Clash of the Figments

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Parts 3 thru 4- Is where the ''Reader'' first begins with the story, which is a hand drawn comic done by me.

Pigment or figment: Can you tell the real Farrow & Ball paint colour?

Part 5- Is also a fanfiction that takes place sometime in the future world of Terra. Create account or Sign in.

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Kikkia Jade Lacie Background: Unknown, and trying to figure it all out still Setting: Please see my author's page to read about the cast. Return to Author's Page. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

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Characters in Rick's yet to be finished murder mystery: Veronica- a beautiful cheating woman, running for her life, screams a lot, 30s Winston- Veronica's ex-fling, mad with jealousy, has shot David and may shoot Veronica too, late 30ss David- the man Veronica truly loves; dies over and over again, 30s Louise-Veronica's sister and Winston's wife, tries anything to get him to forget about Veronica, late 30ss The World, In Rick's Mind Sometimes Idealized, Sometimes Utterly Grotesque: Rick 2- Rick, but with guts most of the time , his id and superego, sometimes has a mind of his own Loni 2- Loni, but without the filter, she is unafraid to express her true feelings for Rick and Matt Matt 2- Matt, but with all of his bad qualities exaggerated: As he attempts to overcome a massive case of writer's block, the audience sees four figments of his imagination play out the opening scene of his next murder mystery.

He, and they, are interrupted by the arrival of his neighbor, Loni, with whom Rick is secretly, and helplessly, in love.

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As Loni tells Rick about Matt, the man she is dating, and his attempts to speed the relationship toward the bedroom, the writer imagines the man as an eight-armed, human spider. Rick also conjures up doubles for himself and Loni, saying to each other the words he'd like them to exchange. The source of Rick's trouble with women, his domineering mother, arrives on the scene along with her imagined double carrying a burial urn with Mr.

Pop pops in and out of Rick's thoughts wearing a lifesize urn to comment on his life with Mama and on the hereafter.

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Even the image of Rick's former ladylove, Sarah, comes around to encourage him to cut the old apron strings. As Rick's thoughts bounce between his frustrating love life and his play, the real people and the figments of Rick's imagination clash riotously with the fictional characters in his play. They enact their scenes tipsy when Rick has one too many, hung over like Rick the morning after, and even act out the scene as Mama would write it.

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