Finnegans Wake: Fifty Years.(European Joyce Studies 2)

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European Joyce Studies

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Terence McKenna on James Joyce's Finnegans Wake

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Fifty Years

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Preparatory to a Retrospective Arrangement … Robert Spoo pp. The Dream of Interpretation Derek Attridge pp. Thrilled by His Touch: An Accidental Editorship Sean Latham pp. The Open Closet in Dubliners: Soliloquy of Samuel Roth: A Paranormal Defense Paul K. Coming of Age in the Age of Empire: Fluid Boarders and Naughty Girls: No other modernist writer in English has attracted more or broader international attention than James Joyce.

Translations, adaptations, and imitations as well as works of criticism are being published in increasing numbers and frequency, and show a proliferating diversity of approaches and perspectives on the work, life, and influence of Joyce. In view of the internationalism of Joyce studies, and the current dissemination of literary-critical pluralism, this peer-reviewed series hopes to offer a platform for specifically "European" perspectives on Joyce's works, their adaptations, annotation, and translation, studies in biography, the history of and current debates in Joyce criticism, Joyce's place in literary history, matters of influence and the transmission of ideas etc.

In calling this series "European" in the broadest sense, we aim at soliciting not only the submission of articles by European contributors, but more generally all essays and research focusing on issues of European concern such as language, nationality and culture, literary-historical movements, ideology, politics, and distribution, as well as literary-critical perspectives with European roots. The series published an average of one volume per year over the last 5 years.

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Contents About Restricted Access. Reading Joycean Temporalities Editor s: Joycean Exogenesis in the Digital Age Editor s: Ronan Crowley and Dirk Van Hulle. Doubtful Points Joyce and Punctuation. Bonapfel and Tim Conley. Joyce, Benjamin and Magical Urbanism Editor s: Maurizia Boscagli and Enda Duffy.