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Callisto depends on your philanthropic contributions for our continued success. Donate today and support us as we work to combat sexual assault and harassment across institutions and industries.

Callisto Facts

On average, survivors using Callisto Campus report almost three times faster than the national average four months versus 11 months. For the last two years, we have implemented Callisto on campuses to support student survivors of sexual assault.

A Heavily Cratered Surface

Over individual donors also contribute to Callisto. Many donors are survivors themselves, or they are allies who share our vision of a world where sexual assault is rare and survivors are supported. Press on Callisto from: The Problem Sexual assault and harassment are far too common and often never reported.

Callisto: Facts About Jupiter's (Not So) Dead Moon

Learn about what we do. Our Solutions Callisto Campus provides survivors with trauma-informed options for reporting sexual assault, and is now in place across 13 partner institutions.

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Our flagship online system, Callisto Campus, provides survivors with three options: In this version of Callisto, we are adapting our signature matching system to empower victims beyond college campuses: MATCH Under the Callisto "Matching Escrow," victims input the identity of their perpetrators under the precondition that, if a match is found, a Callisto Options Counselor will reach out to each victim individually. His wife Hera then changed her into a bear before Zeus transformed her into a star and placed her in the sky as the constellation Ursa Major.

This constellation is also known as the Great Bear, or the Plough.

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There is also a Little Bear constellation which was the son of Zeus and Callisto. All of the moons of Jupiter are named for Greek mythological figures seduced by Zeus.

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At a diameter of 4, The four largest moons of Jupiter are known as the Galilean moons after Galileo, who discovered them in Since Callisto is larger than the dwarf planet Pluto and a similar size to Mercury you might think it could be considered a planet. However, it orbits the planet Jupiter and not the Sun , which is one of the primary factors in bodies being officially named as a planet or dwarf planet.

Size of Callisto compared to Jupiter

The surface of Callisto is the most heavily cratered and also one of the oldest landscapes in our solar system. Scientists believe it is a dead world with no signs of geologic activity like plate tectonics or volcanism on its surface.

Jupiter Moon Callisto

Callisto is composed of both rock and ice, in approximately equal measures, and there are also traces of water ice, carbon dioxide, silicates, and organic compounds on the surface. The Galileo spacecraft also revealed that the moon may have subsurface ocean of liquid water km or more below the surface. Despite being ,, km from Earth , Callisto appears much brighter in the sky than our Moon when viewed through a telescope — despite our Moon being only , km.

This is because the surface of Callisto is made up of a very thick layer of ice which reflects the Sun much more than the surface of our Moon. This means there is less of a tidal heating — a build up of friction, orbital and rotational energy that are dissipated as heat in the crust of the moons and planets involved — which have caused the melting of surface ice from the rocky mantle of the Europa moon, for example. It takes Callisto Similar to Earth and its Moon, Callisto is tidally locked to Jupiter.