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One of your drivers is stuck under the wreckage; you have no equipment to help get him out and are miles from any base. As the convoy commander, who do you turn to for help? In an effort to increase the B-2 Spirit's operational capability, a test force here conducted an airborne release of 80 Joint Direct Attack Munitions separation test vehicles. The separation test vehicles are inert weapons used to collect data.

U.S. Air Force - Career Detail - Pilot

The purpose of the build-up approach is to reduce the risk of aircraft collision with the weapons, explained Burke. The heat is oppressive -- more than degrees in the shade.

Open fields and roads bear craters large enough to swallow small trucks. In March, the area around Tallil Air Base looked more like the surface of the moon than the bustling tent city and flightline area standing today. After the base fell to coalition forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom, the landscape was desolate, save a few abandoned buildings, many of which still had extensive damage remaining from the first Gulf War.

The task of transforming this uninhabitable stretch of desert brushland into an operational air base fell on the th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron. In the past four months, the people assigned to the unit have moved more than 9, truckloads of fill dirt, assembled more than , square feet of facilities, trenched more than 40, feet of electrical cable and buried more than five miles of underground water pipe.

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Join the Military Service Choices. The Air Force follows these three core values: This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. You May Also Like. The aviation courses offered are varied, ranging from a course on Air Force combat operations to courses designed to prepare graduates to excel at Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training SUPT. Additionally, selected cadets are offered an opportunity to serve as cadet aviation instructors, where they gain invaluable leadership experience both in the air and on the ground.

Additionally, during the summer before your third-class year, you can enroll in Basic Soaring, which consists of 14 glider sorties with the opportunity for solo flight depending on proficiency. Completing five freefall jumps earns you the Air Force basic parachute wings.

United States Air Force

Juniors and Seniors also participate in advance skydiving activities including international demonstrations at airshows and other venues, as well as individual and team competitions at the collegiate and national level. The Academy has an Aero Club where you can learn to fly club-owned aircraft during your free time.

You may also join the Cadet Aviation Club. Members of this club are interested in general aviation and meet regularly to discuss and organize various club activities. As a member of the Aero Club or the Aviation Club, you receive discounts and privileges on certain aviation activities, including the chance to earn FAA ratings.

Cadets at the Academy who demonstrate high levels of ability in airmanship programs can compete at the intercollegiate level.

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Cadet soaring instructors compete in regional and national cross-country soaring and aerobatic events as members of the Sailplane Racing Team and the Aerobatic Demonstration Team. Cadet members of the Wings of Blue parachuting team compete in events throughout the country, culminating at the College National Parachuting Championships. Cadets on the Academy Flying Team also compete in regional and national level events.

USAF Band WWII Holiday Flashback

All of the teams are nationally recognized and perennially earn top honors. These teams also conduct demonstrations at public events at the Academy and throughout the nation. The 94th Flying Training Squadron provides unrivaled soaring and leadership opportunities. These opportunities include Basic Soaring, which provides some cadets their first experience to solo an aircraft, and Instructor Upgrade, which allows a select number of cadets the opportunity to learn how to become soaring instructor pilots.

Finally, the unit has two advanced sailplane teams that compete at intercollegiate and national levels in Aerobatics and Cross County tasks. These teams will also travel to a number of airshows and sporting venues across the U. The program is the largest glider operation in North America with over 15, soaring flights flown annually. The 98th Flying Training Squadron provides the opportunity to experience flight in its purest form falling towards the earth at MPH.

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The th Flying Training Squadron provides exposure to an operational Air Force flying squadron through the Powered Flight Program and gives an opportunity to solo a light, general aviation aircraft. Additionally, the USAFA Flying Team cadets develop and hone their leadership skills through national competition in light aircraft, competing in both flying and knowledge events. The team competes annually against 75 colleges and universities nationwide and has won its regional competition since This group accomplishes this mission by providing the opportunity to participate as both students and instructors in various airmanship programs.