How to Stop Addiction with Biblical Principles Course (Courses Book 5)

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Product details File Size: July 23, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Write a 3 page paper expanding on one of the complex problems discussed in this book. Use the Bible and additional counseling books on this topic. Cite at least 3 additional references.

Write 5 page paper applying one of the biblical models presented in this book to a particular client and problem. Although reporting on work with an actual client is encouraged keeping the identity confidential , the student may discuss how they would apply this model to his or her own life or to helping a friend. For graduate credit, students are required to write an additional 5 page paper developing a new model not discussed in this book. Find another biblical story, identify the psychological problem, and apply types and shadows interpretation to develop a model on how to counsel that problem.

Understanding Addictions (from the book Transformation)

Take the open book test which will be E-mailed to you when you have completed the papers. We must love without enabling, show mercy without excusing, and offer help without condescending. Can a Christian, in good conscience, partake of the art made by a man or woman who regularly chooses to abuse controlled substances? We enjoy the art of gossips, braggarts, gluttons, and rebels all the time.

Why should this specific sin be any different? Personally—and it is a very personal choice—I choose to abstain from art, music, or cinema that openly glorifies sin. At least, I make an effort to do so. How do you think Christians ought to respond to the rising tide of drug addiction, and drug related death?

Tell us in comments. Learn what the Bible says about this and other issues with the free Faithlife Study Bible app. Download it today from your app store of choice. Perhaps of interest on the idea of hate the sin but love the sinner, or how any other variant of this is stated:. To the first, therefore, it should be said that charity does not require actual communication in divine life; it is enough that the communication exist in potency, since what is in potency already in a certain way is.

To the second, it should be said that we ought to hate in evil people that according to which they are unlike us and ought to do all in our power to destroy it. To the third, it should be said that, while evil people do not rejoice in the same things right now, still it is possible that they may come to rejoice in the same things the good rejoice in. For this reason, the Philosopher says in Ethics IX that friendship should not be immediately broken off with one who, having been good, becomes evil, but on the contrary we should help such ones recover the good of virtue even more than we would help them recover lost temporal goods.

To the fourth, it should be said that while evil people do not actually return love right now, nevertheless they are naturally capable of returning love, especially in the future life; and it is the sharing of that life that charity especially takes into consideration. Hence returning love for love can certainly take place, even among those who were never acquainted with each other in this life. Thomas Aquinas, On Love and Charity: Readings from the Commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard, trans.

The Catholic University of America Press, , — Note at reference it states: The Catholic University of America Press, The concept predates Gandhi, even if not phrased as we have all heard. He might have popularized it, but he is not the source.

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You have absolutely no idea what addiction is. You have no clue what the latest scientific literature has to say about the brain of an addict. You sound much more like a Pharisee than a Christian. Read Romans 7 for goodness sake. Paul was not evil but he obviously had some sort of addiction or struggle with sin to a point where he called himself unspiritual.

I believe in my God, my love, my faith has never been so strong I grew up in the church, baptized confirmed married. He wants us to color outside the lines learn grow be adventurous make mistakes and however we get there is how we get there as long as we do. I full heartedly know that he loves me and has a plan for me. I do not feel bad for my path because it is leading me to him. It might be slower longer or even wrong to you but its my relationship with my God and I have only ONE judge and it is him.

I also attend church regularly. I bring the word of God to those who might not know him. He lives in me and through me all around meal of us.

A Christian Response to Drug Addiction | Faithlife Blog

I have never-ending love and faith in him and for him. You are absolutely right in saying that drug addiction is sin and we should call it just that, without excuses or justifications. Yet as Christians, our response should not be so narrow as to just address it and send love from a distance while abstaining from various things. Drug addiction has become a massive epidemic. But all of this falls back on the mere fact that it is a sin issue. If you are to address this as sin issue, you must treat it as any other sin issue: Jesus lived a perfect and sinless life.

He who knew no sin became sin on the cross, taking the wrath of God upon Himself, and died for us. He rose again on the third day. It's by His blood alone that we can be saved from an eternity in hell.

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It's also by His blood alone that we can be freed from sin and be kept free from sin. This is the only hope that anyone with any kind of sin can possible hold onto. We need to be preaching this message to people who are bound by drugs or any other addictions.

Dear Ray and all others reading this post: I am sorry to say that your post did not reflect the love that Christians are commanded, and in my opinion, should feel and show, even without the commands to love. While I disagree with the medical field that it is disease, I recognize that not all partakers are willing. And who is to say our sin is better? These are the people that Jesus died for. What are doing for His beloved? Anyway, if you look up my website, you will see many Biblical messages addressing major mental illness though not addiction, as I suffered schizophrenia and its treatment for 28 years as an atheist before coming to faith in Messiah.

I Am Struggling with Pornography and Need Help. What's My First Step?

God continues to work miracles in our lives today, and has prophetic messages for the saints in these end times. I remain your recovered fellow servant of the Lord, michael k http: I was an addict for 36 years. I woke the day of my birthday to a miracle. God came to me in several ways no appearances lol. I am to bring to the world a medium of communication between christians and addicts. A translator if you will.

Biblical Answers for Addictions

So you tell me please — Why would God choose someone like me to deliver a message? Remember — I was one of the worlds biggest non believers ……. I have been a believer in Christ for many years. I have been watching my beautiful 32 year old son suffer horrendously from meth and heroin addiction for years now.

He comes to my home because I will listen to him, give him a hug, comfort, a warm meal and a bed for the night. I also tell Jesus loves him dearly and I often pray with him when he so desperately needs it. My son died once from an overdose, but praise God, brought him back again! Michael Khan, I am so grateful for your reply. You sound more like a Christian and less like a Pharisee. Everyone struggles with some sin in their lives that is no better an addict.

How to Stop a Porn Addiction with Biblical Truth and the Power of the Holy Spirit

Yet they see themselves as above the addict. Thank you for extending grace and hope for the addict who suffers. You are right as well as everyone else who spoke their input. We all have a choice in life. The amazing part is we will have testimonies to help other people. Sometimes I feel like we are living in hell. I was raised in the church yet I steadily put other things before God therefore I relapse. You have to wake and bake with God all day. The Bible is our wisdom and knowledge. What comes to mind is the phrase, "in the world, not of it. What would it look like to reach out to those who are currently struggling with addictions and send them a note via facebook, twitter, even snail mail to their agents just letting them know that regardless of what they've done or continue to do, they already have the approval, acceptance and love of Christ.

This has motivated me to do this very thing. I have been personally touched by alcoholism and drug addiction. But the Lord showed me grace and forgiveness. I can tell you one thing: Listen intently to that person…everything they have to say…before you sit in judgement on them. Do you have any idea how much Jesus loves you?

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The hole that most addicted people talk about can only be filled by God, or should I say, the Holy Spirit. Can I get an Amen? God believes everyone is a person of worth. No one is better than, worth more.

Sorry to get stuck on one sentence of a pretty good argument but…. God loves us we are all sinners and should stop pointing and criticizing. God called me to evangelize to drugs addicts. First i thought its crazy but i obeyed. I usually go where they meet and talk to them. I have witnessed Jesus change them. The abstinence thing is about, for me anyway, what do I fill my mjnd with, their song and art are from a place of sn, so it will not glorify God, AND.