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When Kinta goes to visit Haruko in the afternoon she leaves without speaking to him and Kinta finds out through her sister that Haruko is being paid yen to go on a date with a sailor and that her mother has already spent the money. Haruko returns to Kinta later that night, although Kinta is unhappy because of the earlier events. G and ran in over theatres. The plot involves the appearances of terrorists in Japan.

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A gunfight breaks out when the team intercepts the terrorists in a parking area, resulting in the deaths of several terrorists while the rest are captured. The film is known for a plot device that involves various characters providing subjective, alternative, self-serving and contradictory versions of the same incident. Rashomon marked the entrance of Japanese film onto the world stage;[3][4] it won several awards, including the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in , and an Academy Honorary Award at the 24th Academy Awards in , and is considered one of the greatest films ever made.

The Rashomon effect is named after the film. It was directed by Toru Murakawa.

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Plot Tetsuya Asakura, a mild-mannered accountant works for an oil company by day and as a bank-robbing assassin by night. Hell-bent on bringing his corporation down, he finds he's not the only one as another criminal blackmails the top officials from the corporation. As loyalties are tested and double-crossed, Asakura soon finds himself in a deadly battle with the mafia. Kinema Jumpo in Japanese: The title of the movie is based on an anime that the character Fujimoto is obsessed with. A full-length straight to video animation film was released in mid named Space Travelers: The Animation also produced by Fuji Television Network and Robot films, which was both companies were also involved with the production of the live featured film.

Plot Three men, who grew up together in the orphanage, wanting to finally realize their childhood dreams of living in paradise decide to rob a bank together. Their plan is very simple, ent Sonachine is a Japanese yakuza film directed, written and edited by Takeshi Kitano, who also stars in the film. It won numerous awards and became one of Kitano's most successful and praised films, garnering him a sizable international fan base.

Plot Kitano plays Murakawa, a Tokyo-based yakuza enforcer who has grown tired of gangster life. He is sent by his boss to Okinawa, supposedly to mediate a dispute between their allies, the Nakamatsu and Anan clans. Murakawa openly suspects the assignment is an attempt to have him removed and even beats up one of his colleagues, Takahashi, whom he distrusts, but ends up going with his men.

He finds that the dispute is insignificant, and while wondering why he was sent to Okinawa at all, the group's temporary headquarters are bombed and they are then ambushed in a bar, leaving several of his men dead. Fleeing to the seaside, the survivors take refuge in a remote beach house belonging to a brother of one of the Nakamatsu members It is also received as a detective movie among the first of Japanese films in that genre [2] that explores the mood of Japan during its painful postwar recovery.

The film is considered a precursor to the contemporary police procedural and buddy cop film genres. Rookie homicide detective Murakami Toshiro Mifune has his Colt pistol stolen in a crowded trolley ride. He chases the pickpocket, but loses him. Remorsefully, he reports the theft at headquarters.

After some preliminary investigation, he then goes undercover in the city backstreets for days, trying to infiltrate the illicit arms market. He eventually picks up the trail of a gun racket. Forensics discover that the stolen gun The film was shot on hand-held cameras using jump cuts and other visual techniques. This attracts an influx of immigrants, legal and illegal, to work in the city.

Vengeance Is Mine Japanese: It depicts the true story of serial killer Akira Nishiguchi Iwao Enokizu in the film. In the opening scenes, Iwao Enokizu Ken Ogata , is a prisoner of the police.

A huge crowd of journalists and an angry mob greet him as he enters a cell. The police quiz him but he refuses to answer. The story goes back to the initial murders. Enokizu tricks and then kills two men and steals a large sum of money. He puts on a suit and disappears. Enokizu travels to another city.

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At the train station, he asks a taxi dr The story follows Tetsuya Watari as the reformed yakuza hitman "Phoenix" Tetsu who is forced to roam Japan avoiding execution by rival gangs. The majority of the film takes place in Tokyo, but portrays the city in a highly stylized manner. His boss Karuta, whom he believes to be absolute loyalty, has given up the life of crime and disssolves his syndicate. After failing, Otsuka sends an assassin to neutralize Tetsu, fearing he will interf It was entered into the 32nd Berlin International Film Festival. Shimoyama Jiken on IMDb Since then, he has become a dysfunctional, unstable alcoholic.

Many years later, his ex-wife Asuka Kurosawa contacts him to tell him that his daughter Kanako Nana Komatsu has gone missing. Akikazu begins investigating the disappearance, with police detective Asai Satoshi Tsumabuki ostensibly helping but in truth rarely involving himself in the search. Akikazu's methods involve harassing and intimidating those he speaks to, including Kanako's former classmates and teacher Miki Nakatani , but none of them are forthcoming.

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Nonetheless, he discovers that she had become involved with drug users, and suspects that they made her into an addict. Much of the film is set in Tokyo, Japan. Synopsis To infiltrate a criminal organization responsible for the death of one of his colleagues, the Detective Tajima adopts the behavior of a brutal thug and plays opposing yakuza bosses against each other.

The latter is currently unavailable outside of Japan, Germany, and the United States. Whilst the police investigate, the story interweaves with that of Izumi, the wife of a famous romantic novelist whose life seems just a daily repetition without romance. One day, to break away from the loveless monotony, she decides to follow her desires and accepts a job as a nude model enacting sex in front of the camera. Soon she meets with a mentor and starts selling her body to strangers, whilst at home she hides behind the facade that she is still the wife she is supposed to be.

Battles Without Honor And Humanity: Boss's Last Day (Japanese)

The film stars Tetsuya Watari who plays Goro, a gangster who was sent to prison for three years for stabbing a hitman Machida Kyosuke who belonged to the rival gang called the Aokis. On his release from prison, Goro finds out his gang is in decline and learns that the hitman he stabbed is still alive.

Gangster VIP is based on the writings of Goro Fujita, an ex-gangster who wrote the novel the film was based on. Gangster VIP was rele Shurayuki-hime is a Japanese action thriller film directed by Toshiya Fujita and starring Meiko Kaji. Plot The plot is nonlinear jumping from present to past; this is a linear plot in chronological order In , a deathly-ill woman named Sayo gives birth to a baby girl in a women's prison.

Naming the child Yuki from seeing the snow outside, Sayo confided to the inmates who helped deliver the baby how she was brutally raped by three of the four criminals who murdered her husband Tora and their son Shiro a year ago. While she managed to stab her captor Shokei Tokuichi to death when the chance presented itself, she was arrested and imprisoned for life. Sayo seduced a prison guard to conceive Yuki, her final words before for the child to be raised to carry out the vengeance against t Plot Yoshioka, an experienced detective, investigates the murder of an unknown woman in a red dress.

She was drowned on the Tokyo waterfront, but an autopsy reveals that her stomach is full of seawater. Moreover, all the clues he finds relate to himself: A button found at the murder scene matches one that is missing from his own coat, and fingerprints found match his own. Yoshioka realizes that the only viable suspect is himself; but he doesn't remember a thing. A ghost in a red dress soon starts appearing to him.

As these apparitions become more intense and bizarre, similar murders occur with people killing loved ones for small infractions.

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All the perpetrators are found by Yoshioka as he searches for clues about the original murder. Eventually the drowned woman is ide Retrieved August 31, Retrieved September 15, New Battles Without Honor and Humanity: The Boss's Head Japanese: Shin Jingi Naki Tatakai: Kumicho no Kubi is a Japanese yakuza film directed by Kinji Fukasaku. The film details the inner-conflicts between members of the Owada family on the Kyushu side of the Kanmon Straits.

Last Days of the Boss Kusunoki nearly misses the scheduled time of the hit because of a sudden urge to go shoot heroin and during the hit itself his gun fails to fire any bullets, forcing Kuroda to wrestle Masaki's gun from him and kill him with his own weapon. Kuroda serves seven years in prison for the crime. In prison he fig It begins a new series of films with unrelated plots, based on the director's earlier Battles Without Honor and Humanity pentalogy.

Last Days of the Boss in Plot Makio Miyoshi, a member of the Yamamori crime family, is involved in a bungled hit that fails to kill his target and must therefore serve a prison sentence. At the same time, Aoki, another member of the same family, is working to seize power from the family's boss, Yamamori. Aware of this threat, the boss and his wife visit Makio in prison to offer him favors in exchange for ridding them of Aoki at a future date when he is released. Aoki in turn is looking to take over the family and also seeks the support of Makio for his own bid for power.

Even after his release Makio is reluct Plot Takashima Raita, known as a brilliant hacker, moves into a low-rent apartment next door to Kazama Raita, a man with the same given name who works as a private detective. A girl named Inoue Manami comes looking for the detective late at night but finds him drunk and unwilling to help so they agree to meet the next morning. She is then murdered on her walk home afterwards. The next morning Kazama does not meet with the girl but rather police detectives who have traced her last known location to his apartment. Kazama takes it upon himself to investigate the girl's death.

A second girl, Asanuma Ritsuko, is murdered and the police stake out Kazama's apartment. He avoids them and investigates an affair she was having with a bartender. The police link a third victim to this series of murders because they have all had different organs removed from their bodies. Kazama remains a suspect.

It is the first film in a five-part series that Fukasaku made in a span of just two years. The violent, documentary-like film chronicles the underworld tribulations of Shozo Hirono Bunta Sugawara , a young ex-soldier and street thug in post-war Hiroshima Prefecture. Starting in the open-air black markets of bombed-out Hiroshima in , the film spans a period of more than ten years.

The plot consists of a changing of the guard of new families and organizations with the same feuds and people, punctuated by the gritty violence. Number Ten Blues[1] Japanese: This movie, shot between December and April , remained unfinished and was considered lost for many years. It was finally completed and released in He loses all title and social status that supported his wealthy position in Vietnam.

He decides to escape from Vietnam. Who knows what awaits them: The bomb rolls off a counter and explodes during the harried robbery. A caption explains that under Penal Code a person will be sentenced to a minimum of five years in prison for robbery with the threat of violence. The film cuts to members of the Haneda family informally gambling in a residence.

Despite protests from Takeshi's wife Shizuko, Kuniyoshi convinces Takeshi and another member of the clan to join him in murdering the boss of the rival Shonankai family and then to turn themselves in, promising that this act will bring them respect and that they will be promoted to the head of the Haneda family when they are released from prison.

Japanese crime films

When they leap out to surprise the opposing entourage, Takeshi's gun is knocked from his hand and the clip falls out. Dai gekitotsu is a Japanese heist film directed by Kinji Fukasaku. Takashi and Mitsuo rob the bank but as they are escaping Seki Mitsuo is knocked over by a motorcycle then run over by a truck. Officer Kuriyama finds the abandoned car and the ambitious Officer Nitta hurriedly searches through the documents found in it while the jealous Officer Hatano spends his time hitting on Kuriyama.

Takashi continues to have problems with Midorikawa Michi, a girl whom Takashi saved from a man attacking her at a bar one night and who then became his lover, His crew includes the former yakuza member Seki, the failed boxer Neguchi nicknamed "Zero" , and the alluring Otoki. They regularly meet in their hideout in the back of a restaurant and follow the three rules of blackmail: Shun Muraki finds his way into the business when he overhears that his boss at the restaurant where he waits tables is selling fake whiskey.

After being beaten for not promising to stay silent he blackmails the source of the fake alcohol for , yen. They follow up this success by kidnapping a gangster who runs a brothel that films its clients to blackm Watashi ga Satsujinhan desu is a Japanese detective thriller film that is a remake of the South Korean film Confession of Murder. In , a man named Masato Sonezaki comes public confessing that he is the murderer, but the police cannot arrest him due to a loophole in the law.

Sonezaki publishes a book and becomes a celebrity. Later, another man claims to be the real murderer.

But then it is revealed that both of them are frauds. Sonezaki confesses that he wanted to capture the real killer while the other man wanted financial success. Later, Sonezaki finds out the real killer's hideout and tries to kill him. Detective Ko Takimura comes and stops Sonezaki. The killer is then taken to poli Last Days of the Boss Japanese: Animation - Lego R Super Heroes: Shijo Saidai no Tatakai!!

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