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Bushranger, The Federico Chentrens, wr. Cole , Ben Hall story. Cactus Paul Cox , wr. Caddie Donald Crombie , wr. Joan Long , prod. Lee Sellars, Marion Pilowsky, prod. James, Marshall Napier; comedy; min. Candy Neil Armfield , wr. Margaret Fink, Emile Sherman ; Geoffrey Rush, Heath Ledger, Abbie Cornish; dark story about a couple's love amid heroin addiction; two lovers embark on a journey of lust, addiction and self-destruction; began principal photography Sydney 17 March ; Berlin Film Festival, Feb ; Australian release 25 Mary Captain Johnno Mario Andreacchio , telemovie, wr.

Careless Love John Duigan , wr. Carlotta Samantha Lang , wr. David Hannam in consultation with Carlotta, prod. Cassandra Colin Eggleston , wr. Castle, The Rob Sitch , wr. Caterpillar Wish, The Sandra Sciberras, wr. Cathy's Child Donald Crombie , prod. Marshall, Advance Films, prod. Celluloid Heroes Robert Francis, wr. Cedar Boys Serhat Caradee, wr. Centre of Attention Rusty Angel, tba wr. David Elfick for Palm Beach Pictures, wr. Fred Schepisi for Film House Australia, wr. Charlie's Country Rolf de Heer , wr.

Rolf de Heer, prod. Charlotte Gray Gillian Armstrong , wr. Chasing Satellites Jim Loach, tba wr. Children of the Revolution Peter Duncan , wr. Peter Duncan , prod. Chocolate Oyster Steve Jaggi, tba prod. Christine Luby, Steve Jaggi. Christian, The Franklyn Barrett [? Humbert Pugliese, dp Ernest Higgins. Adrian Moses, Scott Herford, prod. City's Child, A Brian Kavanagh, prod. Brian Kavanagh, 35 mm from 16mm, 80 min. Pom Oliver, Errol Sullivan for Eastcaps, wr.

Robert Merritt, Ken Quinnell from novel by W. Harbinson, dp Louis Irvin, design Robert Dein, ed. Clancy not made Acclaimed director Simon Wincer can't wait to start work on the film version of Banjo Paterson's Clancy of the Overflow. It is fun, romantic, a love letter to the Australian bush and hopefully what everyone will expect. Clara Gibbings Frank W. Thring , Efftee Film Productions, wr.

Clay Giorgio Mangiamele , aka Argilla ; wr. Giorgio Mangiamele ; first art movie, according to O'Regan Cliffy Dean Murphy, telemovie; wr. Clinic, The David Stevens, prod. Greg Millen, dp Ian Baker, ed. Closer and Closer Apart Steve Middleton, prod. Clowning Around George Whaley, wr. Antonia Barnard, Paul D. Clowning Around 2 George Whaley, wr. Clubland Cherie Nowlan, prod.

Codgers Wayne Harrison, Grant Dodwell, wr. Combination, The David Field, wr. Comrades Bill Douglas, wr. Conversations at Curlow Creek proposed script written by Bruce Beresford. Convict George Basha, wr.

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Segerberg; happy ending is only reached when a 'faithful' Aboriginal boy played by Charles Woods in blackface arrives in time to rescue the hero. Cool Change George Miller , 35 mm, 93 min. Dennis Wright for Delatite Productions, wr. John Weiley for Angoloro Productions, wr. Co-respondent's Course, A E. Thring ; John D'Arcy, Adele Inman, Norman Lee; among the earliest talkies; first production from Efftee Films; extensive use of locations; 'featurette', short; marital comedy. Cosi Mark Joffe , wr. Louis Nowra also play ; prod. Cracking On John Meagher, wr.

John Meagher, Centaur Enterprises, prod. Craic, The Ted Emery, prod. Crawlspace Justin Dix, wr. Crazy Fun Park Nicholas Verso, tba wr. Nicholas Verso; horror, coming-of-age; Screen Australian story development funding. Crimetime Marc Gracie, aka Crime Time ; prod. Lincoln , dp Maurice Bertel. Crocodile Dundee Peter Faiman , prod. John Cornell for Rimfire Films, wr. Crooked Earth Sam Pillsbury , wr. Greg McGee, Waihoroi Shortland, prod. Crop, The Scott Patterson, nightclub owner in early s ends up at odds with marijuana when his clientele choose to smoke in his carpark rather than buy his booze; Australian release 19 August ; brief review: Oscar Hillerstrom, Empire , 42, September Christopher Egan, Brooke Harman, Emma Lung; story of Julian Meadows, an American exchange student and disgraced Tae Kwon Do champion whose life is transformed into a living hell after being seduced by the mysterious yet beautiful Anna; horror; 82 min.

Cthulhu Damian Heffernan, Onara Films; wr. Cure, The David Gould, wr. Cut Kimble Rendall , prod. Cut Snake Tony Ayres, wr. On Our Selection George Whaley, wr. Hall , Cinesound Features, prod. Dags Murray Fahey , wr. Daisy and Simon Stasch Radwanski Jr. Dalkeith Leigh Sheehan , "an old people's home races a greyhound and a whole new world opens up". R23; Metro , Dalmas Bert Deling, Melbourne, colour, 16 mm. Dancing on Glass Kenneth G. Dangerous Remedy Ken Cameron, telemovie, wr. Danny Deckchair Jeff Balsmeyer, wr.

Jeff Balsmeyer; Rhys Ifans, Miranda Otto; cement truck driver gets new life when he floats off from a bbq on a chair carried by helium-filled balloons; "Strained and uncertain, despite some appealing characters, including Miranda Otto [sic]. Dark Age Arch Nicholson , wr.

Dark City Alex Proyas , wr. Rosemary Blight; about the Tampa affair; not made? Dark Room, The Paul Harmon, prod. Tom Haydon for Nadira, wr. Rod Adamson; Alan Cassell, Anna Maria Monticelli, as Anna Jemison , Svet Kovich, Diana Davidson, Rowena Wallace, Ric Hutton, Oriana Panozzo, Baz Luhrmann walkon ; slightly disturbed young amateur photographer finds that his father has been secretly having an affair with his co-worker; thus begins a spiral into blackmail, stalking, and voyeurism; Eastman colour, 35mm, 96 min.

Daughter, The Simon Stone, wr. Dulcie Deamer, Albert Goldie, dp Arthur Higgins , ft; Lawson Harris, Yvonne Pavis, Charles Beetham, Gilbert Emery; young Englishman, falsely accused of murder, eludes the police by emigrating to Australia where he finds work on a cattle station and befriends the squatter's daughter. Ken Hannam , Eastman colour, 35mm, min.

Rivette, father-son comedy drama. Day of the Panther Brian Trenchard-Smith , prod. Peter West, dp Simon Akkerman, 84 min. Dead Easy Nigel Buesst , wr. Dead Europe Tony Krawitz , prod. Dead Heart Nick Parsons , wr. Dead Lands, The Toa Fraser, wr. Dead Letter Office John Ruane , wr. Jason Sweeney; Caroline Daish; mystery; 78 min.

Dead to the World Ross Gibson, prod. John Cruthers, Huzzah Productions; Lynette Curran, John Doyle, Tibor Gyapjas, Agnieszka Perepeczko, Richard Roxburgh; Newtown, once the boxing centre of Sydney, is now the property speculation capital; property developers are looking to wring a fortune out of the district; Alexandra's gym, of which she is proud and protective, is prime real estate and many factions are coveting it; passions heat and the moral ground begins to shift - everyone must decide what they want, how they might get it and just where they would draw the line in the quest for satisfaction; no theatrical release; min.

Death Defying Acts Gillian Armstrong , wr. Tony Grisoni, Brian Ward, prod. Death in Brunswick John Ruane , wr. Boyd Oxlade, John Ruane, prod. Death in the Afternoon Sarah Ducker, in production wr. Prospero Pictures; experimental feature film about the disintegration of the artist Brett Whiteley and the personal shipwrecking of creative spirit.

Deathcheaters Brian Trenchard-Smith , prod. Brian Trenchard-Smith , wr. December Boys Rod Hardy, wr.

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Marc Rosenberg, based on Michael Noonan's novel of the same name, prod. Richard Becker; Daniel Radcliffe, Paz Vega; tells of four young orphan boys in the s; the close group of friends find themselves vying for a place in the home and family they all long for; family adventure.

Deck Dogz Steve Pasvolsky, prod. Defiant Bill Bennett pre-production ; wr. Bill Bennett; Toni Collette, Dev Patel; young Indian lovers wanting to marry against the wishes of their parents who, as a result, have arranged to have them killed; third key character is a journalist, to be played by Collette; there is no sign of this happening as date. Delinquents, The Chris Thomson , prod.

Alex Cutler, Mike Wilcox; wr. Adrian Martin in Murray Demonstrator Warwick Freeman, prod. North Africa, WW2; for release November ; 2 x 60 min. Chris Oliver, Winternight Productions, wr. Scott Murray, based on novel Le diable au corps Raymond Radiguet ; c , premiere Cannes [the date usually given for this film is , that of its Australian premiere]; Katia Caballero, Keith Smith, John Morris, Jill Forster; schoolboy falls in love with French woman, who falls pregnant.

Devil's Hill Esben Storm , wr. Devil's Playground, The Fred Schepisi , wr. Diana and Me David Parker , prod. Beaumont Smith, dp Lacey Percival. Pat Hanna, dp Arthur Higgins ; based on sketches used in the Diggers stage show; while serving in France in , Chic and Joe abscond with rum from the quartermaster's store Dimboola John Duigan , prod. John Weiley for Pram Factory Pictures, wr. Kenneth Brampton, dp Lacey Percival. Dingo Catriona McKenzie, tba wr. Dylan Blowen; family; Screen Australian story development funding.

Dinner, The Cate Blanchett, wr. Oren Moverman from novel by Herman Koch, prod. Cotty Chubb; announced Dirt Cheap David Hay, prod. Ned Lander ; 92 min. Dirt Cheap Robert Trenchard-Smith , tba wr. Dirty Deeds David Caesar , wr. Disgrace Steve Jacobs, wr. Coetzee novel , prod.

Donald Crombie, telemovie, wr. Do Men Love Women? Dogwatch Laurie McInnes , prod. The Legend of Dogwoman Paul Moloney, telemovie, wr. Chris Kennedy, John Winter, wr. Don's Party Bruce Beresford , prod. Phillip Adams for Double Head Productions, wr. David Williamson from his play, dp Don McAlpine, ed. John O'Shea , dp Tony Williams, ed. Don't Tell Tori Garrett, wr. Con Drew, dp Lacey Percival. Dope James Harkness, aka Shot of Love ; wr. Double Deal Brian Kavanagh, prod. Double Dealer, The Alan Dickes, telemovie, wr. Phillip Avalon ; cast: Double Event, The W. Lincoln from the novel by Nat Gould, dp Orrie Perry ; horse-racing milieu.


Double Sculls Ian Gilmour, telemovie, prod. Down Under Abe Forsythe, wr. Dr Plonk Rolf de Heer , wr. Drama Sophie Mathisen, wr. Dream Children, The Robert Chuter, wr. Dreaming, The Mario Andreacchio , Arthur Dignam, Penny Cook, Gary Sweet; doctor treats a sick aborigine, who had defied a tribal taboo and visited a sacred cave; she soon finds herself having disturbing dreams and involved in a year-old mystery.

Dreamland Ivan Sen , prod. Dreams for Life Anna Kannava, prod. Drover's Boy, The Andrew Steuart, wr. Nerys Evans, Ted Egan; Aboriginal girl disguised as boy travels with drover; not produced? Moulton; John Gavin; may not have screened; 33 min. Drover's Wife, The Leah Purcell, tba wr. Drown Dean Francis, wr. Dean Francis from play by Stephen Davis, prod.

Drowsy Chaperone, The ; wr. Drylands Bruce Beresford , tba prod. Duet for Four Tim Burstall , aka Partners ; prod. Tim Burstall, Tom Burstall, wr. Dunera Boys, The Ben Lewin , mini-series; prod. Duran Duran Garnet Mae , wr. Garnet Mae ; Rebekah Emaloglou; action-adventure; set in ; skateboarding and snowboarding adventure film of Barbarella proportions. Dust off the Wings Lee Rogers, prod. Dusty John Richardson, prod. Gil Brealey , wr. Early Frost [Brian McDuffie, uncredited] prod.

Earthling, The Peter Collinson, prod. Elliot Schick for Earthling Productions, wr. Ebbtide Craig Lahiff , wr. Holden; thriller; lawyer accused of murder; VHS - no theatrical release? Soon she meets a mysterious and handsome Balinese dancer and what begins as a friendship turns into a passionate and all-consuming love affair. Edens Lost Neil Armfield , wr. Edge of Power, The Henri Safran , dp. Edge of the World, The Shaun M. Jefford; three men reunited after 30 years by the echoes of a terrible crime. Eight Ball Ray Argall , wr.

Eliza Fraser Tim Burstall , prod. Em 4 Jay Alkinos Tsilimidos , wr. Embedded Stephen Sewell, prod. Emma's War Clytie Jessop , prod. Andrina Finlay, Clytie Jessop for Belinon, wr. Empty Beach, The Chris Thomson , prod. Encounters Murray Fahey , wr. Murray Fahey ; drama, thriller. Shane Danielsen; post-Apocalyptic scifi: End Play Tim Burstall , prod.

Enter Sanctum Michael Budd, tba wr. Environment Gerald Hayle, Advance Films, prod. Hayle, dp Tasman Higgins , ft. Errors of the Human Body Eron Sheean, wr. Erskineville Kings Alan White , wr. Escape from Year Zero tba, tba wr. Eternity Man, The Julien Temple, wr. Everlasting Secret Family, The Michael Thornhill , story by Frank Moorhouse; Mark Lee's character is recruited from his elite private school into the homosexual 'family' which includes a judge John Meillon etc. Everynight Alkinos Tsilimidos , wr. Exchange Lifeguards Maurice Murphy , prod.

Exits Paul Davies, colour, 16 mm, 48 min. Hall , First National Pictures, prod. Hall, dp Claude C. Carter, asspro Victor Bindley; dramatised history: Eye of the Storm, The Fred Schepisi , wr. Fabulist, The director tba, date tba wr. Ian Collie, Essential; story of Victorian con artist. O'Connor Feature Films, prod. Gertrude Lockwood from play by F. Brooke Warren, dp Lacey Percival ; D. Face to Face Michael Rymer , wr. Family Demons Ursula Dabrowsky, wr. Fantasm 'Richard Bruce' [ Richard Franklin ], prod. Fantasy Man John Meagher, wr.

Far Country George Miller , wr. Far East John Duigan , wr.

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Paulette McDonagh , dp Jack Fletcher, prod. Fast Talking Ken Cameron , wr. Fat Pizza Paul Fenech, wr. Father John Power , wr. Fatty Finn Maurice Murphy , prod. Brian Rosen for Children's Film Corporation, wr. The Kid Stakes; Eastman colour, 35mm, 90 min. Fear of Darkness, The Christopher Fitchett , wr. Fearless Heart tba, tba wr. Matteo Grasso, Matthew Hall, prod. Feathers John Ruane , wr. John Ruane from story by Raymond Carver, prod.

Betrayal, The Chris Thomson , telemovie; wr. Feed Brett Leonard, prod. Felicity Robinson; dp Garry Wapshott; ed. Fell Kasimir Burgess, wr. Felony Matthew Saville , wr Joel Edgerton, prod. Dean Craig, dp Stephen F. Fifty Minutes From Home: An Australian Film Festival ; nine new fifty-minute dramas that tell stories about the loves and longings and the hidden emotional lives of Australians; an s taxidermist, a young girl in search of her father, a stand-up comedian and a young man caught up in a surreal Kafka-esque corporate world are but a few of the characters within this collection of stories; national tour 10 September - 26 October Fighting Back Michael Caulfield, prod.

Sue Milliken, Tom Jeffrey , exec. Final Cut Ross Dimsey, prod. Mike Williams for Wilgar, wr. Final Stage, The Frank Howson , wr. Finder, The Frank Shields , prod. Finding Joy Billie Dean, wr. Andrew Einspurch; Billie Dean, Janet Watson Kruse, Andrew Einspruch; comedy with music ; set against the backdrop of the folk music scene in an arty country town, the film celebrates universal themes of friendship, low self-esteem, love relationships, and the joy of dogs; premiere 27 September , Brisbane, Ausfest ; general release 9 October ; screened digitally on DV: Richard Luck, Empire , 42, September Firm Man, The John Duigan , wr.

Raymond Longford, dp Arthur Higgins , ft; murder mystery thriller. Fishnet Mark Savage , wr. Barry Lupino, Claude Flemming, wr. Cole , Production Company: Michael Thornhill , FJ. Flashlight Garnet Mae , wr. Robert Gibson ; R. Flashpoint Brian Hannant, Serge Lazareff David , Wyn Roberts Foxy , Jan Kingsbury Vicky ; newcomer to a mining town in north-west Australia where men outnumber women fifty to one, finds that the flashpoint in human conflict is set dangerously low.

Footy Legends Khoa Do, wr. For Her Blues tba, tba wr. For Love Alone Stephen Wallace , prod. Margaret Fink for Waranta, wr. Force of Destiny Paul Cox , wr. Foreshadow Carmelo Musca , wr. Forest, The Jo Kennedy, , wr. Forever Ben Speth, woman with autistic son; 82 min. Fortress Arch Nicholson , wr. Four of a Kind Fiona Cochrane, wr. Fourth Wish, The Don Chaffey, prod. Fran Glenda Hambly , prod. David Rapsey for Barron Films , exec. Barron , Bush Christmas Productions, wr.

Glenda Hambly, dp Jan Kenny; Noni Hazlehurst loses her children as wards of the state due to her failure as a mother; funded partly by the WA Film Council and shot in Perth; Eastman colour, 16 mm, 94 min. Frauds Stephan Elliott , wr. Stephan Elliott; comedy; Phil Collins, Hugo Weaving; story of the ways in which insurance investigator Roland Copping Collins interferes in and manipulates the lives of others with outrageous games and gimmicks; eventually he becomes involved in an escalating vendetta with a couple Jonathan and Beth Wheat, Hugo Weaving and Josephine Byrne who make an unusual insurance claim; surrealistic black comedy.

Freedom Scott Hicks , prod. Fresh Air Neil Mansfield, wr. Rosemary Blight, Kylie du Fresne; 92 min. Fringe Dwellers, The Bruce Beresford , prod. Sue Milliken for Fringe Dwellers Productions, wr. Kate de Goldi from her novel, prod. Philippa Campbell; coming of age: Gabriel Shane Abbess, wr. Gallipoli Peter Weir , prod.

David Williamson , dp Russell Boyd, designer: Galore Rhys Graham, wr. Garage Days Alex Proyas , wr. Garth Method, The Gregory Pakis, wr. Gateway, The John V. Soto , aka Loved You Twice ; wr. Soto, Michael White; prod. Gene-X Martin Simpson, wr. Gentleman Bushranger, The Beaumont Smith , 66 min. Lincoln from the play by George M. Gettin' Square Jonathan Teplitzky , wr.

Chris Nyst, dp Garry Phillips, prod. Getting of Wisdom, The Bruce Beresford , prod. Phillip Adams for Southern Cross Films, wr. Ginger Meggs Jonathan Dawson , prod. Michael Latimer, from comic strip by J. Girl Asleep Rosemary Myers, wr. Matthew Whittet from his play, prod.

Chitty was s Carlton captain. Goddess Mark Lamprell, wr. Mark Lamprell, Joanna Weinberg, prod. Gods of Egypt Alex Proyas , wr. Going Down Haydn Keenan , prod. Haydn Keenan for X-Productions, ed. Going Sane Michael Robertson, prod. Gold Anthony Hayes, tba wr. Golden Cage, The Ayten Kuyululu , prod. Golden West, The George Young, prod. Australian Film Syndicate, dp Lacey Percival , ft. Goldstone Ivan Sen , prod. Lewis; spinoff from Mystery Road ; shot Winton, Qld. Gone to the Dogs Ken G. Hall , George Wallace; comedy; greyhound. Goodbye Paradise Carl Schultz , prod.

Jane Scott for Petersham Pictures, wr. Goodbye Pork Pie Geoff Murphy , wr. Ian Mune, Geoff Murphy , prod. Grandad Rudd Ken G. Hall , aka Ruling the Roost , wr. Victor Roberts, George D. Bert Bailey , Ken G. Great Gatsby, The Baz Luhrmann , wr. The Untold Story Tim Burstall , David Baker, Stoney Creek Films, exec prod. Greenkeeping David Caesar , wr. David Wenham; greenkeeping at suburban bowling club; one of a few Oz films featuring the sport of lawn bowls. Grendel, Grendel, Grendel Alexander Stitt, novel: Peter Ustinov, Keith Michell, Arthur Dignam, Ed Rosser, Bobby Bright, Ric Stone; animated film retelling the Beowulf epic, in which Grendel, the monster of the legend, philosophizes about human frailties and ponders his own role in human civilization.

Grievous Bodily Harm Mark Joffe , prod. Hacksaw Ridge Mel Gibson, wr. Jones, Tony Markulin; drama. Hammers over the Anvil Ann Turner , wr. Hand of Art Jack Webb, tba wr. Handle with Care Paul Cox , wr.

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Hard Knuckle Lex Marinos, wr. Harlequin Simon Wincer , aka Dark Forces ; prod. Harmony Row Frank W. Harvest Of Hate Michael Thornhill , telemovie, wr. Hating Alison Ashley Geoff Bennett , prod. Elizabeth Howatt-Jackman, John Brousek, wr. Haunted Barn, The E. Gregan McMahon, dp E. Hayseeds, The Beaumont Smith , J. Williamson Picture Productions, wr. AFC; Noah Taylor; a seemingly unresolvable love triangle between three people chasing each other through share-accommodation hell in an ongoing unrequited daisy-chain of desire; min.

Head On Ana Kokkinos , wr. Healing Craig Monahan , wr. Alison Nisselle, Craig Monahan, prod. Heart of the High Country Sam Pillsbury , wr. Don Reynolds, Michael Firth, wr. Heartbeat Away, A Gale Edwards, wr. Heatwave Phillip Noyce , wr. The Killing of Angel Street Heaven Tonight Pino Amenta, prod. Al Clark ; Russell Crowe, Youki Kudoh; Japanese woman on honeymoon in Australia leaves her husband and becomes involved with Aussie bushwhacker in a chase across Australia; 99 min. Heavenly Creatures Peter Jackson , wr. Heckler, The Ben Plazzer, wr. Hello Jonathan Nix, animation; received major award at the world's largest animation festival in Annecy, June Hercules and the Amazon Women Bill L.

Hercules in the Underworld Bill L. Heritage Charles Chauvel , Expeditionary Films, wr. Heroes of the Cross Joseph Perry , cf. High Country Bill Hughes, wr. High Tide Gillian Armstrong , prod. Hildegarde Di Drew, aka Hildegarde: Hinemoa Gaston Melies, wr. Hinemoa George Tarr, wr. Conant, dp Amalgamated Pictures.

His Royal Highness Frank W. Holidays on the River Yarra Leo Berkeley, wr. Holding the Man Neil Armfield, wr. Home Port Phillip Thomson, wr. Tony Ayres, dp Nigel Bluck, prod. Grahame Bond, Richard Brennan, wr. Andrew Jones, Rick Kalowski, prod. Horseplay Stavros Kazantzidis, co-wr. Hotel de Love Craig Rosenberg, wr. Hotel Sorrento Richard Franklin , wr. Hounds of Love Ben Young, wr. Housos vs Authority Paul Fenech, aka Housos vs. How to Change in 9 Weeks Simone North, wr. Tony Cavanaugh, Simone North; year-old Australian girl goes missing, found to have been murdered by her babysitter.

Human Touch Paul Cox , prod. Humpty Dumpty Man, The P. Hogan , wr. Hunt Angels Alec Morgan, docudrama; Australian release August 10 ; little-known episode in Oz cinematic history: Hunt for the Wilderpeople Taiki Waititi, wr. Hunter, The Daniel Nettheim , wr. I Am Mother Grant Sputore, wr. Michael Lloyd Green, prod. Kelvin Munro, Timothy White; scifi. I, Frankenstein Stuart Beattie , wr. I Happened to be a Girl Jan Chapman, prod. Jan Chapman, dp Phil Noyce, ed. Doug Turner; digital; cricket team dismissed by mustachioed serial killer with razor sharp cricket glove and sharpened stumps; killer exacts revenge for torment endured 20 yrs earlier; 80 min.

I Own the Racecourse Stephen Ramsey, wr. John Edwards, Timothy Read, exec. Idiot Box David Caesar , wr. Illuminations Paul Cox , wr. Paul Cox , prod. Illustrious Energy Leon Narbey, aka Dreams of Home ; Chan, a Chinese prospector in the NZ goldfields in the s and his father-in-law work a gold claim in a racist climate.

I'm Not Harry Jenson. In a Savage Land Bill Bennett , wr. In Like Flynn Russel Mulcahy, wr. In Search of Anna Esben Storm , wr. In the Wake of the Bounty Charles Chauvel , wr. In the Winter Dark James Bogle , prod. Indecent Obsession, An Lex Marinos, wr. Indefinite Kane George Jason, wr. Initiation Michael Pearce, aka Zoomstone , prod. Jim Barton, dp Geoff Simpson; 92 min. Inn of the Damned Terry Bourke , prod. Inner Demon Ursula Dabrowsky, wr. Innocence Paul Cox , wr. Innocent Prey Colin Eggleston , prod. Bernard Eddy, Illumination Films, wr.

Intermezzo Jasna Krsmanovic, wr. Interview, The Craig Monahan , wr. Into the Straight T. McCreadie, 82 min. Frank Howson , prod.

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Irishman, The Donald Crombie , prod. Anthony Buckley for Forest Home Films, wr. Irresistible Ann Turner, wr. Is There Anybody There? Peter Maxwell, telemovie; wr. Is This the Real World? Martin McKenna, wr. Isle Of Intrigue A. Harwood , Dorothy Stanward, James Alexander, Helene Best, Darcy Kelway; pearling schooners of a trading firm are being robbed by a mysterious pirate; opened 26 September ; 50 min. Lincoln , prod. It Isn't Done Ken G. Hall, Cinesound Productions, wr. Japanese Story Sue Brooks , wr. Jasper Jones Rachel Perkins , wr. Shaun Grant from novel by Craig Silvey, prod.

Jedda Charles Chauvel , wr. Jewboy Tony Krawitz , wr. Jigsaw Marc Gracie, wr. Marc Gracie, Christopher Thompson, prod. Jindalee Lady Brian Syron, Jindalee Lady is the name of fashion label created by designer Laureen who was born on an Aboriginal reserve of that name; reputedly the first feature film directed by an Indigenous person. Jindabyne Ray Lawrence , wr. Jirga tba, tba wr.

John Maynard; war drama; Screen Australian story development funding. Vigilante Kelly Dolen, wr. Joe Cinque's Consolation Sotiris Sounoukos, wr. Josh Jarman Pip Mushin, prod. Journalist, The Michael Thornhill , prod. Pom Oliver for Edgecliff Films, wr. Journey among Women Tom Cowan , prod. Journey to the End of Night Peter Tammer, dramatised documentary portrait of Bill Neave, a survivor of the fall of Rabaul in ; 72 min. Jungle Greg McLean , wr. Cooper; drama; young man with Down Syndrome. Ross Mathews, Portrait Films, wr. Linda Blagg, dp Russell Boyd, ed.

K Garnet Mae , wr. Robert Sullivan, Garnet Mae ; fantasy.

Ian Coughlan, dp Stephen F. Harry Kleiner, dp Charles G. Kangaroo Tim Burstall , prod. Ross Dimsey for Naked Country Productions, wr. Evan Jones, from novel by D. Lawrence, dp Dan Burstall, design Tracy Watt, ed. Lawrence; Eastman colour, 35mm, widescreen, min. Agnes Gavin from play by W. O'Sullivan from novel by Arthur Wright, who wrote: Cameron Cairnes, Colin Cairnes; family; Screen Australian story development funding - but is no longer slated. Kenny Clayton Jacobson, wr. Kick Lynda Heys, wr. John Brumpton, Shane Danielsen; burn-out tent boxer falls in love with a young stripper, takes her young son under his wing; looking for finance.

Killer's List, The Phillip Avalon , announced wr. Brian Vining; retired hitman's son is kidnapped. Product details File Size: October 19, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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