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Il genere pseudo-scientifico dissimulava fini moralistici: Con il nuovo genere pseudo-romanzesco, l'autore dissimula sotto la forma allettante della finzione narrativa fini medici, nella fattispecie profilattici. Forme di mercato e sistema finanziario. Spunti dalla testimonianza di Sylos Labini alla Commissione parlamentare di inchiesta sui limiti posti alla concorrenza nel campo economico.

Market structure and financial system. Suggestions from Paolo Sylos Labini. Full Text Available The article builds on the Proceedings of a Italian Parliamentary enquiry commission on competition, to examine the impact of different market structures on the financial system. The author focuses in particular on the evolution of the banking sector in Italy. Text of the speech given at the conference " Paolo Sylos Labini e la politica delle riforme", held at Sapienza University of Rome on 04 December , organized by the Accademia dei Lincei with Economia Civile.

The main character was an undercover agent of a Muslim empire, who watched Christians with contempt - and yet the book that pretended to be just a bunch of his letters, accidentally found and translated from Arabic by Marana, was a bestseller in late seventeenth- and then eighteenth-century Western Europe. The paper presents the fates of the work and discusses the reasons of its huge success.

Apart from the fact that the novel was written in a brilliant style, and published at the time when the ongoing Habsburg-Turkish war had triggered intensive interest in the Muslim East, one of these reasons was the fact that it was published in the time when in France a modern police force was created. Suggestions from Paolo Sylos Labi. Should the definition of "sleep hygiene" be antedated of a century? A historical note based on an old book by Paolo Mantegazza, rediscovered. To place in a new historical context the development of the concept of sleep hygiene. The article contains a historical note on the concept of sleep hygiene, developed in by Peter Hauri, who developed a set of sleep-promoting rules, considered the fundament for sleep-hygiene techniques.

Somnologists, unanimously ascribed to Hauri the fatherhood of the lucky term, while numerous books included at least a section on sleep hygiene. This article intends to demonstrate that the concept of sleep hygiene was developed many years before, thanks to the pioneering work of Paolo Mantegazza, a scientist and a professor in the Medical School of the University of Pavia, Italy. After presenting briefly the history of the University of Pavia and illustrating the profile of Paolo Mantegazza, the article presents the original book published by Mantegazza in second edition in The authors report extensive citations of Mantegazza's original book dealing with sleep hygiene.

Mantegazza's indications, compared with Hauri's rules show important similarities. The authors support the view that the fatherhood of sleep hygiene should be acknowledged to Mantegazza and antedated to Hauri keeps the merit of giving more solid scientific roots to the concept of sleep hygiene and of inserting it in the frame of modern sleep medicine. Why Should the baby live? The mass media have reported a strong controversy on this topic.

The meeting generated an interesting discussion on the main topics of bioethics, but left many unanswered questions. Auden est un livre absolument singulier. Volumi di Paolo Sommaiolo e Annamaria Sapienza. Review of the volume by P. Reflections of a Classical Economist.

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The author reports on the proceedings of two conferences in memory of Sylos Labini held in Rome, on 18 November at the Lincean Academy and on 4 December at Sapienza University. In his view, economic development and civil development interact in a circular manner in the long run. Accordingly, he provided policy suggestions that are not limited to the economic and industrial fields such as water supply projects, irrigation infrastructures, and investments for the creation of modern industries, but he also identified three priority areas of social policy: B31; A11; N14; A Full Text Available Un itinerario tematico che propone un tracciato innovativo fra letteratura, teatrodanza e fotografia.

This study aims to examine the geo system , the physiology and the geomorphology of the risk areas in public housing of Joao Paulo formation. This formation was built on a small plateau on a series of valleys, where are occupied by houses and passageways of different levels of infrastructure.

There is a predominance of a yellow soil with a high level of weathering as well as a little vegetation. These characteristics associated with high rainfall and lack of infrastructure contribute to generate different type of soils. Three very different cultural experiences were in play: This paper explores the migrant's complex displacement experiences, the insertion of the migrant into the new context and the conflicts of identity that this migratory process entailed.

We concentrate on the recent past, which has not been extensively researched. We present a number of specific cases to exemplify our analysis. Through them, we can see that memories refer to events, people and places from the three continents, through the conscious and unconscious construction of multiple identities. The impossible interview with the man of the hidden biological structures. Interview by Paolo Mazzarello. This paper presents an "impossible interview" to Professor Camillo Golgi, placed in time in December Both scientists have obtained the award for their work on the anatomy of the nervous system.

However, they have opposite views on the mechanisms underlying nervous functions. Golgi believes that the axons stained by his "black reaction" form a continuous anatomical or functional network along which nervous impulses propagate. After the ceremony, an independent journalist has interviewed Professor Golgi in the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Excerpts about his education, his main scientific discoveries, and his personal life are here given reconstructing the "impossible interview" on the basis of Golgi's original writings.

It is, however, a dream punctuated by contradictions and paradoxes, a dream which Pasolini will later abandon. Yet it is significant in the overall development of Pasolini's genre. The image of the city Sao Paolo — identity and crisis. Full Text Available Although Brazil is renowned worldwide for its fascinating 20th century modernist architecture, the ongoing contemporary architecture is increasingly moving away from former avant-garde and cosmopolitan ideals as well as physical form. The phenomenon of the neoclassical style is causing increasing revolt from representatives of the urban elite, the reasons being loss of aesthetic values, no knowledge of identity and hurt national pride.

Factors influencing choice of chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer mCRC. Management of metastatic colorectal cancer requires a multimodal approach and must be performed by an experienced, multidisciplinary expert team. The optimal choice of the individual treatment modality, according to disease localization and extent, tumor biology, and patient clinical characteristics, will be one that can maintain quality of life and long-term survival, and even cure selected patients.

This review is an overview of the different therapeutic approaches available in metastatic colorectal cancer, for the purpose of defining personalized therapeutic algorithms according to tumor biology and patient clinical features. Ricerca, tutela e valorizzazione del patrimonio archeologico: We publish here the speeches, reviewed by the authors, presented on the 7th of April at the workshop in honor of Claudia Giontella, dedicated to the social, cultural, political and economic challenges that archeology is called to face in this new century.

The first two speeches examine the Italian protection system in the light of some recent innovations: This is particularly true when attempting to identify the early works of a sculptor while the influence of his teacher was still strong. This article focuses on the Venetian sculptor Giovanni Bonazza Venice, — Padua, and attributes to him numerous new works both in marble and in wood, all of which are of uniform, high quality. This bust is the earliest known portrait piece sculpted by the twenty-five-year old artist. The marble relief depicting the head of the Virgin, in the hospice of Santa Maria dei Derelitti, ought to be dated to the s.

Bonazza is also the sculptor of the marble busts of the young St John and Mary from the library of the monastery of San Lazzaro on the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni in the Venetian lagoon, but also the bust of Christ from the collection at Castel Thun in the Trentino-Alto Adige region; they can all be dated to the s or the s. The article pays special attention to a masterpiece which has not been identified as the work of Giovanni Bonazza until now: Another work attributed to Bonazza is a large wooden gloriole with clouds, cherubs and a putto, above the altar in the Giustachini chapel in the church of Santa Maria del Carmine at Padua.

Lo que ha cambiado con el tiempo es la forma de proyectar. Respiratory function is mandatory for extrauterine life, but is sometimes impaired in newborns due to prematurity, congenital malformations, or acquired pathologies. Mechanical ventilation is standard care, but long-term complications, such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia, are still largely reported. Therefore, continuous medical education is mandatory to correctly manage devices for assistance. Commercially available breathing function simulators are rarely suitable for the anatomical and physiological realities.

The aim of this study is to develop a high-fidelity mechatronic simulator of neonatal airways and lungs for staff training and mechanical ventilator testing. The project is divided into three different phases: Amministrare lo studio dell'italiano: Ci si sofferma sullo stile di gestione di un ufficio pubblico in una situazione amministrativa atipica, esercitata su un territorio vastissimo a favore di un'utenza dislocata sul territorio in modo non omogeneo.

Full Text Available What do we know about money in Italy, since ? Results from new time seriesThe article reconstructs yearly time series of the main monetary aggregates for Italy. It extends extant literature by considering a longer time span covering from national unity to and more detailed disaggregation, as well as improve the quality of the series for the older period. Finally, the new series are used to estimate the long-run determinants of money demand. B14, E51, E52, E In this essay, we discuss words and images in sixteenth-century Venice in two forms: Our theoretical framework is the analysis of ideology as it is materialized in the making, wearing and representation of clothing.

We study three kinds of dress in Venice: Geriatric occupational therapy program created by a group of nurses as described by Paola D'Ovidio and Francesca Perego]. A group of women who assumed the role of providing an integration of the routine care of a nursing home through the activation of various laboratories from writing, to painting, to manual activities, to music , report on the criteria and the methodologies of their intervention, as well as the results obtained, over a period of three years, by giving a central place to the testimony of the "oldest old" population.

The narrative of this experience is proposed not only as a strategy which can be reproduced but also as a methodology of evaluation for a setting which could be hardly assessed with standardized instruments based on quantitative rules and scores. Also fahrt ab damit! Todestages von Pier Paolo Pasolini. Genau diesen 'ultimo giorno' verfilmt Abel Ferrara und setzt dabei eigene Akzente.

Sedimentologie and stratigraphic s aspects of conglomeratic sandstones belong to the channel between of the Pirambora and Botucatu formations mesozoic basin of Parana district of Sao Paolo Brazil. The interest of present study is concerned to the sedimentogenic characterization of fluvial conglomeratic sandstones that occur close to the top of Piramboia Formation. These deposits are interpreted as braided channel bar facies, deposited on alluvial fans at the border of desertic environment.

The sandstones are fine to coarse, with variable percentage of gravel. These are dominantly quart zones and median scale trough cross-bedded. In this Congress, oral presentations and posters are presented, for a total of scientific contributions. The Congress sessions with their relative number of papers are listed as follows: Animal breeding and genetics 87, Nutrition and feeding 57, Dairy production 40, Meat production 46, Animal welfare, Health and behaviour 37, Poultry and rabbit production 28 and Aquaculture I would like to point out that 4 main lectures will be presented in the Animal breeding and genetics and Nutrition and feeding sessions two in each, and that the Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura Agricultural Research Council, the Agricultural Ministery research agency, which took charge of organizing the Congress, will award a prize for the best work here presented by young researchers.

I would thank, first of all, Prof. I would also thank all the members of the Scientific Committee, dr. Riccardo Aleandri President, dr. Giacinto Della Casa and dr. Marisanna Speroni, and of the Organizing Committee, dr.

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Giovanni Lo Piparo President, dr. Giorgio Giraffa and dr. A special acknowlegment to Giacomo Pirlo, the real driving force organizing the Congress, a tireless and enthusiastic embroiderer of opportunities in scientific and. Efficacy of intravitreal dexamethasone implant for prostaglandin-induced refractory pseudophakic cystoid macular edema: Macular edema is a known complication even after uneventful cataract surgery. The chronic use of prostaglandin analogs is a risk factor for the development of pseudophakic cystoid macular edema CME.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs are considered first-line therapy but refractory postsurgical CME represents a therapeutic challenge, as there is not an evidence-based treatment. The results of this report need to be corroborated by powered, prospective, randomized trials. The need for repeated treatments as well as the retreatment interval in patients requiring more than a single injection are issues still needing further investigations.

Burkitt lymphoma in adolescents and young adults: Giovanni e Paolo , Venice, Italy Abstract: About one-half of all Burkitt lymphoma BL patients are younger than 40 years, and one-third belong to the adolescent and young adult AYA subset, defined by an age between 15 and 25—40 years, based on selection criteria used in different reports. BL is an aggressive B-cell neoplasm displaying highly characteristic clinico-diagnostic features, the biologic hallmark of which is a translocation involving immunoglobulin and c-MYC genes.

It presents as sporadic, endemic, or epidemic disease. Endemicity is pathogenetically linked to an imbalance of the immune system which occurs in African children infected by malaria parasites and Epstein—Barr virus, while the epidemic form strictly follows the pattern of infection by HIV. BL shows propensity to extranodal involvement of abdominal organs, bone marrow, and central nervous system, and can cause severe metabolic and renal impairment.

Nevertheless, BL is highly responsive to specifically designed short-intensive, rotational multiagent chemotherapy programs, empowered by the anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody rituximab. The challenges ahead concern the following: Uuest heliplaadist "Tchaikovsky, P.: Francesca di Rimini op. The CMS team celebrates the arrival of the "Tube". Antonio Maria Baggio ed. This is the revised version of a speech given at the conference " Paolo Sylos Labini e la politica delle riforme", held at Sapienza University of Rome on 04 December , organized by the Accademia dei Lincei and Economia civile.

Full Text Available Table of contents S1 Criteria for exercises selection in subjects with low back pain Alessandro Aina S2 Recent advances in pathophysiology and treatment of myofascial trigger points Marco Barbero S3 Rehabilitation of scapular dyskinesia Barbara Cagnie S4 Musculoskeletal rehabilitation in subjects affected by neurological disorders Elena Castelli S5 Which examination tests suggest the best candidates for manual therapy Chad Cook S6 Case study: From left to right: Pasolini fifty years ago: Reconfortante historia de las luchas laborales en los puertos del Caribe colombiano.

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Full Text Available Puertos, sociedad y conflicto en el Caribe colombiano, Sergio Paolo Solano de las Aguas. Veneetsia biennaali senine president Paolo Barratta ja biennaali komitee astusid tagasi. Cesare e le intercettazioni telefoniche. Full Text Available Pronto chi parla. Le intercettazioni telefoniche al tempo del fascismo, Milano, Mursia, , pp.

La poesia di Pasolini tra cinema e pittura. Generally influenced by North American pulp fiction writers and cinema - Pulp Fiction and American Psycho have been cited - the. Giovani Cannibali rather than emphasising their Aleko; Le Chevalier avare; Francesca da Rimini. DG 3 CD: Domain scientists use colormaps to visualize their data. These are useful for identifying areas of interest including Eddy Identification and Characterizing Currents.

New colormaps have been designed by visual artist Francesca Samsel. User studies have been implemented to determine whether or not these colormaps are an improvement.

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Intimate Encounters'' at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, imported from abroad for temporary exhibition Corrigendum to "Ocean acidification effect on prokaryotic metabolism tested in two diverse trophic regimes in the mediterranean sea" [Estuar. The correct list of authors is therefore as follows: Full Text Available The author, following the teachings and example of Paolo Sylos Labini, explores the social role of economists, underling how a useful economist is an ethically committed economist, who pursues the common good. Scaling Laws for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.

On the one hand, wireline networks like the Internet have grown from Migliore, and Paolo Minero. The capacity of wireless networks: Information-theoretic and physical limits. In Proceedings of the Why reforms had limited success in the sixties: Something going on in Milan: And last but not least, it is a golden chance for penniless PhD students to spend a couple of extra days visiting a foreign country this motivation will of course never be voiced to supervisors.

The conference is hosted and organised every year by one of the core institutes; the first was in Cambridge in , Amsterdam in and London in , this year was the turn of Milan. In addition to the core institutes, PhD students from several other high-profile institutes are invited to attend the conference. This represents a first step in widening the horizons beyond Europe into a global worldwide network of talented PhD students in life sciences. The conference spread over two and a half days Wednesday 19th to Friday 21st May and touched on a broad spectrum of topics: Use of oral contraceptives in the management of acne.

The pathogenesis of acne the most common disorder involving the sebaceous gland originates from increased sebum production by the sebaceous gland followed by colonization o Comparison of newer thermodynamical single-channel models with an experiment. The influences of the different models for under-cooled boiling Levy, Maroti and for slippage Bankoff, Bankoff-Jones, Armand on the characteristic of steam content could be determined by comparison of the computed and the measured values. Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Scleractinia , a new species of reef coral from the Red Sea.

This dataset contains the digitized treatments in Plazi based on the original journal article Bouwmeester, Jessica, Benzoni, Francesca , Baird, Andrew H. Det er fullt her inne!

systems evoluzione verso: Topics by

What is global theater? Full Text Available This piece summarizes some key historical points of connection between new media studies and performance studies, beginning with Marshall McLuhan's concept of telecommunications networks as constitutive of a global theater. In combination with Kurt Lancaster's and Francesca Coppa's theories of fan works as performances, the global theater model can yield new insights into the nature and purpose of Internet fan fiction and fan fiction archives.

Full Text Available The intention of this paper is to revisit two known inventories of the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes, written in at the time of the death of both Queen Elisenda of Montcada and the abbess, Francesca Saportella. The religious community, represented by the abbess Francesca Saportella, participated in the project, as did other noblewomen who accompanied the queen and the abbess in their objective. Front row from left to right: Both authors criticised neoclassical monetary theory highlighting the endogenous nature of money supply. However, they explained the sources of money supply differently, in view of their different approach towards the Classical, heterodox neoclassical and Keynesian traditions.

The analysis of both authors' works highlights the fecundity of a stage in Italy's economic thought that would seed into several promising developments. Sociologist and scholar of the Mezzogiorno. Full Text Available The article focuses on the sociological approach of Paolo Sylos Labini, describing the analysis of the Italian dualism that covers not only the economic but also the social and civic imbalances between North and South of the country.

Overexpression of gamma-tubulin in non small cell lung cancer. EB - Genetics ; Molecular Biology. Capability through Participatory Democracy: Sen, Freire, and Dewey. This paper explores possible important relationships and sympathies between Amartya Sen's Capabilities Approach framework for understanding the human condition and the educational ideas of John Dewey and Paolo Freire. All three focus on the importance of democratic values in a fair, well-functioning society, while Sen and Freire especially….

Health education as education of the oppressed. Without this active involvement, growth and development become quite impossible to attain. The Identity of Discord: The Paradoxical Discourse of Sperone L'umanista padovano Sperone Speroni scrisse il Dialogo della discordia tra il e il e lo incluse nella sua prima edizione dei Dialoghi, pubblicata a Venezia nel da Paolo Manuzio. In quest'opera Speroni critica la natura stessa della ricerca epistemologica e fenomenologica.

Come si dimostra in Journal of Biosciences Indian Academy of Sciences. Home; Journals; Journal of Biosciences. Articles written in Journal of Biosciences. Volume 42 Issue 4 December pp Article. Matematica dell Universita di Pavia, Italy. Full Text Available El pan y el circo.

A new approach to Franciscan political thought. The novels Luce profuga by Valerio Aiolli and La badante. Un amore volontario by Paolo Teobaldi are exceptions because they present migrants in a positive way and show that it is possible for some Italians to overcome their prejudices towards foreigners, and that the encounter with alterity can have positive This is not quite true, for the fifteenth-century Florentine astrono - mer Paolo Toscanelli recorded the night-to-night positions of several comets on Later in the nineteenth century, particularly with the development of telegraphic communication, more rapid.

Simple simulation schemes for CIR and Wishart processes. We develop some simple simulation algorithms for CIR and Wishart processes. The main idea is the splitting of their generator into the sum of the square of an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck matrix process and a deterministic process. Organization Name s and Address es Dip. From Self-Organized to Extended Criticality. Paolo Allegrini , Istituto di Fisiologia. Paolo Allegrini , Istituto di Fisiologia Clinica.

Lingua Franca Design and Integration Language. CRC Press , Taylor and. A new intelligent approach for air traffic control using gravitational Therefore, poor management of this congestion may lead to a lot of flight delays, increase of operational errors by air traffic control personnel Sisearhitekt Mari Koger, tema kommentaarid. Filmens migrasjon til en digital plattform.

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It rejects the idea The relational model is dead, SQL is dead, and i don't feel so good myself. Quotations from movies are used as a playful though effective way to convey the dramatic changes Veils, Caps and Hats: The Language of Headgear between the Enhanced recovery after surgery and video-assisted thoracic surgery lobectomy: The concept was introduced in the late s and was first adopted in patients undergoing open colorectal surgery. Since then, the concept of ERAS has been adopted by multiple surgical specialties.

Antiepileptic drug combination therapy remains an empirical second-line treatment approach in trigeminal neuralgia, after treatment with one antiepileptic drug or other nonantiepileptic drugs have failed. The results in three patients followed in our clinic are not sufficient to draw definitive conclusions, but suggest the possibility of developing this type of therapeutic approach further.

On the bridge over the translational valley of death: Per received his PhD in organic chemistry from Gothenburg University Sweden in , where he continued as a lecturer for a short time. After 1-year in-house trai Review of an interdisciplinary workshop. This critical review will explore the rationale for the event and its features, drawing on the organiser's views on inter-disciplinarity and communicating pure mathematics to a wider audience.

Leon Battista Alberti was an outstanding polymath of the fifteenth century, alongside Piero della Francesca and before Leonardo da Vinci. While his contributions to architecture and the visual arts are well known and available in good English editions, and much of his literary and social writings are also available in English, his mathematical works are not well represented in readily available, accessible English editions have remained accessible only to specialists. The four treatises included here - Ludi matematici, De Componendis Cifris, Elementi di pittura and De lunularum quadratura - ar.

Cost-effectiveness analysis of online hemodiafiltration versus high-flux hemodialysis. Data of cost-optimal solutions and retrofit design methods for school renovation in a warm climate. It reports the data related to the establishment of several variants of energy efficient retrofit measures selected for two existing school buildings located in the Mediterranean area.

In compliance with the cost-optimal analysis described in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and its guidelines EU, Directive, EU , [2], [3], these data are useful for the integration of renewable energy sources and high performance technical systems for school renovation. The data of cost-efficient high performance solutions are provided in tables that are explained within the following sections. The data focus on the describe school refurbishment sector to which European policies and investments are directed.

The two reference buildings differ for construction period, materials and systems. The eleven tables provided contain data about the localization of the buildings, geometrical features and thermal properties of the envelope, as well as the energy efficiency measures related to walls, windows, heating, cooling, dhw and renewables.

Output values of energy consumption, gas emission and costs are given for a. Sugli studi medievali e il mutamento digitale On the medieval studies and the digital change. This section includes three short papers - presented at the seminar on Medium-Evo. Gli studi medievali e il mutamento digitale Firenze, Medium-Evo.

Networks in Cell Biology. Transcriptional regulatory networks Sarath Chandra Janga and M. Rajagopala and Gerard Cagney; 5. Modeling protein interaction networks Francesco Rao; 6. Hierarchical modularity in biological networks: Signalling networks Gian Paolo Rossini; Appendix 1. Modelling the local structure of networks D. Higher-order topological properties S. Elementary mathematical concepts A. In recent years, a number of theorists have developed approaches to social cognition that highlight the centrality of social interaction as opposed to mindreading e.

There are important differences among these approaches, as I will discuss, but they are united by their commitment to the claim that various embodied and extended processes sustain social understanding and interaction I will then present an alternative and moderate version of interactionism, according to which the embodied and extended processes that interactionists emphasize actually complement mindreading and may even contribute as an input to mindreading Full Text Available Following a brief review of international asylum law The Geneva Conventions, and the role of American mental health professionals in the asylum process, this paper attempts to understand the ways in which the often trauma-creating custom of machismo is transferred across generations in Central American families.

In addition, without discussion, they present a positive image of him to the outside world, even when his behavior at home is brutal. To do otherwise would be humiliating. We publish thi paper also tranlated in italian by Francesca Tessitore Francesca Tessitore, Psychologist, PhD Student in Mind, Gender and Languages, her research fields are the processes of female immigration and motherhood at risk through a psychodynamic framework. Full Text Available To put into context the works of Colombine on cinema that are analyzed, the appearance of the first films projected in in Almeria, and the state of cinema in Madrid from to Two articles about Francesca Bertini written by Carmen de Burgos are analyzed as well as her novel La Mejor Film, written in , which offers a testament into how films were made at that time.

KM e "nuova" logica. Paolo Bisogno leaved many tracks that must be catalogued. We will try to outline here an operative and epistemologic layout of knowledge modelling and categorizing, helping us in understanding new knowledge boundaries of KM. Slovenske Elektrarne received the main Via Bona award for its complex and extraordinary approach to responsible business. Non-profit fund Pontis has been granting this award since to companies voluntarily contributing to the mitigation of negative trends and the improvement of positive business aspects beyond legislative requirements.

We won with our Energy for the Country programme. From Arawaks to Zombies. Or, how Afro-American anthropology got its start. Chronostatigraphy of limistone sequency of north Brazilian coast based on data from stronium isotope. The strontium isotope composition of marine limestones can be a valuable tool for stratigraphic correlation, in addition to other techniques usually employed for this purpose.


The technique can render particularly important in sequences where the fossil assemblage do not present good stratigraphic resolution. As examples, data from Mesozoic and Cenozoic limestone sequences of north Brazilian coast are here presented. Data on strontium isotope composition are compared to those obtained by De Paolo and Ingram in another geographic locations. Founded in Milan in by three artists, Paolo Rosa, Fabio Cirifino and Leonardo Sangiorgi, from the beginning they have opted for the collaborative team work, distancing themselves from the opinions of the critique and from the art market.

Characterized by a militant past Paolo Facchi, et al. Here, we give a criterion for the identification of maximally entangled four-qubit states. Using this criterion, we not only identify some existing maximally entangled four-qubit states in the literature, but also find several new maximally entangled four-qubit states as well. The aim of this article is to reveal, through a critical analysis of the discourse,how the leading football player Paolo Guerrero has been built up in differentsporting newspaper articles as a new national hero who is able to incarnate acertain archetypical value bravery , and introduce him as a lucky essence fromthe Peruvian national character.

Proposal should be directed to Dr. John Lavery Report Term: This work has resulted in the writing of a manuscript for the Journal. Sylos Labini recalls here his oligopoly theory, but he also extends his remarks to a full range of necessary structural reforms for Italy at the time. Accounting for intimate partner violence perpetration. A cross-cultural comparison of English and Brazilian male substance users' explanations. Abstract Introduction and Aims This paper describes how substance use features in the accounts of intimate partner violence IPV perpetrators in treatment in England and Brazil.

The aim of the research was to better understand cross cultural constructions of IPV perpetration amongst men in treatment for substance use. Design and Methods Semi? The first great Thai ruler to encourage the adoption of Western culture and technology was King Narai, and his enlightened attitude led to the rapid development of Thailand. King Narai also had a passion for astronomy, and he pursued this interest by allowing French Jesuit missionaries to set up a large modern well-equipped astronomical observatory in Lopburi Province between AD and This was known as the Wat San Paolo Observatory, and King Narai and the missionaries observed a total lunar eclipse on 10 December and a partial solar eclipse on 30 April These observations and others made at Wat San Paolo Observatory during the s marked the start of modern scientific astronomy in Thailand.

In this paper we discuss King Narai's scientific and other interests, the founding of the Wat San Paolo Observatory, the missionaries who conducted the astronomical programs, their instruments and their observations. We also describe the surviving ruins of the Observatory and their interpretation as a site of national scientific importance in Thailand. General background and approach to multibody dynamics for space applications. Multibody dynamics for space applications is dictated by space environment such as space-varying gravity forces, orbital and attitude perturbations, control forces if any.

Several methods and formulations devoted to the modeling of flexible bodies undergoing large overall motions were developed in recent years. Most of these different formulations were aimed to face one of the main problems concerning the analysis of spacecraft dynamics namely the reduction of computer simulation time. By virtue of this, the use of symbolic manipulation, recursive formulation and parallel processing algorithms were proposed. Another important issue which must be addressed carefully in multibody space dynamics is relevant to a correct choice of kinematics variables.

In fact, when dealing with flexible multibody system the resulting equations include two different types of state variables, the ones associated with large rigid displacements and the ones associated with elastic deformations. These two sets of variables have generally two different time scales if we think of the attitude motion of a satellite whose period of oscillation, due to the gravity gradient effects, is of the same order of magnitude as the orbital period, which is much bigger than the one associated with the structural vibration of the satellite itself.

Therefore, the numerical integration of the equations of the system represents a challenging problem. This was the abstract and some of the arguments that Professor Paolo Santini intended to present for the Breakwell Lecture; unfortunately a deadly disease attacked him and shortly took him. Mesoporous silica nanoparticles trigger mitophagy in endothelial cells and perturb neuronal network activity in a size- and time-dependent manner. Mesoporous silica nanoparticles MSNPs are excellent candidates for biomedical applications and drug delivery to different human body areas, the brain included.

Although toxicity at cellular level has been investigated, we are still far from using MSNPs in the clinic, because the mechanisms involved in the cellular responses activated by MSNPs have not yet been elucidated. This study used an in vitro multiparametric approach to clarify relationships among size, dose, and time of exposure of MSNPs 0. The results showed that 24 hours of exposure of endothelial cells to nm MSNPs exerted higher toxicity in terms of mitochondrial activity and membrane integrity than 30 nm MSN at the same dose.

The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation between human leukocyte antigen HLA haplotypes and the development of antidrug antibodies ADAs in a cohort of patients with rheumatic diseases. We evaluated the presence of ADAs in patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases after 6 months of treatment with anti-TNF drugs: This book contains the following six chapters: Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2: Full Text Available For a number of Italian writers the modem city has come to mean as much a style, a fractured syntax, a paratactic sign-system, as a physical construct with certain demonstrable boundaries.

In the works of such authors as halo Calvino and Francesca Duranti the crisis of reason is symbolized by indeterminate aleatory structures - such as the labyrinth or the chessboard - all of which can be considered variations on the theme of the modem city. The cities are both projections of their respective narrators and images that shape the reader's experience. By analysing the spatial structures of the narratives and by examining the use of space as a locus of fantasy this article shows how these novels chart cityscapes of the mind.

Academic freedom, public reactions, and anonymity. Academic freedom can be defined as immunity against adverse reactions from the general public, designed to keep scholars unintimidated and productive even after they have published controversial ideas. Francesca Minerva claims that this notion of strict instrumental academic freedom is supported by Ronald Dworkin, and that anonymity would effectively defend the sphere of immunity implied by it. Against this, I argue that the idea defended by Minerva finds no support in the work by Dworkin referred to; that anonymity would not in most cases effectively protect the kind of immunity sought after; and that in some cases it would not even be desirable to protect scholars from public reactions to their controversial claims.

Solutions to the new threats to academic freedom? In my commentary on Francesca Minerva's article 'New Threats to Academic Freedom', I agree with her contention that the existence of the Internet has given rise to new and very serious threats to academic freedom. I think that it is crucial that we confront those threats, and find ways to eliminate them, which I believe can be done. The threats in question involve both authors and editors. In the case of authors, I argue that the best solution is not anonymous publication, but publication using pseudonyms, and I describe how that would work.

In the case of editors, my proposal is a website that a number of journals would have access to, where papers that editors judge to be clearly worthy of publication, but whose publication seems likely to set off a firestorm of public and media protest, could be published without any indication of the journal that had accepted the paper for publication.

Analyzing task-based user study data to determine colormap efficiency. Domain scientists need colormaps to visualize their data and are especially useful for identifying areas of interest, like in ocean data to identify eddies or characterize currents. However, traditional Rainbow colormap performs poorly for understanding details, because of the small perceptual range. In order to assist domain scientists in recognizing and identifying important details in their data, different colormaps need to be applied to allow higher perceptual definition.

Visual artist Francesca Samsel used her understanding of color theory to create new colormaps to improve perception. While domain scientists find the new colormaps to be useful, we implemented a rigorous and quantitative study to determine whether or not the new colormaps have perceptually more colors. Color count data from one of these studies will be analyzed in depth in order to determine whether or not the new colormaps have more perceivable colors and what affects the number of perceivable colors.

This increase is further potentiated by RXR agonists. This observation suggests that PPARd may mediate some of the positive Thus, PPARd appears to be a central regulator of fatty acid metabolism as well The Origin of the Galaxy and Local Group. This volume contains the updated and expanded lecture notes of the 37th Saas-Fee Advanced Course organised by the Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy.

It offers the most comprehensive and up to date review of one of the hottest research topics in astrophysics - how our Milky Way galaxy formed. As designed by the SSAA, books in this series - and this one too - are targeted at graduate and PhD students and young researchers in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Lecturers and researchers entering the field will also benefit from the book. Gli archivi dell'Inquisizione in Italia: Roma, Archivio di Stato, 18 febbraio Full Text Available It includes the folowing essays: A dubious defense of 'after-birth abortion': Scholars have offered various critiques of Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva's controversial article, 'After-birth abortion: Why should the baby live?

First, Giubilini and Minerva argue from the deeply controversial to the even more controversial. Second, they presuppose a false view of personal identity called body-self dualism. Third, their view cannot secure human equality. And fourth, their account of harm cannot account for harm found in some cases of murder.

In the article, 'Pro-life arguments against infanticide and why they are not convincing', J. The origin of the galaxy and local group. As designed by the SSAA, books in this series — and this one too — are targeted at graduate and PhD students and young researchers in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Academic freedom and the professional responsibilities of applied ethicists: Academic freedom is an important good, but it comes with several responsibilities.

In this commentary we seek to do two things. First, we argue against Francesca Minerva's view of academic freedom as presented in her article 'New threats to academic freedom' on a number of grounds. Second, we identify some of the responsibilities of applied ethicists, and illustrate how they recommend against allowing for anonymous publication of research. Such a proposal points to the wider perils of a public discourse which eschews the calm and careful discussion of ideas. Digital ulcers DUs are a severe and frequent clinical feature of patients with systemic sclerosis SSc.

Moreover, poor patient cooperation during the wound care procedure due to pain may be associated with a negative outcome of DU healing. Therefore, pain management has a key role in patients with SSc. Such a therapy has provided pain relief and consequently an increased compliance during redressing wounds. Swift captures the spectrally evolving prompt emission of GRB The origins of gamma-ray burst GRB prompt emission are currently not well understood and in this context long, well-observed events are particularly important to study.

The high-energy light curve remained generally flat for several hundred seconds before going into a steep decline. Spectral evolution from hard to soft is clearly taking place throughout the prompt emission, beginning at s after the trigger and extending to s. We track the movement of the spectral peak energy, whilst observing a softening of the low-energy spectral slope. The steep decline in flux may be caused by a combination of this strong spectral evolution and the curvature effect. We investigate origins for the spectral evolution, ruling out a superposition of two power laws and considering instead an additional component dominant during the late prompt emission.

We also discuss origins for the early optical emission and the physics of the afterglow. The case of GRB clearly demonstrates that both broad-band coverage and good time resolution are crucial to pin down the origins of the complex prompt emission in GRBs.

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This paper is dedicated to the memory of Dr Francesca Tamburelli who died during its production. She is sadly missed. The current volume presents four chapters touching on some of the most important and modern areas of research in Mathematical Finance: The Paris-Princeton Lecture Notes on Mathematical Finance, of which this is the fifth volume, publish cutting-edge research in self-contained, expository articles from renowned specialists.

The aim is to produce a series of articles that can serve as an introductory reference source for research in the field. In this article, Pasolini wonders whether the novel is still a contemporary literary form or if it is rather something which belongs to the past. He concludes that, as long as the real retains its novelistic structure, the novel will not become outdated. But why did Pasolini pose the question of the novelistic in such a time in Italian history? Pasolini was compelled by the unde Costantino Sigismondi contributes with several works dealing with history of astronomy and observational astronomy, especially the one of variable stars with naked eye, for the great didactical value of such observations.

Tendenze interpuntorie in giovani narratori. The biggest investment in the history of Slovakia. Planned investment of Eur 2. The theory of employment: Una lettera a Sylos Labini. A letter to Sylos Labini. Une analyse des conflits dans les interactions entre institutrice et eleves d'une ecole maternelle. The aim was to examine how primary school children are affected in their development by: The author concludes that these factors lead to tensions in the classroom which could be avoided through a different approach to movement and space.

A journey in time and space through the solar system Farinella Prize Lecture. The evolution of the interiors, surfaces, and atmospheres of solid bodies in the solar system is affected by interplanetary collisions. From Mercury to the outskirts of the solar system, collisions with leftover planetesimals -asteroids, comets and their debris- provide a primary evolutionary process.

Impact craters mark this evolution and provide a diagnostic tool, which coupled with modeling and, when possible, sample analysis, allow us to unravel the ancient history of the solar system. In this prize talk, I will present a few selected cutting-edge research topics at the frontier between modeling and space exploration that without any doubt would have deeply interested the curious mind of Paolo Farinella. Progress in biogas II - Biogas production from agricultural biomass and organic residues.

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