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What Makes a Great Leader? 12 Key Elements of Leadership Success

How do they communicate? And what motivates them? If the management team is smartly dressed and punctual in the mornings, then this will encourage your staff to replicate this behavior. Being a good role model for your business is vital if you want your staff members to be as professional as you are. Lead by example in everything you do at work. It can be very difficult to reprimand a member of staff for something if you are a habitual offender.

In order to become a great leader, you have to understand your own attributes and limitations. Seeking continuous self-improvement means that you will be strengthening your own skill set and ensuring that you have the right skills to be an effective leader.

Find out why it is so important to take the time to self-reflect here. Being an effective leader also means you need to stay one step ahead of your team when it comes to technology that may impact your industry. Subscribe to industry blogs and read whitepapers that will help you keep up to date with technological advancements in your sector.

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It is imperative that you are in a position to make informed decisions quickly. By ensuring you are up to speed with good problem solving, decision making and planning tools, you will be in a position of strength to lead your team. As a leader, your team will look to you for guidance and inspiration and ways to take the business to new heights. When things go wrong, they will turn to you to take corrective and decisive action. Please enter your name here.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Train the Trainer December 14, Social Network Analysis December 13, Talent Management November 22, Forced Connections January 18, Click here to learn more about the additional benefits of becoming a BlueSteps member. Leadership and Team Building - Your key focus and you can never lose it. Team recognition is what matters and most of your time needs to be spent on this. Otherwise you will not be capitalizing on the full potential of your team and the organization will suffer as a result.

Leading Change - Is your team comfortable with change?

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The ability to be flexible as business conditions change is always a function of great leadership. Understanding and getting excited about new things is a hallmark of good teams.

You are the one who must create that excitement. Unleashing the Power of People - When you have built the right team you must let them run. Great teams never fear mistakes. Your job is to pick them up when they do; learn from them and then get better.

Inspiring Leadership, the five keys - ToolsHero

Are you empowering them or holding them back? Developing Leaders and Creating Opportunities - Leaders are not born.

It is your role to create them. Put your people in leadership positions whether it is a new project, an ongoing program or simply an idea. Find ways for them to lead. The skills they develop will reward the entire team tenfold.

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It might get you promoted too. Make sure you are attributing success to the team as well as to individuals. Putting people first is the key enabler of the best practices, processes and services that can separate your company from the pack. Energy generated from interpersonal relationships provides the fuel needed to optimize processes and excel service expectations. Develop a Vision and Set of Values - Involve the entire workforce in the development process. This will assure buy-in to where you are going and how you will get there.

Strategy means little if you do not have a vision of the future or why you need to get there.