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He explains why raw food is sometimes bad for you; and how hot, spicy foods can mitigate against damp and cold. Packed with easily-adaptable recipes and useful tips, this book is your indispensible guide to eating well, wherever you are. In her trademark style, Mary Roach investigates the beginning, and end, of our food, addressing such questions as why crunchy food is so appealing, how much we can eat before our stomachs burst, and whether constipation killed Elvis. Structured around seven emotional centres, which mirror our chakra system, Louise and Mona Lisa examine the connections between these centres and the body.

Drawing on years of research, they explore probable mental causes for the physical manifestation of illness associated with each centre, and then lay out how to address these health concerns. They provide real-world examples of people who faced illness and outline the specific emotional and physical prescriptions that helped them heal. The curse of lovely: This might mean some or all of the following: Many people would like to be known as lovely, but for a growing number of people it can feel like a curse.

They feel unable to put their own needs before those of everyone else, and feel that changing this is not an option. This book shows readers how to break the curse of lovely to live a more complete, fulfilling life. The difference you make: In everything we say and do, we are influencing those around us.

What if we became more aware, more intentional, and more strategic about our own influence? Well, we might just change the world. Using personal stories from his own life and the lives of others, Williams shows readers the difference between influence and manipulation, how to influence others through both words and deeds, and ultimately how to change the world for the better, one relationship at a time. This book will inspire readers to build a positive legacy in the lives of others and take the role of influencer to heart.

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Each chapter includes questions and ideas for personal reflection and practical application, and can be used to guide group discussions as well. In Decisive, best-selling authors Chip and Dan Heath draw on decades of psychological research to explain why we so often get it very badly wrong — why our supposedly rational brains are frequently tripped up by powerful biases and wishful thinking.

At the same time they demonstrate how relatively easy it is to avoid the pitfalls and find the best answers, offering four simple principles that we can all learn and follow. In the process, they show why it is that experts frequently make mistakes. They demonstrate the perils of getting trapped in a narrow decision frame. Drawing on case histories as diverse as the downfall of Kodak and the inspiring account of a cancer survivor, they offer both a fascinating tour through the workings of our minds and an invaluable guide to making smarter decisions.

A slap in the face: Other people inflict them on us, sometimes blatantly but more often subtly. On some occasions, we are delighted to be on the receiving end of these insults: On other occasions, though, an insult can cause us pain so intense that even years later, we will find ourselves experiencing insult flashbacks. We are also the source of insults. Some of them are consciously inflicted, but many more are sufficiently subtle that we will not recognize them for what they are unless we replay conversations in our head and try to fathom our motives for having said the things we said.

Do this, and we might be astonished by our tendency, in casual conversation, to put people into what we regard as their proper place — namely, somewhere below us on the social hierarchy. Irvine undertakes a wide-ranging investigation of insults, their history, the role they play in social relationships, and the science behind them.

He offers advice, based primarily on the writings of the Stoic philosophers, on how best to curb our own insulting tendencies and how best to respond to the insults that are directed our way. But how accurate are these snapshots? In this groundbreaking book, clinical psychologist Linda Blair examines what your birth order really tells you about your character, your relationships — even your choice of career.

Written in a lively, personal style, Birth Order will unlock keys to why you think, feel and behave in the ways that you do. Her interdisciplinary discussion draws on scientific research, philosophy, and anecdotes to examine friendship across a lifespan, from playground pals to adolescent and adult relationships. Flora shows that friendships are often formed through unconscious strategies such as the evolutionary impulse to cooperate , and tend to bind individuals together in ways that are in some sense more resilient than marital or familial ties.

Yet friendfluence is not without its darker counterpart, and Flora does not shy away from issues like teasing, lying, and betrayal, topics that-perhaps tellingly-segue into a discussion of friendship in the age of Facebook. The book is far-reaching, and the natural consequence of such a massive scope is that some sections feel limited, and unifying themes can be hard to parse. Enjoy this fabulous mix of cooking, craft and gardening books with various projects, ideas and tips to create and inspire.

Check our list of books on health and wellbeing featuring recent information on how much the food we eat affects our physical body and how our unconscious mind rules your behaviour. It pushes the concept of fast, everyday food to a new level, without compromising on flavour. A proud Lancastrian, Sean serves up timeless recipes and reveals the history behind the foods you love. Enjoy this delightful mix of craft books with projects, ideas and tips for all the crafts enthusiasts to create and get great pleasure from the wonderful results. I hope you find this book selection a source of inspiration and fun!

Featuring both up-and-coming and established designers, the book is divided into nine categories inspired not by traditional jewelry typology, but by style and look. Rough stones appear with exquisitely faceted gems; organic forms vie with geometric structures; feathers and leather take their place next to platinum and diamonds. The book showcases fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, luxe jewelry, conceptual jewelry, and much much more. Over mainly colour photographs display the jewelry alongside portraits of the designers at work, shots of sketches and works in progress, studios and boutiques.

Complete with short, informative profiles and useful contact details for the designers, as well as a listing of recommended shops, this publication offers a wealth of inspiring material and is a must for any aficionado of jewelry, design or craft. This book is not juast a showcase of their work, but also a glimpse into their world. With 15 styles in all, beading geniuses will finally have an accessible, easy-to-understand guide to one of the fundamentals of beadweaving, brought to you courtesy of Beadwork Editor Melinda Barta. Additional chapters cover combining peyote with other popular beadweaving techniques right-angle weave, herringbone, and bead embroidery and creating unique edgings and embellishments for finished pieces.

Also Anne quickly worked out with the cooling weather and the Nebraska winds that Bean was not shy about his lack of enthusiasm for the cold and would hide under blankets and crawl under sweaters. Having learned to Crochet in school and only knowing a few basic stitches Anne took on the challenge of designing Bean some outfits. Starting with 10 designs for Bean and some sweaters for other dogs of different shapes and sizes pretty soon a small business was born.

This book has 35 designs for dogs. Anne has included her most popular designs from her very successful on line business that keeps getting reordered time after time. She would describe her style as simple and practical with a quirky sense of humour. She uses crochet because it is a versatile medium that can be easily modified and customized. Throughout the book there is sizing options and instructions on how to tailor an item to give your dog the best fit possible. Basic crochet stitches are used for the patterns so easy for beginners to intermediate levels.

Patterns include both UK and US stitch names and measurements. Utterly contemporary and stylish, the projects incorporate a wide cross-section of techniques from granny squares and knotwork to lace and hairpin crochet. As useful for the highly experienced as the absolute beginner, this inspiring and chic book is divided into chapters on accessories, such as shawls, scarves, bags, hats, jewellery and decorative items, and separates, such as dresses, skirts, tops and beachwear.

Each project is accompanied by fashion photographs showing the inspiration for the piece, and offers ideas on how to wear the item. The edgings are organized by type of construction top-down, bottom-up, side-to-side, miscellaneous and each contains written and charted instructions as well as a full-color swatch.

Patterns for crocheted garments and accessories round out the collection and show the edgings in use on real-world projects. Omdahl is a big name in the field, and crocheters will appreciate this nicely curated ensemble. A showcase of ten quilting techniques and styles with insider tips providing the quilter with an accessible way to try out new methods, textures and colours. Start this year with lots of inspiring ideas and smart choices found in this fabulous collection of new library books. In this unique, full colour guide, experienced permaculture teacher Aranya leads you through the design process from beginning to end, using clear explanations, flowcharts and diagrams.

It is based on course worksheets which have been designed, refined and tested on students over time. Linking theory to practice, he places the ethics, principles, philosophies, tools and techniques directly into the context of the process itself. While written for anyone with a basic grasp of permaculture, this book also has plenty to offer the more experienced designer.

A great reference for anyone who has done, or is thinking of doing, any kind of permaculture course. In this bold new look at gardens, he shares the secret to understanding what makes a good garden, and shows you how to plan and create your own. Organized by theme within seasons, topics include color, fragrance, foliage, grasses, edible flowers and much more, all presented in photographs of gardens that show planted combinations from a wide variety of climates and conditions.

Natural Companions also features more than one hundred special botanical images of amazing depth and color created in collaboration with artist Ellen Hoverkamp using modern digital technology. Slow gardening — like slow food — is taking time to savour. This is a book that will eliminate the intimidation factor and reveal the ins and outs of soil, seeds, sowing and growing. Designed to be highly appropriate for beginners, it will cover the basics like planning, planting and pruning using organic and inexpensive methods.

Avoiding flabby waffle and well being puritanism, features include: This book explores 12 super grains — quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, brown rice, chia seeds, millet, oats, kamut spelt, barley, farro and freekeh — their history, unique nutritive and health benefits, as well as what they are best used for and how to prepare them. How do you protect your health? The answer almost always is: We act on autopilot even as we also make one conscious decision after another.

This very enlightening book explores the two sides of our mental lives, with a focus on the subconscious or subliminal element. Drawing on clinical research conducted over a period of several decades and containing a number of rather startling revelations such as the at-first-glance counterintuitive fact that people who are briefly touched on the arm are more likely to order the dinner special in a restaurant, sign a petition, and buy food after sampling it for free the book appeals to readers with an interest in the workings of the human mind.

In this invaluable book she shares her expertise in foods, health, and nutrition, and shows you how to care for yourself, naturally and easily, using food as medicine at home. In this entertaining and practical guide, Janella presents an intriguing variety of subjects and information. These range from suggestions to assist healthy aging, to a discussion on organic produce and why you should use it, to tips for those suffering from headache, fatigue, immunity problems, fertility issues, and Syndrome X — among many, many other topics.

Also included are easy-to-prepare recipes using some wonderful ingredients that will quickly become part of your recipe repertoire and make you feel fabulous. Some called it controversial but it became a movement that helped improve the love lives of women across the world. Now there are even more ways to unwittingly mess up your dating life. The Rules Girls are back with the dating bible for the modern age. Rules Girls are savvy women who know how to return texts and emails to a man without seeming desperate, how to maintain a cool Facebook profile without giving away too much and how to spot cheaters and players, and avoid them like the plague.

Couples and singles will identify with the raw honesty of common hurts and resentments, disillusionment and despair that plague many relationships. Equally, they will share in the breakthroughs and ultimate triumphs, and learn the four simple steps that will help them better talk, support, connect and dream together. Making Couples Happy readers who follow the easy steps and activities can expect a significant improvement in how they relate to their partners, and learn to communicate more effectively, argue less, be kinder and achieve new levels of trust and intimacy.

Christine Benvenuto and her husband had been married for more than twenty years and were raising their three young children in a beautiful New England town. Christine, desperate to save her family and shelter her children, discovers a well of strength and resilience she never knew she had. She learns what to tell the neighbours when your husband starts accenting his shirts and ties with heels. She discovers how to manage as a single mother. And she opens herself up to a group of friends who travel with her through her darkest times — and who show her the love and support of true friendship.

Fiercely funny, self-lacerating, and not entirely politically correct, Sex Changes is a journey of love and anguish told with hilarity, heartbreak and a lot of soul-searching. It is about the mysteries in every marriage, the secrets we choose to keep, and the freedom that the truth can bring. Their journeys are measured in the very small steps that painstakingly result in change and the big, bold leaps of faith that launch dreams. The book is meant to inspire you, wow you, motivate you, and move you — and maybe even do all those things within the same chapter.

In the pages ahead, the courageous people who share their life stories have done so in hopes of enriching yours — now or ten years later. Madly in love with me: Self-love feels too vast, too esoteric, and frankly like something you should keep under wraps. This breakthrough book on self-love changes all that by taking you beyond the idea of loving, valuing, and caring for yourself into daring acts that will help you experience it. Christine Arylo provides practical, fun ways to explore and embody the ten branches of self-love every day and in every part of your life.

Reading this book is like receiving permission to treat yourself as a best friend would. Design concepts such as layering, horticultural practices such as planting in mutually beneficial communities, and ecological considerations such as soil enrichment and resource conservation take permaculture beyond methodology and into a committed philosophical approach to garden management. A worthy reference for those interested in ethical gardening. Highlighting plants that are not traditionally quick to harvest, but are actually improved by being picked when immature. Think sweet, tender baby carrots, for example.

Sunflower and radish sprouts can be ready for sprinkling on salads in less than a week. Micro greens, tiny seedlings of arugula, fennel, cilantro, and various herbs, provide bursts of concentrated flavor as salad ingredients and flavorings when harvested a week or so after germination. With sources and index, this unusual vegetable-growing book should attract everyone interested in planting a kitchen garden. This is gardening for absolute beginners. Inspired by these events, people have started growing food in the most unlikely places, including rooftops, abandoned parking lots, and tiny balconies and backyards on average city streets.

Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

The Edible Landscapewill help you explore some ideas for transforming your yard into a feast for both the eyes and the table. Moss-Sprague explains how containers, trellises, and raised beds can be used to create accessible, vertical locations for a large range of herbs and vegetables. She provides clearly explained, step-by-step instructions illustrated with numerous line drawings and color photographs. Chapters highlight weed containment using barriers as basic as biodegradable newspapers and wood mulch; containers, including low-cost dollar-store polyethylene dishpans drilled with drainage holes; construction of trellises and straw-based raised beds complete with instructions and lists of needed materials and tools; and the finer points of soil a mixture of organic matter and rock fragments that is biologically active and permeable.

In a space that measures only 5 x 2. With Window-box Allotment as your guide you can make your outdoor space, however tiny, equally prolific. And as you learn how to do it you will be endlessly entertained. A-Z of over 30 fruit and nut varieties best suited to New Zealand growing conditions. Advice on how, where and when to plant and harvest, feeding, watering, mulching, pruning, pollination, fruit set and thinning.

Handy charts for most crops include harvest tiems, brief descriptions and main characteristics of each vairety. Integrated pest and disease management; common pesticides for the home garden. Garden plans for a small, medium and larger garden, plus a useful guide to harvesting times for all varieties described. All the best for ! This luscious book takes a light-hearted look at the history of the business, and how the chocolate is made, and then gives a range of fully tested recipes…..

If you have a cellar or enjoy good wine, this should sit beside your favourite chair. Start this New Year with lots of inspiring ideas and smart choices found in this fabulous collection of new library books. Take a look at some vibrant crochet designs as well as, various innovative quilting and patchwork projects for you and the family. Discover where Beci gets her inspiration from and follow her in her studio, at home and out and about as she gathers ideas for her projects.

Learn how these ideas come to life and then apply them yourself with 25 make-at-home projects that cover a wide range of crafty mediums, from collages to cushions and t-shirts to teacups. So, get inspired, get creative and go find, make and keep! With 35 eye-catching designs to sew, every stitcher will fall in love with the projects in A Passion for Quilting. Divided into four chapters, start by making Blankets and Quilts using colourful blocks and vintage fabrics. Take the picnic quilt out on a summer day or decorate your baby s crib with the cot quilt made with vintage fabrics.

Carry Out is next, packed with projects for people who love bags. The glamour purse is covered with pretty yoyos while the beach bag is great for storing all your vacation essentials. Accessories and Gifts has book covers, needle cases, cushions and more that are certain to put a smile on the face of the recipient. In the final chapter, Kitchen and Dining Room, there are trivets, tea towels and chair seat covers to add colour to your culinary spaces. At the back you will find a handy techniques section explaining all the stitches you ll need to complete the projects.

With creative ideas to inspire both beginners and more experienced stitchers, you are sure to find the perfect project to feed your crafting addictions! Whether you are a beginner or experienced crocheter, there is something for everyone: The sizes range from newborn to 24 months. Detailed instructions for each technique are combined with step-by-step photography so that nothing is left to chance. This indispensable guide will ensure that all of your knitting projects are polished and pleasing, from start to finish!

Discover the joy of working alongside your child while creating arts and crafts that inspire. Take a journey into the world of plants and gardening and get inspired by the stories of world — famous gardeners, including useful recipes and plant recommendations for fun gardening. A major keystone in the evolution of land plants, the first seeds appeared some million years ago.

The diversity of shapes and sizes encountered in seeds is nearly endless and ranges from the impressive Seychelles nut at twenty kilos to the dustlike seeds of the orchids. No matter how small, packed into every seed is the complete genetic information needed to give rise to a new plant, whether it is a tiny herb or a giant rainforest tree. In Part I Arem explains how hormones and a sluggish metabolism can lead to weight gain.

He also reveals how stress can result in overeating, and delves into the importance of sleep and its effect on hormones. It features common exercises including weight lifting, stretching, and cardiovascular and uses detailed full-colour anatomical illustrations to show exactly which muscles are used in each exercise — including identifying active and stabilizer muscles. Visualizing and understanding exactly which muscles are activated during various exercises will not only increase knowledge of anatomy and understanding of how the body works, but it will help improve the effectiveness of workout and rehabilitation routines.

Written in a conversational, easy-to-read style by a doctor specialising in medical hypnosis, the book is accompanied by a CD that provides a self-hypnosis process to prevent anxiety and panic attacks that has been used to treat thousands of people. The CD teaches people how to relax in less than a minute, replace negative thoughts with positive ones in less than a second, and change from a pessimistic to an optimistic style of thinking. His studies have yielded a startling discovery: Breathing, pranayama and prana, diet, ethics, relaxation, concentration and will discover how each one has an impact on your daily life.

In clear simple language, the intricacies of yoga and meditation are explained. Have a browse of our picks from the latest new personal development books! Norcross, with Kristin Loberg and Jonathon Norcross. Norcross, an internationally recognized expert, has studied how people make transformative, permanent changes in their lives.

Over the past thirty years, he and his research team have helped thousands of people overcome dozens of behavioural ailments. Now his cutting-edge, scientific approach to personal improvement is being made available in this indispensable guide. Unlike 95 percent of self-help books, the Changeology plan has a documented track record of success. Whether you want to quit overeating or drinking, or end depression, debt, and relationship distress, Dr.

Norcross gives you the tools you need to change what you want within 90 days. Drawing on Buddhist philosophy, Michael Carroll, a longtime human-resources executive, meditation teacher, and executive coach, explains how the practice of mindfulness-full awareness of our moment-to-moment experience-can help us become more confident and open to possibility in our work life.

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He offers a system of potent, inspiring principles that we can use as a practice for helping us work with our insecurities and awakening our natural bravery, resourcefulness, and resilience. Have you ever felt helpless, not known what to do next, or overwhelmed by self help programs that seem like too much hard work?

International author, speaker and transformational expert Pete Jensen, shares his breakthrough book that will reconnect you with proven principles the West has either forgotten, or in our fast paced lives become too distracted to pay attention to. Packed with real, easy to apply advice, this book will change your emotional, spiritual, physical and future wealth. Ripping up the rule book, psychologist Richard Wiseman presents a radical new insight into your body and brain: Drawing on a dazzling array of scientific evidence, Professor Wiseman shows how this simple idea can be used to increase motivation, overcome depression, lose weight, stop smoking and even slow ageing.

Burger and Michael Starbird. The idea is simple: You can learn how to think far better by adopting specific strategies. Whenever you are stuck, need a new idea, or want to learn and grow, The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking will inspire and guide you on your way. What about what is not so new and what you can re-use or recycle at home or in the garden? That might be a New Year resolution of yours to do less in the garden and to keep and transform home wares instead of chucking it away and buying new and expensive.

We have a selection of books that might convince you to do just that. Gardens now and will in the future , he says, take into account local climates and ecosystems without sacrificing aesthetics. Perennials for every purpose: This makes it simple for you to choose plants according to your needs. Plant lover Larry Hodgson lives in Quebec, where the winters are punishing to perennials.

Save money, save the planet and stay ahead in the style stakes: With a wealth of tricks and tips, design examples from leading luminaries such as Jasper Morrison and Marcel Waanders, and step-by-step projects you can try around the house, Remake It: Home provides design inspiration and practical know how in equal measure. Smart, savvy, entertaining and fully illustrated throughout, this book will show you how to make the most of the things you already have in style.

Recommended where green-living guides are popular. Out of the wreckage come one-of-a-kind, ornate weathered doorknobs, flooring, mantels, windows, and doors. Forty-five projects, developed by the finest craftspeople, focus on transforming your finds and giving them a whole new function.

Welcome to a fabulous selection of the latest library acquisitions featuring delightful recipes for entertaining family and friends, inspiring craft tips how to make fabulous Christmas decorations for your home, as well as, creative gardening ideas and the latest information on health issues, such as cholesterol and chronic fatigue syndrome. Half of Americans take dietary supplements, with little proof that they do anything to protect their health.

What has been proven: In Eat Well, Pay Less! Now she wants to bring this quick, easy, hassle-free method of cooking to people with diabetes. Just as she does with her general audience, Barbara aims to reshape the perception that cooking is time-consuming, boring, and unpleasant…. In this new book, Barbara takes the ingredients that have made her television shows and cooking classes so popular and reshapes them for those with diabetes.

A perfect opportunity to experiment with projects featuring contemporary and traditional crafts such as, timeless knitwear designs, beautiful embroidery with beads or encaustic painting using paper as a canvas. And, if you are thinking about turning your hobby into your own successful crafts business, read about the nuts and bolts of business plans and where to find professional support.

There are mini Christmas stockings, holly leaves, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes, a Christmas fridge magnet, a star, a candy cane, Christmas bells, an angel and much more. Full instructions and materials lists are provided, and each project is simply photographed so that the reader can see the design clearly. There are plenty of ideas for ways of displaying the projects and these mini decorations will appeal to those looking for items they can create quickly, using up ends of yarn. Over 20 Christmas-themed projects from Mollie Makes magazine. We asked them very nicely and they have put their crafty heads together and come up with over fifteen exclusive Christmassy projects just for you.

Includes a variety of crafts, with full instructions for knitting, crochet, sewing and papercraft projects, as well as ideas on how to turn your junk-shop finds into festive wonders. Each project is accompanied by clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography, with hints and tips on personalizing your makes, ensuring that your Christmas is unique, just like you.

From a partridge in a pear tree to twelve drummers drumming, Goble brings the popular verse to life as knitters of all skill levels create each of the twelve characters featured in the charming holiday song. The characters make perfect gifts, stocking stuffers, ornaments, or toys for children as you teach them the words to this classic song. Book Cover Compendium of mosaic techniques: Drawing from their own extensive collections of vintage knitting patterns, authors Madeline Weston and Rita Taylor have chosen garments for their classic style and updated them to appeal to 21st century tastes.

The patterns, which incorporate traditional stitch formations such as cables, lace, Fair Isle and other motifs, have been adapted to suit an array of gorgeous modern yarns in fashion-forward colours and sumptuous textures, including merino, angora, cotton, bamboo, cashmere, alpaca and silk. All feature classic touches that will appeal to anyone who loves the exquisite attention to detail found in vintage knitwear.

We have an inspiring, visual and anedoctal garden book line up this month. The supermagnified closeup images of different seeds are truly stunning and verge on the miraculous. There is something here for anyone who has a love for gardens, plants and flowers. Monthly chapters include topics such as planning, bushfire preparation, watering, pot plant care, mulching, weeding, fertilising, pruning, propagating, pest control, what to plant for different climate zones and what garden venues and events to visit.

Mary details her own gardening year, including jobs done, fruits and vegetables harvested, food cooked based on the harvest, what was in flower and wildlife observations — all on a month by month basis. Each chapter includes a special topic of the month, such as fun for kids in the garden, biodiversity, manipulating microclimate, and fragrance and first aid. Our picks this month include guides to cholesterol and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as a new title on hallucinations from renowned British neurologist Oliver Sacks. Also included this month, health memoirs about parenting and Aspergers, and a look at allergies and our inner and outer ecology code for the parasites and microbes in our gut!

Discover what you really need to do to decrease levels of oxidized cholesterol and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system using everyday foods and lifestyle adaptations. Learn how changing your carbohydrate intake may have more impact than adapting your fat intake, add phytosterols to your diet to reduce cholesterol, or simply follow the therapeutic eating plan for maximum results. Whether you want to know which foods to eat and which to avoid, or learn more about natural alternatives to cholesterol-lowering medication, this book provides the know-how. This book is an absolute must if you want to learn more about cholesterol what it is, what it does, how it can go wrong and how to put it right.

This research proves what many men and women have learned through trial and error: This is because some people have the metabolism of a hunter, while others have the metabolism of a farmer. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Mark Liponis, a leading expert in preventive and integrative medicine, will show you how to determine which type you are so that you can lose weight and improve your health at the same time.

With extraordinary frankness, Sophie Walker shares the daily highs and lows of raising Grace. In the same easy-to-understand format as the original, this updated edition includes: Dr Rosamund Vallings has been helping those with this condition for more than 40 years. She also provides advice on how to cope with the disorder and make the necessary lifestyle changes. Delve into some thought-provoking new books for gaining fresh insights into our thinking and motivations. Few of the many advantages of modern life seem capable of lifting our collective mood.

Romance, family life, and work often bring as much stress as joy. So are we engaged in a futile pursuit? Or are we just going about it the wrong way? Looking both east and west, in bulletins from the past and from far afield, Oliver Burkeman introduces us to an unusual group of people who share a single, surprising way of thinking about life. And that there is an alternative path to happiness and success that involves embracing failure, pessimism, insecurity, and uncertainty — the very things we spend our lives trying to avoid.

Thought-provoking, counterintuitive, and ultimately uplifting, The Antidote is the intelligent persons guide to understanding the much-misunderstood idea of happiness. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. Forget learning how to argue better and making grand romantic gestures.

This model has achieved an astounding 75 per cent success rate. Through illuminating case studies from her practice, advice and practical exercises, couples will learn how to nurture their relationships and ensure a lifetime of love. With personal stories from her time in government, in academia, and on the campaign trail, as well as her experiences as a wife, daughter, and mother, Myers helps all of us learn to set the right priorities for ourselves; to connect on a deeper level with the people around us; to uncover problems early when they are still easy to fix; to collaborate with those whose points of view are different from our own; and to push through our fears and live our most authentic lives.

Myers demonstrates that more than simply making people feel good, this kind of leadership can have a profound effect on the results achieved: Betsy Myers helps us see that true leadership is all around us and within us. Can I trust my partner? Am I being betrayed? How do I know for sure? Based on laboratory findings, this book shows readers how to identify signs, behaviours, and attitudes that indicate betrayal — whether sexual or not — and provides strategies for repairing what may seem lost or broken.

With a gift for translating complex scientific ideas into insightful and practical advice, Gottman explains how a couple can protect or recover their greatest gift — their love for one another. Ms Bernstein is bringing happy back. Christmas is approaching and we have selected books that we hope will help you to achieve a memorable festive season. Whether your decorating your home, your garden or cooking for your guests, we have everything you need to spend a great Christmas at home.

With over 40 projects, Handmade Christmas has plenty for beginners, as well as more elaborate designs for experienced crafters.

Kitchen Crochet

The book contains stunning photographs, templates and step-by-step instructions for beautiful handmade details, including gorgeous cards, quirky gifts, delicious baked goods and vintage-inspired decorations. This book illuminates easy, inexpensive, and dramatic ways to change the mood with candles. Christmas angels nestle in yards of pleated silk ribbon, and holly and ivy brighten mantels. Dozens of wonderful trees and unique ornaments, as well as beautiful ideas for wrapping gifts, bring the Christmas spirit to life. Craft cardboard villages just like Grandma used to. Make new ornaments look antique and aged, as if they were passed down through the generations.

From a gathering of lighted tapes glowing on the floor, to red ribbons tied around the banister, to wreaths, Santa Claus figurines, and food heaped everywhere, each design is glorious. Have yourself a very vintage Christmas: Waggoner takes this book one step further by combining decorating ideas and inspiration with delightful nostalgia and the crafts projects readers have been craving.

The book will include decorating ideas and projects from vintage magazines, crafts projects and step-by-step instructions to re-create some of the most popular items from each decade, recipes for homemade treats like walnut fudge, divinity, and butter mints, and of course the popular first person recollections of the way Christmas really looked from the 20s to the 60s.

Gluten-free and vegan holidays: It can be even trickier when youre not, but a family member or close friend is. So what do you do when you want to prepare a gluten-free and vegan holiday dinner for eight? Turn to Gluten-Free and Vegan Holidays for help! Here youll find both sweet and savoury gluten-free and vegan menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts, for a romantic Valentines Day dinner for two, for springtime Easter and Passover celebrations and many more. Whether youre gluten-free and vegan or not, youll please the ones you love with these simple yet sophisticated and pleasing menus.

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Welcome to another fabulous selection of the newest library arrivals with lots of ideas for your home and garden, as well as, the latest information on health for you and your family. They require such a small amount of thread and so little effort that you may wish to make several pairs of these mitts in different colors.

crochet curtain

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