The Lop Rabbit

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Lop Eared Rabbits

At 18 months old in the picture, his owner says he's still growing. Once the world record-holder for world's largest rabbit, he was recently displaced by a Continental Giant weighing around 40 pounds.

Bunny Update

As with the other lop breeds, Mini Lops can be found in a multitude of solid and broken varieties. Lop eared rabbits come in the above five varieties in the USA , however around the globe one can find another 11 breeds of lop-eared rabbits. Learn more about all domestic rabbit breeds, including all 16 lop eared rabbits, through our e-book, Domestic Rabbit Breeds, A Kaleidoscope of Variety , described and linked below. A Kaleidoscope of Variety. It's easy - we only need your email address, then hit the 'subscribe' button.

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  4. Lop Eared Rabbits: five lopped rabbit breeds are accepted by the ARBA.
  5. English Lop Rabbit.

I have a year old buck that suddenly started producing massive amounts of cecotropes. They collect and stick all over the bottom of his cage, and his genitalia. My rabbit has unexpectedly given birth we were told they were both boys. They're bonded and I don't want to keep them apart for longer than necessary. Rabbits for Sale in Texas. Find Texas rabbit breeders in your local neighborhood that raise your chosen rabbit breeds. We use affiliate links including Amazon. We have selected our affiliate products carefully with the purpose of improving your experience, both on the Raising-Rabbits website, and in the ease of the care you provide your rabbits.

Purchases from our affiliates come at no extra cost to you. Powered by Solo Build It! Interested in other rabbit breeds? Comments Have your say about what you just read!

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Physical appearance

I have read and accept the privacy policy. Ear mites are common. Mosquitoes and rabbit fleas can carry myxomatosis, a fatal disease which cannot be vaccinated against in Australia. Screen hutches and use flea powder if exposed to wild rabbits. Rabbits can be vaccinated against the Calicivirus Rabbit Haemorrhagic disease if this disease is considered to be a problem in your area. Rabbits are susceptible to extremes of heat or cold, especially if kept permanently outdoors. Other diseases to look out for include Coccidiosis a protozoan parasite in the liver or intestine , Enteritis a potentially fatal condition caused by sudden changes in diet.

Commercial rabbit pellets are sold by most pet stores and produce merchants. Half to three quarters of a cup of pellets should be given once a day only as unlimited access to pellets can lead to obesity. It is essential that fresh water is always available. Vegetables such as cauliflower, parsley, spinach, corn on the cob and carrots, but no lettuce can be offered weekly.

Personality and Behavior

Hay and straw should be provided daily. If possible, move the hutch around the lawn to provide fresh grass but avoid any grass which has been sprayed with herbicides.

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  • Dwarf Lop and Mini Lop Rabbit.
  • All rabbits should have an area in which to exercise outside their hutch. The lop is not a very active rabbit and does not require a great deal of exercise but care must be taken that it is not overfed. Exercise will also assist rabbits to wear down their nails and to maintain body tone.

    English Lop Characteristics

    Most rabbits in Australia are kept outdoors in movable hutches made of timber or metal. These should be enclosed with mesh, and preferably with a form of insect screen to prevent mosquitoes spreading disease. One end needs to be enclosed to provide shelter for the rabbit and a hinged lid here will help when cleaning the hutch each week. With this in mind, hutches should be located in a sheltered area of the yard in warmer months. It is very important that the hutches are secure against attack from cats, dogs or foxes.

    How to Raise a Lop Eared Rabbit

    Breeders say rabbits can be toilet trained to use litter trays but avoid using clay-type litters as these can cause digestion problems if nibbled. The biggest problem caused by rabbits roaming free inside the house is biting through electrical cords so homes should be bunny-proofed before release.

    Dwarf Lops and Mini Lops can currently command high prices as they are a relatively new breed. Prices vary from state to state. Once purchased, they do not cost much to feed. As they grow, they will gradually lose their baby fur and acquire an adult coat.

    How to Raise a Lop Eared Rabbit As a Pet (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    It may be necessary to groom them with a wire brush to remove patches of fur when they moult. It is important to remove moulting hair as Dwarf and Mini lops can die if they ingest too much hair. Mini lops may have between 1 to 5 babies per litter. Otherwise, with more than one rabbit and only a rough idea of sex identification, one doe female could produce 50 kittens annually.