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He uses this story to move into his own childhood and family history. He says, "I am a medicine man and I want to talk about visions, spirits, and sacred things. But you must know something about the man Lame Deer before you can understand the medicine man Lame Deer" Lame Deer, 8. Lame Deer's childhood was spent on the reservations growing up with his grandparents in a traditional manner.

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He did not even have contact with a white man until he was five. As he got older and tales of a bogeyman did not scare him anymore, his grandparents would say, "go to sleep or the Wasicun will get you. Sometime between six and seven the book is not specific as to when Lame Deer was sent to white man's school for the first time.

He describes it as being very militaristic. At fourteen he was sent to boarding school which was a real horror for him as he had never been away from his family. In the book, he also talks about the "Green Frog Skin" or money. He explains that in his native culture there is no concept of money, that's why so many of his people have trouble with it. He talks a lot about how we cling to it and how much better things would be without it, stating many specific troubles it has caused. After a bit about his adult life, the book takes a turn to the present late 's.

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It weaves it's way in between Lame Deer's talks with Richard Erdoes and bits about his life. There are many bits that help to learn about his culture and people. The book ends with a brief autobiography of Richard Erdoes, telling how he came to meet Lame Deer. Richard has an equally colorful background with his history and bouncing from relative to relative with different religious denominations in Europe. It's use of the Internet medium and graphics in the new version would be very useful for teaching younger groups.

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It also includes the old version for less advanced systems which is equally well made. This is a very important story as the pipe is central to Lakota sacred tradition. It also includes links to other sites and stories. Most of our exposure to native art today is tourist crafts like blankets, and dreamcatchers.

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  • This site shows that native arts are alive and accessible. It is well written and includes links to other pertinent sites. Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions is a good way to help students understand the history of the Lakota people. It can also be taught as a way to understand the plight of Native Americans in a modern context. It should be understood that the book is also a potent personal narrative. It can be used to help take away the "stoic Indian" stereotype because Lame Deer is very human and his sense of humor shows through in the book.

    Students may even be asked if they can identify with him or different parts of the narrative. Lame Deer, John; Erdoes, Richard. Washington Square Press, But, they also cover many of the other issues specific to the work and to the world today. The 60 Short Essay Questions listed in this section require a one to two sentence answer. They ask students to demonstrate a deeper understanding of Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions by describing what they've read, rather than just recalling it.

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    • The short essay questions evaluate not only whether students have read the material, but also how well they understand and can apply it. They require more thought than multiple choice questions, but are shorter than the essay questions.

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      Use these questions for quizzes, homework assignments or tests. The questions are broken out into sections, so they focus on specific chapters within Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions. This allows you to test and review the book as you proceed through the unit. Typically, there are questions per chapter, act or section. Use the Oral Reading Evaluation Form when students are reading aloud in class. Pass the forms out before you assign reading, so students will know what to expect. You can use the forms to provide general feedback on audibility, pronunciation, articulation, expression and rate of speech.

      You can use this form to grade students, or simply comment on their progress. Use the Writing Evaluation Form when you're grading student essays. This will help you establish uniform criteria for grading essays even though students may be writing about different aspects of the material. By following this form you will be able to evaluate the thesis, organization, supporting arguments, paragraph transitions, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

      They pull questions from the multiple choice and short essay sections, the character and object descriptions, and the chapter abstracts to create worksheets that can be used for pop quizzes, in-class assignments and homework.

      Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions Short Essay - Answer Key

      Periodic homework assignments and quizzes are a great way to encourage students to stay on top of their assigned reading. They can also help you determine which concepts and ideas your class grasps and which they need more guidance on. By pulling from the different sections of the lesson plan, quizzes and homework assignments offer a comprehensive review of Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions in manageable increments that are less substantial than a full blown test.

      Use the Test Summary page to determine which pre-made test is most relevant to your students' learning styles. This lesson plan provides both full unit tests and mid-unit tests.

      You can choose from several tests that include differing combinations of multiple choice questions, short answer questions, short essay questions, full essay questions, character and object matching, etc. Some of the tests are designed to be more difficult than others.

      Some have essay questions, while others are limited to short-response questions, like multiple choice, matching and short answer questions. If you don't find the combination of questions that best suits your class, you can also create your own test on Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions. If you want to integrate questions you've developed for your curriculum with the questions in this lesson plan, or you simply want to create a unique test or quiz from the questions this lesson plan offers, it's easy to do.

      Scroll through the sections of the lesson plan that most interest you and cut and paste the exact questions you want to use into your new, personalized Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions lesson plan. View all Lesson Plans available from BookRags. View the Study Pack. Short Essay Questions Key. Short Answer Questions Key. Oral Reading Evaluation Sheet. One Week Quiz A. Two Week Quiz A. Four Week Quiz A.

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