The Last Giant

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Sellsword Luet - Exclusive to Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin.

The Last Giant

A stomp from above with his left foot. Unparryable and not blockable. A stomp from above with his right foot.

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Multiple stomps switching from left to right. Swipes across the room with his arm. Unparryable, but it is blockable.

Falls towards the player, whilst facing forwards. This gives it greater range. Watch out for his stomps. Sometimes he does it only once, but he can do three stomps in rapid succession, alternating the leg that he uses.

Chapter 2 - page 28 & 29

The sweet spot is behind the left leg. Wait for him to stomp and dodge towards the right leg; it is safely out of range of the left leg stomp.

After, return to the left leg quickly and land a couple hits. Be wary of his arm attacks. Sometimes if you're on the outside of either of his legs, he'll swing his arm and send you flying. If you see him about to try this attack, dodge inwards, aiming towards his opposite side.

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The trick is dodging or maneuvering around his leg stomps. Generally, when he lifts his leg, moving across to his other side is safe. If you stay under him, you should be able to avoid his falling attack rather easily. If you stand behind him and attack his left leg, he will do almost nothing except stomp with his left leg and backstep.

"The Last Giant" is not the last giant? :: DARK SOULS™ II General Discussions

This allows you to do large amounts of damage in relative safety. He is slow enough that you can target his chest and simply backpedal around the room to kite him. Doing this you will mostly only have to deal with his sweeping arm attack and can get off one to three bow attacks, consumable throws, or spell casts per swing.

Stockpile thirty or so Firebombs. This gives you an excellent ranged advantage. Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. Dura View Profile View Posts. See the words "hidden" and "known"? It could be that it's the last "normal" or better said "civil" giant or something as those other giants are more like warriors.

The Last Giant

Spoileralarm Skip if you don't know the end: At the end the giants at the throne of want form a bridge. So he isn't the last either way.

Last edited by Dura ; 12 Aug, 4: Just chalk it up to B-team and move on with your shenanigans. Groen90 View Profile View Posts. Probably the last "known" like you said, since the other 2 are hidden.

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I still can't imagine why they're down there, to me it looks like they just said: Hel View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Dura:. Last edited by Hel ; 12 Aug, 4: I thought a looking glass was either the thing Columbus discovered Americas with you get me , or the thing used to bring armageddon to ant mounds. I am not a native speaker obviously , though.

Originally posted by Parkour Gandalf:.