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They possess qualities like empathy, compassion and courage.

The business benefits of being a compassionate leader

They also have the ability to establish deep, long-term, and genuine relationships where others trust them. Consider these excerpts from a few industry leaders:. For so many health care leaders, compassion and concern for the greater good are the foundation of their organizations' very existence.

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But beyond the obvious benefit of modeling the values of the organization, just how does personal compassion make a health care leaders more effective? One answer can be found in the context of Emotional Intelligence. EQ has been consistently demonstrated to correlate highly with exceptional leadership performance: Goleman defines EQ as an array of competencies and skills that drive leadership performance, including:.

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The "So-What" of Compassion Some of the benefits of compassion most relevant to health care leaders include:. From a Buddhist perspective, all of this comes as no surprise. Buddhist practitioners have always maintained the most powerful way of becoming happy is to cultivate compassion. Western psychology often forgets that happiness is a state of the mind — just as much as depression is — and so its main cause must also be psychological. While we strive to find happiness outside ourselves — in wealth, success, fame, work or relationships — the truth is that the extent of our happiness depends mainly on our emotions.

And compassion is key.

Empathy as a Business Tool

The Components of Compassion…. What makes up compassion? Is there such a big gulf between east and west in our understandings of this term or is there agreement on some of its essential components? The Dalai Lama sums it up succinctly: Despite this fundamental difference, it seems there are more commonalities than we think: Respect and caring is common meeting ground. You feel curiosity, respect and real empathy. In Buddhism, compassion is a deep understanding of the emotional state of another which sounds like the western idea of empathy.

Compassion may lead us to feel empathy with another person.

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In western thought, empathy is what enables us to connect with other people, which can then lead to us feeling compassionate toward them. Selfless and unconditional, both traditions agree, are conditions for true compassion. It is based not on our own projections and expectations, but on the needs of the other, irrespective of whether another person is a close friend or an enemy. Committed action is a common factor. Being of benefit to others is part of both views.

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  • Compassionate acts attempt to alleviate pain and suffering of others. In Buddhism, this is the primary focus. Being tender-hearted though is not the same as being soft-headed. There are two areas The Dalai Lama highlights about compassion, on which the west still seems vague. Buddhists call this notion 'self-cherishing'. The Lost Art of Compassion: Compassion is often seen as a distant, altruistic ideal cultivated by Christian Saints and Buddhist monks or as an unrealistic response of the naively sentimental or kind-hearted. Clinical psychologist and long-time Tibetan Buddhism practitioner, Ladner has a foot in both camps so to speak.

    Ladner deftly reminds us that genuine happiness won't come from our misdirected striving and craving. He covers some clear, effective practices for cultivating compassion in daily living and shows how its practical application in our life can be a powerful force in achieving happiness. You can apply these habits to propel your own career to new heights. Skip to main content.

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    The business benefits of being a compassionate leader. The business benefits of being a compassionate leader By Jennifer V.

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    When was the last time you showed compassion for a colleague at work? Can You Learn to be More Compassionate?

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