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A pair of "natural types" -- the man of average build sporting shaggy hair and a bushy unkempt beard, the woman more graceful but unfashionably hirsute -- the drawn couple neatly encapsulated all that made it possible to dismiss The Joy of Sex as a hippie love manual for sexually liberated swingers. And yet, despite the misgivings of audiences since, the book was a product of its times, arriving when sexual barriers were eroding and those who embraced liberation were grasping at new and radical ideologies.

Comfort's vision was to embrace a sex-positive platform, a lifestyle for lovers that not only gave readers permission to have adventurous sex, but to further celebrate it as a spiritual and transformative act.

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And whether by demand from a public eager to engage with sex, or the notoriety of the forbidden and banned, The Joy of Sex sold well, finding a foothold in an increasingly public sex industry. As Deep Throat made pornography a topic of dinner party conversation, The Joy of Sex bridged the gap between the Kama Sutra and the '70s.

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Comfort himself compounded the problem of The Joy of Sex 's legacy. Where the book seems to speak from an enlightened perspective of holistic sexuality, Comfort lived out his own image in unfortunate ways. The original text of the book sprung from an affair the doctor was having with his wife's best friend. When the affair became public following the publishing of The Joy of Sex , he left his wife and moved with his lover, eventually settling near a California nudist colony and intent on living in an open relationship, which eventually drove a wedge into that relationship.

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  8. Beyond the scandal, Comfort's post- Joy of Sex life mirrored the collapse of free love ideology in the wider culture, and cast a long shadow over the legacy of his work. Ariel Levy makes an excellent exploration of that history in The New Yorker in a review of this new edition of The Joy of Sex that's well worth reading. But the fact remains that The Joy of Sex has remained a landmark publication in the world of sexual health and guides to sex in general.

    In fact, publishers have collected, condensed, and reissued no fewer than six versions, including pocket editions.

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    So the question that lingers over this edition is "Why do we need a new version of the Joy of Sex? For those who've never picked up a copy of The Joy of Sex before, the main idea is to present a host of sexual topics in separate and distinct discussions, from the foundations of the body itself on up through advanced techniques.

    It's a how-to book for making the most out of sex. If you've read other sex instructional guides, it will seem completely familiar -- though it bears repeating that Comfort helped make the format what it is today. And if The Joy of Sex is your first time with a sex guide, expect to get erogenous zone tips on body parts ranging from the mons pubis to earlobes, advice on fundamentals like foreplay, and a range of technique discussions from the classic missionary position through oral sex, rope work, and sex toys. Rather than create a step-by-step instruction manual, The Joy of Sex gathers these topics into loose groups and addresses them in short passages that evoke a more sensual atmosphere.

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    The information is frequently scientific in nature even more so in this revised edition than the original , but expressed plainly and directly, and with an emphasis on getting readers to better understand their own bodies and their own feelings, and from there reaping the rewards of better sex.

    The tips range from the abstract ideas of creating an atmosphere of play -- The Joy of Sex considers both the proper mentality and the ultimate goal of good sex to be adult play -- to specific positions designed to maximize clitoral pleasure. On its surface, the latest edition of The Joy of Sex is not terribly different than its forebears. The text retains the loose influence of The Joy of Cooking in presentation, still presenting sexual activities in terms of a cookbook and breaking categories up into "Ingredients", "Appetizers", "Main Courses", and "Sauces and Pickles", right down to the French "culinary" names given to positions and acts rather than "bondage", Comfort opted for " ligottage ".

    There is still the occasionally awkward balance of practical instruction with slightly florid descriptions of communion and relationships between couples. And the emphasis remains on the ideal of sexuality as a good thing that can be filled with joy and tenderness. As stated by Susan Quilliam, the sex and relationship psychologist in charge of updating the material of the book, the primary reason to revise The Joy of Sex lies in the wealth of sexual health information that's been produced in the 36 years since the first edition debuted.

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