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LASIK can improve vision and reduce dependence on glasses or contacts. However, in order to enjoy the greatest benefit from LASIK, the patient has some responsibility for postoperative care. Included here are five steps you can take to help ensure the best outcome.

For example, you should not drive for the first one to two days following the procedure. Although inconvenient, it is safer to allow your eyes to heal and your vision to stabilize before you get behind the wheel. You will also want to limit the time you spend reading to a few hours a day in order to prevent eye fatigue. Avoid exercise, sports, gardening and other activities that could jar the body and head for a minimum of one week to prevent the possibility of dislodging the corneal flap that is created during the LASIK procedure. You should also make sure to wear sunglasses during all outdoor activities.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost and Risk: Secrets Doctors Don't Want You To Know

Squinting can dislodge the corneal flap, and those warm rays of sun can cause corneal haze. If you experience the light sensitivity common among many LASIK patients, this haze may result in impaired vision and discomfort. While the eye is an extremely fast-healing organ, it does not repair itself instantly. On average, the edges of the corneal flap heal within three days. To be extra careful, do not rub your eyes for a week after the procedure. If you are concerned that you may inadvertently rub or knock your eyes in your sleep, your surgeon may recommend that you wear goggle-style glasses at night to protect your healing eyes.

For the first two to three weeks after your LASIK procedure, your doctor will advise you against getting water of any kind in your eyes. Water, even in your shower and bath, carries bacteria that could cause an infection in the healing eyes. If you feel that you need to clean the areas around your eyes, soak a cotton ball with saline solution, close your eyes and gently pat the area around your eyes.

LASIK Eye Surgery – What It’s Really Like.

Not only will these medications help your eyes to heal properly, they will also help prevent swelling and infection, both of which could give you a less favorable outcome should they occur. Over-the-counter lubricating eyedrops can soothe the uncomfortable symptoms. Consult your LASIK surgeon as to which brand she recommends; however, using a drop containing no preservatives is most often preferred. Preservatives found in some over-the-counter lubricating eyedrops can cause irritation in postoperative LASIK patients. Just as using your prescribed medications is important, keeping all your scheduled appointments with your LASIK surgeon or follow-up ophthalmologist will help ensure that you enjoy the best results.

The physician will test your vision, monitor the healing process and treat any potential issues. Although there are many things that you can do to ensure you have a positive LASIK outcome, these five things are among the most often recommended actions by surgeons. Listening to the recommendations and orders of your physician is your best option to help you get the most out of LASIK.

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Our surgeons answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from our patients. NO…shoot the laser in my damn eyes and fix this shit! At least my surgeon thought I was one of the best patients ever…. They explained it all before hand, of course, however lucky me and my over-thinking brain, I thought about, and imagined, what my eyeball looked like the ENTIRE time. FIRST, they lay you down on the creepy leather medical bed, inside of the freezing cold room with massive robot machines everywhere and people in scrubs and medical masks.

NEXT, is the insertion of the spectrum. Second of all, that is a major difference!

Five Postoperative Tips for LASIK Success

No joke, I have photo evidence because I made my mother film the whole thing. Such a nice mom I have. And now a laser beam is going to cut it open! As in, imagine seeing the color and swirls of your eye…from behind it. That was just the first step of the laser beam slicing my cornea open. Then I had to wait another hour probably a total of 10 seconds in real time for the next massive laser beam to come down and start laser-chopping the shit out of the inside of my eyeball.

As in, under the flap of my eye. Think about that one.

Five Postoperative Tips for LASIK Success | LasikPlus

After the second laser finished, the doctor proceeded to squirt cold liquid in my eyeball while gently smoothing the lens of my eye back down with a little spatula. This was around the time where my vision started coming back, so I got to watch the little spatula rub my freshly sliced eyeball, and almost passed out.

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  • The second eye with the PRK surgery was a lot less bad. Although my mom told me it took longer than the first eye, it felt a lot shorter, used a less painful spectrum, and only used one laser instead of two.

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