail your underwear and your bra to your body and if you don't remain virginal in any way shape or form, whether it's kissing a guy or wearing a certain amount of make up or style of clothing, you're a total slut. Zo, just because you're a goddamn prude it doesn't mean everyone else should be, and you shouldn't try to lecture your female readers on their sexuality.

Just because you're ashamed of sexuality, it doesn't mean that's a good thing because you happened to be a main character. Also it's pretty obvious you're jealous you yourself can't be that proud. Zoey's friends were all painful stereotypes. Especially her girl friend My mind shut her out because she was too damn annoying. That chick was an obvious out there comic-relief and completely uncalled for.

Every time she said anything I wanted to punch her. I didn't care much for her gay friend either. He was just a cliched gay. And no, I don't have anything against homosexuals. That would be awfully hypocritical since I'm a very out of the closet homosexual myself. But this guy was boring and cliched. Then there's the queen Bee arch rival. Oh and Zoey falls in love with some vampire guy after he reads a speech from Shakespeare in his sexy vampire hunk voice. So within two seconds, Zoey is in love. True love, yada yada, he's the one, he's so hot, all her friends support her love, bla bla bla, gush gush gush.

Then I closed the book. What a piece of overrated, stinky, shitty tripe. The writing was ridiculous, all the characters were boring and annoying and cliched to death, and the overall plot was pulled out of both authors nailed shut asshole. The whole book was bloody ridiculous. What on earth was I reading? And don't give me that 'it's an amazing booooooook and you're just jealooooousssss' crap.

It's an awful excuse for a book and I would rather watch 2 girls 1 cup again from the beginning to the end this time than have Marked by P. C Crap and Kristin Crap sitting on my shelf. View all 65 comments. Jun 06, Jackie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Add to that a new version of vampirism, and it's a completely winning combination. The story telling is top notch, the characters are interesting, and the book is compelling start to finish.

I can't wait to dive into the next in this series! That's an interesting story in an of itself! View all 44 comments. Lets get straight to the point here. This book was weird, disgusting and epic fail at the same time. Let me tell you the whole story in pictures. I don't know why, but some of the pics are not coming, sorry for that! Once upon a time, there was this stupid, smart-ass girl named Zoey who was marked as a vamp y re.

But don't worry my fellow readers! And then she falls for this so-called Superman Eric. Honestly speaking, hes a complete loser to me Meanwhile in the real world: She is adjusting so damn slowly, makes everyone want to die. Then she got this enemy, Aphrodite. They fought and bla bla bla boring scenes Circle, Circle, Wooooo! And I will give this book 1. View all 38 comments. Dec 14, Danielle. Okay, I'm going to be posting gifs on this review because this book was just too much. My overall expression after reading up to pages: I wish I could give this 'no star' or something of the sort.

I don't even know where to begin with this 'book'. It was retched, horrible, disdainful, etc. Cast as well as her daughter's writing is childish. All the girls had blonde hair auburn-blonde, strawberry-blonde, blonde, curly blonde, etc. I don't care if this book was completely fiction and that it didn't have to be realistic, but when you write how the reason these celebrities are amazing and known is because they're vamps, I'm going to say you're an idiot.

Zoey is the biggest hypocrite and I never liked her, not even for a bit. My friend told me she dated four boys at once. Wasn't she shit talking girls in this book for doing stuff like that, though? I want to scream. Offensive and ridiculous passages: One was black, with impossibly long hair must be a really good weave And if they do have long, beautiful hair it's automatically a weave?

I lined them with a smoky black shadow that had little sparkly flecks of silver in it. Not heavily like those loser girls who think that plastering on black eyeliner makes them look cool. They look like scary raccoons. See you after class! At least the bathroom was close. If I had a case of raging nervous-stomach diarrhoea I wouldn't have to run far.

That very last sentence really was not needed. They could have at least wrote, 'At least the bathroom was close in case of an immense emergency. Some turd boy told me to suck his cock. What was I supposed to do? So instead I bitch-slapped him although I prefer just using the word smacked A blonde who sat on the other side of the room said, "The Amazons were heavily matriarchal, as are all vampyre societies. I'd just shoved my sociology book back in my cubbie okay, I know that Damien and Neferet called them cabinets , but come on -- they totally remind me of the cubbies we used to have in kindergarten I'm positive my mouth flopped open like a moron.

He was the most gorgeous young lad I had ever seen. Who even says that? What exactly are they? You scared the poo out of me! I dropped the book after that. I refuse to finish this book. Everyone thinks Twilight is bad? Twilight doesn't have a damn thing on this crappy excuse of a book. The writing of this 'book' makes Twilight seem as though it was perfectly written okay, I'm over-exaggerating a tad bit, but it's still better than this. At least I read through the whole book and that's saying something. Am I right, or am I right? I mean, really, the average user rating for this is 3.

Let me also add that these authors think they've done an amazing job with sounding like teenagers View all 23 comments. Feb 09, Wendy Darling rated it did not like it Shelves: Hypersexed, boy-crazy, annoying teens. Plus some uninteresting supernatural stuff every once in awhile. For a series that involves so many teenagers having sex, these books sure aren't very sexy. View all 18 comments. Jun 07, Taneika rated it did not like it Shelves: About 5 years ago when I first read this series, I powered through them and while I recognised they were problematic, I still consider them a guilty pleasure the books are just so BAD and fun 1.

It's homophobic yes I know there's a gay character but the 'joke' at the beginning saying he isn't really a guy because of this is really really fucking bad , it has plenty of slut shamin About 5 years ago when I first read this series, I powered through them and while I recognised they were problematic, I still consider them a guilty pleasure the books are just so BAD and fun 1. It's homophobic yes I know there's a gay character but the 'joke' at the beginning saying he isn't really a guy because of this is really really fucking bad , it has plenty of slut shaming, Zoey has issues with the word shit she says POOPIE ffs yet has no problem calling Aphrodite a slut every five seconds.

Idk, it was fun but it's so so bad as well. I will be continuing my reread though as I can't remember much and I want to see how it all ends View all 8 comments. Dec 21, Janvi rated it did not like it. If you were looking for books that embody rape culture , slut-shaming and overall being a terrible human being - this book is for you.

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Look no further than some of this creative narrative. First of all , you should never make fun of people with eating disorders. I have an issue with making fun of serious is If you were looking for books that embody rape culture , slut-shaming and overall being a terrible human being - this book is for you. I have an issue with making fun of serious issues , but it's only because I want to shred light on an issue.

To publish a book , with a person speaking like this is not only rude , and ignorant but leaves a bad impression to the young women who read this. While , I agree that teens shouldn't have sex. I am at no position to degrade another person for getting more game than me. That's what men are for. Men already give enough shame to women they sleep with. Before calling someone dirty , just look at the filth on your hands. I am not a slut for wearing a short skirt. I believe that women are more than their bodies.

And you should teach young pre-teens that what you do with your body , is your business. No offense, but Zoey in this situation - they are using it as incense. View all 13 comments. Jul 25, Nasom rated it did not like it Shelves: I can't believe there are 12 books of her as the MC. This is where I stop with this series - First of all, Zoey is such a hateful person. She thinks she is somehow better than them. Her group of friends are like her and there was no one person amon Full Review Wow, I really hated this book, more specifically, I hated Zoey.

Her group of friends are like her and there was no one person amongst them that I actually liked - I know having a special MC is a thing in Ya but this was just ridiculous. The special snowflake syndrome was real in this. This book actually removed all the good parts of being a vampire the transformation, having fangs, just overall, looking scary. Honestly, these people seemed more like witches with their circles and sayings and less like vampires - the romance was laughable.

Why did erik like her?? I honestly thought he was up to something maybe he is in later books because I just couldn't fathom such devotion to someone he didn't really know and wasn't even likeable. Overall, this book was lame, the vampires were pathetic, the characters were hateful, the MC is unlikeable and i hope she dies at the end Pre-reading For someone who had a vampire-obsessed stage, I can't believe Twilight was the only vampire book I read. I hope to change that with this lol. View all 55 comments.

This has to be the worst Young Adult I have ever read. This book is horrible, in that it is filled with so many judgmental stereotypes. I can only imagine that this was geared to brain dead teens without a lick of intelligence because I can't find anything good about this. Even though this was written about 9 years ago, I still don't think there is any excuse for the amount of vapid inner dialogue and superficiality that came from the main character. This was written by a teenager and her mother, who was a well-known fantasy author before this series?

I am surprised she didn't curtail the judgmental and shallow one-liners and descriptions. I wasn't that bad when I was a teenager - and that was way back in Literally every description of somebody was derogatory in some way. Is this simply evidence of bad writing and not being able to come up with better descriptions? However, I expect more from my protagonists.

I expect more from YA. Just because a teenager CAN act a certain way doesn't mean they should. Just because the stereotypes are accepted, doesn't mean we should keep churning them out. We can do better and expect more from young adults. We can expect them to be more intelligent and less judgy. And the villain Aphrodite was such a caricature. The country girl roommate, the token gay guy, the ultra-religious parents, I mean, the list never ends I have had this on my TBR shelf for a very long time and my library had this on audio, so listening to it now.

I know this was written in , but wow, pretty cheesy. I am holding on for the vampires because now that she is at the House of Night, it's gotten more interesting. This is pretty much loaded with stereotypes: LOL I'm kind of interested to see what happens, but this reads pretty dated and is full of tropey-tropes so far at least.

Hopefully, Zoe grows a lot as the series progresses??? View all 20 comments. Jul 07, Wildbriar rated it did not like it Recommends it for: To be quite honest, I almost don't know what to say, or how to say it. I read just under half of Marked this morning, then set it gently aside and stared at the wall in a numb silence for a while.

Perhaps, in hindsight, I should have thrown it. Marked is, quite simply, the worst book I have ever read in my entire life. Forget one star, this book has achieved negative stars from me. The horror began with the Acknowledgements. Cast actually thanked her daughter for making sure they sounded li To be quite honest, I almost don't know what to say, or how to say it. Cast actually thanked her daughter for making sure they sounded like teenagers. She actually thanked — for making sure — excuse me please while I go and die in a corner.

I didn't exactly laugh, but the further I got into this book, the more horribly ironic that comment became. I have never heard teenagers speak this way, and with such unrelenting consistency. And all the pathetic pop culture name-dropping! And so the hell never ended, from the Acknowledgements to page , where I gave up. One of the author comments on the back proclaims Marked's hot and funny darkness. You start to go mad, losing your mind as you bump into walls trying to find where you left your last remaining torch with full batteries. It's about as funny as stubbing your toes on the corner of a shelf, several times in a row.

That is what it was like reading Marked, painfully navigating my way through it trying to find a plot, character development, tension, excitement, drama, hell anything! The characters, I loathed the characters! Caricatures, the lot of them, and I hated them all, right down to the very last one. I am not going to go into all the tiny details that made me want to kill somebody, but I can at least say that I have finally found a protagonist that I hate more than Nora Grey and Bella Swan.

There is nothing in Zoey's head, nothing, except for rotting goo and the odd dead centipede. I could hear my brain cells screaming in protest as they were forced, time and time again, to read each heinous sentence, each word of gut-wrenchingly awful dialogue. Never in a million years did I think I would advocate World Book Burning Day, but if we had one Marked should be the first to go up in smoke; off to Tree Heaven, free at last from being bound in this absolute travesty of a book. View all 11 comments. Mar 25, Penny rated it it was ok Shelves: I know, I can't believe I read this book either.

I've read all of them--the six that have been published. Because I'm a moron, that's why. Seriously, this is the worst YA vampire--I mean vampyre--series I've read so far. While there are elements in this series that are interesting, it's nothing special. I mean, vampyres that control the elements? Richelle Mead already did that, just much, much, much better.

Why not just write a book about witches? Becaus I know, I can't believe I read this book either. Because these vampyres aren't all that vampyre-y, especially the further you get in the series. Sure they drink blood, but they do magic--drawing circles, calling the elements--more often then not. And the slang used? It's so lame and forced.

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I haven't read any of P. Cast's other books--the books she wrote by herself. But I've read a short story written by Kristen Cast. Love Stories with Bite , I kind of think she's the reason this series sucks so badly. View all 12 comments. Aug 05, Lina rated it did not like it Recommends it for: People who want to be insulted.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I would like to thank the House of Night Series for showing me that, making nonsensical pop culture references and mocking my target audience will create an instant bestseller. Claiming that goths don't bathe and emos are freaks is the absolute best thing to do in a series that sports covers gothier than Marylin Manson post-Spooky Kids.

Calling any number of girls ho's, for no reason other than jealousy, and being racially insensitive is the sure way to go. Thank you Marked by P. This rancid, insulting, mock of a book should be hung, drawn and quartered and then burned to somehow purify its rancid shallow soul. The NYT Bestselling status means nothing anymore. Any self-indulgent piece of "poopie" as our protagonist says can become a bestseller with the right cover and fan-dumb. The success of this book especially upsets me when Infinite Days remains mostly untouched by readers.

Thus, proving that if the world does end in it wouldn't be that great of a loss since human creativity has reached its peak. House of Night is about an arrogant -itch named Zoey Redbird, who gets marked by a vampire tracker and becomes the chosen one. I refuse to acknowledge her spelling of vampire as vampyre, you are not John William Polidori and any affiliation with his work I rebuke in the name of Heath Ledger. In the world of HoN, vampirism is a type of virus that infects an individual and the only place to ease the virus is at the HoN school.

However, there is a chance a fledgling's body might reject the change and start oozing blood from their pours. Think Jet Li's Kiss of the Dragon without the cool factor of an interesting protagonist. From chapter one, Zoey comes off as unlikable, shallow, egotistical and ignorant.

When it is revealed that her ex-almost boyfriend is slowly developing a drinking problem she is only concerned that he is going to get fat. Then, on the same page chastises her "best-friend" for being shallow. I'm sorry, but I don't want to go out with a guy whose main focus in life has changed from trying to play college football to trying to chug a six-pack without puking.

Not to mention the fact that he's going to get fat from all that beer. I was feeling a little dizzy and forced myself to take slow, deep breaths when the coughing fit was over. Not that K-babble noticed. Not a visual I want. Too bad he's so hot. However when K says that he's hot, that is shallow because K-babble is not as deep as our Gossip-Girl reading lead! Do vampyres play chess? Were there vampyre dorks? How about Barbie-like vampyre cheerleaders?

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Did any vampyres play in the band? Were there vampyre Emos with their guy-wearing-girl's-pants weirdness and those awful bangs that cover half their faces? Or were they all those freaky Goth kids who didn't like to bathe much? Was I going to turn into a Goth kid? Or worse, an Emo? I didn't particularly like wearing black, at least not exclusively, and I wasn't feeling a sudden and unfortunate aversion to soap and water, nor did I have an obsessive desire to change my hairstyle and wear too much eyeliner. K's eyes teared up again, but, thankfully, her cell phone started singing Madonna's "Material Girl.

At least we know the Cast's favorite Madonna track. I didn't want to do either. I just wanted to attempt to be normal, despite the burden of my mega- conservative parents, my troll-like younger brother, and my oh-so-perfect older sister. As is well known, women are now going to college at rates higher than men, and it is women who have shorter durations of fertility and attractiveness.

We also see declines in mental health, along with substance abuse. An unhealthy person is a less attractive mate, for good reason. Some of this results from government dietary guidance, perverse incentives that encourage the overuse of antibiotics, and the favoring of some drugs e. Missing Predictions -Male contraception: The big innovation will be male contraception.

Currently the only male contraception is a clumsy physical device, but chemical solutions are under development. How in , in a post-marriage society, will we be having children? If sexual relations are fluid, and partnerings shorter term, will contractual reproduction, e. This will require new legal structures.

Technology and the market will continue to advance. Dec 09, Frank Theising rated it it was amazing Shelves: I found this book absolutely fascinating. Running in the conservative Christian circle I do, I am regularly blown away by the number of intelligent, attractive women in church or in the workplace who want to get married but their equally accomplished single male counterparts seem not to exist. By exploring sex through an economic lens, this book helps to explain phenomena like this. In other words, the supply has increased dramatically while the cost has diminished and this has fundamentally shifted the relative power and economic calculus men and women use in the mating market.

What follows are my notes on the book: In the Relationships in America survey, sex before the relationship begins was the modal most common point at which Americans report having first had sex in their current relationship. The relationship patterns revealed in their interviews were increasingly predictable: Sex very early before expressions of love , underdeveloped interest in sacrificing for others, overlapping sexual partners, much drama, and in the end nothing but mixed memories and expired time 5.

This book is not an elegy for a lost era, but an explanation of the present; an account of how young Americans relate today and his best efforts to explain why. He draws on several large, population-based surveys as well as research interviews with individuals in different metropolitan areas. Despite greater personal and relational freedoms and technologies that seem to boost equality and simplify how people meet and evaluate each other, they have not spelled notably greater happiness in relationship contentment. In fact, the harm and dissatisfaction is palpable.

Sexuality came into being as part of a progressive differentiation of sex from the exigencies of reproduction…sexuality is at last fully autonomous. Indeed, achievement of reciprocal sexual pleasure has become a key element in whether a relationship is sustained or dissolved 7. All these achievements have been sealed in language i. What has emerged is not simply different norms or values among subgroups but new restructured realities around the intimate life of the vast majority of Westerners 9.

In a time when childbearing can be avoided, making possible an extensive and diverse sexual life, Giddens claims have materialized 25 years later: In other words, the supply has increased dramatically while the cost has diminished. This is the result of three technological developments: This was a slow sea-change that is impossible and undesirable for many to reverse. Virtually no one is happy with the state of maleness today, yet male behavior is a rational, if short-sighted, response to their circumstances Men are not afraid to commit, they simply no longer have to.

On average, men want sex more than women. Historically, men have had to give up something in exchange economic and relational commitment. So economically speaking, there is demand interested men and supply women. This may sound utilitarian, unromantic, and objectifying but it need not be. It simply recognizes constraints in the mating market that enable and organize behavior Women have more agency, opportunity, and success than ever before. What women are less in control of, is their relational and emotional destinies.

What men typically offer to women in return for sexual access has profoundly diminished Men mostly welcome the fact that women are more sexually available. What neither tend to apprehend are the unintended consequences of cheap sex. The Pill impacted all women, including those who never used it. It split what once was a relatively unified mating pool in two overlapping but distinctive markets: This large pool of single men and women looking for company of some sort no longer functions in quite the same way it once did Prior to this, a woman counted on evidence of commitment before sex and the mating market was populated by men and women whose bargaining positions were roughly comparable and predictable.

Now that market is split with one side looking for sex with no strings attached and the other side interested in commitments with a large gray area in between It is a basic economic idea that relative scarcity or abundance affects human behavior on lots of important ways. Sex is no different though we treat it as such because of our liberal or conservative narratives The sex-ratio hypothesis holds that an oversupply of unmarried women in a community gives men considerably more power in romantic and sexual relationships, which translates into lower levels of commitment, less favorable treatment of women, and a permissive environment where women receive less in exchange for sex.

Power within relationships is not just determined by attractiveness or social status, but also by surrounding market realities, like the availability of sex from other sources The split in the mating market, with prominent sex-ratio disparities in what men and women are looking for, is a game-changing reality.

Women are empowered, have greater bargaining ability, and can be more selective on the sex side of the market a single female post to AshleyMadison. However there are fewer women shopping for sex since most prefer sex in stable, committed relationships. The abundance of women in the marriage corner of the market however, allows men to be more selective, fickle, cautious, and insist on extensive sexual experience before committing.

To plenty of women, it appears men have a fear of commitment. He offers some qualifications: Because men are more than just consumers of sex who objectify women. They fall in love have or have family aspirations too. But the data suggests that the transition away from consumptive mentality is more difficult for men than it is for women. Cheap sex is poorly adept at generating love. All of this suggests that men are considered safer marital bets as they age. Men interviewed express interest in marriage and kids…just not yet. The route to marriage, something the vast majority still hold as a goal, is more fraught with years and failed relationships than in the past.

Once familiar structures, narratives, and rituals about romance and marriage have largely collapsed, sustained only in subgroups, and that with increasing difficulty With online dating, the modern mating market feels more nakedly economic. Sexual choices have not been entirely deregulated.

The only paradox is the unrealistic expectation that securing ample resources independently of men should have no consequences or at least only positive consequences. It is not surprising that women would expect it. The emotional energy bred by success should seem transferable. But what we uncover is that the straightforward economic reality that sex and even marriage are, at bottom, exchanges. Colleges and employers are trying to respond with more explicit consent laws. But presuming the sex act is malleable by fiat and subject to bureaucratic oversight is hubris.

To imagine a pressure-free, sex-positive, egalitarian utopia is to ignore the real world of men and women with all their brokenness. We want men to act better, but are unwilling to admit that men are more apt to do the right thing when they are socially constrained, not just individually challenged. The author writes of the dynamics in homosexual mating market which I omitted from my notes due to 20K character space constraints. He also argues, based on growing evidence for the plasticity malleability of sexuality, that some women may respond to mating market pressures by experimenting with same-sex relationships.

Many feminists fear that the gender revolution was only partly successful, having stumbled not in the boardroom but in the bedroom. They suggest that men are resistant to evolving There is no puzzle here. The double standard is no mystery. It is about deep seated distinctions between the sexes that may be malleable but are not simply socially constructed The question to ask is why women demand so little of men in return for what they want. Online dating is more a Cheap Sex delivery system than a marriage market.

It encourages throwing potential relationships away and starting a new one. Online dating has reversed historical obstacles to a male short-term strategy for sex sexual variety was hard to get, identifying which women were sexually accessible was difficult, minimizing commitment and investment was a challenge. Online dating advertises as a way of finding a mate but their business model is contingent on you remaining in the market, not getting married and off the market The data suggests that 20 percent of the men account for all sexual partnerships with women, suggesting cheap sex is not a reality for the majority of men However, due to multiple overlapping sexual partners, a few prolific men are not able to monopolize the market.

People who report 20 or more sexual partners are: Those who wait until marriage tend to be more religious, conservative, report higher level of happiness, hold more restrictive attitudes about sex, and have married parents Pornography and masturbation are nothing if not the cheapest sex. Porn creates competition and lowers the price of sex among gatekeepers women.

Interviews with college students reveal that women feel pressured to offer what porn does or risk losing a guy Women still overwhelmingly object to porn, but are largely forced to tolerate it because it is now a universal cost of doing business with men Some men may consider it satisfying enough that relationships with real women are not worth the cost. This further exacerbates the sex-ratio in the market boosting the power of remaining men navigating the market Westerners are increasingly privileging the idea of marrying, if at all, after peak fertility has begun to wane or just embraced the child-free life.

Women will sleep with men, but increasingly find fewer of them unfit for marriage. This is a huge conundrum in need of an explanation A large number of men age have simply exited the labor market in pursuit of immediate gratification American parents ironically tacitly encourage this pattern. They prefer a higher age of marriage for their children and diminish marriage as a life goal.

Cheaper sex by their peers threatened their own ability to command and receive a higher price commitment for sex That there are successful marriages out there leads many women to assume their inability to marry is their own fault, not a systemic problem with society Most of the interviewees want to marry someday, but expect to fall into it. They do not think of it as a pathway requiring their time, discipline, sacrifice, and self-control not only by themselves but their peers. Women hope for a man who will love them and not cheat, while teaching them that such things are not required in order to be with them They want a good man but without contributing to the normative behavior that makes such men possible.

Organized religion is the last institutional supporter of marriage 1 in 3 married adults reports weekly religious attendance. Cohabitation directly leads to reduced religiosity. The author offers 8 predictions: I would like to read it but I am just so tired that I am not reading as much. It sounds fascinating though. And also very sad f Great summary.

And also very sad for our girls. Nov 17, Philip Cohen rated it did not like it. This is a terrible book by a researcher with a proven history of unethical research practices. I have written extensive notes on it, which are available here: Dec 05, Hoss rated it really liked it. Anyone seeking to understand the bewildering world of modern love confronted by our children needs to read this. These technologies and how they have been used in western society have mgiven us hook ups, incels and gender plasticity among other things. Additionally his economic approach seeks to show how sex went from very expensive to cheap.

Aug 14, Jeremy marked it as to-read Shelves: Sep 18, Kris marked it as to-read Shelves: Really intrigued by this review: Read Mark's 5-star review of Cheap Sex: Feb 16, Alex O'Connor rated it it was amazing. Extremely interesting perspective on the current dating culture. Sep 01, David rated it it was amazing. If you like behavioral economics books, this one's for you.

The author argues that the price of sex in the United States has never been cheaper. He explores three factors that led to this outcome: Regnerus argues that women are the gatekeepers to sex, while men are the gatekeepers to marriage. That said, women find it difficult to raise the price of sex as much as men find it difficult to low If you like behavioral economics books, this one's for you. That said, women find it difficult to raise the price of sex as much as men find it difficult to lower the price of marriage.

On P47, he quotes sex economic researchers Baumeister and Vohs: In an important sense, the sexual revolution of the s was itself a market correction. Once women had been granted wide opportunities for education and wealth, they no longer had to hold sex hostage. Book published by Oxford University Press. Jul 13, Nancy rated it liked it Shelves: I only gave this 3 stars because it was so excruciatingly painful to read.