Death and Faxes: A Science Fiction Story

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Lost Fantasies anth chap and ending with Lost Fantasies 9: The Sin Eater anth chap for details see Checklist below.

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The Dance of the Skeletons anth chap. WT50 anth was a homage to Weird Tales , the rights to which he owned, eventually forming Weird Tales Limited to protect and licence the name. Other small presses in which Weinberg has been involved include Science Fiction Graphics and Pulp Press ; but as the s advanced he became less directly involved in publishing activities, concentrating for some time on a mail-order book business.

He has edited one anthology with Martin H Greenberg alone, Lovecraft's Legacy anth , plus a number with Greenberg and other collaborators, usually Stefan R Dziemianowicz alone or teamed, beginning with Weird Tales: Since the later s, Weinberg concentrated on horror and fantasy fiction. All of this work showed a vast knowledge of generic tricks and baggage, and considerable wit.

His interest in sf seemed chiefly archival, however; The Termination Node with Lois H Gresh , a Technothriller , had little impact.

The Truth About Science Fiction (Documentary)

In the new century he wrote for Marvel Comics , contributing to the established sequence Cable in and creating the 4-issue miniseries Nightside with artist Thomas Derenick. Weinberg's services to the sf field were recognized by a Special Committee Award from the Worldcon see Hugo. I'm trying to find the name of a book I read awhile ago.

It involved a bunch of gateways that you could sort of fax yourself to.

Season 1, Episode 5

You could have multiple copies of yourself running around and if one of them died they could be recreated from the last time they went through the portal. The story is about someone going around and killing all the copies of this guy, I also remember a part where he found copies of himself and of his attempted murderer that that guy had tortured almost beyond recognition.

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It includes "fax" machines that allow the transportation and duplication of objects including people. There were several people who had multiple "copies" in these books, including the antagonist as well as a tortured version of the protagonist a brilliant scientist who created some of the technology in use.

Two of the major "sciences" in the books is Wellstone basically a mutable form of matter and "Collapsium" ultradense matter. Tachyon gateways were moved into place at slower-than-light speeds, and then you could beam an exact copy of yourself to the remote gateway.

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The original stayed behind. More duplicates could be created at the far end as needed, exact copies of the version that originally passed through the gateway.. The rest of the plot you describe is totally different, though.

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I'm officially betting Glasshouse , by Charles Stross. The mention of the vivisected adversary was the clincher for me, combined with this being a relatively recent book and there was an sfbc edition. I could call out a few other points from the description but they would be spoilers so I'd rather not. The OP can probably find a blurb or quote somewhere to check; I'd lend my copy, but We're looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context.

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