Gingerbread Friends

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Suitable for ages 3 and up. Feb 17, H rated it really liked it Shelves: Story is okay but pictures are adorable! Nov 18, Laurie rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Horn Book Spring Brett brings new meaning to "making friends" in this sequel to Gingerbread Baby. The main character, a gingerbread cookie, embarks on a quest for companions. Meanwhile, a parallel story emerges from the decorative illustrations' borders: Mattie bakes a whole batch of gingerbread friends who surprise Gingerbread Baby in a concluding foldout illustration.

A spicy extension of a classic tale. He leaves the house and heads to the village.

Gingerbread Friends

Through a bakery window, he sees a man and woman on top of a cake. He gains no response from them or the other cookie figures. Eventually he falls asleep in the bakery in a mouse hole and is awoken by a mouse nibbling on his marshmallow pom-pom. Narrowly escaping and making his way back home tired and sad, he goes up the stairs to see the many gingerbread friends that the little boy made for Gingerbread Baby.

Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett | Books

As with all Jan Brett? Each page has a side panel illustrating how to make gingerbread cookies. There is a foldout at the end of the book, which is a nice surprise for young readers. Librarians will enjoy adding this to the library? The roly-poly youngster lives in a gingerbread house in the bedroom of a boy named Mattie, but longs for fun and adventure.

While Mattie is too busy in the kitchen to play with him, the Gingerbread Baby heads to the village to look for a friend of his own. He finds some good prospects at the bakery but ends up being chased by a mouse, followed by the baker and his wife, and eventually a red fox.

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The riotous run brings him back to Mattie's house where he finds an elaborately decorated cookie and candy village with a lot of gingerbread friends for him. Sidebars offer instructions for making gingerbread friends to eat and enjoy. The special foldout adds an element of surprise and delight for storytimes or one-on-one sharing. Jan 26, Tehila rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 29, Rosa Cline rated it really liked it Shelves: If you pick up any of Ms Brett's storybooks you won't be disappointed! Between her actual story , the illustrations and on each page in the corner or somewhere on each page is another 'story within the story' being told within those illustrations!

In this story Gingerbaby lives in a little boys room in the house by himself. He is lonely so he ventures out to find his own friends one day when the little boy has gone away. He sees a couple that looks like him but bigger in a window so he If you pick up any of Ms Brett's storybooks you won't be disappointed!

He sees a couple that looks like him but bigger in a window so he goes in to visit.. He tries this several time with several things he encounters And when he gets there the little boy had been making him the biggest of all the surprises The story within the story in this book is actually a recipe for gingerbread cookies! How well they are I don't know as I haven't made them but it was a wonderful idea to include it. Fun Holiday story for you and your little ones, or if your a kids at heart just a fun book to read at the holidays or anytime for that matter.

Sep 05, Krista the Krazy Kataloguer rated it liked it Shelves: Gingerbread Baby is lonely when his boy goes off to play with his friends, so he sets out in search of friends of his own at the village bakery. I was fascinated with the details of the drawings of cakes and breads and candies and all their intricate icings. I liked the addition of the cat who is in the background watching Gingerbread Baby' I'm giving this 3 stars for the story, which was ok, but I'd like to give it 5 stars for the illustrations, which were, as always, GORGEOUS!

I liked the addition of the cat who is in the background watching Gingerbread Baby's quest. As with every Jan Brett book, little pictures in the side panels tell another story, which later becomes part of the main story. In this case, the side panels give a recipe for gingerbread, and show how to bake gingerbread boys. The penultimate picture in the book is a big 2-page spread that opens out to twice the size, filled with details to feast the eyes. Dec 09, Hallie Adkins rated it really liked it Shelves: After a little while, gingerbread baby becomes lonely.

Matti leaves to ski with his friends. Gingerbread baby runs off into town, trying to find a friend. Everyone he tries to meet is a statue or an animal trying to eat him. Moments later, after returning home, he is surprised with a whole bunch of gingerbread friends. This could also be used at a winter party in which the kids get to decorate a cookie or a gingerbread house, just like from the story.

Jul 29, Sandybear76 added it. I read it to several classes and they still want to read again and again on their own.

The Gingerbread Baby is back in this second about him. He is lonely as the boy is busy doing something in the kitchen. So, Gingerbread Baby decides to explore the town, looking for someone to play with. The Gingerbread Baby leads a chase through the village and makes it back home after his adventures. At home, there is a big surprise waiting for him.

I love Jan Brett's books.

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The illustrations Loved this book. The illustrations are wonderful and so colorful. This book had the main story going on but the sidebars had pictures describing another story going on as the main story did. This book gets checked out a lot.

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Nov 22, Kacie Blakley rated it it was amazing. In this adorable story, the gingerbread baby is lonely and decides to go on a hunt for some friends. All the while, Mattie is at home baking up something extra special! What does Gingerbread Baby find when he gets home? I knew what was coming, but I still didn't expect it to be quite so extravagant! Jan Brett definitely does not disappoint with this book. Her paintings are exquisite and impress me every tim I would consider Gingerbread Friends to be a sequel to Jan Brett's book, Gingerbread Baby. Her paintings are exquisite and impress me every time I read one of her books.

I love how little clues are shown in the hearts on the sides of every page. Her use of repetitive and catchy phrases are super easy for kids to remember and make them and me!

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Dec 15, Mandy J. Hoffman rated it liked it Shelves: Jan Brett does not disappoint. This is a charming little story with illustrations that will real you into the story and having you pouring over this book. The Gingerbread Baby wants some friends and starts his search in the bakery. Extend this activity by asking your students to actually take their new Gingerbread Friend to one of the places listed above and then report their experience to the class. Guide your students in writing a friendly letter on the back of their cutout. Suggest that they include three things about themselves in their letter.

Coordinate with another class in your district or school to use the gingerbread cutouts as the basis for a pen pal program. Match each student in your class with a student in the other participating class and facilitate the mailing of their Gingerbread Friends to each other.

Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett

This is a great opportunity to teach students how to address envelopes and write letters! Both books are set in the winter, which is the season when people traditionally bake gingerbread cookies. Ask your students to imagine that the story was set first in spring, then summer, and then fall.

In each season, what would be different about the story? What might the cover of the book look like without snow? Instead of skiing and skating, what other activities would Mattie do with his friends? What colors are most used? Do any elements reappear throughout the pages? Guide a discussion about the different characters the Gingerbread Baby meets as he is searching for a new friend. Distribute sheets of paper so that students can participate in a drawing activity.

Ask them to use their imaginations to create a brand new character, not seen in Gingerbread Friends, but who could be a good friend for the Gingerbread Baby.

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