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OtherWhere: The Crazies

Because of its quirky characters and fantastic worlds, "OtherWhere: The Crazies" reminded me of both the Narnia series and "Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately, I was prevented from becoming fully immersed in the story due to many confusing elements and the lack of a solid ending. When John meets Mary on a train to work, he writes her off as simply a crazy woman. However, he soon finds out that Mary has been somewhat stalking him for a long time, which makes him think of her now as a crazy, dangerous woman.

As things start to from slightly weird to extremely crazy in just a matter of time, John soon finds himself in a completely different world with only Mary to trust. How is John moving from one world to the next? What IS this new world? And why does it seem that so many creatures in this new world are pure evil? The questions are kind of answered once you read the story.

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There is an explanation for many of the things that John experiences, but sometimes these explanations are much too complex and confusing. There are creatures called "rabbits" and "weasels" in this story, and I was unclear of what the difference was.

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There were some characters that seemed to run together, and I had a difficult time differentiating them, too. Some things were introduced but were quickly destroyed before they could be fully developed. There was just a lot that could have been done to clarify or at least simplify many aspects of the story. I never felt emotionally connected to the story, but I wasn't completely detached either.

I wanted to know what was going to happen, and I wished the characters the best even though I didn't particularly care deeply for them. The ending probably added to my detached feeling, as well. It was very abrupt and open-ended, obviously leading the way to a sequel. Don't misunderstand; it wasn't a cliffhanger. It was just ended in the middle of something and needed a bit more closure.

Let me be quick to point out that not everything is confusing in the story. The plot was very easy to follow; there were just parts of the plot that were confusing as I described earlier. Despite these parts, though, the plot line was very well thought out and creative. The personalities of John and Mary were well developed as was their relationship and how they reacted to each other.

The writing was also well done with excellent sentence structure, word usage, and grammatical correctness. There were a few typos, but they were no big deal. Overall, it wasn't a horrible download; it was just a bit difficult to fully enjoy. The ending wasn't what I wanted it to be in addition to the complicated story aspects, but it was still a decent story. I probably won't be reading a sequel if there is one, but I also won't discourage downloading this story. If you enjoy fantasy, you may enjoy this story.

If you can struggle through some confusing story elements and endure an unfinished ending, then you may enjoy this story much more than I did. One person found this helpful. I got this one as I read the second one and it was so confusing I felt I really needed to read this one to gain some grasp on the world building and the characters involved if possible. I found this first installment as confusing as the one I read prior.

OtherWhere The Vagrant’s Tail

There IS some cross over detail, but nothing that really ironed out any cohesive or cogent premise. This one is the crazies portion. The "otherwhere " appears to be a world of make believe characters thought up by people - though some people encountered also seem to be real. It is unclear how or why real people got there as the make believe characters rabbits and weasels and living vines "etc. There seems to be some portal ripped between the two worlds - though is in abandoned lot secured seeming - that allows some cross over.

While it appears at times it is crazy people who can see the "rabbits " - John and Mary are allegedly NOT crazy - yet they can see the rabbits too.

Mary is allegedly stalking John for years - no reason given. But, makes her look crazy. Yet, she appears the voice of reason when John appears to be losing it. The conflicting nature of the few things I mention here continues throughout.

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Characters brought in and then killed without anything beyond convenient hunches of Mary and John - who don't appear mentally stable enough to be making life and death decision for others. The story did bring about the tramp but did nothing to assist in easing confusion related to that as it was just a repeat of scene encounter told in that tale. I suspect these are to be stand alones even with a series connection. I marked 22 locations with errors related to punctuation and grammar lent used for leaned, seamed used for seemed - etc.

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