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The wisdom that Ayla gained from her struggles as an orphaned child, alone in a hostile environment, strengthens her as she moves closer to leadership of the Zelandonia An den Lagerfeuern der Altsteinzeit. At the Campfires of the Stone Age. Austin, Debra pseudonym for Debra Grubb. Eventually, the other sounds disappeared, and she heard only the ancient rhythm of the drums, the dancers' voices, and the sounds of her own feet as they beat a path to an unclear future.

Snap -- a young, passionate woman of Kura -- is destined to lead her people, and this year she must select a mate for the first time. Will she choose someone different each year, or will she find one mate she wants to pick over and over again, like her mother, Whistle, the next leader of Kura? As the Bonding ceremony approaches, Snap's future remains unknown. But Whistle, when her mate doesn't return, chooses a stranger with ideas far more dangerous than the lions that kill with a single slash.

When Snap challenges the stranger's growing power one too many times, she is brutally cast out to survive or perish. Abandoned and alone, she risks her life -- and the future of her people -- to stand up against an unthinkable evil. Unknown to her, the same danger threatens other villages as well. Soon, Snap and a new band of outcasts will face a force more terrifying -- and deadly -- than any of Africa's natural threats.

La Hija de la Tribu. The Daughter of the Tribe.

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En el arido suelo africano, hace mas de medio millon de anos, se asienta la tribu de los Kura, una sociedad matriarcal de homo erectus. Snap -una joven y apasionada mujer de la tribu-esta destinada a liderar a su gente, y este ano debera elegir un companero por primera vez. A medida que se acerca la ceremonia del Enlace, el futuro de Snap permanece incierto. Pero Whistle, al ver que su companero no regresa, elegira a un extranjero con ideas mucho mas peligrosas que los leones que matan de un solo zarpazo Cuando Snap reta el poder del extranjero, es expulsada violentamente de la tribu.

Abandonada a su suerte, arriesgara su vida -y el futuro de su gente-para enfrentarse a un mal inconcebible. Sin que ella lo sepa ese mismo peligro amenaza a otras tribus. Pronto, Snap y su nueva banda de desterrados se enfrentaran a una fuerza mas terrorifica y mortal que cualquiera de las amenaza natural que Africa haya visto hasta entonces. Tan imaginativa como verosimil, La hija de la tribu da vida a un tiempo ancestral y salvaje. Austin ha creado un personaje inolvidable en la piel de esta heroina indomita que alcanzara la madurez en un apasionante historia de valentia, lealtad y pasion.

Austin, F rederick Britten []. When Mankind was Young. A series of stories from cave men to the Vikings Ten short historical fictions with various settings and periods, including Neolithic Europe, pharaonic Egypt, druidic Stonehenge, classical Greece, republican Rome. The story Isis of the Stone Age effectively dramatizes the 'accidental' discovery of agricultrue by placing it in a plausible human context.

La caverne du Pont d'Arc. In grotta e in valle. Romanzo preistorico ; Date: In cave and in valley. Petit Sapiens, Tome 1: La vie de famille. Petit Sapiens, le cadet du clan, nous raconte son quotidien: Petit Sapiens, Tome 2: Petit Sapiens se fait appeler Tirex et le petit prognathe se baptise Tigror.

Petit Sapiens, Tome 3: Petit Sapiens, Tome 4: Petit Sapiens, du haut d'un arbre, a cru apercevoir deux yeux malicieux qui le regardaient! Survient alors l incroyable: CreateSpace March 11, Set over , years ago, when our ancestors Homo heidelbergensis walked the Earth, this is a story of human emotion.

We follow in the footsteps of one caveman, sharing his triumphs and failures as he struggles to find his place in the brutal society of the tribe. Through many light and dark times we watch him progress from a solitary figure ultimately to the leader of the largest tribe ever seen. But there is something hiding in the background, lurking just beyond reach Discover the life of these creatures through the eyes of one of their own and realise that they were not that different to us The story continues with the cave woman, who suddenly finds herself making life or death decisions.

Becoming a tribe leader means getting everything she wants Bulletin des Amateurs d'Anticipation Ancienne. A Stone Age Mystery. Doch eines Tages ist die alte Zauberin tot. Jemand hat sie ermordet. La Horde des glaciers. Ein Steinzeitkrimi by Alexis Lemoine. Pour tous, c'est certain, Bal-Bes est coupable. La Guerre des cavernes. The War of the Caves.

Bandelier, Adolf Francis Alphonse []. A novel of prehistoric Pueblo Indians. Dodd, Mead and Company. Unique in nineteenth-century American literature for its blend of historical romance and scientific observation, The Delight Makers provides in fictional form an invaluable reconstruction of prehistoric Indian culture of the Southwest. Written by an archaeologist who had spent eight years among the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico, it tells the story of the ancestors of the modern Pueblos, the Queres, who are dominated by a powerful secret society called the Koshare or "Delight Makers.

Hatier poche, Hatier 14 mars La grotte de Lascaux, environ 16 ans avant J. International Publishers, NY, [ ? La nuit des temps. William Morrow, NY ; Pyramid pbk, The story begins with an astounding discovery, a golden sphere buried deep in the Antarctic ice. Encapsulated in the sphere are the naked bodies of a man and a beautiful young woman, survivors of a civilization that had perished , years ago. The world is staggered by the discovery and the United Nations, after a stormy debate, agrees to send an international team of scientists to the Antarctic.

Eventually, Elea, the young woman, is awakened from her frozen sleep. The scientists learn that she once lived in an advanced, idyllic civilization that was destroyed in a prehistoric atomic holocaust that only students and scientists desperately tried to prevent. La notte dei tempi. Classici della fantascienza [18], Milano. This prehistorical novel set in Africa introduces readers to the Ibandi, a peaceful tribe living in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, or the Great Sky Mountain.

When their lives are interrupted by invasions from a brutal neighboring tribe, it falls to two youngsters, Frog Hopping, the third son of a hunter, and T'Cori, an apprentice herb woman, to climb the Great Sky Mountain and seek help from Father Sky. Barnes does a magnificent job of thoroughly grounding his engaging characters in the practical and mystical details of daily life in ancient Africa.

An adventure on a grand scale, this initial installment in a projected two-volume series cleverly sets the stage for further action and will leave readers craving more. Readers unfamiliar with 's Great Sky Woman will struggle a bit with the slow opening of this stand-alone sequel, a fantasy set in Africa around 28, B. T'Cori is a young leader of her people, the Ibandi, who look to her and their holy woman Stillshadow to lead them to a new land. A folktale rhythm proves less than effective at conveying heaps of backstory, but as the characters fill out and the wanderers fight to survive against mounting odds, their tale becomes all at once rugged and elegant in style, a mix of harsh bloodletting with a primeval close-to-the-land beauty.

The story of Ah-ee, mocked as "Crooked Arrow" by the girl who became his bride; his coming of age, learning the ways of a hunter, his life in the pueblos at war and peace, the ways of hunting, fighting, and family, of prehistoric Pueblo Indians The Salt Trader's Boy; a tale of the new stone age.

The Whitestone wraps herself in silence. She watches while the slow centuries slide by. The Whitestone remembers all the peoples of the long long long-ago times. She remembers the gentle hunters of the wildwood during Nature's golden age. She remembers how the first farmers came to fell the forests and sow their fields with golden corn She remembers the neglected gods and nameless kings of the age of gold. In seven magical stories that bring the distant past to life, The Whitestone remembers.

Barringer, D aniel Moreau []. And the Waters Prevailed. There is a sweeping, timeless implication in the story of Andor, an undersized boy whose greatest strength was his mind, in a tribe where brutish physical prowess was considered the measure of a man. The setting is wildly majestic Andor's story is one which will fire the imagination and haunt the dreams of all who read it. Legacy of a Hunter: Box , Santa Barbara, CA Travel to southwestern France, and you may visit La Grotte de Lascaux. You will marvel at the realistic and sensitive murals depicting the lives of the noble and intelligent people who lived there seventeen thousand years ago.

Your mind will travel back in time, seventeen thousand years, and you may meet a man named Orin When Cave Men Painted. In the cave of Lascaux in the south of France the wall paintings of prehistoric man may still be seen. Here is the story of one particular cave painting. It is a tense, dramatic work of fiction for young readers. Edited by Katherine Fair Donnelly. Introduction by John H. The story of Ao'h, a young boy of the Stone Age. Banished from his tribe, he lives alone in a cave, discovering and making tools, painting, barely surviving.

After a difficult and solitary winter, he is discovered by three warriors from a neighboring tribe and abducted by them, to be turned over as an apprentice to the most powerful man in their tribe, the Sorcerer. Ao'h shows a special talent for painting; his depictions of beasts almost never fail to bring about a successful hunt. Before long his power surpasses even that of the old Sorcerer himself.

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Respected and feared alike, he soon finds that his magical powers have put his very life in danger. Coup de Coeur, Vilo Jeunesse 16 octobre Les hommes pourchassaient le gibier et les femmes tendaient les peaux. A la chasse, Cro-Magnon! Mondo mino, Tourbillon 22 octobre The Caves of the Great Hunters. Pantheon Books; Revised Edition edition Les cavernes des grands chasseurs. Mammoth Trilogy Book I. On an island in the Arctic Ocean north of Siberia, mammoths have survived unnoticed since the last ice age. But now, reduced to a single herd, the gentle giants struggle to survive a warming climate, a dwindling gene pool, and the attentions of humanity.

Though intelligent and sapient, the mammoths have no effective defense against a small party of men who've suddenly appeared on their island. Young Silverhair, the herd's future Matriarch, and her mate Lop-ear decide they need new ideas and new thinking to survive. They ask the humans for help, but they respond by shooting Lop-ear and capturing Silverhair. Mammoth Trilogy Book II. It's sixteen thousand years B.

Climactic changes have caused the steppes to recede, but humans, whom the mammoths call Fireheads, pose the greatest threat to their survival. Longtusk, whose coming-of-age story this is, must save the mammoths by spearheading an epic journey. Separated from his family, Longtusk is enslaved by the Fireheads, who make him a beast of burden. But a Dreamer Neanderthal woman foretells his future: Longtusk will die, along with the Dreamer who once saved his life and that of the Firehead matriarch, Crocus. Sa principale occupation est de trouver de la nourriture pour elle et ses petits.

One Small Blue Bead. Prehistoric cave dwellers take in a wild canine and turn him into the world's first tame dog. La Caverne aux Esprits. Len 14 octobre Beck, Christopher [] pseudonym for Thomas Charles Bridges. The People of the Chasm. Airship travels to a warm polar depression with a Norse colony, apemen, giant insects, and huge moles. Beecham, John Charles [? Out of the Miocene - Part I. The Popular Magazine , Vol. One of the most striking narratives of the caveman days you have ever read. Out of the Miocene - Part 2. Aka, formerly Bruce Dayton, somehow now an ape-man in the Miocene, flees with Baba from Gru, the powerful leader of the tribe who appears set on vengeance.

They find a group of proto-human cavemen, and stay with them a while, eventually leaving with Klo, their leader. But Klo is killed during the night, and the pair flee once more, protected by Aka's newly invented bow and arrow. They escape from various dangers, and acquire a canoe, from which Baba learns to fish. The come to a lake with sea monsters and escape again, finally confronting Gru when they come across the tribe in the sequoia forest. This time Aka's bow is more than a match for Gru's strength Longmans, Green and Co.

Yet men had been there. He had crossed the veritable trail of a human race and culture long buried in the deep night of time. Quand le mammouth ressuscita. When the mammoth revives. Jules Verne award, 2nd place, Collection Prix Jules Verne, Paris. The adventures of two children in the time of the reindeer. Reprint of the ed. Victor Gollancz Ltd, as: People of the Bison. Starving and alone, young Kron, once the picturemaker for his Stone Age tribe, was found by the People of the Bison after the massacre of his clan.

Not so advanced, and influenced by the insidious words of Ak-ka, the Bison medicine man, the People mistrusted Kron's strange magic stone drawings. And even when he helped them find desperately needed food, the boy remained an outcast, forbidden to express himself in art. Bennet, Robert Ames []. A Romance of the Polar Pit. Early science fiction novels; Ayer Company Publishers. Next to the impenetrable jungles of Africa and South America, the Poles provided the most popular location for lost race adventures around the turn of the century.

For many years, THYRA, Bennet's first novel, has remained a true classic in the field, scarce and highly sought-after by collectors, both for its action-packed narrative of strange peoples and fantastic adventures and for the striking illustrations which accompany them. A party of explorers seeking the North Pole commandeer a stray balloon that takes them to a warm sub-surface land which has survived unchanged for millions of years.

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Z'azimut, Fleurus 13 juin Preface THERE is an epoch in the life of humanity which, as its name indicates, could have no history; it is that long period of ages which elapsed between the moment when man first appeared on earth and the time when oral tradition and writing began to establish the acts of his existence.

La fondation de Paris. Parisians of the Stone Age. L'Homme depuis cinq mille ans. Man since 5, years ago. Les premiers habitants de Paris [ The first inhabitants of Paris ]. After having traced incidents of paleontological excavations in his Adventures of the Bones of a Giant, Samuel-Henri Berthoud produced, in , in Chapter IV of Man since 5, years ago, one of the earliest prehistoric narratives in literature, entitled The First Inhabitants of Paris. In prehistoric times, the anthropoid horde of Kalahoumes lives on the edge of the sea-of-sand.

Guito, a young male, is undergoing the final phase of his initiation, which will make him the horde's "story-teller". He goes over his public performance in his mind, tracing the history of the horde's slow journey up from animality. No Enemy but Time: In this case, dogged by dreams of the Pleistocene, the new protagonist -- who is not dissimilar to the Habiline who later featured in the less successful and overextended tale of Atlanta and Haiti, Ancient of Days-- is enlisted into a time-travel project, returns to the Africa of his vision, fathers a child in the dawn of time, and returns with her to the battering world.

I've been enthralled ever since by tales of pre-Homo sapiens. No Enemy But Time is the best fictional re-creation of these I've come across. It makes a glowing reality of the dry bones of this field. Expansion of the novella "Her Habiline Husband," a Nebula nominee. The story of a prehistoric man found wandering in a Georgia orchard, whose honesty and deep spirituality bring him into conflict with the modern world. The last surviving example of Homo habilis, an African protohuman species believed extinct for 2,, years. Adam is found, naked and trembling, in a pecan grove in Beulah Fork, Georgia.

Adam is an artist, a poet, relentlessly literate, and determined to resolve theological conflicts surrounding the metaphysical essence of the immortal soul. But Adam is in love with a human woman. Society isn't ready for that The Robinsons of Time in Prehistory. Blue Wolf pseudonym for Robert Scott.

A Tale of the Stone Age. Tharg of the Bison Clan, young and strong, is out hunting. Having killed a stag without a weapon, by breaking its neck, he is resting on the dead animal when he is attacked by Dwifa of the Beaver Clan. Avoiding Dwifa's spear, Tharg chases him, managing to wound him with a stone when Dwifa escapes across a river. Returning for his stag, Tharg finds it stolen, and tracks it to the camp of a tribe of strangers, the Clan of the Wolf Blunck, Hans Friedrich [].

Fight of the stars. Dispute with the Gods. Romantrilogie The Ancients trilogy. Sons of the Mammoth. In the days when the world was young, Yarry, a member of the tribe that held itself to be descended from the mammoth, profaned against the tribal mysteries and was driven out to the primeval wilderness, first taking his mate out of the camp of the women. Paris avant les hommes , in: Racconto fantastico di Boitard.

Voyage to the planet of the Devil Zoppo. Bauch, of A Swell-Looking Book a rare book dealer in the Chicago area , has discovered this Italian translation, predating the posthumous French edition. It is together in the same volume with Boitard's "Astronomical Studies" in the Italian edition, "Travel to the Planets".

Paris avant les hommes: L'univers avant les hommes, L'homme fossile, etc.

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Histoire naturelle du globe terrestre. The Universe before man The Age of Reason. En tout cas, ce n'est certainement pas ce sympathique primate, dont nous allons suivre les aventures, qui nous contredira. Science Fiction and Prehistory. Gautier Languereau 1 janvier The Axe and the Arrow. A battle between a prehistoric warrior and the tribe's wizard for control of the tribe. Bosse, Malcolm J oseph []. From the site of an archaeological dig in Arizona, fifteen-year-old Ben, recently orphaned, journeys to three different eras of ancient times. He had not been afraid until now, but without the presence of Throw Far to reassure him, Ben lost his confidence.

Even so, he took a step into the pitch-black cave, hands outstretched before him He heard his companions following, their feet grinding against the pebbles He felt as though he were crawling to the center of the earth, to the core of mystery. And yet the way seemed endless, as if there were no center; no core, but forever the blackness of the tunnel Les romans images doc, Bayard jeunesse 7 mai Rok, le petit Cro-magnon. Princess of the Megaliths.

Carnac, the place of the raised stones, a peaceful people descended from the Atlantes. They hunt and cultivate the earth with polished stone tools. But invaders arrive who wish to enslave them. These masters of stone, wise men holding the secrets of the ages, can they resist the violence of the metal-clad aggressors?

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The megaliths will help unveil a part of their mysteries An Adventure of the Ice Age. As the Cro-Magnon people and the Neanderthals are enemies due to a fight over territory, Doban is immediately locked up in a cage when Shiva brings him to her village. Shiva, being somewhat of an outcast due to her psychic powers, is drawn to Doban. Their friendship becomes the means of stopping a battle between the two clans. There was a body floating in the water. Slender, outstretched arms had attracted a halo of the thin ice.

The body itself faced down, gently bobbing on small ripples stirred by a chill wind from the morning sun. Shiva watched from her vantage point upon the overhanging rock Shiva felt her hand move again, driven by an irresistible compulsion. Their contents, dark, fluid, thick and viscous in the firelight, looked alike and smelled alike. The Ordeal by Poison. Six bowls are placed before Shiva. Five contain poison, one does not.

Jan Brett's homepage is at www. Kip the Cave Boy and Paleowolf each face hunger and danger on a journey in Paleolithic times; when they decide to join forces and help one another, Paleowolf becomes the first dog. Beyond the Bounds of History: Scenes from the Old Stone Age.

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Foreword by Field-Marshal J. Nicholas Ruddick, The Fire in the Stone. Men of the Mist. Although listed in the Angenot bibliography as a "Lost Race" novel, this was apparently an error. Apparently all the T. Bridges stories involve prehistoric monsters in some modern setting. His "Martin Crusoe" concerns "two islands in the middle of the Sargasso Sea where descendants of Vikings occupy an island called Lemuria where there are prehistoric creatures in the island lakes Ug and his parents are living in the Stone Age. And that means stone blankets, stone cold food, an even colder cave and, worst of all, hard stone trousers!

Being an inquisitive and intelligent child, Ug suggests a series of modifications to improve the quality of family life. His ideas about heating, cooking, boats, and balls that actually bounce are met with a hostile reaction by his parents who don't know what he's going on about. Even Ug himself is occasionally unsure of the purpose of his inventions - his round stone that rolls down the hill is great, but what is it actually for? With the help of his father, who is slowly coming round to his son's way of thinking, Ug comes tantalisingly close to his ultimate garment goal, only to find that there are some obstacles even a boy genius can't overcome.

Hannibal le petit mammouth.

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Hannibal the little mammoth. From the other side of the sky. Comment vivre sept vies sans avoir mal aux pieds. Pocket Jeunesse, Pocket 6 novembre La Tribu Du Grand Lac. Long, long ago--even before "once upon a time"--when people lived in caves, and woolly mammoths and saber-tooth tigers roamed the land, communication generally meant a few grunts and a couple of bonk bonks on the head with a big club for emphasis.

But what if a young caveboy suddenly began pulling words out of thin air and naming everything in sight? And what if a young cavegirl suddenly took those same words and began weaving them into something magical? Drunken Dragon Press Hard Cover. Warrior of the Dawn: The Adventures of Tharn.

He lived a long time ago, perhaps twenty thousand years. Howard Browne has given him only the clothes, equipment, and weapons that he might have had. He is a true prehistoric man, not a freak pulled out of his time by some scientific hocus-pocus in the fourth dimension. The Return of Tharn. Tharn is a Cro-Magnon — a true man of the dawn age, dating back to the morning of time on this planet. His adventures are decidedly fantastic, leading him through savage jungle to the barbaric kingdom of Ammad, majestic and intriguing in all its forgotten might.

A compelling first novel by nationally known Native American storyteller Joseph Bruchac. An action-packed adventure story spun in authentic native oral tradition, Dawn Land unfolds about ten thousand years ago, in the area now known as New England. A shadow is crossing over the land, and the village's finest son must meet the threat. Sequel to Dawn Land. In the rich and authentic tradition of his Abenaki ancestors, Bruchac continues his story of Young Hunter, the finest warrior in the village of the Only People who lived in the Northeast ten thousand years ago.

Living with his wife Willow Girl among many human and animal friends, Young Hunter is reminded that the Only People must maintain a balance with nature in order to survive. Native Dog Stories, the voice of an Abenaki storyteller takes children back 10, years to the days when children and dogs had especially close relationships. In these Native American adventure stories, children and dogs together must use their wits to survive the dangers of the natural world. Young readers will meet muskrat, and his dog, Kwaniwibid, who cannot resist folowing bear tracks deep into the woods.

They will find out what happens to Cedar Girl and her dog, Azeban, when they try to outwit a stranger. And then follow Sweetgrass Girl and her dog, Moosis, on their journey to find her lost parents. A Novel of the Dawn Land. University Press of New England. The time is ten thousand years ago and the place is the shores of Lake Champlain, a land inhabited by Abenaki communities who hunt, gather, and follow the cycles of their unspoiled natural world in relative harmony.

Joseph Bruchac uses this setting not just to spin a compelling adventure yarn but also to re-create the cultural, social, and spiritual systems of these pre-contact Native Americans. In this third novel of his trilogy about the 'people of the dawnland,' the lake they call Petonbowk -- 'the waters between' Vermont's Green Mountains and New York's Adirondacks -- holds both sustenance and danger, and Young Hunter is called upon to confront a dual menace. A 'deepseer' or shaman, he must use his full powers first to comprehend the threats and then to defeat them. The lake, it seems, holds a huge water-snake monster that makes it impossible to reap the waters' bountiful harvest of fish and game.

And, worse, a tortured outcast, Watches Darkness, has turned against his tribe and is using his deepseer's knowledge to perpetrate horrible acts of senseless evil: Buff, Mary and Conrad Buff. Kemi An Indian boy before the white man came. The story of Kemi, a boy of the Indian Stone Age, is the story of countless boys who once lived in a pleasant land later called California. This book tells of life among the Indians who lived on the California mainland and traded with others who came from the offshore islands hundreds of years before Columbus and before Juan Cabrillo found shelter in a harbor on what is now known as Catalina Island Facts and figures on challenges and opportunities , Luxembourg, p.

European Commission, January , Demographic Report Fondation de France, , ans: A revised vocabulary of culture and society , Oxford, Blackwell, p. Galland, Olivier, Roudet, Bernard dir. Making Sense of Modernity , Cambridge, Polity.

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Gilbert, Francis, , Yob Nation: Strategies for Qualitative Research , Chicago, Aldine. The criminalisation of nuisance, Bristol, Policy Press, p. HM Government, , The Coalition: Home Office, a, Tackling Youth Crime: Home Office, b, No More Excuses: Howard, Colin, , 4 th ed. Hutin, Mark, , Helping Out: Survey of volunteering and charitable giving, London, Institute of Volunteering Research. Les nouveaux militants, activistes, agitateurs … , Paris, Autrement. Kehily, Mary Jane, , Understanding Youth: Perspectives, Identities and Practices , London, Sage.

Levitas, Ruth, , The Inclusive Society? Leys, Colin, , Market-Driven Politics: Liberal Democrat Party, , Cutting Crime: Livingstone, Sonia, and Haddon, Leslie eds. Ludlam, Steve, Smith, Martin J. Can New Labour deliver? Raising youth in a changing world. London, Institute for Public Policy Research. Marquand, David, , Decline of the Public: The Hollowing-out of Citizenship , Cambridge, Polity. Matthews, Hugh, , Children and Regeneration: Finding a Balance , Bristol, Policy Press. Ministry of Justice, b, Breaking the Cycle: Muxel, Anne, , Avoir 20 ans en politique.

Panebianco, Angelo, , Political Parties: Le parti conservateur britannique , p. Regards sur la jeunesse britannique , p. Alcohol and the national response , Oxford, Oxford University Press. Reiner, Robert, , Law and Order: Contemporary theory, policy and practice , London, Sage. Crisis and Transformation , London, Routledge.

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Vulbeau, Alain, , La jeunesse comme ressource: Walters, Simon, , Tory Wars. Ten years on , London, Institute of Education Press. Political interest and engagement amongst to year-olds , York, Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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Theory and Policy for Practice, London, Sage. Crime and social order in Europe , London, Routledge, p. You can suggest to your library or institution to subscribe to the program OpenEdition Freemium for books.