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I wish it was a joke. But, in spite of Lara having the brain-power of a goldfish, the story was still a lot of fun. Dumb things can be pretty entertaining in their own way. View all 8 comments. I liked the story and I like Jack. Lara I didn't like. She made the story a 3 for me and she made me want to slap and shake her!

Apr 04, Yodamom rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 31, Julie jjmachshev rated it really liked it Shelves: I would categorize Kerrelyn Sparks' latest paranormal in her vampire series, "Secret Life of a Vampire" as one of the sweeter, yet still hot, in this whole series. Her hero is more Gamma than Alpha, her heroine is an ex-beauty queen turned cop, and there's not much blood spilled unless it comes from a glass. The vampires in this series are divided into two camps; Malcontents who want to rule the world and feed from humans at will, and the good vamps who feed off bottled blood and battle the Malco I would categorize Kerrelyn Sparks' latest paranormal in her vampire series, "Secret Life of a Vampire" as one of the sweeter, yet still hot, in this whole series.

The vampires in this series are divided into two camps; Malcontents who want to rule the world and feed from humans at will, and the good vamps who feed off bottled blood and battle the Malcontents. Even though this same good vamps vs bad vamps has been done over and over, Sparks adds enough twists to distinguish her series from the rest.

This story begins at a wild vamp bachelor party that gets raided by a pair of cops due to the noise of the bagpipes. Yes, I said bagpipes. The humor in this series isn't just in the dialogue. I mean kilt wearing, sword-bearing, sexy vampires in New York City? Be still my heart. Anyway, my enjoyment of this series is its refusal to bow to the popularity of the more serious and darker vein couldn't resist of stories that currently abound.

Fun and funny, sweet yet with enough heat to satisfy most romance readers, I confess to being hooked. Sep 15, Julianna rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of Lighter Paranormal Romance. Recommended to Julianna by: I simply saw a few weaknesses that were just enough to knock it down a star. So when it came time to decide on a rating, I did waffle a little. I always got the impression of him as the smooth-talking Italian Casanova, and he actually is a Casanova, being the illegitimate son of the legendary lover.

From the moment he first sees Lara, Jack is very attracted to her and jumps in with both feet, trying to seduce her. I also love his protective nature and how he drives himself to find the bad guy to keep Lara safe. He also lost his first love and had two other women he loved reject him when they found out he was a vampire.

Because of these things, Jack could have been a tortured hero like I felt some of the other heroes have been at least to some extent , but instead his backstory seemed to be glossed over. Lara is a former Southern beauty queen turned New York City cop, which was an interesting dynamic that I would have loved to see explored a little more deeply. But around that same time, she was in a car accident that seriously injured her, causing some brain damage from which it took a while for her recover.

During that time, she determined that if she could make a full recovery, she was going to do something meaningful with her life. After he admits that there are others out there like him, they start working together to find the bad guy before more women are kidnapped. During that time, they come up with all manner of things such alien, bionic man, android, mutant superhero, but never once does vampire cross their minds even though all of his characteristics point to it, which made them seem a little dense.

Her reactions just seemed inconsistent to me. Just like with most of the other books in the series so far, there were a number of notable secondary characters, some of whom already had their own books or get their own books in the future. As always, Phineas Wanted: Undead or Alive cracks me up. Phil, the wolf shifter who becomes the hero of the next book, Forbidden Nights with a Vampire , assists Jack with his investigation into the disappearance of the girls, while seeming to be hiding a few secrets of his own.

Apollo, the main villain of the story who is kidnapping the girls, not surprisingly has connections to the evil Casimir, leader of the Malcontents and mortal enemy of all the good vampires. I thought both of these ladies showed some promise as possible future main characters. It looks like Roman may have a place for Sarah in his organization, but unfortunately neither of the women become heroines of their own stories, which is slightly disappointing. Overall, Secret Life of a Vampire was an enjoyable story and if the characterizations had been built up just a little more, I probably would have liked it even better.

Another thing that could have been improved a bit is the humor aspect. This series tends to be a little more lighthearted, and several of the previous books had me in stitches at some points. She was OK with the possibility of him being any of those other things she speculated about, but not with him being a vampire, which seemed a little overblown. Otherwise, Jack is a lovable and sexy hero, and while Lara had a few weaknesses, she became more likable as the story progressed, so Secret Life of a Vampire ended up being a good book anyway.

El final muy bonito aunque haya habido veces que he querido golpear a los protagonistas por cabezones. Dec 28, Teresa Kleeman rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. He's the son of Casanova. He's the perfect man in Lara's mind, but she knows he's hiding something. The story starts out with Jack or other wise known as Giacoma di Venezia, and friends are at a elite upscale hotel in New York celebrating Ian McPhie's upcoming wedding by throwing him a bachelor party. Even stuffy Lazlo is in on the partying but he gets sick.

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The party gets a little loud and the NYPD is called in. Officer Henry and Officer Lara Boucher are called to find out about the disturbance. This is where is starts to get good. Phang or the Love Doctor puts it so descriptively. Jack takes one look at Lara and is instantly attracted to her. He thinks she looks like a woman who should be walking runways instead being in Uniform. Everybody leaves Jack to clean up the mess at the Hotel room. Did I mention that the room looks like someone has been killed there because of the bleer and other drinks mixed with blood that are spilled on the floor and chairs.

There was even blood splatter on the wall where one of the Scottish Vamps sliced himself to become blood brother to everyone in the room. When the police step in they see Lazlow on the floor covered in blood and immediately they think Jack stabbed him. I must say you need to read this book to see how every thing turns out.

Jack is so hot. I just love Italian men, or Bohemian, or Mediterranean men. Okay need to go now. Getting a little sidetracked. Happy New Year everyone. Still yet another good story. I think I am liking where this went. Never expected this Apollo thing. I was not too keen on this girl Lara. Supposedly tough, but just not a bad girl tough cop like she should be. Just an annoying curly haired red head who nags Jack for answers and figures out she's in love with him when she's in trouble.

It's almost like this story was walking up a steep hill Still yet another good story. Yep, and then we get somewhere in the last 50 pages of a something book And he is afraid of the Po-Po because he has outstanding warrents from his prevamp days. Dude on the cover sucks! Just my 2 cents Covers that don't fit "bug the ever livin' crap" out of me I was even skipping the boring filler BS that often comes with some of this class of book. I am on a reading roll. Umm he isn't in this series.

Sooo I have to finish this series to prevent crossover. Jul 12, Hbeebti rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the story of Jack Casanova and Lara. So this one was not about the action and the bad Vamps called The True Ones. In fact they weren't in here at all. Also the Stake Out team was M. Which is why it was small on the action side. Overall this book was just too funny. There were so many time that I was just cracking up. One of my faves was in the beginning for the bachelor party and the police arrive. Enough said, the ring stuck in the panties part OMG that was the best and last but not least the part at the end with Hades.

Cant say more cause it would ruin it. So Lara is a cop and teams up with Jack to help find the missing collage girls. They fall for each other pretty quickly with Connor being kinda grumpy and saying that his friends have lost their minds. There is a lull in the relationship of about a month so even though they fall and fall hard they are apart. But when they get to the lovin it was so sweet then just great. At some point we get to meet some Gods, yep I believe Apollo is there along with Hades and some others.

This part is funny and I truly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading Robbies. Jan 11, Sana Zameer rated it liked it Shelves: I liked Jack but Lara and her friend was super boring. It was a fun, vampy adventure full of laughs and heated romance.

Secret Life of a Vampire

Things become even more disastrous when police officer Lara Boucher shows up demanding to have a look inside the blood splattered hotel room. Jack, illegitimate son of Casanova, is a vampire who has spent his life—and death—determined not to be his father. If his past relationships with humans has taught him anything, she will run for her life if she ever learns the truth. However, his past regrets do not stop him from flirting with her at every opportunity.

Jack was so adorable!. He is gentlemanly, old-fashion, and surprisingly naughty. The contrasts in his personality made him an entertaining hero, and I fell hard for the big romantic. These two were so fun together! Her stubborn quest for the truth made for some hilarious, somewhat cringey scenarios. It got pretty ridiculous but Lara is one hard to resist heroine and she never gave up. She was quite the quirky heroine and I loved her for it!

Oct 26, Melinda rated it liked it. Not the book, I bought the book. I had to so I could read it. It just did not work for me. They met each other briefly a few times and they are already in love with each other? He will just erase their memories and be done with it except that one of the police officers, Lara Boucher, is immune to mind control so he cannot erase her memory. Lara thinks Laszlo has been injured and calls an ambulance. When she sees her partner and the paramedics leave without helping Laszlo, she has more questions than answers but she has no choice but to also leave.

She is flabbergasted when she gets to her patrol car and her partner has no memory of even going into the hotel where the party had been. She returns to the hotel the next morning and all records of the party are erased. The hotel records show that the room where the party was held had not even been rented the night before. He said that he heard bagpipes and even something that sounded like a sword fight.

Lara decides to investigate further. She figures that the bachelor party was for a Scottish groom since there were bagpipes involved so she crashes all three of the weddings listed in the Newspaper with grooms who have Scottish surnames looking for Jack. She finds him at the last one. When she discovers that the minds of a few college girls may have been erased, she enlists the help of Jack to help her discover who kidnapped a college girl from campus.

Lara knows that Jack has the ability to control minds except for her own, he has super strength and speed and he can teleport. She thinks he may be over two hundred years old also. She makes out with him and even teleports to his palace in Venice for a romantic evening where the caretakers and a priest tell her what a wonderful man Jack is. When she finally discovers that he is a vampire, she rejects him and tells him to go away. Vampires can be good guys. I just had a hard time with her immediate rejection of him. I had a harder time believing Jack was in love with Lara after only spending maybe a total of twelve hours in total with her.

It seemed more like lust instead of love.

Italian Children's Stories

After the poop hit the fan and Lara is in big trouble so she needs Jack to save her, she decides that she can accept Jack for who he is. Wow, that was convenient. Even though I did not like Lara and I thought the romance was forced, I enjoyed the book. The story of the kidnapped girls and what happened to them was intriguing. The humor is the main reason I started reading this series. There were also the side stories and the character building of some of the background characters who may end up having their own romance featured in a book.

The next book is Forbidden Nights with a Vampire. I have it downloaded and ready to go. Apr 11, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it really liked it Shelves: Giacomo "Jack" di Venezia is the only son of the famous Casanova - much to his annoyance. He doesn't consider himself a lady's man and doesn't want to be one. Now an investigator for MacKay Security and Investigations that would be vampire security and investigations , he's tried to follow his heart in the past and only been burned. A chance meeting with a beautiful NYPD officer who's called to a vampiric bachelor party because of the noise and sword fighting has him in turmoil: Without honesty in a relationship, how can she trust him?

But he's learnt from experience that telling the truth will have Lara run screaming away from him. They're thrown together to investigate a case of missing red-haired girls from university campuses; the altered memories of the witnesses leads Jack to discover that a vampire calling himself Apollo is behind the disappearances, who's using mind control to hide his tracks. The police don't know anything about vampires of course, but they do see Lara with her reddish-blonde hair: She agrees to go undercover, but Jack will do anything to stop her from putting herself into the hands of a Malcontent: This cover makes me giggle.

I like the mock-diary look, with the pretty border and lock, and the gold on blue is nice. But the model, oh dear. I can't look past the weird beard shadow he's got going, or the slightly dopey look on his face. Not how I imagined the main character!

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  • The Undead Next Door.
  • The fake tattoo is pretty tacky, too. This is only the second book in the series I've read, after 3 Be Still My Vampire Heart , which I didn't entirely enjoy - mostly because the heroine, Emma, annoyed me. Thankfully, Lara is a much more enjoyable and sympathetic protagonist.

    The Italian Vampire , Short Story | Write4Fun

    She doesn't over-react about things, she's not stubborn, and she's not in denial. She's pretty straight-forward, but not boring. Jack was even more straight-forward, but endearing. He didn't have the arrogant macho thing going that so many of the male vampire heroes have in these books. Makes for a nice change. The pacing was good, especially considering nothing much really happens until towards the end: There's a lot of humour here and it had me laughing aloud a few times. For a quick, fun read, Sparks is right up there with Lynsay Sands and Kresley Cole - though Cole is by far the best of the paranormal romance writers, in my fangirly opinion.

    Mar 05, Alexa Ayana rated it liked it. Punya bokap playboy ternama tentu aja jadi beban tersendiri buat Jack. Tapi ketika seorang polisi cantik yang kebal hipnotis sangat gigih mengejarnya untuk membongkar semua rahasia hidup Jack, apakah akhirnya vampire italia beraksen Inggris yang super seksi ini akan menyerah? Yah, buku yang satu ini masih memakai pakem dan formula yang sama dengan buku-buku sebelumnya dari seri ini. Karakter Jack yang gentleman, seksi dan super menawan emang khas hero novel idaman tapi terasa "tawar" untuk selera Punya bokap playboy ternama tentu aja jadi beban tersendiri buat Jack.

    Karakter Jack yang gentleman, seksi dan super menawan emang khas hero novel idaman tapi terasa "tawar" untuk seleraku. Pasangannya juga ga ada perbedaan dari gadis-gadis manusia mate karakter lain. Konfliknya juga masih itu-itu juga jadi so far yang satu ini tidak terlalu istimewa dan tak memorable bagiku. Dec 16, Marla rated it really liked it Shelves: I like these light, sexy stories, but they are definitely chicklit.

    I appreciate all these vampires wanting to make honest women of their female consorts, but they seem to move from love at first sight, to sex, to marriage in a matter of days or at most weeks. Also, all the humans and vampires are beyond beautiful, what about just normal women, Heather was a little plumper than svelte but she was very insecure. Aug 25, Soraia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Giacomo di Venezia, or Jack to his friends, is a two hundred year old vampire who's throwing a bachelor party for Ian at the Plaza.

    What he hadn't considered was the fact that a bunch of vampires drunk on Blissky would make a mess of the hotel suite, leaving blood stains all over the place. Even the police was called after the noisy event. Not a problem for Jack who can control minds easily, so you can imagine his surprise when the cops arrive and Officer Boucher is the most beautiful woman he's Giacomo di Venezia, or Jack to his friends, is a two hundred year old vampire who's throwing a bachelor party for Ian at the Plaza.

    Not a problem for Jack who can control minds easily, so you can imagine his surprise when the cops arrive and Officer Boucher is the most beautiful woman he's seen and seems completely immune to his mind tricks. Secret Life of a Vampire is a great addition to Love at Stake. The book is funny, romantic, entertaining and sweet. Jack, the vampire Casanova, is charming and witty, while Lara is easy to like and fun to follow through the story.

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    Their conversations bring a fast paced intelligent humor, full on innuendos that got me laughing out loud. Same for Lara's interactions with LaToya, her best friend. When he took a bite of the garlic bread, however, he gagged, choked, and ran to the bathroom with his eyes watering. He spat it out and let the food go cold on his coffee table. A few hours later, while sprawled on his couch trying not to feel sad and hungry, he decided to finally straighten the crooked cross on his wall — a gift from his mother, wrought from sparkling bronze.

    But when his fingers tightened round the cool metal, he yelped and jerked back at the burning sensation. Thought very hard about everything that had been happening for the past few days. The weird girl who had bit him. The aversion to sunlight, garlic, and crosses. Was he a… vampire? He blinked, tried to feel shock, but all he could muster was annoyance.

    He groaned and fell back.