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No fade to black, just Hopefully, this book is the calm before the storm that's to be released in The Devil's Orchard. Oct 20, R. K Merley rated it really liked it. I've been putting off reading this book and today, after finding out my book was due, I quickly read through it in a hurry starting from five and ending at eight. Honestly, Ali Vali never fails to amaze me. But today was not the case rather I focused more on Muriel than anyone else. She's really starting to grow on me and I feel like I can really sympathize with her. She just has her head every I've been putting off reading this book and today, after finding out my book was due, I quickly read through it in a hurry starting from five and ending at eight.

She just has her head everywhere, but she quickly redeems herself. I find myself hating Shelby after every book. And what they did to Cain made me completely sick to my stomach! Go on Emma, beat them with a bat! This might sound ludicrous, but I really liked that Carlos character.

Rick's sister seems to be another eye-candy of mine. I hope I'll see them in the future Casey series. Now if only I could get my hands on novel five somehow.. Feb 07, M. Logan rated it really liked it Shelves: This the fourth book in the Casey Family Saga series and a good read. For some reason, I have skipped the third book which I will have to go track down, and I am eagerly looking forward to the fifth. Cain Casey is a woman you don't want for an enemy but her loyalty and her love of family is admirable. Mar 24, Heidi rated it really liked it.

Cain Casey and her family face more conflict with the FBI and with other mob leaders. The drug lords want to use Casey to get better established in New Orleans. While all that goes on there is trouble brewing for Remi and Dallas. Wonder what twists will be coming in book 5? Jun 17, Sara rated it it was ok. Not my usual genre so I had a bit of difficulty wading through the context and setting. I did however appreciate that I remained interested in the characters and the human element. The importance of love, family and friends.

Jun 05, Genny rated it really liked it. This one left more unresolved than I like I enjoy these characters a lot. Feb 19, Alyaziah rated it it was amazing. Great book Love this series the characters make you cheer for the bad guys I mean women Just downloaded book five can't wait. May 15, Margaret L.

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I loved this book. Another great book in the Cain Casey series. I love reading more about Cain and Emma. Cain continues to run her business and harass the FBI. What's not to like. Jan 02, Katrina rated it really liked it Shelves: Amazing book, I really do enjoy these books and hope another one comes out soon. I mean they can't just leave it with all these loose ends. The "Common Knowledge" section now includes a "Series" field.

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  8. Emma before they got back together. Then they get back together and all the sudden she's the mother, daughter and wife everyone wants. After Muriel gets together with Shelby, she goes from slick, intelligent lawyer type, to more of a weak Every enemy mob boss is seen as cruel and they blunder through every one of their operations. It's like, you're talking about drug lords at the top of the food chain, I doubt they'll be making stupid mistakes like that.

    And oh gosh, don't even get me started on the FBI.

    The Devil Be Damned

    As someone who's uncle counts himself among their ranks, the way they botch everything in the books is just plain embarrassing. There's a scene in the book that made me want to shake my head at the author. I can promise you, if the FBI did do something like that I'm not saying they don't , they'd at least be smart enough not to do it in public. One last thing, and it's one of the ones that's gotten me since the first book, and made another appearance in this one in a way.

    You are married for however many years, have managed to build a life together, create a family together and you just let the love of your life walk out with barely an argument? It's like Emma said, "I'm leaving," and Cain was like, "Ok. In my opinion, love is something you fight for. Emma was selfish and in the wrong for leaving like that, but I think I might've tried for longer than 10 minutes to convince her to stay. Another situation like that happened with Remi and Dallas, and it really just baffled me.

    If you're ready to just walk away at a moments notice, what does that say about your relationship?

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    I makes me a little disappointed Vali spent so much time weaving the intricacies of the mob life but left her characters shallow and very black and white. I just realized this review turned out far more negative then I had planned. Maybe just take this as more of a critique than a review, as well as with a grain of salt.

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    Either way, I will be buying the next book in the series. I have been reading Ali Vali Caine Casey series and loving them. I think this one might be my favorite book yet. It is so action packed and you are meeting lots of new characters. I just love it when Emmy calls Caine mobster Keep em coming Ali. I love the Cain and Emma storyline.

    The love, the power, the complete trust and honesty in the world of the mob might be rare but it is the lifeline of their relationship. The people in their lives just makes their story that much more real and it makes the stories that much more exciting.

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    A mobsters life never ends until their death I love these books with Emma and Cain in there family. I am on to the fifth book in the series and look forward to more too more Also if you like books on tape the first two books in this series are available. Read the whole series. You will love it. All I can say about this series, I have already said in the first three parts.

    It does not stop. Every time you get sucked back in another action. And every time you expect the fatal end. It continues to fascinate and the tension and emotions is sometimes unbearable. This is really a great series. What's not to like. Love this story line and the characters.

    The Devil Be Damned (Cain Casey Series): Ali Vali: Books

    Another great book in the Cain Casey series. I love reading more about Cain and Emma. Cain continues to run her business and harass the FBI.