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I also suggest checking the ties and closures. Some vintage robes have hidden hooks and eyes inside, which help to keep the robe closed.

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  • The vote is in—most judges like wearing a robe but for widely varying reasons.

Silk satin ties can be slippery and come undone. Most robes have a hidden tie inside, but if you find one that does not, a hook and eye is an easy addition to make to any robe. Silk is a natural fibre and is the best nature can offer. Silk has good insulation properties, meaning it provides warmth in winter and keeps you cool in summer.

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It comes in different weights and may be transparent or opaque. If you have the choice, I would suggest choosing silk, especially if you have the patience for washing silk you will most likely have to dry clean your silk robe. If dry cleaning is not your thing, look for good quality polyester or rayon robes. Rayon is another great alternative fabric often found in vintage robes.

Why Do Judges Wear Robes?

With exquisite, contrasting elements of light and shade, nothing says femme fatale more than a lace or sheer fabric robe. The wonderful thing about robes is their size. The best robes are those which use lace combined with a sheer fabric. Considering these robes are light and transparent, their use is quite specific. They are usually worn in the boudoir. However, layered with a chemise or pajamas in the warmer months, this could be a suitable summer robe for lazy mornings. During winter time, robes take on a different role by shielding you from the elements — specifically inspiring you to get out of bed in the morning and face the cold.

If you only wear robes during the winter months, then consider buying the warmest, most beautiful, and most luxurious robe you can find. Ideal fabrics for a winter robe include wool cashmere wool being especially luxurious , cotton blends, and velvet or velour.

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Microfibre is a synthetic fabric but is also ideal for an easy care robe. Christine Lingerie — Diva Velvet Robe. Oscar de la Renta — Velvet Robe — Nordstrom. Amoralle — Almond Magnum Robe. Whilst printed, embroidered and textured robes may not be as common or popular as plain robes, they can be a welcome change. Embroidered robes with fringing such as the one reviewed by Holly here are especially suitable for lounging. If anyone can wear a robe like this well, it is Miss Fisher. Why not be enveloped in a floral garden of fabulousness? Agent Provocateur — Mistie fringed devore velvet and chiffon robe — Net a Porter.

Lise Charmel — Apprivoise Robe — Glamuse. There is certainly a trend for wearing a beautiful robe on your wedding day and with good reason. Many brides choose white or ivory for their wedding day. However, it is interesting to see some brides and bridesmaids wearing bright colours, floral prints, or even black instead of traditional colours.

There are many small businesses on etsy that specialise in making robes for brides and most of them offer packages. Just a point to note: I would suggest buying a robe which you will have use for and enjoy wearing again, not just something for your wedding day. She is quite the risk-taker when it comes to her style, her sparkly leggings, leopard pants and colorful shoes.

Zeina Tawfik is all about the mixing and matching!

12 Stylish Ways to Wear Silk Robe Coats for a Genuine Look

Walking by shops her eye wonders and you'd hear her excitement: Look at this, Oh this is very nice, Oh this would go great with what we saw at the last shop. Her love for Tiffany is also evident, as she is never seen without her Tiffany heart-shaped earrings and bracelet.

Zeina's cravings include Coco-Cola, cupcakes and Starbucks Frappuccino. She loves tutus and hates coffee and tea. You can reach her on zeina fustany. Please close the ad blocker to view the full site content. Home Fashion style ideas Fashion August 09, Don't Leave Just Yet! They called for a revolution within the church that would place clergy and laity on equal footing in every way, thus doing away with not to mention misunderstanding the purpose of institutional forms of church government including membership as well as important ecclesiastical practices such as Genevan gowns and raised pulpits.

  • A Robe for Every Occasion: How to Buy and Wear Robes.
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The result was a tremendous upsurge in untrained pastors and anti-creedal, anti-confessional congregations with very little organization and very poor theology. But because their methods were so appealing to the democratic mindset of the American general public, these men were largely successful in their revolution. Consequently, we have what we have today in modern evangelicalism: The other movement that has severely affected our approach to worship and has bearing on the regularity of the pulpit gown is that wonderful era known as the s. Pulpit gowns, therefore, did not fit into an atmosphere of praise bands and afterglows.

It smacked of the authority and formality against which much of that generation was rebelling. From whom should we take our cue? As Protestants, we certainly do not take it from Rome, but neither should we take it from revivalists like Charles Finney, nor the culture in which we live. While suits, starched shirts and conservative ties might be the norm for the business world, we must remember that the minister is not a CEO of a corporation.

While the pulpit gown is certainly not commanded in Scripture clothing is circumstantial to but not an element of worship , we would be wise in this matter to listen to and learn from our Reformed forefathers who have gone before us.

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It helps set the tone of the service, which should be awe in our hearts as we have gathered to worship a holy God. Again, think of a judge in a courtroom; what would be your reaction if he entered the courtroom dressed like one of the jurors or attorneys? His personal clothing would detract not only from his position as a man who is supposed to be impartial for the sake of justice, but it would also detract from the respect we are to have for law and order in society.

It would inevitably change the tone in the courtroom. The same is true with the worship service. Our clothing communicates a message. And the clothing of the minister does this in particular. Why is it that we expect judges to wear gowns when they are in the courtroom, but we want our ministers to wear business attire when they lead worship?

Is it for sound theological reasons or merely because that is what we are accustomed to? Lewis has said, "The modern habit of doing ceremonial things unceremoniously is no proof of humility; rather it proves the worshiper's inability to forget himself in the rite, and his readiness to spoil for everyone else the proper place of ritual. Thus, before we scoff at and rashly dismiss the idea of the pulpit gown in worship, let us consider many of the sound reasons why ministers have worn such attire.

As worshipers at Christ United Reformed Church, may we do all we can to have our focus upon the gospel of Jesus Christ brought to us each week. May we always have our attention drawn to the work of Christ and his apostles, outside of whom the minister has no authority.