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The Spring Equinox — daily sunlight is waxing, day and night are equal in length. The Summer Solstice — the longest day of the year. These four points are related to soul unfoldment and certain initiations. The ancients celebrated them in four great Festivals. Adopted into Christianity they became the chief religious festivals of the Church. The Spring Equinox is associated with Easter. The Summer Solstice is associated with Feast of St.

John and Pentecost Whitsuntide or the Ascension. The Spiritual Festivals and the Solar Cycle. These festivals are fixed points in the annual calendar and are celebrated universally at the same time. However, the astronomical events of the equinoxes and solstices occur at different periods depending upon where one happens to be upon the planet. Interpreted esoterically, the festivals are four fixed stages of spiritual development which all have to pass through in one incarnation or other.

But the timing of this for individuals is represented by the changing seasons — spiritual progress is dependent upon personal effort. In the northern hemisphere — which gave rise to the earlier Mystery schools, the festivals fall in, and are associated with certain astrological signs and this northern relationship will be continued in this essay. This relationship of solar phase — sign — festival set in the north is reversed in southern skies, and this has interesting implications for the development of consciousness of humanity in the future.

The south might be considered as the developing frontier, and the reversed combinations — and new developments in consciousness will surely at some time future start to show. Waxing-waning light and the journey of the Soul on the Wheel of Life. On one level, the annual cycle of the sun, and the increase and decrease in light, symbolise the processes of involution and evolution. This process can be seen more clearly if light is associated with spirit or soul illumination, and darkness with the instinctual forces of matter. The period of decreasing light — from summer to winter solstice, can be seen to represent the descent of the Spiritual Spark from its spiritual home, into incarnation, and the gradual obscuration of its glory and expression, as it is embedded in layers of substance.

The period of increasing light — from Winter to Summer Solstice, then would symbolise the release of the soul from its physical tomb, and its ascent back to its spiritual home. But we understand from the Wisdom Teachings, that it takes hundreds of incarnations to achieve this.

Many, many cycles of the Earth around the Sun must occur before a soul achieves what one annual cycle symbolises. The masses progress around the ordinary wheel from Pisces to Aries , via Aquarius, going backwards through the signs to the ordinary astrologer. This cycle is also called the Mutable Cross, because the mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, govern evolution on this wheel. Aspirants and disciples travel in a reversed direction , a movement which impels them back towards their spiritual origins. Spiritual status is not determined by the sign one happens to be born in.

Spirit incarnates into matter for worldly experience. Incarnation results in the rising of a lower intelligence — the personality or ego. The decrease in light from the summer to the winter solstice symbolises the immersion of Spirit into matter, and the growth of the ego.

The young indwelling soul totally identifies with the ego and its vehicles of manifestation — the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Thus begins a long period of identification with form life as the soul continuously incarnates through all signs of the zodiac. At this stage the length of day and night is equal, but light continues to decrease.

Esoteric Astrology – The Journey of the Soul

In northern hemispheres, the equinox falls in Libra — the sign of balance. Since its birth in Cancer, and many incarnations through all signs of the zodiac, the ego has grown stronger. It is not yet a fully integrated personality, and therefore is not yet a dominant force in its environment. But it is enjoying the fruits of material life, and continues to learn and grow.

In this sign one has opportunity to reverse the mode of progress and step from the Mutable Wheel onto the Fixed Cross, which carries the soul back towards spirit. This is the longest night of the year. In northern hemispheres, the Winter Solstice falls in Capricorn, the sign which on one hand represents the deepest materialism. That is, he is totally immersed in materialism.

Winter in this case, and the disappearance of flowers and foliage represents the aridness of personality life when devoid of the beauty of soul illumination and of the richness of spiritual Life.

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At the Spring Equinox, the length of day, and the length of night are once again equal, but light is increasing. For the soul upon the Mutable Cross, increasing light represents the growth of the ego. It is becoming more dominant in its environment. Then the arrival of the Summer Solstice, and the Cancer-Leo period, sees the crowning glory of personality development — the fully self-conscious personality blazes gloriously in the summer sky.

Deep immersion continues through many incarnations, and through all the symbolic seasons and cycles of the zodiac. However, through this process, soul wisdom is growing until eventually it is of equal strength with the personality. Then the Libran point is reached again. This period represents that very difficult period when the Angel battles the full power of the lower psychic life called the Dweller on the Threshold.

This battle proceeds until with the arrival of the whiteness of winter, the personality has been completely cleansed and stripped bare. The Dweller of the Threshold is obliterated by the light of the Angel. Spirit dominates matter, and the higher rules the lower. The dominance of the Soul-Angel in the lower worlds is evident, with the flowering of creative talents and faculties, and service to the whole. World Server, in the esoteric sense, means the Soul. Service is the spontaneous effect of Soul contact. The heart is affected in compassion, and the mind begins to envision doing active work that serves humanity.

There are three characteristics of a true server. As the work of service evolves, inner contact with the Soul and with Spirit deepens and the mind becomes more illuminated by the seven rainbow lights of the Soul. A force pours through the personality and gives the server the vision and power to be able to cooperate more and more as a strong group member in the New Group of World Servers. The real and the unreal are revealed, and the life of the individual is flooded with a radiance of love and light, and is experienced as divine impersonality. Eventually, the Plan of Evolution is revealed.

This signifies that the server has entered the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things.

Esoteric Astrology - The Journey of the Soul -

It is at this point that the heart center finally awakens. Pisces is the sign of unity, and though we do not necessarily see this in our outer daily lives, an aspiration Ray 6 for unification Ray 2 is definitely taking place in the spiritual realms between the Soul and Spirit. This is the purpose of Pisces, though the knowledge of this and our ability to feel its effects are still beyond our mental capabilities. Pisces is water and Aries is fire. Water blends and fire creates. The merging of these two elements, in the form of Pisces and Aries, always signifies the ending of one reality so that a greater reality can come into being.

Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is dissolving illusions created in the material plane.

Pluto, the Soul ruler of Pisces, is liberating the Soul and our spiritual will and asking us what form s or principle s do we wish to serve. During the month of Pisces, these are questions to ponder in preparation for the new year, for it is through service that the two fish are liberated. This article is dedicated to students interested in learning the concepts of esoteric thought. Bailey, producing twenty-four volumes of esoteric thought to be studied in preparation for the coming millennium.

From to , DK actually did have a group of disciples whom he personally trained.

Down through the ages each individual who stands ready and willing to be trained in the Ancient Mysteries is eventually called a disciple. It is with this purpose and dedication in mind that we present these studies. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Unless one understands the deeper significance of what the elements earth, air, fire, and water mean, the above passage is no more than lovely Biblical verse. In our search for meaning in our lives and in our quest for the purpose of our existence, we must begin with the very act of Creation and deconstruct its formula.

All things in existence, from the atom to the universe, are the result of a process by which the formless takes on form and the infinite limitless become finite seen, measurable and descends into time and space.

The Biblical passage above can be understood alchemically as the interaction of the masculine Father and feminine Mother powers of God as principles which, as they manifest materially, become the elements fire and water respectively. The fire-mist, positive in nature, moved upon the face of the formless waters, negative in nature, and thus commenced the formative work that brought humanity and all kingdoms of Earth into manifestation. To further define the elements, where they came from, and their significance, we must understand that they are precipitations or primary forces of the creative principle, into the manifested given form elements, and that without them the form of the universe could not have come into existence.

Referring to the chart, we see that as the creative process extends outward and downward this downward movement of Spirit into matter is called involution , it takes on the physical expression of the elements we know as fire, water, air, and earth. Astrologically, these principles or elements correlate to the four fixed astrological signs of Leo fire , Aquarius air , Scorpio water , and Taurus earth.

These four Lords of the Zodiac sacrificed their spiritual essences and, by becoming the elements, imparted animation to the physical body of humanity, the Earth, and all of her kingdoms. The work of the first four Creative Days is concerned with the underlying precipitating processes that form themselves into fire, water, air, and earth. The Fire of the First Day of Creation was pure essence of Spirit positive, masculine radiative energy.

The Air of the Second Day was a further radiation or descent of the spiritual Fire. Therefore Air is termed the complement of Fire. The Water of the Third Day was the negative receptive , or feminine, force of Spirit from which the Soul of humanity was formed. The Earth of the Fourth Day came into existence through a lowering of the Water principle into a dense manifestation. Therefore Earth is termed the complement of Water. Esotericism provides us with an understanding of the nature and constitution of the elements.

It teaches us that the earthly elements of fire, air, water, and earth are actually physical sheaths of the four cosmic forces that underlie all of creation. In its progression through involution descending down and coming into matter and evolution journeying back to Spirit , humanity experiences seven tests, or Initiations. The first four of these Initiations correspond to the development of these same precipitating forces, or elements, within each individual. With each Initiation, certain powers are acquired, and these elemental forces in nature are understood and controlled.

The Bible is filled with passages of miracles in which the elements of fire, air, water, and earth are referenced. The language and explanations always refer to an inner reality, one that is unseen, often unknown, and barely perceptible. Therefore, in the quote above, the light is the light of the Soul, and the darkness of matter is that state of unconsciousness when we are developing our personality and Spirit seems far away.

Since the light of Pisces really means the light that flows into the personality from the work of the incoming Soul, it is important once again to articulate what the Soul actually is. First, there is an originating God the Father source. This is called Spirit. And there is the polarity of God the Father called the Mother. This is called matter, or Earth. In between both of these polarities is a point of light called the Soul. The frequencies of love that vibrated between them pulsated so strongly that a third energy was created. This energy is called by various names: For this article we will concentrate on the word Soul.

At a time in our evolutionary history when Earth was being created and the Divine Mother made a choice to act as the mother of all life here on Earth, a separation began between God the Father and God the Mother. This was the origin of polarity. As humanity began to people the Earth, as our Spiritual origins began to recede into a mist, and as we focused on the development of our physical bodies, emotions, and logical mind, there needed to be some type of system that would take hold of our lives and reacquaint us with our divine origins.

The activity of the Soul was then inaugurated as a bridge between our forgetfulness and our remembrances, our Spiritual inner selves and our outer physical selves. Spirit Father and matter Mother needed to be reunited again. Therefore, in an act of sacrifice, the Soul, which is a frequency of divine energy or consciousness, dropped itself down from God the Father into a state of semi-dense physicality. While still maintaining its connection to Spirit, the Soul suspends itself above the life of every human and waits until the personality has developed both experience and strength enough to withstand the incoming fiery light the Soul will bring to the individual.

When the personality is strong enough, the Soul detaches itself from God the Father and descends into the life and personality of the individual. There is a Sanskrit word for the path the Soul uses in its work of illuminating the life of an individual. That word is Antahkarana. In Western language it is called the Rainbow Bridge. It is actually a silvery cord that links the personality with the Soul and brings light to the darkness of matter. Each individual has the ability to activate the process of the Soul.

This is done out of, and through, the substance of the developed mind. To develop the mind one must first have the aspiration to know, actively study the Ancient Wisdom teachings, and then employ the techniques of invoking the Soul through pure intention and active visualization. Pisces is the sign of unification. At the center of our lives on Earth and on our journey to further and further unfoldment of consciousness, it is the aspect of all things being electrically polarized that creates the tension that engenders the chaos that fuels the challenge within each of us to rise phoenix-like out of duality into a field of unified coherence that we call harmony, peace, or God.

It is the sign of Pisces, the two fishes connected by a silver and gold cord, that presents us with duality, yet also offers in its Neptunian waters a sense that unity is a rapturous possibility. In esoteric literature the sign of Pisces is substituted for several other words: Christ is a word that brings forth varied responses. But these responses do not explain the form, function, and purpose of that which we call the Christ principle. Christ is not one individual person. Christ is a principle and an attitude of unification. Christ is a word signifying a position of leadership a job description given to certain divine individuals whose task it is to initiate great harmony through a process of magnetic attraction.

Christ is an energy pattern that blends diverse and opposite polarities into integrated wholeness. Christ is another word for the Soul, that point of light between, yet containing both, Spirit and matter. Christ is the Path home that blooms within us, felt first as a seeking and an aspiration for something greater than ourselves. Later this aspiration transforms into Lovefor family, partner, nature, community, knowledge, and God.

Christ is the principle that aspires, pursues, reaches, finds, and eventually blends with that which we are seeking. Christ principle originates in the star Sirius, which blends its streams of blue, orange, and green electrical fires with a particular star in the Big Dipper called Ray 2.

From this star ray the cosmic fiery force penetrates Pisces, and then enters our Sun, where the originating energy is transformed into magnetic radiations of light which fall to Earth. On Earth, Christ is the point of divine fire in all living things. The purpose of this inner fire is to connect Spirit the unseen with matter the seen. In nature, this Christ principle gives life its cosmic rhythm, the result of which is an ever-present, coherent life force. This point of life, connecting Spirit with matter, is the pure, radiant, harmonious vibration called the Soul.

And, lastly, Christ is the second aspect of God. A long time ago, when God the Father was getting to know Himself, He looked out and saw a reflection of Himself. This reflection He called the Mother. Love grew between them, and the activity of pulsating love between the Father and the Mother created a force vibrating between them. This love was called the Son Sun. The Christ is the mediating aspect between God the Father and God the Mother, and the Christ completes the triangle, or trinity, of the three aspects of God.

It is in Aries that the first signs of Spring occur because it is through Aries that a new cycle of life begins. Aries is basically a mental sign since the first impulse of all that exists begins with an idea. Therefore all ideas begin with Aries, and an idea is a will to be or a spiritual impulse taking form. It is in Aries that the seed of an idea is initiated and the activity to take on form occurs. Why this is important is that if we look around at the pulsating new life during this month of Aries we are seeing the actual and originating ideas of God that took concrete form long ago.

Since Aries is the birthplace of, and time in which, ideas take place, it is important that we understand the function and process of ideas. Ideas are not something humanity itself creates. All ideas come from the Mind of God. Humanity was given the seeds of the mind in order to understand the Mind of God. But humanity as yet does not and cannot function within the realms of that portion of the mind that can perceive the reality of the Mind of God. There is a Will within the universe whose purpose is to further the Plan of evolution within all kingdoms on Earth.

This Will created the archetypes, or models, or ideas, of a perfected humanity in tune with the Will of God. All of creation first existed as an idea or as an archetype. These archetypes seek manifestation through Aries because all ideas are a spark of fire, and Aries is the fire sign of all beginnings. The archetype or idea behind every created form seen or unseen is what is called its Soul.

The Soul contains within itself the picture of the perfected idea, plan, or model of the created form. In the course of evolving the mind principle, humanity must be able to contact, perceive clearly, and bring into perfection the original idea, plan, or model created for each form. In other words, each of us has within our Souls a perfect form or model of self that is our original perfect prototype. It is our responsibility to grow ourselves up in consciousness and knowledge in order to meet and become that perfected self.

The picture, held in the very structure of our Souls, calls us forth. It takes this information and an act of aspiring intention for it to be so. And so it becomes. Known as the Lords of Fire Agni , these great beings hold the archetype pattern for the future race of humanity, whose. The Lords of Fire participated in our initial creation, but for most of humanity, their work lies still in the future. The fires fohat of their nature produce a purifying and illumined consciousness. This illumination ignites the presently sleeping original Divine Spark, or inner fire, of each individual, creating a burning ground that clears the illusions, mental distortions, and emotional fugues that are the barriers to clear perception to the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things world of wisdom and intuition.

These fires produce the discriminating personality, the illumined consciousness, and a fiery force field of radiation needed in our ascent, or resurrection, of consciousness back toward the Source. During the four sacred seasonal intervals we call equinoxes and solstices, there is a dramatic outpouring of light that flows to Earth. This work is done by the Lord of the Sun the Christ and His archangels and angels. The Light issuing forth during these times makes an impression of new life upon the physical composition of Earth in the shape of a cross.

Ancient Mystery Schools established Temple observations and rituals based upon these fiery tides of new light. To a lesser degree, twice a month, this very same light is experienced by humanity at the time of the New and Full Moons. Aries signifies the Light Fire of Life itself and it is during this month that this Light is being renewed and pouring forth onto the planet.

The Sun is once again rising into the Northern Hemisphere. Humanity has always followed the path of the Sun, as it is our guardian and life-giving source of heat and light. But there is an inner significance. This is what the seasons represent. From darkness we will emerge, eventually, into the Light. Aries shows us the Way. At this Spring time of Aries, life itself is ascending or, to use a Christian term, resurrecting. This can be seen in the budding of plants and trees, the new life manifesting in the animal kingdom, and the heart of humanity responding joyfully to the new warmth, scent, and color in the air.

The changing seasons bring us into a more intimate relationship with the purpose and Plan of our Spirit. We become more attuned and better able to accomplish our work. The fact that each year a new Spring season occurs informs us that we are always renewed within, that we are always ascending in consciousness, and that our path is always a resurrection into Spirit no matter what we do. That is the Law of Nature. Aries drops an electric fire to the Earth. Electric fire is that aspect of God that creates heat and a fire that can burn and destroy.

As the initiating zodiacal sign, Aries calls each individual to the path of Earth experience. With Mars, the personality ruler of Aries, what we experience is the fire of challenge, of war, strife, and conflict. These are the cornerstones of the life of the personality. When the personality is fully developed, our previous way of life is set afire and dissolved, and our personality becomes a burning ground in order for it to purify.

Once the personality has undergone a burning away, a vision of higher realities asserts itself. This is the fire of the illuminated mind. The fire of the warring personality transforms itself into a flame in the mind. Both are Aries fire. But one is the fire of experience and the other is the fire of knowledge. The Plan for humanity is patterned not through the energy of Mars war, strife, separation , but through the energy of Mercury knowledge, the Mind, unification.

Thus it evolutionarily furthers us to develop the mental faculties, for they are the same pattern and prototype as the Mind of God, from which humanity issued forth. Mercury will be retrograde in Aries from March 27th to April 20th. The following information must be read within the context that planets are rational intelligences circling the Sun whose purpose is the evolution and enlightenment of humanity. Aries flows through three planets, which, in turn, transmit the fire of Aries into three distinctively different levels of consciousness.

For the development of the personality, Aries works through the planet Mars. For Soul development, Aries is received through Mercury, the planet referred to as the Messenger of the Gods. On spiritual levels, Aries is received through the ministrations of the planet Uranus. Humanity has reached the level of development where it is Mercury that we need be concerned with now.

Now that the Soul of humanity is being evoked, Mercury and the three processes of the mind are awakening. For it is through the mind that humanity will find God. The desire level of Mars is no longer adequate. Mercury had several different names in ancient times; Mithra and Hermes are two of the most ancient. Hermes was thought of as the god who invented and initiated humanity into magic how to create and the Mysteries creation itself.

Mercury is considered both one with, and companion to, the Sun, and it is Mercury who leads and evokes the activity of the Soul through the application of the mind principle. Mercury is said to heal open the blind Third Eye and restore mental and physical sight being able to perceive the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things. The 5th race of humanity, called the Aryans, or People of the Mind, were born under the ministrations of Mercury.

And while Venus is considered the sister to our Earth Venus gave us the seeds of the mind , Mercury is our elder brother who teaches us how to use it. At first we seek Mercury is curious the knowledge of earthly things. Later we seek the knowledge of divinity. All knowledge is a crisis in that the previous level of knowing is destroyed and the new level of knowledge replaces it.

It is the destiny of humanity, through the mind principle, to reveal divinity to itself. It is not the other way around: Divinity does not reveal itself to humanity. The function of Mercury, and its tool, the three levels of the mind, is to do this for itself. This is also within the realm of Aries. Mercury receives the energies of Ray 4, the ray that creates harmony after chaos knowledge comes after ignorance. Ray 4 is also the ray of humanity.

Mercury, working with Ray 4, influences and impels each individual to seek and gather facts, to build the lower and, later, the abstract and symbolic minds, and eventually to identify and come to a realization of the mysteries of life. Since Aries is the sign in which life begins as an idea in the Mind of God, it follows that Mercury, the planet of the mental faculties, in working with Aries, is the builder and revealer of knowledge…which the ancients always knew. That is, the Divine Spark of Life, from which we were originally created, was not lit available within us, and our evolution was spiraling downward and not upward toward Spirit, which we were initially created to do.

This downward arcing was considered a state of emergency by the Hierarchy, and during a conference held by the Overseers of our Planet Earth it was decided that the Lord of the Sun whose position is called the Christ would literally enter into the field of Earth for three years and bring with Him the Light of Life itself to respark the hearts and minds of humanity. Without this intercedence, the Earth and all her kingdoms would have eventually disintegrated. Thus He was considered the Son. In esoteric training it is made very clear to the seeker that illumination is reached by training the mind, and a scientific form of meditation is provided.

The objective of training the mind is identification with the Soul aspect within the self with the understanding that the Soul has the ability to unfold consciousness. In this type of meditation the mind is used as an instrument for observing the world. Taurus is the sign that signifies, beyond desire and aspiration, the ability to achieve illumination.