Nanophotonics with Surface Plasmons (Advances in Nano-Optics and Nano-Photonics)

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Textbooks may not include supplemental items i. This principle is exploited in leakage spectroscopy based on the Kretschmann geometry. This project is a novel approach of developing plasmonic substrates by covering gold nanostructures with diamond-like carbon DLC thin films of three different thicknesses.

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Diamond-like carbon thin films have been grown by direct hydrocarbon ion beam deposition on top of gold plasmonic substrates fabricated by electron beam lithography EBL. This is important in order to study the conditions under which DLC-coated gold plasmonic substrates become locally destroyed under mechanical load and are no longer functional. Using interferometric time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy ITR-PEEM we have successfully demonstrated and quantitatively characterized plasmonic waveguiding at the interface between an individual p-6p nanofiber and a metal substrate.

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P-6p nanofiber monitored via PEEM system. The main challenge of the project is to implement a method for aligning colloidal nanoparticles on microstructured surfaces and to study the optical coupling to plasmon waves and collective excitations in nanoaggregates. The main effect of nanoparticles and order is to enhance coupling efficiency and fabricate more efficient nanophotonic devices. The first part of the project is dedicated to fabrication and characterization of noble metal nanoparticles and hybrid bimetallic structures.

Plasmonics and nanophotonics

The second will incorporate organic nanofibers where the main focus will be on investigations of collective effects regarding waveguiding, chirality and lasing. Measurement of surface plasmon autocorelation functions.

Plasmonic gold nanoparticles for nano- and bio-photonics (STEM Blitz May 2015)

Surface plasmon polariton propagation in organic nanofiber based plasmonic waveguides. Optics Express 21 http: Local excitation of surface plasmon polaritons by second-harmonic generation in crystalline organic nanofibers. Bozhevolnyi, and Kjeld Pedersen.

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To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies Read more about cookies. Recent progress of nanotechnology has led to the possibility to generate, control and manipulate with electromagnetic fields on the nanoscale. Plasmonics as a separate branch of nanophotonics deals with the exploitation of surface plasmon polariton SPP fields in metal nanostructures.

The research encompasses the three main streams: Laser scanning microscopy and surface enhanced optical properties of organic nanofibers Recent developments in synthetic chemistry have made it possible to design molecules with specific optical properties, such as large two-photon absorption cross sections or large second harmonic response which is interesting especially in the photonic domain.