How to Build A Straight Set of Stairs

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This is going to be your best friend and if you do not have a framing square and you're planning on building a set of stairs, get one. The framing square will be used for square cuts and stringer layout. Construction Tips - If you're building an exterior stairway, make sure that you use galvanized or stainless steel, nails, building hardware or screws. If you're going to paint the stairway, then you could zink coated nails, but I've had problems with them rusting, in the past.

Safety Advice - I learned this lesson, from a framing contractor, when I was 18 years old. He would make everyone, who worked on his projects, clean the job up at the end of every day. In the beginning, I moaned and groaned and complained like everyone else, but after a while, I realized that this master carpenter and wise contractor, was right. What Type Of Stairs - We are only going to cover three types of stairs, in this section of our free stair building section of this website, even though you could use this information to figure out how to build almost any type of stairway.

Building Wooden Stairs

Straight Stairs - Consider yourself lucky, if you're planning on building a Straight set of stairs, because it's usually going to be the simplest stairway, you can build. They're actually the most common staircase, built all over the world. Stairway With Landing - The biggest problem most stair builders have, including professional stair builders, with building stairs with landings is locating the landing, in the right spot.

Even I, experienced difficulties when I was younger, locating the landing, in the exact spot and that's why I'm sharing this information with you. Bottom Platform Stairs - If my total stair rise is 49 inches and I have seven risers with six steps, one of those steps will represent the bottom platform. If I divide seven into 49 inches, it will provide me with seven, 7 inch risers, for my stairway.

Measuring Staircase - It's not uncommon to have an architect or building designer provide you with incorrect measurements. If you're stairway doesn't meet local building codes and could create construction problems, then you should contact your architect, engineer or contractor, for more information. How Many Steps - The first thing we need to do to figure out how many steps were going to need, by measuring the distance, on the ground or floor, from the beginning, to the end of the staircase.

How Many Risers - Lets pretend like you have a total stair rise of 49 inches. The first thing I like to do is divide a measurement between 7 and 8 inches into the total stair rise. I can see that 7 is going to divide in the 49, perfectly, so let's use the number seven. Total Staircase Run - The stair run is going to be the horizontal distance measured from the first step at the bottom of the stairs, to the last step at the top of the stairs. This measurement can usually be taken on the ground and laid out accordingly. Total Rise - Like I mentioned earlier, double check these measurements and make sure that everything is working out perfectly and you understand everything that you're doing.

The total stair rise is the vertical distance between floors. The illustration above should provide you with an excellent example. Stair Construction Calculator - A calculator is usually going to be a stair builders best friend. I built a lot of stairs and always had a calculator in my truck or access to one. Calculators can save you a lot of time and when you're building anything, including stairs.

How To Build Stairs - Free Installation Advice

Stair Formulas - There are all kinds of different stair formulas, but we're going to focus on some of the simpler ones, so that we don't overwhelm your building skills. If you have a problem with basic math, you could have a problem with these basic math formulas and should plan on getting some assistance. Planning - Draw the stairway out on a piece of paper and double check all of your measurements. Once you have created the perfect plan and actually built the stairway, in your mind, you won't believe how easy the rest of the project will be to construct.

Can You Build It - Don't plan on someone else building your stairs, if they don't want to.

This individual wanted me to convince their husband that they could build a set of stairs, but it didn't take me long, to realize that her husband had no interest in working on the weekends or any other time that he wasn't at work. Stairway Design - Sometimes this will provide you with a mental picture of what the stairway is going to look like.

Building Wood Stairs - How to Build A Wooden Staircase

Measure horizontally where the steps are to land with the understanding that you need a minimum of three feet of clear space before any obstructions to the direction of travel. The use of a Construction Master calculator is much faster and accurate than a regular calculator.

Until this point not much work seems to have been done, but without the proper planning and adherence to building codes we could never get to the next step. It is now time to set the stair stringers in place. Set the two outside ones first, glue and nail them securely thru the backside of the hanger board. Once the two outside ones are in place set the center one. Some carpenters cut the bottom stringer around a 2 X 4 kick board but I usually just glue and nail a 2 X 4 in between the stringers. We need thirteen of them cut to the proper length. How to Build Stairs to Home.

Building Stairs

Math Used in Carpentry. Build Stairs Stair Calc Portable. Floor Framing Sill Plates. Learn How to Build Stairs In order to advance your carpentry career you should learn how to build stairs. Saw the 2x4 and secure it to the bottom edge of the stringer. Repeat this for one other stringer.

These help toimprove the strength of the stringers and reduce "bouncyness" in the staircase as a whole. Use the framing nails to secure everything. The ply-wood is used to attach the stairs to the deck. Secure the sheet of ply-wood to the top end of the stringers. The two outside stringers are nailed straight with the edge of the ply-wood while the third stringer is in middle of the sheet. Simply nail through the ply-wood into the face of the stringers using framing nails. Now take the 45inche 2x6 and nail it in between the bottom of the outside stringers.

The 2x6 will fit into the notch cut into the center stringer. This provides the right spacing for the bottom of the stairs and secures them to the pad. Move the stairs into their final position. When the stairs are positioned correctly nail through the ply-wood into the side of the deck. Use some 3" concrete nails to secure the 2x6 spacer to the concrete pad. Cut the 8 - 8' 2x6's in half, be sure to cut them square.

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Starting at the bottom of the stairs, start placing the 2x6 stair treads. Simply center them on the stringers and use some 3"deck nails to attach them. You can also use an exterior adhesive to assure that they don't move. He has helped hundreds of individuals improve their wood working skills. Visit his site at http: Please share this page with others, and leave a comment, we value all feedback! Was this page useful? Do you have something to add? If your comments meet our guidelines then we will publish them you do not need to register!

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