Strictly Wetting: Two Desperation Stories

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Control yourself, Professor Snape thought to himself as he steadied himself up and continued his pacing, only one and a half hour left. Snape finished his round watching the students and quietly retreated to his desk, where he slowly and carefully sat himself down. The need decreased and the professor allowed himself a deep breath to steady his panicking mind. If he left before the students added their last ingredient he could be able to return before the tricky part of the potion occurred.

That would give him just enough time to make a hasty retreat to a bathroom and save him the worries about being able to keep his dignity all the way through the lesson. That was what he would do, Snape's mind eased up upon the though of relief and he braced himself before he rose from his seat. The textbook is slightly unclear on that matter". Granger, of course it was she who asked, how could she already had added to last ingredient either way. So much for the break, Snape though, as he saw waterfalls and porcelain bowls for his eyes. Snape sat down quickly as the thought of waterfalls made his bladder contract forcefully.

He grabbed a hold of the front of his black trousers in a desperate attempt not to start peeing. He gritted his teeth and held his breath in an attempt to focus all his strength on pinching his muscles. He gained control of his bladder again, but he could feel the heat rising up his neck. He could feel Ms. Grangers eyes on him. Professor Snape lifted his eyes from the desk and kept a firm grip on the tip of his cock.

This is the tricky part where only your own potion brewing experience can help you. I will take house points for every cauldron exploding and 5 points from you Ms. Granger for not figuring that out for yourself". Granger sent the professor a glare, and the professor noticed in spite of the fact that he was quite preoccupied. Snape was beginning to lose hope in making in to the staffroom loo, it would be an achievement if he even reached the end of the class without soaking his robes and trousers completely — maybe he could dismiss the class right away and make a dash for the staffroom.

His need wasn't that bad after all.

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Snape had survived being held under the cruciatus curse for hours, an hour and a half of muscle pinning would be no worse than he had already managed. With that encouragement he stood up and began checking that the students stirred the correct amount of times at the correct speed. He stopped to inspect Grangers potion and unconsciously the professor began pressing his legs together. Snape's bladder spasmed and in an attempt not to grab his cock the professor shuffled his feet around hoping that his thighs could pinch around his cock for him.

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Granger eyed him suspiciously and was surprised when she for a brief second saw pure panic in the hated professor's eyes. A couple of Gryffindor's snickered behind him, which made the professor continue his rounds — if not slightly bent over. Longbottom had as usual not even succeeded in adding the ingredients correctly, meaning that the dunderhead had to start all over with his potion. Snape had to fetch the new ingredients from the stockroom in connection to the classroom and he was relieved with the though of having just a spare moment in private to give his cock a tight squeeze.

His muscles relaxed for less than a second the moment he stepped into the stockroom resulting in his hand grabbing his cock even before the door had closed itself.

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A spurt of pee pushed itself out between his fingers and soaked into the fabric of his trousers. Professor Snape gasped loudly and leaned against the now closed door in pure chock. He stood like that for half a minute before another spasm sent a new squirt of pee into his trousers, and Snape's other hand had to assist the first at the front of his robes. Snape wiggled around hoping to stop his bladder from sending more jets of piss into his robes, but the sudden movements bustled his bladder into sending a large jet of pee down the side of his leg.

Professor Snape was desperately trying not to soak his garments in his own pee in the potions stockroom, with an entire class of both Slytherins and Gryffindors bustling around on the other side of the door.

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The thought of being seen by the students with piss all over himself made Snape spring into action before more damage could come to the now damp front of his trousers. He sprang towards a cabinet with empty vials; picked the largest he could find, uncorked it and proceeded to unbutton his trousers.

At that exact moment the door to the stockroom opened. Snape straightened his back and hid the front of his trousers with his robe before turning around to see who the intruder was. She did as she was told, which gave Snape a second to brace himself before entering the classroom once again.

Some of the students were finishing the potion as well, with miscellaneous result, which gave Snape hope of dismissing the class just a minute earlier than he would have expected. He watched as Longbottom's cauldron hissed unsatisfied and the sound made droplets of pee trickle into his trousers. Snape nodded at Draco as he watched his potion, but the nod was followed by a grimace when Snape smelled a distinct smell.

The smell of pee.

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If he could smell it they could smell it, too. The thought made Snape's mind panic a bit and he strode determined towards his desk at the end of the room. The professor sat himself down and shuddered at the relief he felt, as he again was able to hold himself physically. Before he could stop himself the professor unconsciously groaned out loud. Several students turned to watch their Professor, but he just glared back at them not daring to remove his now both hands from his groin.

Snape's muscles began to release themselves and a slow stream of pee made its way into the cup of his hands. To his own fear and realization, the professor gasped again. To hell with dignity. Professor Severus Snape was pissing himself. After just a couple of seconds the potion master managed to stop the flow. He was now pinching so hard on his cock that it hurt and it was only in a moment of minutes before the strict professor would be emptying the entire contents of his bladder into his hands, trousers and onto the floor.

With this thought in mind Professor Snape dismissed the class. The class looked up to their teacher in surprise, but it didn't take them long to bottle up their potion, place it on their teacher's desk and pack their stuff.

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  8. Especially the Gryffindors looked up in almost pure chock, but didn't give their teacher time to chance his mind. Within two minutes the classroom was empty but the Professor still sitting behind his desk. He had two solutions to his pressing matter now: None of the solutions were very appealing. Snape was tempted of just putting an end to the agony, but then again the next class would begin filling in the class in about 7 minutes. The professor wasn't sure if that was time enough to clean himself, the chair, the cauldrons and the floor.

    On the other hand a run for the staffroom could result in something as humiliating as not making it. In this state, Snape could easily be caught short and the corridor where the staffroom was located wasn't the least busy one. He would easily be seen if was forced to grab his cock or worse, if he lost control of his bladder and the torment of pee started gushing out of him. It wasn't an easy choice to make, but in the end Snape decided that he was too good to wet himself like a first year.

    He rose from the seat, spelled the damp spot on his trousers away and gave himself a tight squeeze before making the way out of the classroom. With determined but careful steps the potions professor made it up the stairs from the dungeons and headed for the school's most busy corridor. The teachers were strict. Short of someone actually fainting or bleeding, they never gave out hall passes. Their answer when anyone asked for one was always the same, 'Handle your personal affairs during your own time. You're on my time now. He'd considered begging for one then though, except he know it wouldn't do him any good, and he didn't want to risk tripping over someone's book bag on the way up to the teacher's desk.

    After his first couple of days, once he'd figured out where all of his classes were, he learned that the only time he'd have available to use the restroom was during lunch. It wasn't a big deal, since he had half an hour free then. He'd been skipping lunch anyways, using the time instead to catch up on classwork he'd missed due to his mid-semester transfer.

    Food didn't sit well with him if he was too stressed out, so he didn't mind. That day, however, was different. Wes had insisted on an emergency Warblers meeting during lunch, saying it was urgent. Since they have English together right before, he didn't get a chance to duck into the restroom before he was being dragged into the practice room and thrown into an intense debate about Sectionals set lists.

    It wasn't too big of an issue at the time. Kurt figured that if he just stopped drinking from his water bottle, he would be fine for the rest of the day. He would catch himself drinking and have to stop himself. It wasn't easy, because he liked to drink a lot of water during the day to stay hydrated and help keep his complexion clear, and it was sort of a go-to reflex if he was anxious or nervous about something.

    He'd considered pouring it out into one of the planters spread around campus, but that just made him think of flowing water, and made the urge to go stronger. Besides, if he could have found enough time to dump the bottle out, he'd have used that time to pee instead. The dismissal bell finally rang and he was silently cursing Dalton, Wes, and all of the other Warblers under his breath. He was bursting at the seams, and still had a twenty minute bus ride to go.

    He carefully leaned over, scooped up his messenger bag, and rushed out the door. His bus was loading across campus. It was always the first to leave, and the driver waited for no one. He was the last to arrive, and just barely made it on board before the doors closed. Most students either boarded or drove themselves to school, so he's one of only a handful of students inside.

    Thankfully, his house was the first stop. He tossed his messenger bag on an empty seat and sat down next to it. He crossed his legs as tightly as he could and wished for green lights and no traffic. As the bus drove away from the school, Kurt pulled out a book he needed to read for English. He took a deep breath and opened to the first page. Ten minutes later, he was still on page three. He couldn't concentrate on anything but the throbbing between his hips, and how the waistband of his pants were cutting in to his abdomen, putting pressure on his distended bladder.

    He took a quick glance out of the corner of his eye to make sure no one was looking his way as he slipped his hand underneath his blazer to unbutton them. It helped, if only a little bit. The pressure was still relentless, and his muscles were aching under the strain. He looked out the window and prayed to whatever imaginary being people pray to that the bus would reach his house soon.

    Kurt gave up on trying to read and put the book back into his bag. He only took the bus so that he could save some money on gas since his dad and Carol made him pay for it himself. They said it 'builds character. He could suffer through a bit of pain for fashion. It wouldn't be the first time he's had to. The bus ride sucked. Kurt could feel every little bump and jolt go through his entire body. It just made things worse for him. When the bus hit a large pothole that nearly knocked him out of his seat, he wasn't expecting it and almost lost control. He moved his bag onto his lap, hiding the fact that he had a death grip on his dick through his pants.

    It took several minutes before he was able to let go without wetting himself, but he somehow managed. Kurt pulled out his cell phone and looked at the time.