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Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Credited cast: Mickey Loren Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Maria Ramirez Lucas Ardagna Young Anthony Larry Dacosta The Judge Maureen Keiller Aunt Carol Keith Longo It creates a strong contrast to the dark green and brown of the tree trunk.

To the right, you see more greens, indicating trees and growth in the distance. The leaves of the tree make up the majority of the painting, orange against the complementary color of the blue sky. The ground and sky are made up of mostly straight diagonal brush strokes, while the tree leaves are made up of curling spirals of orange and black, sometimes done with the handle of his brush. The Mulberry Tree by Van Gogh is a great example of his work and shows an interesting insight to his life. His life was dedicated to art, and his letters are almost entirely devoted to the subject. This painting shows his knowledge of color theory, his awareness of the modern direction of painting, and his place in the world.

The "mystery" this was an author's early attempt at crossing over from straight romance to romantic suspense was convoluted and yet dull eat the same time. Every challenge the main character faced was immediately swept away a few sentences later. And as if all that wasn't bad enough, we had my LEAST favourite trope--fat character loses weight through a miracle illness and is sudde This is a terrible book. And as if all that wasn't bad enough, we had my LEAST favourite trope--fat character loses weight through a miracle illness and is suddenly super gorgeous.

Through the rest of the book I had to read over and over about How she was so ugly when she was fat but now she's gorgeous. It's just NOT worth anybody's time.

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Aug 02, Candice rated it it was ok. I wouldn't read it again. It was ok but too many characters made this tedious and a bit confusing. Still not sure what happened to a few of the golden six. Left with a lot of loose ends but so exhausted from reading this book I don't even care. The romance didn't catch me, with the main character eluding that she wasn't that taken with the hero, until the end. Pretty talented author to be so versatile however as this book is very different to the others of hers I have read.

May 06, Maxieboots rated it it was ok. I feel awful writing this but this was probably one of the worst books I've ever read. I realize it's not a traditional romance but there was zero chemistry between the main characters. There were too many stories to follow, too many name changes, and too much dialogue - yes I said too much dialogue. I'm really disappointed as this is the first book I've read from Jude. A poignant and bittersweet story of a wife who loses her billionaire husband, who protects her by leaving her nothing in his will.

As the reader travels with Lillian to her new life and watches over her struggles to survive, another mystery is slowly unraveling, one that may put Lillian in danger of being killed. Matt is not the normal hero. An out-of-work, divorced architect who "boards" with Lillian, he sometimes champions her and sometimes undercuts her attempts to function on her own.

The Mulberry Tree, Boughton Monchelsea

The bo A poignant and bittersweet story of a wife who loses her billionaire husband, who protects her by leaving her nothing in his will. The book has an interesting way of looking at marriages and relationships, men's needs versus women's needs. I loved every second of it. Aug 04, Tawana Howard rated it it was amazing. This is one of my very favorite stories to read. Especially when I've been reading a complex series or thriller.

There is mystery and murder. Sep 28, Elena rated it it was ok Shelves: This book dragged quite a bit for me! At first, my main problem was that I didn't get the heroine's relationship with her husband! The way it was described, it sounded like he was a manipulative, controlling semi-abuser. Especially after she mentioned after his death - "after putting up with him for years, he left me with nothing! She didn't seem to want his money either But then, a few weeks later, she's crying, say This book dragged quite a bit for me!

But then, a few weeks later, she's crying, saying how "she misses him, misses the closeness and the sex, everything about him Did they actually love each other or not?! As the book went on, we were given more insight into their relationship and it seems like they did love each other in a strange, unhealthy way That seemed quite tasteless This secret was a little nastier and more gruesome than in the newer books, but still - seemed quite anti-climactic in the way that it was written and solved.

So many new characters constantly introduced, so many plot holes, so much left unexplained The author seemed to dwell on some things and repeat them over and over again jam making, cooking, "Golden 6" , but couldn't grace her readers with clear explanations to some common questions posed in the book. Sure, Jimmy was blackmailed by his "siblings" but it was not explained why during his life one of his houses wasn't made in Lillian's name, or a car, or a bank account, or anything!! How is that even possible?! How is it possible that even that belonged to Jimmy's siblings?!

If he wanted her to know the truth - he could have TOLD her at any point during their 15 year marriage!!! She basically hid herself away even in the very end - just so that no one would know who she was and she wouldn't be caught by reporters! She was no criminal, so why was she behaving like one?! In the end, when she was supposed to get her rightful inheritance, she didn't want to come out of hiding and hid behind a poor old woman!

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What was so terrible with coming out of hiding that you would prefer to live the rest of your life and have kids under a fake name, as a fake persona?! Lillian is fuming internally, but doesn't say anything EVER. A romance is hinted at, but nothing is actually happening on a physical level between them, as Lillian is generally unsatisfied with the way her life is going AGAIN.

This time, instead of Jimmy, she feels like Matt is taking over her life. Just what I want out of a romance novel!!!

Overall - left me completely lukewarm Sep 15, Marie rated it liked it. This is one roller coaster of a mystery? Throughout the book I loved figuring out new secrets of the characters and finding pieces of information to fill the gaps of the protagonists knowledge. Who are the Golden Boys? What happened on the 30th of March? I loved how the author drew me in and lead me through the finding of knowledge.

Pros for the book - Complicated mystery. I definitely think this is a pro. Not at one point was the story predic Wow. Not at one point was the story predictable, and I could never predict what was about to happen. Some of the things revealed The mystery is what kept me reading to the end and is what I'll remember this book by. I liked how Jude Deveraux showed that none of the characters were entirely good or entirely bad.

I also liked that point when Lillian began standing up for herself. I could not attach with ANY of the characters in this book. The strongest emotion I felt to any of them was anger, distaste and disgust. At some points of the book, especially towards the end I found that the voice of the author became somewhat drained and subdued. The amazing mystery was essentially what kept me reading right up until the end.

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So evidently Jude Deveraux is a plot driven author and as a character driven reader I feel justified in giving her the three stars. Dec 02, Lynda rated it really liked it. I thought this would just be a light read but it was really good and held my interest to the end. Her husband's lawyer gives Lillian a note from her husband asking her to find out what really happened. Although she has no idea what he is talking about and having nowhere to go, Lillian travels to the farm and starts a ne I thought this would just be a light read but it was really good and held my interest to the end.

Although she has no idea what he is talking about and having nowhere to go, Lillian travels to the farm and starts a new life with a new name. Most of the novel details how Lillian now calling herself Bailey finds her way and her true talents. Along the way she begins to discover the mystery of the Golden Six and what that had to do with her husband.

This was much better than her "Forever" series. Lillian meets James Manville at a fair. He asks her to marry him and she says yes. She is only 17 but lies about her age.

The Mulberry Tree in Autumn, 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh

They were married almost 20 years. He was a billionaire and she obeyed this powerful older man and in return she received a life beyond her wildest dreams. But James dies suddenly and Lillian's life style has come to a abrupt halt. Her husband left everything to his sister and brother.

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He left her with an old farm. This is where the story really starts. It is a good story. I enjoyed it from cover to cover Dec 24, Elizen rated it did not like it Shelves: I felt as if I wasted such precious hours in this shitload book. Yes the characters met already but there are no spark. I tried my best to like it, obliged and willed myself. But I just can't seem to like this dull book.