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The cost to me is tiny compared the amount of mental space it cleared up in my life, time that I could spend doing business activities I actually enjoy doing. To sum up The 4-Hour Workweek: Find things in life that make you passionate, pursue them with all your soul, and enjoy a glass of red wine while you are at it.

I had used real estate investing to get out of the rat race and was able to jump into my passion: BiggerPockets was a small company at the time, with just the CEO and one developer. When I came on board, suddenly I was over my head in a world I knew nothing about: This is when The Lean Startup changed everything for me.

Rather than building something that I want, why not build something everyone will want? The Lean Startup got me excited about building a business that mattered, not just a business that made some money. I was working hours a week between managing my rental properties, flipping houses, working at BiggerPockets and working on side projects as well. And I was burning out.

The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan is an easy to read but profound book that helped me to focus on keeping the main thing the main thing in all areas of my life.

Declutter Your Mind

By asking this question a dozen times a day, I am finding more time in my day to work calmly, taking less work home with me at night, fielding fewer emails and producing more income each month. If so, I highly recommend starting with these five books. This article originally appeared on Entrepreneur. Here is an online version of a CBT worksheet - thought record template and a pdf version that you can print without restrictions.

I said some thing wrong at a social event. I felt embarrassed and later I felt anxious thinking about it. I feel like a failure. I worry that people will judge me. If I continue to think like this, and beat myself up, I will feel miserable. My negativity might affect my relationships and possibly my health. I feel overwhelmed when I try to be perfect. I'm hard on myself. I don't have to be perfect. People who always beat themselves up are boring. I prefer people who are kind to themselves. I am not this critical of them.

Identify one or more of the basic types of negative thinking: All-or-nothing, Focusing on the negatives, Catastrophizing, Negative self-labelling, Excessive need for approval, Mind reading, Should statements.

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I was self-labeling and focusing on the negatives. I was mind-reading that people dislike me. I have some strengths that people appreciate. I want to get rid of this negative thinking. I feel better when I am kind to myself. Be kind to yourself. Before I go into a social setting, I will remind myself that being hard on myself is boring. If I make a mistake, I won't dwell on the negatives.

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I will remind myself of my past successes. I will remember to be kind to myself and others. If you write a thought record every day for a month, you will begin to see the recurring themes in your automatic thoughts and where they take you. It will also be easier for you to spot your negative thinking and quickly come up with healthy alternatives. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven to be more effective than other forms of psychotherapy for anxiety and depression. Cognitive therapy helps to change the wiring of your brain.

When you challenge your negative thinking, you create new neural pathways. The more you practice your new way of thinking, the more you strengthen those neural pathways. MRI studies have confirmed that cognitive therapy changes the wiring of your brain. Your brain begins to reflect your new way of thinking.

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This is why the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy are not just temporary. Cognitive therapy changes your brain pathways and has a more permanent effect on your thinking and behavior. A review of recent variants of cognitive behavioral therapy, including mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, acceptance therapy, and commitment therapy, has shown that they are no more effective than CBT, and that they work through the same underlying mechanisms.

The principles of cognitive behavioral therapy are so sound that it can be used effectively in a number of settings. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to be effective when delivered in primary care, via computer, and through internet-based self-help programs. CBT is really two forms of therapy: Behavioral therapy is sometimes used initially with individuals who are too anxious or too depressed to even acknowledge that their thinking is part of the problem.

Behavioral therapy encourages you to try simple tasks, and as you succeed, you gradually improve your belief in yourself. Once you see that you can change your behavior, you may be more willing to change your thinking. In most cases, individuals who are ready to change are encouraged to start directly with cognitive therapy rather than begin with behavioral therapy. In the s, American psychologist Albert Ellis introduced Rational Therapy in which people were taught the A-B-C-D approach for dealing with uncomfortable situations.

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When a person is confronted with an adversity A , their beliefs B , will influence the way they respond to that adversity and lead to emotional and behavioral consequences C. If the beliefs B , are rigid, absolute, and unrealistic, the consequences C , will likely be self-defeating and destructive. If the beliefs B , are flexible and constructive, the consequences C , will likely be positive. People can change their thinking and their lives by D , disputing and challenging their beliefs. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The My Life My Power book is truly a life changing tool for anyone that reads it - especially for our youth!

The content within the book has been put together so well in that it is an all inclusive "road-map" that helps to navigate our youth toward reaching success for their futures. Because the book has been formatted as an interactive workbook, it is applicable for so many different age groups.

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The questions and material in the My Life My Power book are thought provoking and then goes above and beyond by providing the reader with the means to excel through chapters such as resume building, civic responsibilities, setting goals, and so much more. I encourage everyone to check this book out! One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I have been in education over 20 years. The students need so much more than math, science and grammar books.

Life skills and other basic lessons for life are just not happening in the classroom and so many parents struggle to be effective in this area. It is straight forward, simple and right on point. Adding material like this during school years truly makes for a complete education and definitely a great foundation for a young persons development of character and effectiveness. This product is great. I get to help someone who deals with bullying and help get them to learn leadership. The book has a novel solution to bullying through activating youth towards their positive goals while providing leadership development and many scientifically grounded and common sense pathways.

I shared it with a teen I know who was getting bullied and he was able to see a bigger picture and make positive changes in his life. He since has been more activated to do positive things and understands bullies more helping him cope with what was going on. This book is just like its author. Daniel is one of the rare people who is always looking for the best in others and constantly producing things, like this book, that can improve people's lives.

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I admit I'm biased. I know Daniel personally. He's consistently up and always working to excel. And that's exactly what he delivers to the kids who are being bullied and the bully - the best ways to be the best person you can be - in an easy-to-understand systematic way.

Kudos once more, Daniel. If there ever was a book that now only help kids who are getting bullied it gives parents and teachers a chance to give something to a child who is going through a very tough time. This book does more than just bullying each chapter helps a child mold his life. This book is perfect for the bully to realize what they are doing is wrong and for the kid who is getting bullied discover that there is more and helps them and saves them. I highly recommend it.

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